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$6.49 list($24.99)
121. Fox & The Hound
$24.99 $18.26
122. The Lion King 1 1/2
$26.99 $4.00
123. Hercules
$19.95 list($9.99)
124. Shipwrecked
$24.95 list($9.98)
125. The Shaggy Dog
$22.99 $4.68
126. Buzz Lightyear of Star Command:
$9.99 $5.95
127. Treasure Island
128. Dinosaurs - I'm the Baby
129. Music of the Heart
130. Ben & Me
$14.99 $8.93
131. Baby Galileo
$16.97 list($9.99)
132. Tom and Huck
$12.99 $8.19
133. Spot - Spot Goes To School
$9.99 list($12.99)
134. Willie the Operatic Whale
$19.95 list($19.99)
135. So Dear to My Heart
$6.44 list($9.99)
136. Brink!
137. Darby O'Gill & The Little
138. Ernest Green Story
$24.99 $5.00
139. Lilo & Stitch
$6.00 list($9.98)
140. The Shaggy D.A.

121. Fox & The Hound
Director: Richard Rich, Art Stevens, Ted Berman
list price: $24.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 6302961572
Catlog: Video
Sales Rank: 10581
Average Customer Review: 4.26 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (85)

5-0 out of 5 stars There couldn't be a better Disney movie to own on DVD.
For me, the Fox and the Hound cannot be matched by any other Disney film. Unlike the stiffer, older films and the newer, hokier ones, the atmosphere in TFATH is just perfect, truly a revolutionary point in Disney's timeline. The animation is very fluid and the characters have great design and movement. Most of the songs are more like talking than singing, but they're few and far between and manage to get the point across. A nice change from usual Disney fare in the surprisingly sad ending. Considering I'm pretty desensitized to on-screen emotion, it's unusual that I cry every time I watch this one. It's the ONLY Disney movie that can make me. Even so, there's a number of comedic moments to get rid of the tension. I'm not sure where the Amazon review got the idea that the characters lack depth. Believe me, by the time this one is over, you'll be wanting to see much more of all of them. It's an excellent feature that carries an important message all wrapped up inside a lovable, heartwarming, and poignant story. You owe it to yourself and your children to see this one.

5-0 out of 5 stars An All-Time Favourite!
"The Fox and the Hound" was of the last films to be apart of the "Black Diamond Collection" before the "Masterpiecee Collection" came to the markets in 1994. The film was released into theaters in 1981 & 1988 and came to video in 1994! This movie is a really great and colorful movie to add too any Disney collector's collection!

The story is about a kind woman who takes in an abandoned baby fox after his mother is killed in a hunting trip. She names him Tod and considers him as part of her family. Tod then meets a bloodhound dog named Copper (Who lives right next door to the kind woman) and they eventually become good friends. They have no clue that they are supposed to be enemies (Since hounds hunt foxs and other forest creatures)

After returning on a hunting trip during the winter with his master (To learn how to hunt), Copper realizes how he shouldn't hang around Tod to prevent Tod from getting killed by his master. By this time, they are both grown up and all the fun times that they had together suddenly don't seem to matter anymore. Eventually, Tod and Copper become enemies and it is Copper's mission to hunt down Tod. You'll be surprised on what happens when Copper and Tod to come face to face!

The film also includes some great songs like "The Best Of Friends" and "Goodbye May Seem Forever" (Which I still cry at when I hear that song!) This movie will also make you cry, so make sure to have a tissue in your hand when approaching the middle part of the movie! All in all, it is a really great movie and people young and old will enjoy watching it! 83 minutes.

5-0 out of 5 stars A Good Movie for people of all ages
I am sixteen years old and when I saw this movie, it really brought tears to my eyes. It reminds me of how me and my best friend was. I really enjoyed this movie. Everyone should watch it on Family Nights.

5-0 out of 5 stars Friends to the end.
This is one of my favorite Disney movies. When Widow Tweed takes in a baby fox, whose mother had been shot by hunters, she names it Tod and raises it. About the same time she takes Tod in, her neighbor, Amos Slade brings home a hound dog puppy named Copper.

One day in the woods, Copper and Tod meet and instantly become the best of friends. When fall comes and Amos takes an unwilling Copper along for his winterlong hunting trip, Tod tries to convince his friends, Big Mama, Dinky and Boomer that even though Copper will come back a trained hunting dog, that they will still stay the best of friends. Big Mama tells Tod that a fox and a hound are natural enemies and that, surprise, you ARE a fox.

When the two are finally reunited in the spring, Copper tells Tod that they can't be friends anymore. After a tragic accident involving Amos's other dog Chief, Copper swears that Tod will pay. Widow Tweed, realizing that she can't keep Tod locked up forever, takes Tod to the game preserve and lets him go. Amos resolves to kill the fox, and with Copper's help, goes to track him down. But when Copper has a run in with a bear, Tod comes to his rescue and, ultimately, Copper gets Tod spared from death.

A touching story about friendship that never fails to bring a tear to my eye.

5-0 out of 5 stars Finally a DVD Version of this Awsome movie
I love this movie a lot it has great music like "Best Of Friends"
"Goodbye may seem Forever" and "Thats what Friends Are For" are all great songs on this DVD. ... Read more

122. The Lion King 1 1/2
Director: Bradley Raymond
list price: $24.99
our price: $24.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B0000E32WB
Catlog: Video
Sales Rank: 1040
Average Customer Review: 3.72 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (101)

4-0 out of 5 stars Surprisingly good direct-to-video release from Disney
We're all aware that not much can compare to the original Lion King film. The animation, songs, voices...everything just perfection. However, as an ardent fan of the film, and in particular Timon and Pumbaa, this was snapped up as soon it went on sale - and boy, what a nice surprise! A direct to video release that's actually decent!

This film is much of an improvement on the first "sequel". Simba's Pride just didn't hold any of the magic of the original story - and barely held my attention for one showing before being put onto the shelf to get dusty. I was immediately more interested in this film as I thought it's premise held much more entertainment quality. "Yeah, I'd like to see how everything was through Timon and Pumbaa's eyes" I thought, and I wasn't to be disappointed.

We're originally transported back to Timon's younger days to see why he came to team up with Pumbaa. It's dealt with very wittily, yet with enough warmth that you actually do care what happens to all involved. We're shown how Timon and Pumbaa meet, and how they embark on their quest for "Hakuna Matata". Much comedy ensues, with a revealing insight into the original film's events. Why do the animals bow at Simba's presentation at Pride Rock? Why does everyone fall over at the end of "I Just Can't Wait To Be King?" Watch to find out. Having eventually found their perfect home, their meeting with Simba is retold and we get to see some of Simba's teenage years - missed out in the original film. (Timon has a wonderful line during a particularly restless night looking after a young Simba - "we're gonna get old walking across this thing". As soon as you hear it you'll know exactly what it's getting at). Next to be dealt with is Simba's reunion with Nala and his trip home to Pride Rock to avenge his father's death. All seen in a new perspective it's all very watchable, even if you are seeing duplicated scenes that occurred in the original movie. The climax again adds more breadth to the original. With Scar and his minions vanquished and order restored in the Pridelands, Timon and Pumbaa settle into their new home with his original meerkat colony who are surprised and impressed with the new "all-action" Timon. This is very much Timon's film, we get to know a lot more about him than Pumbaa and it is Timon that saves the day right at the very end. That's no complaint I would add, after all we heard about some of Pumbaa's woes in the original film 10 years ago.

Disney have done a lot of things right with this film. The original cast (with the exception of Rowan Atkinson as Zazu which consistantly grates with me - he's much missed on the interactive section of the original movie's special edition too) return, and Julie Kavner and Jerry Stiller lend their vocies as Timon's nearest and dearest. Two new, annoyingly catchy songs appear within the first 15 minutes and several songs from the original make welcome returns. This isn't a big long song-fest though, I'm pleased to say. Much as I like the songs Disney movies are famed for, it is nice to give the characters time to speak and flesh themselves out in-between. Lots of scenes from the original appear again, and are interworked with the new animation reasonably well. An interesting twist is that the film is presented as if being viewed by Timon and Pumbaa in a cinema. I have seen a few reviews saying how annoying this is, but I actually find it very funny. The fact that they take shots at scenes which otherwise would be excessively cheesy is very endearing, and of course completely in character.

There are, inevitably bad points. This isn't going straight to video for nothing after all. You certainly need to have watched the original movie and know it well - and you also have to be willing to deconstruct it quite violently too. A lot of those scenes you held dear are made fun of mercilessly. They've generally interworked the timelines between the films very well, but there are a few moments when I thought "that doesn't go". The film is quite short - 72 minutes with lengthy end credits, but it is so fast passed that it seems even shorter to me. It doesn't quite know what age range it is heading for either, there are lots of "kiddie jokes", but also quite witty points that younger children won't necessarily get (I always used to wonder why my Mum insisted on watching Dangermouse with me, it's only now at 24 that I watch it and realise now). Lots of film references too. This isn't too bad in a way, it keeps everyone occupied throughout for different reasons. I'd rent it first if your not sure, but if your a Lion King fan you'll probably end up buying it anyway (you perhaps already have!)

The DVD features I actually find quite disappointing. This is a 2 disc release, and if they'd not put over 10 minutes worth of trailers on the first disc, probably could have been condensed onto one. There are several games for the youngsters including a virtual Safari, Rafiki's Challenge and a "hidden Mickey" hunt throughout the film. There's a supposedly funny "mockumentary" about Timon which I watched in total silence and a 1 minutes "making of..." featurette which I had to turn off half way through out of sheer irritation (not very much info about the film at all - but everyone involved is all certain how great it is). There are some storyboarded deleted scenes, with commentary from the directors as to why they were cut.

Overall, very enjoyable which surprised me greatly and made it even more fun. Don't start comparing to the original as that is pointless. I also don't think this sort of production should be carried on to other Disney films, I don't think it would work. However, the way these particular characters cry out for attention every time they're on screen, it seems fitting to let us find out more about them.

I would have rated this 5 stars but for the DVD "extra's" as the film I cannot fault, both for the entertainment value and the way it tells an unexpectedly heartwarming story without being too cringeworthy

5-0 out of 5 stars Laugh Out Loud!
I am a semi-serious 7th. But even I had to laugh when I watched this movie!

Basically, the story is about our meerkat friend-Timon! He tells about his story, and also about what he was doing during Simba's adventures. It also explains how Timon and pumbaa met. Brilliant.

Very funny. Timon's reference to, "I see dead people!" was genius, along with the antics of Timon's Ma and Uncle, Max, who nare voiced by Julie Kavner, voice of Marge, I believe, from the Simpsons, and Jerry Stiller, King O' Queens. They both play their parts perfectly, (well, ALMOST) which is refreshing.

Now, about the songs. They are almost as good as the ones from The Lion King I, and better than Lion King II. Hey! 1 1/2!(almost..) Errr... ANYWAY, two songs, Digga Tunnah, and That's All I Need, (written by Sir Elton John) are incredibly catchy. I love 'em all. And ,old timers, you may recognize a couple of songs...

This bathroom humor I've been hearing about, is ... TAME!!! What I mean is, it's a little gross, but not majorly, but is STILL funny!

My only complaints are about the timing of some parts. How could the Hyenas hear Scar betray them if they were busy with Timon and Pumbaa? How could the "Just Can't Wait To Be King" scene happen one day after Simba was born??? Growth spurt? I think not.

Bottom line, watch #1 before 1 1/2. Also, we get to see "teenage" Simba, and an ironic playing of "Sunrise, Sunset..." LOL. I love the Lion King, and I hope you do to. Thanks for reading my review! Peace Out.

4-0 out of 5 stars Quite a Good Cartoon Movie - for an addon!
OK, let me start off with saying that I love most Disney cartoon movies. The Lion King is one of them... I even memorized almost all Disney cartoon songs...

With that said, I personally find sequels sucky, or decent at most. Pocahontas 2, Cinderella 2, Hunchback 2 - like most movie sequels, they just didnt pull it off...

Surprisingly, Lion King 1 1/2 is much better than most add ons or sequels. Though not part 2(part 2 was released already) is considered a tie-in to the original movie. And it is more of a prequel, which brings you back to the time how Timon left home and how he manage to meet Pumbaa and beyond. The movie got the original casts and the songs were made by Elton John and Tim Rice, which is good to know. Julie Kavner who plays Marge Simpson, plays Timon's mum, and on some moments, she almost sound the same as Marge! The songs are pretty decent, but few.

The story itself got lots of funny moments as well as some dragging parts(for adults). Some of it happens during the Lion King scenes, though in Timon and Pumbaa's perspectives, you can see same scenes(some at different angles) and hear the original parts of songs. And it also adds the missing pieces and loose threads on some parts - with pretty funny moments like why the animals bowed down when Rafiki showed baby Simba to the world; and why the animals fell during the closing of the "I Just Cant Wait To Be King" song.

I will not spoil the movie for you, but do remember that the movie is more based on Timon and Pumbaa than Simba and the rest. So dont expect to see a lot of lions. Also, there is not much of a plot, and as I said, morely to add missing blocks in the original story. This movie's own plot is more based on Timon and how he wanted to find a place where he fits in(just like Hercules, A Bug's Life - Disney seems to encourage unwanted misfits who go famous and heroic). So all in all, DO NOT expect a solid plot or even take this movie in an epic type of way, its more of a comedy version of the Lion King.

The DVD features is not that bad, and it even got lots of deleted scenes and a Hidden Mickey Hunt game(if you have Disney channel, you know that every Disney cartoon movie has one or two) - 10 of them throughout the movie...

I say that this movie is good for Lion King fans, as well as for family viewing. But I recommend you rent this first and see if its worth the collection. Though if you have extra cash, its good to buy this to entertain guests, especially during parties, since this movie is made for home viewing and wasnt released on theatres; and I think kids will love to watch this again and again as adults do chores(the Hidden Mickey Hunt is a reason to watch it many times!).

I give this movie with its DVD contents a 7.5/10.

4-0 out of 5 stars A Sharp, Clever Follow-up Worthy of the Original
Having had a bad experience with made-for-video Disney sequels before (102 Dalmatians, anyone? Yikes!) I was expecting the worst from this, but my son's such a big Lion King fan that I got it for him anyway. I was VERY pleasantly surprised!

The backstory of Timon and Pumba, while a little convoluted, provides the perfect backdrop and explanation of how their paths ended up intersecting with Simba's in the original. As a result, all the "important" events in the original film are cleverly winked at as mere background noise to the oblivious Timon and Pumba. I was reminded of Tom Stoppard's brilliant comedy, Rosencrantz and Guildenstein Are Dead, where the 2 least important people in Shakespeare's "Hamlet" take center stage and the tale of the Danish Prince is shoved to the background. In the Lion King 1 1/2, the presenting of the baby Simba is literally stumbled upon by Timon and Pumba, and they have no idea what's going on and shrug off the big crowds and commotion as a total annoyance. It was very funny.

I agree that the ad-libbing was a bit distracting and the songs weren't entirely necessary, especially the meerkat song which is catchy anyway. But the story itself is very smart, and the animation has the nuanced look of the original film, not the technicolor overkill of "Simba's Pride" and the terrible "Timon and Pumba" Saturday morning series. In addition, the DVD itself is chock full of excellent extras, including a few music videos and a "Virtual Safari" that entertained my son for nearly an hour. And the Mickey Hunt is tons of fun as well.

In conclusion, though it's not a masterful effort like the original was, it's probably one of the best, if not the best, straight-to-video sequel Disney's ever put out. You won't regret this one, and it's guaranteed to not collect any dust in your video collection!

1-0 out of 5 stars Answering the questions you didn't ask.
First of all let me say I love the first Lion King. Its probably my second favorite animated movie after Finding Nemo. That being said I hated this movie. The first Lion King is mostly appropiate for children but has a mature storyline adults can enjoy. The Lion King 1 1/2 is just for kids. Anyone over the age of puberty will find something seriously wrong with this movie. I was also dissipointed with The Lion King 2 Simbas Pride. But at least the movie was decent. At least they tried to make it good. Its like the makers of The Lion King 1 1/2 were trying to make a bad movie. It is the first movie told from the point of view of Timon and Pumba. It tells there story. Is there anyone who cared about there story? Anyone who wondered what they were doing? Not me. I never was at any loss not knowing where they were. Whats next a remake of Tarzan from Terks point of view. It could have been decent if it was done right. It is done horribly. Its really just taking classic moments and loading them with unfunny jokes. It shows that Timon and Pumba were there in all scene of the first Lion King offscreen. Most of these scenes they really don't belong. For example in Simbas birth sequence Pumba farts causing the animals to bow down. Thats right they weren't bowing out of respect for there king is was just farts. Then they walk one day later to the "Can't wait to be king song" that makes no sense. Several dramatic sequences like the "Be Prepared", wildbeast stampeed, "can you feel the love tonight", Simbas fight, all are completly ruined by Timon and Pumba. They don't belong there. It also has annoying silowets of them constant stoping the movie. Movies this bad in a way help you appreciate the greatness of the original masterpeice. My advice to Disney is to stop those darn direct to video sequels. Just leave the classics alone. ... Read more

123. Hercules
Director: John Musker, Ron Clements
list price: $26.99
our price: $26.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 0788805843
Catlog: Video
Sales Rank: 6482
Average Customer Review: 3.77 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Not the egregious foul it seemed to be in theaters, Hercules stands up as an entertaining spritzer of an animated feature. The continual peppering of in-jokes and cultural references becomes less irksome on video. That there's no majesty or awe invested in the beloved Greek legends also seems less of an error. Also on the plus side is the bounciest Alan Menken music since Little Shop of Horrors. With Zeus's blood in his veins, young Hercules's amazing strength makes him an outcast (sorry, that still doesn't fly), so he trains with a satyr named Phil to become a hero. Along the way Herc meets Meg, a common mortal who falls hard for him. They're both against the jocular Hades, who has to destroy Hercules to take over Olympus. The hydra is the computer-animated set piece for this little number, a no-chance attempt to beat that wildebeest herd from The Lion King. --Keith Simanton ... Read more

Reviews (133)

4-0 out of 5 stars Best Disney Movie since "The Lion King"
Hercules restored my faith that Disney can still make fun, engaging animated movies (this one's much better than the more recent disappointing Road to El Dorado or The Emperor's New Groove). The animation is dazzling (from the makers of Aladdin and The Little Mermaid), the music is a new take -- gospel, and the characters are funny. The voices include a cast of famous names, such as Tate Donovan and Danny DeVito as Hercules and his goat-man sidekick. The plot is predictable and the storytelling of the Greek myth may be a bit off, but after all, it's Disney. The DVD includes a documentary ("The Making of Hercules") and a Ricky Martin music video (for the song "I Can Go the Distance"), and most Disney DVDs hardly have any extras. I wouldn't call this movie a must-buy, but it's a welcome addition to Disney's family of great cartoon movies... and kids will certainly love it, too.

4-0 out of 5 stars The World's First Super Hero
Disney adds a new twist to the story of the mythological strongman in the funny animated feature "Hercules". Hercules (Tate Donovan), the son of Zeus, is kidnapped and turned mortal by the sinister god Hades (James Woods). Now, with his amazing strength and the help from his fly stallion Pegasus and trainer Phil (Danny DeVito), Hercules journeys to regain his place among the Gods of Olympus. Though not as memorable as previous Disney animated films, "Hercules" is a lighthearted fun-filled fantasy adventure. The story is fresh and funny, and the animation is stylish and colorful. The film contains some clever humor and amusing scenes including a thrilling battle between Hercules and the fierce hydra. James Woods shines as the voice of the sly Lord of the Underworld Hades and Susan Egan is amazing as Grecian beauty Meg. The voice cast also includes Bob Goldthwait, Matt Frewer, Paul Shaffer and Rip Torn. The animated tale is presented in its THX certified 1.66:1 widescreen format. The DVD contains a very detailed video transfer and a rich 5.1 Dolby Digital sound. Its supplemental material features "The Making of Hercules" featurette and a music video with Ricky Martin. Despite the lack of interesting extras, "Hercules" earns a "B-".

4-0 out of 5 stars Great teaching tool
Precisely BECAUSE of the complete disregard for the original mythology, this movie is a superb teaching tool for middle schoolers. After a unit on Mythology, the kids can identify for themselves the many creative changes Disney opted to make, and even better, they can figure out for themselves why Disney made those choices. It makes the kids savvier media consumers, they enjoy spotting the "mistakes," and the music is terrific and holds their attention. We all enjoy the fact that nearly every time the Muses sing "and that's the Gospel truth!" they're referencing something completely FALSE. And the group scene at the christening makes a great "test" of those symbolic identifiers--the kids like being able to identify the gods and goddesses based on the clues in their appearance.

5-0 out of 5 stars Zero to Hero
When the evil Hades, god of the underworld, learns that if Zeus and Hera's newborn son Hercules fights his world takeover plan, he will fail, Hades' idiotic helpers Pain and Panic kidnap the tyke in an attempt to turn him mortal and kill him. But before baby Herc could drink the last drop of the potion, a middle aged couple intersept. They take young Hercules in and raise him as their own. The only problem Hercules has is his god like strength, which he retained because he did not drink the last drop of the potion.

Hercules grows up feeling like he doesn't belong and goes on a journey to find his true identity. When he discovers that he is the son of Zeus, he is told that the only way he can regain entry to Mount Olympus is to become a true hero.

So with the help of Phil, a satyr, and Pegasus he begins training to become a hero. He ends up meeting Meg, a young woman who sold her soul to Hades, and falling in love with her. Meg is torn between loyalty to Hades and her growing love for "Wonder Boy".

When Hades strikes a deal with Hercules to give up his strength for 24 hours, Hades frees the Titans to take over Olympus. Due to one technicality in the deal, Hercules regains his strength and defeats Hades. But when he learns of Meg's death, he strikes a deal with Hades to rescue her and take her place in the underworld.

A little bit too modern for a story set in Ancient Greece but this movie contains all the essential elements of a true Disney classic.

3-0 out of 5 stars From Zero to Hero
Hercules is a total knockout - for the first half of the movie. The second half falls flat. Hercules has one of the best animated film scores ever. To promote the film, Disney had a traveling "troupe" of singers in Greek costume perform at malls around the country. The executives apparently even appreciated the incredibly orignal gospel-style songs with witty and joyful lyrics. The rollicking songs get a big "Amen!" The fabulous Muses are wonderful creations.

The story involves Hercules as an awkward boy trying to fit in with the humans who have adopted him. After he inadvertently causes a disaster at the marketplace, Herc strikes out on his own, and is shocked to discover his Mt. Olympus heritage. Megara, the female romantic interest, is not very likeable as a fallen woman redeemed by love. You feel Herc deserves better.

Since Aladdin, Disney has used celebrities as character voices. Hercules in particular benefits from this, with James Woods ad libbing hilariously as Hades, lord of the underworld, and Danny DeVito, who brings heart and laughs as "Phil" the Satyr. ... Read more

124. Shipwrecked
Director: Nils Gaup
list price: $9.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 6302088143
Catlog: Video
Sales Rank: 10061
Average Customer Review: 3.75 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (20)

4-0 out of 5 stars Excellent for family viewing
From first seeing this film in 1991 (I was 9), it became an instant classic for me and my childhood.
It became my "sick day" movie. Whenever my sister or I took a sick day from school, we would have to watch Shipwrecked. It probably drove my mother nuts.

The kids will enjoy it, and adults won't get bored, either. I watched it recently for the first time in years, and I still found it pretty interesting.
It's not a blockbuster, it's not supposed to be. But it's a classy family film nonetheless, which might be hard to find in Disney these days.

Some pluses: the scenery is excellent (shot in three international locations), the music is superb, and the plot will keep you interested.
I strongly recommend it.

3-0 out of 5 stars Could have been a classic
I understand this film was based on a book called Hakon Hakonsen (and that was the movie's original title). I never read the book, so I cannot comment on how good it is or if the film measures up.
This film both delights and disappoints. The scenery is beautiful, the music is good, the production values appear to be high, and Stian Smestad is a stunning Nordic beauty. It is a shame he did not appear in more movies.
Shipwrecked could have been a classic family film but it is flawed by too much cheesiness in the plot. Apparently, the producers knew they were making a "kid's movie" and felt that excused them from making a truly high quality film that all ages could enjoy, and that is a shame. There is a lot of potential here, just unrealized.

5-0 out of 5 stars Good Movie
I saw this movie when I was about four. Ever since i have been looking for this movies and could never find it. It is a good, adventurous movie that will satisfy any young boys thirst for adventure. I recomend this movie to anyone!

4-0 out of 5 stars A good kid's adventure story
When his sailor-father is injured and unable to go to sea again, 14-year old Haakon takes his place. Hunky sailor Jens goes with him to act as protector, mentor, and big brother (and incidentally provides enough beefcake to keep the adults watching). After some Treasure Island-style adventuring, they encounter scrappy stowaway Mary, whose bond with Haakon remains strictly in the platonic sisterly affection camp -- no prepubescent romances here! The three of them are shipwrecked on a South Seas island (with a gorilla, for some reason). They encounter a native tribe (friendly, of course), buried treasure, and pirates before they return to Norway, one big happy family.

The action is good, the buddy-bonding touching, and it is refreshing these days to see a child in the movies who gets to be a child, rather than a leering 30-year old in a prepubescent body.

4-0 out of 5 stars An Uneven Film--MAGNIFICENT MUSIC!
"Shipwrecked" is a rather difficult film to review, as evinced by the many differing opinions on this somewhat obscure film. Like practically any other reviewer, I do have my biases. I'd like to start off, however, by saying that if you have any predilection for Robert Louis Stevenson this film is required viewing!
Shipwrecked is a kind of Nordic "Treasure Island" as envisioned by author O.V. Falck-Ytter. Although I have been unable to locate the book upon which the film is based, I can say the story certainly has enough twists to keep the viewer entertained.
The acting, although somewhat excessively sentimental, effectively communicates the romance and adventure that this sort of story demands (Gabriel Byrnes is particularly successful as the sadistic captain).
Despite the success of the story and cinematography, however, the real triumph is the entrancing and effervescent orchestral score, composed by the multi-talented Patrick Doyle. "Shipwrecked" is a masterpiece of stylistic invention. Its melodies and orchestrations are perfectly suited to the swashbuckling storyline. From the opening notes the audience can be in no doubt as to the subject of this film. Aside from the wonderful opening motive and subsequent theme the score also boasts one of the most memorable scherzos in recent cinema, highlighting the drama of a sinking scene that puts James Cameron and James Horner to shame.
Watch it, if only for the music. Kudos to Patrick Doyle for an utterly mesmerizing musical feat! ... Read more

125. The Shaggy Dog
Director: Charles Barton
list price: $9.98
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 6304500718
Catlog: Video
Sales Rank: 8518
Average Customer Review: 4.4 out of 5 stars
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Unlike the fly in the 1958 horror classic, they never really explainwhat happens to the neighbor's sheepdog when young Wilby Daniels trades places with it. The dog just vanishes, or is subsumed or assumed or something, leaving Wilby (Tommy Kirk) to explain to his dog-hating, allergic, mailman father (Fred MacMurray) that he's turned into a canine.The Shaggy Dog seems like the first instance of Disney packaging, as most of the principals were either Mouseketeers or had been in the short Disney segmentSpin and Marty or a previous Disney film. As successful as The Absent Minded Professor for humor, Dog follows Wilby and a rival as they vie for the hand of the new French girl in school, and the girlnext door (Annette Funicello). The exchanges with Wilby's younger brother, Moochie (Kevin Corcoran), who always wanted a family dog, are alone worth the price ofthe tape. Indeed the most successful element of this overall endearing film is the re-pairing of the two actors as brothers (they had done so before in 1957's Old Yeller). This is family fare that's diverting without pandering, a feat that the later Disney regime would have a difficult time re-creating. --Keith Simanton ... Read more

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5-0 out of 5 stars Sweet, nostalgic Fun
This movie may seem a pretty dated to today's kids and teens, but adults will enjoy this family film about a boy (Tommy Kirk) who can shape-shift into a big, shaggy dog. The wonderful Fred MacMurray plays his allergic-to-dogs father.It is funny and innocent, set in a more carefree time. I highly recommend this movie. 5 Stars!

4-0 out of 5 stars Hot diggetty Dog!
I hadn't seen this black and white Disney classic since I was knee-high to a sheepdog! It's a fun reunion with old friends and an enjoyable treat for the whole family. Fred MacMurray is a mail man. He hates dogs. His older son, Wilby (Tommy Kirk) is a geeky teenager. Younger son Moochie, (Kevin Corcoran) wants a dog. Annette Funicello (after the Mickey Mouse Club but before the Beach) is the girl next door whose hold on Wilby and his friend Buzz (later to be the eldest of MacMurray's Four - there were 3, and then he left and Ernie - Chip's real-life brother- came and there were still Three - TV Sons ) is threatened by an exotic new girl on the block, Francesca. Francesca has a very large Bratislavian (Shaggy) Sheepdog and a father with lots of unsavory friends and associates, including Struther Martin who will later have a "failure to communicate" with Paul Newman in "Cool Hand Luke."

It is 1959. It is the height of the Cold War with the USSR and its Eastern Bloc. Wilby has stumbled (literally) into possession of an accursed ring of Lucretia Borgia's - which, at unpredictable times and places "shape shifts" him into the Shaggy Dog or back into Wilby. In his various incarnations, Wilby overhears a plot to destroy America. He and his family and friends must save Democracy! Along the way we see a pajama clad Dog gargling and brushing his teeth at the sink before bedtime, chatting with confounded policemen, and leading them on a merry high speed car chase. A Bratislavian Sheepdog driving a convertible at a rapid rate is quite a sight to see! My favorite line is Buzz (an Eddie Haskell type of adolescent) hitting up Wilby for some money. "I'll need some gas. You wouldn't happen to have a buck on you?" Things have changed.

5-0 out of 5 stars Disney gets big laughs with new comedy formula
This movie has kids and teens, animals, fun music, a magic ring that changes a person into a dog, spies, fumbling police, mixed up identities, fast cars, action and chase scenes, and a suffering dad who has to take the brunt of his boys antics including an attempt to prove he is crazy by a psychologist. This is an important film as the first live action comedy made by Disney introducing a popular series of formula Disney comedies through the sixties. The best parts of this film were mimicked in so many others.

It is also the first Disney film to feature Fred MacMurray. This was a comeback vehicle for the actor who was languishing without much work since the type of film he was known for was no longer produced. But after this film he went on to do many films for Disney, the "Absent Minded Professor" and its sequal "Son of Flubber","Bon Voyage", "The Happiest Millionaire", "Charley and the Angel", and "Follow Me Boys", a non-comedy sentimental film Dinsey made about a boy scout leader.

Tommy Kirk is also in this film as Freds son "Wilby" and the hero, of sorts. After all, he is the one turns into a dog with the accidental help of a magic ring. Juvenile Disney star Moochie (Kevin Corcoran)plays his younger brother, and is outright hilareous with his show stealing antics. The ever charming Annete Funicello is here, along with a couple of other Mouseketeers in bit parts. But mouseketeer Roberta Shore plays the sweet Franceska, the new neighbor that Wilby falls for. Her dog looks just like the dog that Wilby turns into when he is enchanted, so Wilby takes his place to find out how good a dog's life really is. But Wilby soon finds out that her villainous father is a dangerous foreign spy.

While it was filmed as a low budget piece, it was very succesful comercially raking in $8 million in its first theatrical release. That was very big in 1959. The movie concept was first offered to a TV network as an idea for a new series, and they gruffly turned it down as "a stupid idea that no one would want to watch". Walt made it anyway, turning it into a theatrical release. When the crowds poured in to the theatre the studio boss called Walt to admit his mistake. Walt laughed all the way to the bank, and created a whole series of movies based on some ideas from this movies formula. This includes the police officer scratching his head, and other character actors that seemed to crop up in the next dozen comedies.

A great Disney advertising campaign aimed at teenagers capitalized on the then-current fad for "I was a teenage ____" movies. The film starts with some great animated titles done expertly by veteran Dinsey animators X. Atencio, T. Hee, and Bill Justice. Released in 1959, written and produced by Disney Studio man Bill Walsh. Directed by Charles Barton. Disney veteran Bill Koehler did the animal training with the sheepdog that is used in some scenes as he did on at least half of the Disney films. (read his rare book "The Wonderful World of Disney Animals" if you can find it.)

Look out for famous Disney voice talent Paul Frees in this, he is the narrator and is seen as the psychiatrist (a rare on-screen appearance for the voice actor). His famous voice is featured throughout Disneyland ride attractions, especially in the Haunted Mansion (ghost host)and Pirates of the Caribbean.

The plot has a touch of 50's paranoia about the cold war, but spoofs it rather than warning of the dangers. Kids just love this film and so do parents and teens.
A sequal called "The Shaggy DA" was made after this. This movie was also remade recently for television by Disney with more modern effects.

5-0 out of 5 stars Just hilarious.
This is one of the funniest Disney movies they ever made. The adults are goofy, the kids adorable, and the exchanges between the two brothers....priceless. I'd forgotten how much I love it.

3-0 out of 5 stars Funny
this is a funny movie about a teenager who finds this magic ring and reads what it says on the ring, he sometimes (you never now when) will turn into a dog, and worse the dog that he turns into belongs to a girl he likes. very funny good family movie ... Read more

126. Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The Adventure Begins
Director: TadStones
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This direct-to-video feature, which serves as a lead-in to the upcoming Disney animated TV series, continues the adventures of Buzz Lightyear from the Toy Story films--and introduces the new supporting cast. Buzz battles the evil Emperor Zurg, who steals the "Unimind," a device that enables three-eyed aliens to function as a single intellect. The aliens, referred to as "LGMs" (little green men), form the support crew that keep Star Command running, but as individual thinkers, they're inept. During the course of this tongue-in-cheek adventure, Buzz acquires the sidekicks who form Team Lightyear: Booster, an oversized, overeager alien; XR (short for "Experimental Ranger"), one of the aliens' less successful robot inventions; and the inevitable spunky girl, Princess Mira Nova of the planet Tangeah. The two-dimensional, hand-drawn figure of the three-dimensional, computer-generated Buzz recalls the animated versions of live performers who populated Saturday morning TV during the 1980s. This adventure is typical of current kidvid: it has more special effects and sight gags than the cartoons of 20 years ago did, but the violence-free battles feel very tame. Buzz Lightyear may engage kids who play with the toys, but it won't appeal to the adults who flocked to the brilliant Toy Story features. --Charles Solomon ... Read more

Reviews (80)

4-0 out of 5 stars Nice Direct-to-Video Works of Two Levels
On the surface, "Buzz Lightyear" looks like a Pokemon-style Saturday morning cartoon. It is certainly that, but it actually has some wit and cleverness about it, too. Firstly, there's the all-too-brief Pixar computer animated intro (about 4 mins.) featuring Buzz, Woody, Jessie, and the rest of Andy's toys (Buzz, Woody, and Rex are the only ones who speak, though). We watch as Andy's toys insert this cartoon into the VCR. Then, we go smoothly into the animated Buzz's world. Thus, on a different level, this is a wry video that combines great sci-fi action with the clever twist of showing the viewer how Buzz became popular with his own TV series in the fictional world of the "Toy Story" movies. As with most of Disney's quality products, the video succeeds both ways--like the two "Toy Story" films, this 70 minute video is funny and smart at once. Plus, another reason to purchase this is to have the great song (over the closing credits) "To Infinity and Beyond" performed by William Shatner and the "Star Command Chorus". A true gem in itself. Overall, this an hour worth of entertainment you'll want to enjoy several times.

5-0 out of 5 stars To Infinity and Beyond!
The DVD more than met both my son's (he's 7 and a half) and my expectations. For those expecting computer animation in the style of Toy Story obviously didn't pay attention to the trailers. The story is about the "real" Buzz Lightyear and not the toy in Toy Story. The characters are imbued with a lot of cleverness and imagination. XR is a great sidekick. I like Mira Nova's special powers. Booster is well played too. The people who are complaining about violence seem to have a distorted view of reality. Nobody dies or seriously injured in the movie. There are a lot of positive messages here too. Just to name two: good guys come in all shapes and sizes; you can do more working with others than you can by yourself - that applies to Buzz's new partners and to the LGM.

The bonus material is good too. One of the games gives you a hint of who the villains will be in the TV series. The digital comic book is a nice touch, especially with the effects added in when you opt to have the story read to you.

The song at the end by William Shatner and the Star Command Chorus was also a nice surprise.

4-0 out of 5 stars My two year old loves it
My two year old loves this video since it stars Buzz, his hero from the Toy Story movies. As other people have noted, this is not animated the same way as Toy Story 1 and 2; it is a straight-forward cartoon. That said, it is still a lot of fun. We've watched this together many times (many, many times...parents, you know what I mean) and I still haven't gotten tired of it. The script is funny and well written with lots of great one-liners, especially from Zurg. There are plenty of laser blasts and action, but it is pretty tame any my two year old didn't find any part of it scary. I wish they had done this in wide-screen, but that is a minor complaint (from me, not my son). I am looking forward to the next one.

5-0 out of 5 stars I LOVE BUZZ LIGHTYEAR!!!!!!! HE'S THE COOLEST TOY EVER!!!!!!
When I was a little kid, I use to love collecting Buzz Lightyear action figures! I even love the Toy Story films and Finding Nemo! I even loved the picture of Buzz Lightyear lying at the dentist's office in Finding Nemo.

This movie was like one of the coolest films! I would think it's better than the original Toy Story and I would place it to a tie with Toy Story 2. I might have to decide that!

I had seen this film 2 years ago and I loved it! I should think about getting the DVD some day! Buzz Lightyear action figures are like the best action figures ever!

If you loved all Toy Story films, then you'll love this one, too! After Finding Nemo 2, Pixar should come up with another Toy Story film, because they do well with all movies. Pixar made it's first 2-D Animated Feature, but they really do so cool with 3D Animation!

1-0 out of 5 stars no story, a lot of violence
My 3y old kid loves toy story, and especially Buzz

So what a disappointment:
First of all this is cartoon-like, not animation type.
Second of all there is no story at all, except the usual simple plot: "good guy searches for bad guy, and eventually gets him"

Apart from a couple of scenes like the first one, there is no humor neither (nothing like the real toy story). On the other hand, there are endless (and unexplained) scenes of laser fighting, explosions, etc... Violence at its best, that is without justification, and going on and on...

From my son's own words: "it is a bad movie" (to him, it means that it is a violent/scarry movie and not fun to watch)

Definitely a bad experience. ... Read more

127. Treasure Island
Director: Byron Haskin
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Asin: 6304293941
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Average Customer Review: 4.3 out of 5 stars
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Strap on your pantaloons and prepare to travel with Jim Hawkins andBlind Pew to one of the most famous fictional islands in history. Walt Disney's 1950 adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's swashbuckling masterpiece has held up extremely well, with action and characterizations that feel freshly minted (although it's unlikely that the Mouse of today would sanction the high level of booze flowing throughout the picture). Great fun, with nary a wasted frame and, in the character of Robert Newton's much-imitated Long John, one of cinema's most boisterously crowd-pleasing villains ever. (Proving that you can't keep a good--er, bad man down, Newton would return with director Byron Haskins for the enjoyable sequel, Long John Silver.)Watching this classic is like having a flashback to some perfect Technicolor childhood. --Andrew Wright ... Read more

Reviews (23)

4-0 out of 5 stars Swab the deck, me matey!
The Disney studios first official full length, live-action feature, TREASURE ISLAND is good fun. Although it lacks the slick story-telling flair of recent family films, the story, based on Robert Louis Stevenson's classic novel, is precise and fluid. Robert Newton chews up the scenery as Long John Silver, paving the way for many lovable villains. Bobby Driscoll (Song of the South) plays the brave little Jim Hawkins (or "Jim Harkins" if you speak pirate) who gets involved in a treasure seeking adventure of good vs. evil. In the end, like the viewers of the video, the line between the two is not so well defined. That is a clever twist, especially for a Disney family film. The VHS format already shows some deterioration after a few viewings so I look forward to a DVD release but in the meantime. Yo ho yo ho, A Pirate's Life for Me!

5-0 out of 5 stars All Aboard With Long John Silver
Jim Hawkins is a tavern owner's son who acquires a map showing the location of buried treasure. He shows it to an adventurous squire who recognizes its value and outfits the good ship Hispaniola to set off in search of the prize. The squire hires Jim as a cabin boy and persuades his own physician to join the crew as ship's doctor. The gullible squire's first big mistake is to sign up a rascal named Long John Silver as ship's cook. His second mistake is to allow Silver a chance to recruit some of his old shipmates from his pirate days as members of the Hispaniola's crew.

TREASURE ISLAND is an excellent movie with plenty of realistic action and convincing settings. Robert Newton is brilliant as Long John Silver and Bobby Driscoll shines as young Jim Hawkins. A strong supporting cast includes Basil Sydney, Denis O'Dea, Ralph Truman, Walter Fitzgerald, Finlay Currie and Geoffrey Wilkinson.

Director Byron Haskins also directed THE WAR OF THE WORLDS.

5-0 out of 5 stars Old memories
Emotions ran high when I saw this movie again after more than 50 years. It was as exciting now as when I was a young child. Robert Newton's performance is a classic. After half a century, he is still the baddest (best) pirate ever.

5-0 out of 5 stars "The Disney Version" is better than the novel.
Don't believe it? Read the book. The reviewer who said "...every screen production I have seen comes across as a cartoon or at best, 'an animated feature'," wasn't paying attention.

Robert Louis Stevenson's pirate story _is_ a children's fantasy. (Stevenson - whose grandson would later become one of Disney's "house directors" -- says as much in the book's introduction.) The principal characters are well-drawn and believable, but the story is 98% adventure. There is no _dramatic_ thrust to events. And it's told from the view of a 20-year-older Jim Hawkins, which tips off the reader that Jim is never in any real danger.

The emotional focus of the story is Jim's attraction to / repulsion by Long John Silver. In the novel, the adult Jim briefly acknowledges that he was attracted to Long John Silver as a surrogate for his recently deceased father, but turned away, because Silver is plainly untrustworthy. Stevenson fails to develop the relationship any further.

Not the screenwriters -- they bring it front and center. The story is now properly focused where it should be -- can Jim _really_ trust Long John Silver?

Silver is also worried about Jim, who plainly doesn't need "Piracy for Dummies" to recognize Silver is not altogether on the up-and-up. In a scene not in the book, Long John attempts to sweet-talk Jim -- one might even call it a seduction -- ending with the presentation of his parrot as a gift. The effect is subtly erotic -- especially as the gift comes from someone with such an obviously phallic name. (One is tempted to think Stevenson's name choice was deliberate -- he must have known how cabin boys were "mistreated.") And though Silver is married in the novel (to an unseen wife), the movie leaves his marital status unstated.

Long John Silver is a morally ambiguous character, and the film plays up this ambiguity. Silver alternates between protecting and threatening Jim, and you believe his sincerity in both instances. At the end, Jim is forced into deciding whether he should let Long John escape or be turned over to justice, completing the film with a solid dramatic "bang!" (The novel simply peters out -- Silver is taken captive, later wandering off with some of the loot.)

Robert Newton's interpretation of Long John Silver has always been controversial. There's no question it's totally "over the top." But that's how we expect pirates to behave, and it's how Stevenson wrote the character. I've seen "Treasure Island" several times -- Newton isn't simply chewing the scenery. His is a conscious interpretation, and he's in full control at all times. It's a great performance.

5-0 out of 5 stars Arr, maties! Climb abord for a rip-roaring adventure!
The first time we watched this movie I watched it for about five minutes before walking away, because it wasn't interesting to me at the time. But when I caught the last twenty minutes of it, I decided that it was interesting after all and watched it from the beginning again.

I loved it! Bobby Driscoll was wonderful as Jim Hawkins, and Robert Newton gave the performance of his life as Long John Silver. The rest of the cast was also tremendous.

I had tried reading the book before, but it hadn't been interesting to me, and I ditched it before I was halfway done. Now, because of this movie, I think I'll dust it off and have a go at it. Who knows, I might even like it enough to review it! :) ... Read more

128. Dinosaurs - I'm the Baby
list price: $12.99
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Asin: 6302642515
Catlog: Video
Sales Rank: 23176
Average Customer Review: 4.67 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (3)

5-0 out of 5 stars Amazing
I recently found a few tapes in my closet and figured eh what the heck why not try em. So I popped em in and all of a sudden child hood memories flooding back! This show rocked. I can't believe there isn't a dvd of it. I've reminded all my friends of this childhood show they've long forgotten and now they're begging me to lend them my tapes! I'm gonna buy the ones I don't have. Too bad there's only 6 volumes and a couple movies on Amazon.

5-0 out of 5 stars Please Disney, get around to DVD-ing some Dinos
OK, I know that a million and one TV shows have been released on DVD over the past few years but for some bizarro reason the TV bods have never gotten around to releasing the fantastic Disney's Dinosaurs in the same format. Why? I absolutely loved this show as a kid and still love it when disney channel UK can be bothered to rerun it. please please please Michael Eisner and the evil Disney corp. please release a complete Dinosaurs boxset for all dino lovers around the world, would sure beat Brother bear!

4-0 out of 5 stars rave
Of all the poor marketing,this tops it..these shows were so good,they were the talk of the office.I would think now would be a perfect time to rerun or reissue this show,what with the popularity of dinos again..come on disney lets go ... Read more

129. Music of the Heart
Director: Wes Craven
list price: $9.99
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Asin: 6305763305
Catlog: Video
Sales Rank: 1919
Average Customer Review: 4.43 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


Two-time Academy Award(R)-winner Meryl Streep (ONE TRUE THING) stars with Angela Bassett (HOW STELLA GOT HER GROOVE BACK) in a heartwarming, acclaimed true story of how one woman's musical gift affected those who least expected it! A single mother with little more than talent and the determination to make a difference, Roberta Guaspari (Streep) overcame the skepticism of everyone who didn't think she should be teaching violin to students in a tough inner-city neighborhood. But even after a decade of ever-growing popularity and countless success stories, Roberta and her kids must rise to meet an even greater challenge: budget cuts aimed at shutting down her valuable program for good! Also starring Aidan Quinn (PRACTICAL MAGIC) and Grammy-winner Gloria Estefan in a stellar cast, this extraordinary story will inspire anyone who's ever thought their dreams were too far out of reach! ... Read more

Reviews (58)

2-0 out of 5 stars Fascinating true story gets lackluster film treatment
Meryl Streep got her twelfth Oscar nomination for her portrayal of Roberta Guaspari in Places in the Heart. Her performance is excellent [when has she been anything but?], yet it is not enough to bring the movie completely to life. This true story, which has been filmed before as a documentary called Small Wonders, is about a teacher who created a music program in the schools of the impoverished East Harlem area of New York. A single mother of two boys, Guaspari, who was trained as a classical violinist but who had little teaching experience, was given a job as a teacher in the 1980s by Janet Williams, a principal at one of the schools. There was no real budget for a classical music program, so she was hired as a substitute. Guaspari herself supplied the first violins. Ten years later, she had taught 1,400 youngsters. When the program was in danger of being axed due to a school budget crisis, Guaspari enlisted the aid of some friends, who arranged for her to give a benefit concert with her best students at Carnegie Hall. Famous violinist like Isaac Stern participated, and the Program was saved. In 1999, money was found by the city to assure its continuation.

I don't know who was responsible for Music of the Heart's rather uninspired telling of the story. It certainly wasn't Ms. Streep. It may have been director Wes Craven, who until now has made his mark in the horror genre, with creepy teen fare such as Nightmare on Elm Street and the Scream trilogy. His choice to make a straight drama raised a few eyebrows, and perhaps he was overly cautious with the material. Some of the problem lies within the screenplay. Writer Pamela Gray concentrates on the main character almost exclusively. Ms. Streep is in nearly every scene. Except for some fairly good interaction between Roberta and her boys, most of the characters float in and out, acting almost as stage props. There is little that is memorable about them, and, as a result, we wind up not understanding Roberta Guaspari very well. We see what she does, and we understand that her work is noteworthy and inspirational. Yet the picture does not fill us with inspiration. It's not that it's a bad move, it's that it never soars, as movies about noble, dedicated people can when well done. While it is not a given, what usually provides the drama for such true tales is understanding what personal sacrifices an individual must make to fulfill a difficult goal. I feel certain that this happened to Ms. Guaspari in real life, but we see almost none of it in this movie. It is strongly hinted at a couple of times, but then the film simply glosses everything over and moves on the something else.

Music of the Heart is certainly worth watching for Ms. Streep's performance. The story is a fascinating one, but much of what makes a good story is the way in which it is told. Music of the Heart is not that much of a story teller.

5-0 out of 5 stars Inspiring story and bravura performance by Meryl Streep
This is a powerful, moving and triumphant true story, which springs from a documentary about a music teacher and her students. This is the story of Roberta Guaspari-Tzavaras (Meryl Streep), a violin teacher who single-handedly created a program to teach violin to inner city kids in East Harlem, New York. The film follows her from the dubious inception of the program, which started as a substitute teaching job, through the ensuing 10 years where so many children wanted to be in the program that it had spread to three schools in the district and a lottery had to be held each year to limit the number of students. The last part of the film is devoted to her fight to continue the program after the board of education killed its funding. It culminates in a triumphant benefit concert supported by some of the greatest violinists in the world to raise private funds to save the program.

This film celebrates the dogged determination and courage of one woman who proved that a single individual can make a difference. Her life was not a pretty picture. Her husband left her for one of her friends, turning her into an emotional basket case. Music was her only solace and teaching was her gift. Unfortunately, her lack of experience in the education system made her unqualified to get a position. So on the recommendation of a friend she convinces an East Harlem principal to give her a chance as a substitute violin teacher. She even supplies the violins.

The story from there is an example of life often being more remarkable than fiction. The results she achieved with these children were astounding. My only criticism of the story was that it contained a little too much treatment of her personal life. Almost her entire relationship with Brian (Aiden Quinn) could have been eliminated without hurting the story. I know that director Wes Craven was trying to give us some character development on how tough her life was and how difficult a person she was, but it was superfluous and the digression only bogged the story down. The real story here was about her and the kids. He should have stuck to that. Otherwise, Craven did a fabulous job of directing, delivering an emotional story with great power and effect. I was quite impressed, especially given the fact that prior to this film, he was almost exclusively a one genre director (Horror. Think 'Scream').

The acting by Meryl Streep was nothing short of brilliant. I have read criticism of Streep's performance as too harsh, it seeming as if she didn't really LIKE the children. In actuality her performance was dead solid perfect. I was lucky enough to rent the Collector's Series DVD of this film which included a separate disk of the original documentary about the real Roberta Guaspari-Tzavaras and her students, including the actual concert at Carnegie Hall. If you watch that documentary you will be in awe of how well Streep utterly nails her character. We get to see the real Roberta teaching her students and she is like a drill sergeant barking orders, throwing kids out of practice for not having their violins, reproaching them angrily about plucking their strings while she is speaking, and generally tolerating no nonsense. She is impatient with them and completely intolerant of anything but their best.

The children who made comments about the real Roberta said things like, 'I wouldn't have the discipline I have if it weren't for Roberta. That discipline not only helps me with the violin, but with everything else.' Another child said, 'I have to pay attention to what I'm doing or Roberta will get mean. But if I do good, she is pleased and that make me feel good.' Yet another, 'I want to work really hard so Roberta will be proud of me.' Clearly, these are not the comments of children who were being negatively affected by Roberta's no nonsense style.

Streep said in the featurette included in the DVD that it is very difficult playing a real person because there is no leeway for artistic interpretation. Translation: If she was to play Roberta Guaspari-Tzavaras, she had to become Roberta. This she accomplished with stunning accuracy. Streep captures not only Roberta's irascible demeanor, but the essence of her drive and passion for drawing the students very best. Roberta is a complex and difficult character to play and Streep throws herself into the role, delivering a tour de force performance that very few actors have the range and depth to accomplish.

This film is a must see for anyone who loves the arts and anyone who can appreciate a great actress giving a career performance. I rated it a 9/10, subtracting a point for Craven's unnecessary digression into Roberta's private life. That is, however, hardly a reason to miss this bravura performance and an inspiring story.

2-0 out of 5 stars Most unrealistic portrayal of a classroom ever on film...
Whoever wrote this screenplay had NO idea what the inside of a classroom looks like.
My goodness. I've seen more realistic depictions of school life in a few B-movies.
It's like the makers of this particular movie were SO interested in making a movie about MUSIC that they paid very little attention to making a movie about SCHOOL.
I could go on and on and on about how this movie falls flat on its face in the depiction of a contemporary classroom, particularly an inner city classroom, but let me just demonstrate but ONE ridiculous unreality this movie commits: In this movie, the school children all pretty much speak proper English. What?!!??? In the inner city???? School children not using barbaric slang in the inner city but instead speaking proper English and doing so naturally, like that's what they do all the time???
Yikes. You've got to be kidding me.
The 5 star reviewers on here ought to be ashamed of themselves for settling for such cartoony realism; better yet, they and the these out-of-touch moviemakers ought to actually go spend some time studying their subject matter, the actual daily war zone that is the contemporary American inner city classroom.

5-0 out of 5 stars Wes Craven Shines!
Can you believe this film was directed by Wes Craven? What a moving story! Everyone should see this movie. One thing-why is Gloria Estefan on the cover???!! Don't get me wrong I love her music, but she hardly had any part AT ALL! Maybe she had 7 lines in all, so it kind of doesn't make sense. Anyway, this movie is great-so watch it, NOW! :-)

5-0 out of 5 stars Outstanding.
Streep and Bassett are wonderful in this heart-felt drama about a music teacher who "belives" and makes a tremendous difference in the lives of young inner-city children. Funny and poignant.

Very highly recommended. ... Read more

130. Ben & Me
Director: Hamilton Luske
list price: $12.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 6301290933
Catlog: Video
Sales Rank: 12749
Average Customer Review: 4.4 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (5)

5-0 out of 5 stars The movie was good.
Boy, it's astounding how many "11-year old viewers" on Amazon are so surprisingly literate and exacting in writing reviews. You'd think that maybe it was just an adult trying to pass themselves off for whatever reason, but no, certainly, it couldn't be that. Besides, we all know how much concern the average pre-teen has for accurate portrayals of historical figures in film.

2-0 out of 5 stars A Real Disappointment----
Though I was optimistic when I started the movie, I was soon appalled to see the way it portrayed Ben Franklin. Ben Franklin was a famous inventor, not a befuddled old man who can barely remember his own name! His 'Poor Richard's Almanac' was very popular, but this movie made it sound boring and unnecessary. Right from the point that Amos arrived in Ben Franklin's shop, he was helping him. Ben Franklin invented bifocals and the Franklin stove on his own, but here Amos is said to have come up with both! And in the incident where Ben Franklin flies the kite in the storm, the real scientific purpose is never even mentioned. Instead, Amos is again in the spotlight, put out at being a part of one of Ben's "silly experiments." The story suggests that Benjamin Franklin can't manage anything without the help of the mouse. And towards the end of the story, when AMOS is shown to have been the writer of the beginning of the Delcaration of Independence I couldn't believe my eyes! I couldn't and still can't believe how much they omitted or changed the real history, to show Amos as the hero in every situation. Educational and Historical? It might make a good animated film for kids just to watch for pleasure, but if you're looking for an educational video this is the wrong place to go!

5-0 out of 5 stars How well do we really know Ben Franklin?
Ben and me is the fun-filled story of Benjamin Franklin's friendship with a little mouse named Amos. In the 1700's, Amos the mouse set out to make his way in early America. He soon found himself at the home of Benjamin Franklin, a young, unsuccessful printer and bookbinder. Seeing an opportunity to help Ben out and find a place for himself, Amos supplies Ben with helpful ideas to improve his life and business. Together they work on Ben's paper, and Amos invents the Franklin stove and bifocals. Soon, thanks to Amos, Ben is the successful and well respected publisher of the Pennsylvania Gazette, and he is fast becoming one of the most popular men in America. But Ben and Amos have a falling out one day, when Ben's experiments with electricity prove to be hazardous to Amos's health one time too many. The two spend several years apart, until war is in the air and America is ready to separate from its mother country of England. Ben goes to Amos for help, wanting his little friend to return home with him and resume their partnership, but Amos is still bitter after all these years. Amos draws up a contract that Ben must agree to if they are to be friends again, a contract that reads remarkably similarly to our own Declaration of Independence!
Ben and Me is a wonderful Disney Classic featurette about Ben Franklin and America's struggle for Independence. It is definitely a must watch around the 4th of July, and a must have for any fan of Ben Franklin, the American Revolution, or Disney Animation in general! I'm thrilled to have it in my video collection! Pick your copy up before it's gone!

5-0 out of 5 stars Entertaining AND Eductational
This is a wonderful video, which teaches alot about Benjamin Franklin, while being quite entertaining for children. My 2 year-old loves it. I wish Disney made more videos like this one.

5-0 out of 5 stars Ben and Me Is a Great Historical Educational Video
The movie, Ben and Me, is a good historical, educational video for children yet it is also humorous. My mom even liked it! It teaches a lot about Benjamin Franklin and how he got his ideas, from a mouse named Amos! Buy this video and have fun! We sure did. ... Read more

131. Baby Galileo
list price: $14.99
our price: $14.99
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Asin: B00008WFHF
Catlog: Video
Sales Rank: 3390
Average Customer Review: 3.26 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


"BABY GALILEO Discovering the Sky," includes spectacular images of the sun, moon and stars.The awe-inspiring visuals include familiar sights from a baby's world as well as a glimpse at the planets and whirling galaxies.In addition to images provided by NASA, JPL and Caltech, among others, "BABY GALILEO Discovering the Sky" features colorful toys, babies at play and engaging puppets in a way that captivates babies and toddlers and provides them with an opportunity to discover the sky above. "BABY GALILEO Discovering the Sky" is set to classical music re-orchestrated just for little ears.Featuring compositions by Mozart, Debussy, Chopin, Schubert, Strauss and Tchaikovsky, the video also includes delightful renditions of classic nursery rhymes and songs like "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star," "Star Light, Star Bright" and "Hey Diddle Diddle." ... Read more

Reviews (88)

3-0 out of 5 stars Too Glossy
I recently purchased this DVD for my 8 month old. He loves the other Baby Einstein titles, even those a little over his age level, so I thought I would get this one. As soon as I put it in, it was apparent that BE had gone commercial. Whereas the other titles have almost a "homemade" video feel to them, this one is obviously filmed like a studio movie. The pictures of cityscapes and sky look too professional and to me seem beautiful but boring. There are some pluses, the kangaroo puppets are delightful, and the classical music joined by a few children's favorites is still there, although the addition of a beloved Disney song is very noticable and out of place. This one is our least favorite of the bunch, with my son only turning to watch the puppetry. I hope the next one is better.

5-0 out of 5 stars my little ones favorite
Unlike the other people who had negative feelings about this DVD, I think it is wonderful. I purchased this in the Volume 3 four pack, and it quickly became my daughter's favorite. She squeals with glee at the Kangaroo puppets, and is mesmerized throughout the video. She is only 4 months old, and now I dream of the day my little scientist grows up. I enjoy watching it with her also, the pictures are beautiful, and I can bounce her on my knee with the familiar tunes and she just giggles. It has definitely created a bonding time for us to savor every day.

5-0 out of 5 stars Excellent DVD
My 22 month old thoroughly enjoys this DVD. I was hesitant to buy it due to the poor reviews it had received, but she can't get enough of it. Highly recommend it to all parents.

2-0 out of 5 stars the unfortunate future of Baby Einstein
I was very worried when Disney bought out Baby Einstein. This DVD has a completely different feel than then the others and is the first one my son didn't really respond to. It's funny, the number of people and production companies listed in the credits is many times greater than on the 'real' Baby Einstein's but the quality is much worse. Too bad Pixar didn't buy them! A sad turn of events.

3-0 out of 5 stars Too boring for very little ones
I know this one is supposed to be for nine months and up, but we tried it for our 6 month old son. Hated it! He liked when the puppet would come on the screen, but that was a total of like 10 seconds the whole time. It's mostly footage of the sun, clouds, etc. I can't imagine a 9 month old would like it any better, but we'll see. ... Read more

132. Tom and Huck
Director: Peter Hewitt
list price: $9.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 6304022166
Catlog: Video
Sales Rank: 11173
Average Customer Review: 3.8 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Being a good friend can be difficult, but the rewards are great. Twounruly boys, Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, pledge their friendship to oneanother in anticipation of days filled with fun and laughter. Instead, the twowitness a graveyard murder and swear an oath of silence to protect their ownlives. Treasure hunting and Tom's budding friendship with his classmate Beckypale when the boys' silence threatens to allow an innocent man to hang for thecrime, and Tom must choose between keeping his pact with Huck and justice forhis friend Muff Potter. This 1995 Disney presentation of Mark Twain's classicThe Adventures of TomSawyer, featuring Jonathan Taylor Thomas as Tom and Brad Renfro as Huck,reaffirms the notion that "When a friend's in trouble, you can't just run away."(Ages 5 and older) --Tami Horiuchi ... Read more

Reviews (20)

4-0 out of 5 stars Hey, it's fun! Even though it was intended as a JTT vehicle!
When I watch a Tom Sawyer movie, or a Huck Finn movie, I'm wanting to have fun, that's all. That's why I love 'em. Maybe from Huck I expect some touching moments, but throw Tom in and I expect 99% fun. That's why I love the movies so much more than the books! This movie is easy to play off as a film targeted at Jr. High girls, with the hopes that boys will come for the adventure angle. Well, it probably didn't work out because girls just don't seem interested in the characters of Tom and Huck, no matter who the actors are, and sadly, boys nowadays just don't care about the classic characters of Tom and Huck either. I guess there just aren't enough guns and aliens. I think only the really loyal JTT and Renfro fans went to see this, and a few guys like me, who just find Tom and Huck movies so much fun! Oh, and of course Rachael Leigh Cooke is in it! On that note, I'll say, this movie was very successful! I found it quite fun! JTT doesn't seem to have had the staying power as a heartthrob now that he's grown, but to say he was miscast was all wrong. He was great. I though maybe Renfro looked a bit too old for Huck, but I think that's because I LOVE the Elijah Wood version of Huck Finn, and he was pretty darn young in that. By the way, for the best version of Huck I've seen so far, get the Elijah Wood one, I've nearly worn mine out. If you're looking for a version true to the books, forget it. They're too controversial and frankly, have some really long boring parts, therefore I doubt a movie that's true to the books will ever be made. Anyway, as for this version, sure, it's a little obvious it's targeted at young kids, but actually, it will probably be more enjoyable for those who just like fun Tom Sawyer stories. Oh, here are two things to check out. One, the wonderful music! (Also check out the REALLY Wonderful music in the Elijah Wood film) And two, for a good laugh, pay attention to the scene where Tom and Becky have gotten lost in the cave, and Judge Thatcher gets everyone together to search for them. Here's the hilarious part, for the benefit of the expected all kid audience, Judge Thatcher basically explains the whole plot of the film up to that point, so they know exactly what is going on, who's chasing Tom and Becky, and why. It really is hilarious, but believe me, it doesn't detract to the enjoyment of the movie, only adds to it! Okay, well, that's all I'll say about it, except to add that I actually bought the soundtrack in addition to the video. Now I'm off to get a copy of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, an animated version where Tom is a cat and Huck is a fox, etc... I believe it's fairly new, from MGM, and I hear GREAT things about it. Read the reviews here on Amazon. I'll post mine after I've seen it.

4-0 out of 5 stars I never knew Huck Finn was this cute!
Even though this is probably not the highest quality production of the Tom Sawyer story ever made, it is my favourite version, because the two boys are at the ages I always imagined them as being. Jonathan Taylor Thomas really does do a good job as Tom, and I really like that the movie shows the way he kind of hero-worships Huck, and sort of wants to be him. Speaking of whom, I know y'all out there reading, will never take me seriously after this, but....I never knew Huck Finn was so cute! Best Huck Finn I ever saw (see? I said you'd not take me seriously!). Really, though, Brad Renfro makes a great Huckleberry Finn. It's interesting, the way the character seems even younger than Tom, in some ways.
The other characters were really good, too. Little Sid is marvelously fun to despise, and Muff Potter is actually rather endearing. The lady cast as Aunt Polly did a great job portraying the careworn, but once-pretty woman I never knew Aunt Polly was.
While not exactly matching the book's description, Rachael Leigh Cook makes a great Becky Thatcher. I really like the fact that, while she can be quite spunky, and at times, responds the way a boy might, she is by no means a misfit. She's plainly a girl who has no problem with being one, and engages in girlish activities with as much enthusiasm as any of her friends.
I was delighted with the actor who played Injun Joe, Eric Schweig. He looked perfect for the part, and really brought the character to life. He didn't play Injun Joe as a complicated villain whose point of view one can see from. But, neither did he play a one-dimensional bad guy who's bad because he's a bad guy. What you see in the movie, is someone who is unquestionable a bad guy, but is still plainly human. He's *interesting*.
It's been a while since I read it, but Tom & Huck is a fairly accurate adaptation of the book into a movie, with all the characters brought to life so well. And, it's a lot of fun to watch.

4-0 out of 5 stars Tom And Huck
Very entertaining but alittle scary for little ones. I would view with your child and explain certain situations. My 7 year old son enjoyed it!

3-0 out of 5 stars huck finn is hot!!
i like this movie coz it has brad renfro in it, he's sooo cute. and i think the acting is good i only seen it on tv once but i love brad so yeah=)

5-0 out of 5 stars Great Movie but Wrong Actors
The story of Tom Sawyer in the book was brought out in the film. The story was great. But the actors were not right. Brad Renfro was much better in other films. And JTT wasn't the best actor for the part. Don't get me wrong, the movie was still great, but it could have been better. ... Read more

133. Spot - Spot Goes To School
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Asin: 6305941769
Catlog: Video
Sales Rank: 1695
Average Customer Review: 4.67 out of 5 stars
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Spot, the ever-curious, always adorable puppy greets everyday adventures with the joy and delight of a preschool child! And now your child will discover additional worlds of wonder along with Spot and his friends as they prepare for the first day of school, play safe at the playground, decorate a cake, and put on hats and mittens for a cold day! Between each of these beloved animated stories, a live-action cast of inquisitive preschoolers make learning new things as irresistible as Spot himself! ... Read more

Reviews (3)

4-0 out of 5 stars cute video
my two year old and his cousing love this video as well as the rest of the spot series. the video teaches the kids to share as well as how to use their imagination. the content itself isn't overwhelming to children like many cartoons today. i would recommend this video to kids ages one to four or five.

5-0 out of 5 stars Have Fun and Learn with Spot
This is a wonderful video for children. It follows the books by Eric Hill very closely. There are five stories about a little yellow dog with a big brown spot on his back. He lives in a nice house with his Mom and Dad and he has lots of friends including Helen the Hippo, Steve the Monkey, Tom the Alligator, and Claire the Turtle. These are gentle, loving stories that children can easily understand. Each story teaches a positive and valuable lesson and is very entertaining as well.

In the opening story, "Spot Goes to School," Spot is starting school for the very first time. He is a little nervous at the beginning, but once he gets to school, he sees his friends and has a good time with them. The teacher is very nice, and there are lots of interesting things to do. The students paint, and build with blocks, and play dress-up. As it turns out, school is a very fun place to be! At the end of the day, Spot's mother picks him up, and the first thing Spot says is, "Can I go again tomorrow?" I think this story would help any little child who is nervous about going to school.

In "Spot at the PlayGround," all of the friends get together for an afternoon of fun. They play on the Jungle Gym and the Teeter Totter and the Slide. They learn how much fun they can have sharing and playing together. They also learn to be careful and watch out for one another. Having fun CAN be safe!

In "Spot Makes A Cake," Spot is on his way out to play with his friends. He reminds his mother that she promised to make a cake for the school fair. She asks if he would like to help. Of course he would! But only after he finds his Chef's hat. This was my favorite scene in the video. Spot is a fat little puppy who stands on a stool and mixes the cake batter while he wears his hat. He is SO CUTE! He makes the cake with his Mom, and winds up having more fun than he expected. He learns that it can be fun to help around the house. And best of all, when he takes the cake to the school fair, he wins it right back again! Spot's Dad is especially happy about that-because he REALLY wanted to eat it before it went to the fair!

In "Spot In the Woods," Spot and his Dad go out for an afternoon walk. Spot asks everyone he meets along the way if there are any lions or tigers or elephants or bears. "Oh Yes, lots of them," the birds and foxes and squirrels reply. This worries Spot, and he decides he wants to go home. His Dad is puzzled, but he says okay. After Spot leaves the woods, out pop a lion, a tiger, an elephant, and a bear! Sometimes the things that children imagine or fear, really can come true! But when that happens, it's also true that a loving parent or grownup can protect you and take care of you!

The last story is "Spot's Winter Sports." It is a cold and snowy day, and Spot wants to play outside with his friends. But first he must dress warmly! He has a snowball fight with Helen the Hippo and takes a ride on his sled with Steve the Monkey. Helen and Spot work hard at building a snowman. They ask Steve to help them, but he is too busy doing something by himself. Spot wonders what is so important that Steve can't help. Actually, Steve is working on a surprise for Spot-a snowman that looks exactly like Spot! And best of all, he builds it on Spot's sled so that he can take it home and show his Mom and Dad! Aren't friends great!

As you can see, these are sweet and charming little stories. There is nothing rough or violent or scary in them. Around our house, we like to watch these stories in the evening when we're getting ready for bed. They are so calm and quiet, they make you feel like you are ready to relax and go to sleep. This video is a MUST HAVE for small (and even not so small) children!!

5-0 out of 5 stars Have Fun And Learn With Spot.
This is a wonderful video for children. It follows the books by Eric Hill very closely. There are five stories about a little yellow dog with a big brown spot on his back. He lives in a nice house with his Mom and Dad and he has lots of friends including Helen the Hippo, Steve the Monkey, Tom the Alligator, and Claire the Turtle. These are gentle, loving stories that children can easily understand. Each story teaches a positive and valuable lesson and is very entertaining as well.

In the opening story, "Spot Goes to School," Spot is starting school for the very first time. He is a little nervous at the beginning, but once he gets to school, he sees his friends and has a good time with them. The teacher is very nice, and there are lots of interesting things to do. The students paint, and build with blocks, and play dress-up. As it turns out, school is a very fun place to be! At the end of the day, Spot's mother picks him up, and the first thing Spot says is, "Can I go again tomorrow?" I think this story would help any little child who is nervous about going to school.

In "Spot at the PlayGround," all of the friends get together for an afternoon of fun. They play on the Jungle Gym and the Teeter Totter and the Slide. They learn how much fun they can have sharing and playing together. They also learn to be careful and watch out for one another. Having fun CAN be safe!

In "Spot Makes A Cake," Spot is on his way out to play with his friends. He reminds his mother that she promised to make a cake for the school fair. She asks if he would like to help. Of course he would! But only after he finds his Chef's hat. This was my favorite scene in the video. Spot is a fat little puppy who stands on a stool and mixes the cake batter while he wears his hat. He is SO CUTE! He makes the cake with his Mom, and winds up having more fun than he expected. He learns that it can be fun to help around the house. And best of all, when he takes the cake to the school fair, he wins it right back again! Spot's Dad is especially happy about that-because he REALLY wanted to eat it before it went to the fair!

In "Spot In the Woods," Spot and his Dad go out for an afternoon walk. Spot asks everyone he meets along the way if there are any lions or tigers or elephants or bears. "Oh Yes, lots of them," the birds and foxes and squirrels reply. This worries Spot, and he decides he wants to go home. His Dad is puzzled, but he says okay. After Spot leaves the woods, out pop a lion, a tiger, an elephant, and a bear! Sometimes the things that children imagine or fear, really can come true! But when that happens, it's also true that a loving parent or grownup can protect you and take care of you!

The last story is "Spot's Winter Sports." It is a cold and snowy day, and Spot wants to play outside with his friends. But first he must dress warmly! He has a snowball fight with Helen the Hippo and takes a ride on his sled with Steve the Monkey. Helen and Spot work hard at building a snowman. They ask Steve to help them, but he is too busy doing something by himself. Spot wonders what is so important that Steve can't help. Actually, Steve is working on a surprise for Spot-a snowman that looks exactly like Spot! And best of all, he builds it on Spot's sled so that he can take it home and show his Mom and Dad! Aren't friends great!

As you can see, these are sweet and charming little stories. There is nothing rough or violent or scary in them. Around our house, we like to watch these stories in the evening when we're getting ready for bed. They are so calm and quiet, they make you feel like you are ready to relax and go to sleep. This video is a MUST HAVE for small (and even not so small) children!! ... Read more

134. Willie the Operatic Whale
list price: $12.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 6302053684
Catlog: Video
Sales Rank: 11585
Average Customer Review: 4.6 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (5)

4-0 out of 5 stars Dead Whale is No Fun
No joy was recieved from watching a whale be killed for no reason except stupidity. A very strange video. One just can't believe Disney let this whale die. The Fredinand story was much better, although a bit slow. The final and best story of all three, Lambert, is fantastic. If only they were ALL this good. Buy this for Lambert and maybe Ferdinand. Willie the dead whale singing in heaven is just weird. It's unimaginable that the whale dies like this. There must be a [hidden] message to this story that I don't get or am refusing to entertain. Lambert should have been the lead story - too funny.

5-0 out of 5 stars Disney at it's short-subject best!!
The three stories on this video are probably a bit corny for today's jaded kids, but make them watch it anyway!!! The loving detail, the handpainted animation (each of the three stories in a very different style), the music and the wonderful voice narration can clearly show kids how QUALITY animation developed from these terrific short subjects to the amazing movies we see today like SHREK, MONSTERS INC., etc.

Also, the stories are very short and should hold the attention of just about anyone. Naturally, these short films are not the awesome classics like SNOW WHITE or PINOCCHIO, because those films had a full movie to develop their themes, but for 10-minute movies...nothing going today holds a candle.

And the low, low prices I'm seeing on this video now make me think you'd be crazy not to have one in your home!

5-0 out of 5 stars Wonderful Willie
My Mother played the 78 speed record for me as a child and I fell in love with the story and the music. I can't wait to give my copy to my 4 year old granddaughter ... I am sure she will love it as I did!

4-0 out of 5 stars A cartoon to make you weep! Maybe.....
When I was a child, I cried when the whale died. Now, I think the cartoon is pretty silly (especially since the words to the operatic melodies have been changed). It seems to me that the writer was pulling his audience's leg! Loved seeing it again, along with Ferdinand and Lambert.

5-0 out of 5 stars A Delightful Tale of a Singing Whale
This is one of Disney's cutest shorts - the tragic story of a
whale who can sing grand opera. Nelson Eddy does all the voices,
and the result is a true Disney delight. Both of my daughters
have loved this story and the two others accompanying it:
Ferdinand the bull and Lambert the Sheepish Lion, to the point
of watching the video many times over the years. All three
shorts are simply superb. We bought our copy of this video at
K-mart around 1990 and have not seen it on sale anywhere
else since that time. ... Read more

135. So Dear to My Heart
Director: Hamilton Luske, Harold D. Schuster
list price: $19.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 6302484359
Catlog: Video
Sales Rank: 3505
Average Customer Review: 4.55 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (11)

4-0 out of 5 stars Filled with valuable lessons................
We borrowed this from the library. Although it has cartoon sequences with live action I think that this movie appeals more to the older child and adults. The scenery is beautiful. The cartoons are great with wonderful songs. The actors are great also. Burl Ives does a wonderful job as Uncle Hiram. His natural, effortless, singing ability jumps up through out the film.
The story is about a young boy being raised by his grandmother in the early 1900's. His dreams of owning a champion race horse change when a black lamb is born and is not accepted by its mother. Jeremiah soon falls in love with the lamb and dreams of taking him to the state fair. Without any extra money for train fare Jeremiah must raise money to pay his way.
Strong emphasis placed on faith in God and doing the best with what you got.

5-0 out of 5 stars 'Lavender blue, dilly dilly; lavender green!'
This movie is one of the long forgotten Disney classics that have gotten far less star treatment that it deserves. It should go on record that I think that this movie is one of the best yet least known movies Disney has ever made.

It's about a boy named Jeremiah Kincaid who dreams of owning a champion race horse, but soon tosses away that dream when he falls in love with a little black lamb named Danny.
Danny is the most mischievous lamb ever who drives Jerry's granny to near distraction, but Danny makes up for it all when he wins the special prize at the county fair.

If you are looking for a good, clean movie to show your kids, this is the one. The kids are respectful to their elders, there is no hard language, and this movie is very heartwarming indeed. I promise you, if you see this movie, you won't regret it. It's an all time classic!

3-0 out of 5 stars OK
The little lamb is adorable and cute, but that is about it. Burl Ives's character mainly just crawls around, singing songs, and the kid is OK. The lamb made me like the movie. It is so cute. But the story is a little lame, so that takes away some of the lamb's cuteness.

5-0 out of 5 stars fabulous movie
My kids rented this every time we went to the store, so I finally bought it. It should be re-released. We had to buy a used copy, but it is in great shape. I don't recall seeing this movie as a child. I love it. My kids love it. Ages 3, 4, 5

3-0 out of 5 stars Someone Left The Cake out in the Rain
My daughter and I saw this on cable a year ago and realized there is a segment that image for image would seem to be the inspiration for the trippy 60's song MacArthur Park, Even the cake out in the rain is there! This could be a secret bonus for aging boomers like me who enjoyed playing Pink Floyd while watching the Wizard of Oz! Enjoy!

Chris Browne ... Read more

136. Brink!
Director: Greg Beeman
list price: $9.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00005T5YJ
Catlog: Video
Sales Rank: 5676
Average Customer Review: 4.78 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


Ride the wave of extreme sports with nonstop action set amidst the backdrop of competitive inline skating. Brink (Erik Von Detten) and his friends are teenage "soul skaters" riding the perfect wave of fun until they meet up with Team X-Bladz, a group of sponsored skaters led by the vindictive Val (Sam Horrigan). But when Brink discovers his family needs money, will he sell out and join Team X-Bladz? You'll learn along with Brink that it's not what you do but who you are that makes a real champion. Full of hip skating along the California coast, edge-of-your-seat suspense, and a few life lessons about truth and friendship, BRINK! is fun and fast entertainment for the entire family. ... Read more

Reviews (23)

5-0 out of 5 stars Now this is good
Honestly. This movie is so real and lifelike I could've written it. (But I didn't...:-p)
Brink! is about Andy Brinker (aka Brink--played by Erik von Detten--:-D), a "soul skater" who skates with his best friends Peter (Patrick Levis), Gabby (Christina Vidal), and Jordy (Asher Gold). They all skate for fun, nothing more. However, they're having problems with their rivals, Team XBladz, whose leader Val Horrigan (Sam Horrigan) has it in for Brink. Their ongoing rivalry leads to a race in school, in which one of XBladz's members, Boomer, gets hurts and can't compete in the upcoming championship.
Brink finds out that his family is having money problems, and when Val comes up to him and his friends and tells them the upsides of XBladz, Brink thinks that could be a great way to make money. So he joins the team, but his friends find out and hate him. So Brink has to figure out whether to stay true to his friends (and if they'll forgive him), or to stay on XBladz and help out his family.
This is a great movie in many aspects. The skating scenes kick, and the music is excellent. That punk rock stuff is exactly what skaters listen to, so they got that right. And the same with the clothes. The acting is good, and the plot is mundane, but believable in that sense. Plus, Erik von Detten is a total cutie, and he lights up the screen. Christina Vidal is also great. Check this out, you'll like it.

This is an awesome movie, i've seen it several times, but like many other people, i too would like to know the name of the song when Brink is going up to Gabby's house after her fall. I believe it goes "I'm Sorry, I did not think..." at one part, but anyway, it's a really good song & i would GREATLY appreciate it if someone could tell me the name of it & who sings it. THANK YOU! my email address it Please e-mail me the name & artist of the song if you know it! BRINK IS AWESOME!

5-0 out of 5 stars Brink Songs
Ok, so the song at the very beginning... when Brink is running to the bus, is by the Sucide Machines, called give. It's from their record Battle Hymns. Has anyone found the song/artist for the song that plays when Brink goes to Gabby's house? :0) This movie Rocks!!!!!!!!! Thanks

5-0 out of 5 stars comment
BEST MOVIE!!if you know the name of the song in the first scene when brink is running to catch up with his friends at the bus stop; please write a review including it my email is not working right now!!

5-0 out of 5 stars Question/ comment
AWESOME MOVIE!!!! I love this movie so much that i bought it, and what is the song that is playing in the opening scene where brink tries to get to the bus stop on time? don't have working email at this time, so please place a review naming the song and ill look every now and the to see what people say! THANKS ... Read more

137. Darby O'Gill & The Little People
Director: Robert Stevenson
list price: $14.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 630402925X
Catlog: Video
Sales Rank: 8582
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Purportedly one of Walt Disney's most personal pet projects, Darby O'Gill shows the effort and care put into it. Even now the special effects hold up shockingly well. Darby O'Gill is an estate caretaker, but in his advanced years he's more fond of telling tall tales in the local pub about the wee folk than keeping the grounds. A new man (a very youthful Sean Connery) is sent in to take his place, and O'Gill doesn't know what will become of himself and his daughter. He snags three spectacular opportunities, however, when he catches the king of the leprechauns. This film is whimsical without being silly, supernatural without being outlandish, and all and all a treat for the whole family.--Keith Simanton ... Read more

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5-0 out of 5 stars One of the few movies that the whole family really can enjoy
Oh why cant they make movies like this anymore? This is a wonderful movie and really does deserve to be called a movie that "the whole family can enjoy". This one has it all, comedy, drama, chills, suspence, singing, the whole shebang and not one wisecracking kid to be found. Not only does it feature a young suave Sean Connery but also the beautiful Janet Munro in one of the few films that she made. This movie is filled with myths and legends of Ireland and the special effects stand up to anything being made today and this one was filmed over 40 years ago! You will love this one!

5-0 out of 5 stars Darby O'Gill and the Little People
Great Disney flick. Its a hoot seeing Sean Connery in his twenties. Nice family movie. I love the old Irish legends, especially the Banshee and the Coach d'Bower. Albert Sharpe does a great job as Darby. The cinematography is beautiful. My grand kids love this movie. They are 9 and 3. Its something they can watch together.

4-0 out of 5 stars Full screen but not a total loss...
It is true that this release will be "full screen", however I believe it is an open matte full screen vs. a pan-and-scan, meaning you will get the full image as seen in theaters, plus a little extra top and bottom. It is also quite possible the director framed his shots with the full-frame in mind, knowing it would be exhibited that way in some venues. More importantly, the TV Special "I Captured the King of the Lephrecauns" is listed as an extra feature. Whether we'll be getting the show in its entirety or merely some clips is yet to be seen, but this show was just as entertaining and important as the feature it supports and I hope they have the common sense to include the full hour program.

5-0 out of 5 stars I love this movie...
...and I generally dislike Disney films!

This dates from the time when Disney wasn't afraid to be dark and eerie. The story balances whimsy with supernatural terrors and is appropriate for both Halloween and St. Patrick's Day.

This film lovingly depicts an Ireland of times gone by, and perhaps an Ireland that never truly was. Nevertheless, the culture is saturated in fairy-tales and ghost stories, and everyone seems to believe.

A love letter to simple village life, and to the power of storytelling, and the Emerald Isle's vibrant and exuberant folklore. Well-acted (except for Janet Munro, who seems to always be reading cue cards), lushly photographed, and the special effects hold up VERY well in these days of overly obvious CGI. If you're Irish, or just enjoy a good fairy tale, or a good ghost story, then this is for you. Not to be missed!

1-0 out of 5 stars Classic Live-Action Disney Mutilation!
Alas, one of Walt Disney's most personal pet projects, and I might add one of the best special effects motion pictures ever made without cheesy CGI assistance, Disney has chosen to "Blackbeard" another brilliant live-action Disney classic. Disney has chosen to maliciously release this wonderful film in Full Screen Format robbing the viewer the beautiful verdant scenery of Ireland. Why Disney continues to torture the consumer is completely illogical. Why an enjoyable but mediocre release of "Now You See Him, Now You Don't" receives an OAR release over "Darby" is beyond comprehension. Just keep boycotting these releases until Eisner is history. ... Read more

138. Ernest Green Story
Director: Eric Laneuville
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Average Customer Review: 4.88 out of 5 stars
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5-0 out of 5 stars What Courage It Takes To Tell Such A Story So Eloquently
The Little Rock Nine tryed in September 1957 to implement the Supreme Court decision of Brown vs. Board of Education. What follows was nine months of chaos, hatred, and courage that would forever change those involved, especially Ernest Green, the only senior. He would eventually become Assistant Secretary of Labor to Jimmy Carter. What he learned in that time was more valuable than any other experience he had. Hear him as he narrates the story, and see the obstacles he had to overcome. This movie also takes a look at the bigotry all nine students faced, and is a testiment to some of the lowest behavior the white race has ever participated in. It is also a testiment to the theory of non-violence in practice, and how one person's fight for what is right can truly make people question and change their beliefs. Excellent performance by Morris Chestnut as Ernie, Ossie Davis and Grandfather and Gary Grubbs as Mr. Lumas, Ernie's Physics teacher and Boys Counselor at Central. Every high schooler ought to be required to see it before graduation.

5-0 out of 5 stars Amazing
I researched the Little Rock Nine for a report, and this movie really puts it in perspective for you. Its an awesome movie and everyone in America should see it.

5-0 out of 5 stars Something everyone should see
An excellent and humbling movie. It brings to life and brings home the awfulness of the day to day struggles the Little Rock 7, and all blacks, had to go through and the courage and strength of character they faced it with. It is in a sense a sobering movie. Although it does end on a definitely triumphant note, it is not a sugar-coated "and they lived happily every after" story. I believe that every child should be required to watch this in school at least once. The history books give us facts, but it is excellent movies like this one that put names, faces, and emotions to our history and really make the story stick in your mind. The Long Walk Home is another excellent movie I recommend in this category.

4-0 out of 5 stars A Must See!
Wow! What a must see for everyone during January and February with Dr. King's Birthday celebration and Black History month. I teach in a public school and show it every year. It is a powerful story of courage in the face of racial discrimination and utter hatred. The movie is a heartfelt look at what those courageous teenagers did, so that my black students and white students could go to school together peacefully. Young children do not realize the sacrifices made so that they could have equality today and this movie is an excellent look at what a mere 40 years can do to change a society, when there are people willing to stand up for what is right!

5-0 out of 5 stars A MUST SEE FOR EVERYONE

139. Lilo & Stitch
Director: Chris Sanders (III), Dean DeBlois
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"As Elvis might put it, you can't help falling in love with LILO & STITCH." -- Claudia Puig, USA TODAY. Out-of-this-world storytelling, stunning Disney animation, and wild and irresistible characters are at the heart of Disney's hilarious new animated adventure. This worldwide box office sensation is a heartwarming comedy about the power of loyalty, friendship, and finding your place in the world. On the lush and tropical Hawaiian Islands, an independent little girl named Lilo adopts what she thinks is an innocent puppy, completely unaware that he is a mischievous creature who has escaped from a faraway planet. Stitch takes Hawaii by storm, wreaking havoc and hanging ten while he evades the alien bounty hunters who are bent on recapturing him. It's an action-packed comedy the whole family will enjoy over and over again. ... Read more

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5-0 out of 5 stars Timeless Classic
I absolutely loved this movie. It harks back to the innocence of Snow White yet does not fade into a period piece that will fail time.

Star Wars fans will get the boundless tie in jokes with the Galactic Federation and Stitch's escape; "He's gone up the ventilation shaft!" The Galactic Federation senate scene is done brilliantly.

Stitch is not a typical, loveable Disney character - he is a menace to the galaxy who runs things his way. However, it is his personal journey through the eyes of the Ugly Duckling story and Lilo's "ohana" that he begins to change from Military Experiment into loving family member.

As for Lilo, her struggle to fit in after the loss of her parents is equally real. She is cute without the treacle and unlike typical characters in her situation, continues to be a child in her approach to the larger world. One of the great things with the animation of Lilo is that she is not the beautiful and skinny, cute little girl from page 621 of the writers characterisation manual: she defies the normal by being normal.

The best thing I loved about this movie was definitely the fact that it wasn't sweet, sappy and gooy. It was simply heart warming and innocent. A classic movie that I place up there with Aladdin, the Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast.

5-0 out of 5 stars great for kids AND adults
Disney's 2002 summer release, Lilo and Stitch is about a lonesome Hawaiian girl named Lilo, who adopts a cute little dog named Stitch. Only Stitch isn't a dog-- he's a genetically modified fugitive from another planet, designed only for destruction!

Stitch has never had anyone to love-- Lilo teaches him the meaning of love.

The setting is Hawaii, and, except for the score, there are no original songs. All the songs are by Elvis Presley!

Plenty of jokes here for kids, and plenty of jokes for adults too, just like in The Emperor's New Groove. Kids will not likely get the adults jokes, such as references to other movies like Men In Black, and Jaws.

Some of the voice actors are Tia Carrere, Jason Scott Lee, Kevin McDonald, David Ogden Stiers, and Ving Rhames-- this makes the movie more fun for adults as well.

Although this is rated PG (for some action scenes) I think you will agree with me when I say that Disney had been getting away with putting PG action/violence in G movies for some time (think of The Lion King, or Hercules). Lilo and Stitch is likely good for all ages (all but the youngest kids, anyway).

The treat of the summer!


5-0 out of 5 stars Pudge controls the weather
great movie about a girl who is about to be taken away from her sister after their parents are killed and an alien is exiled to earth and she finds him and takes him in and he causes rampage all over the city and town.

this is such a funny movie! it can keep anyone laughing and the visuals and colors and music are amazing! most of the music is elvis so...its gonna be a great score!

anyone can enjoy this movie!

What a disappointment from Disney. The animation in this effort is nowhere near as spectacular as it could have been. With static backgrounds that sometimes look like they were drawn with crayons, this movie represents a low point in Disney animation, occasionally resembling a cheesy, medium budget weekend morning cartoon.

With the success of movies like Toy Story and Monsters Inc, it seems computer generated animation rules the roost these days. If only Disney others would go back to the drawing board and lavish the kind of care on their new projects that was evident for the likes of "Beauty and the Beast" and "The Lion King"!

My overall review: this half-hearted attempt is probably worth indulging if you have youngsters among the audience, but it holds very sparse appeal in general. I'd recommend Nemo instead if you want to have some real family fun.

1-0 out of 5 stars OMG OMG I Luv Lilo & Stitch!!!111!!!!
OMG OMG ITS THE stupidest MOVIE EVA!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!!!


140. The Shaggy D.A.
Director: Robert Stevenson
list price: $9.98
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Asin: 6304500726
Catlog: Video
Sales Rank: 7251
Average Customer Review: 4 out of 5 stars
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In this sequel to The Shaggy Dog, Wilby Daniels (Dean Jones) hasgrown up and married Suzanne Pleshette, and has a young son. When the familycomes home to find the house cleaned out by "movers"--who Daniels knowsare protected by the corrupt District Attorney John Slade (Keenan Wynn)--hedecides to run against Slade in the next election. Meanwhile, hoodlumsconnected to the same crime syndicate get hold of the mystical ring thatturns poor Daniels (via mid-'70s special effects) into Elwood, the dog ownedby the local ice-cream vendor (Tim Conway). Lots of chase scenes, a littleroller derby action, and some cherry pie throwing complicate both Daniels's bidfor office and his quest to remain a human being. Kids will enjoy the lasthalf of this 91-minute movie the most as Daniels spends most of the time inhis dog persona and because his son becomes part of the plot to undo the badguys. This G-rated feature is safe for all ages, but kids probably won't sitthrough it until age 4 or 5. --Kimberly Heinrichs ... Read more

Reviews (7)

5-0 out of 5 stars When Disney Was Great - More Extras Please!
With Dean, Jones, Keenan Wynn, Michael McGreevey and Tim Conway you can't go wrong with these incredible character actors. This is when Disney was great! As far as i'm concerned Disney died after The Rescuers (1978,1979).

Wilby Daniels tries to recover the stolen Borgia ring that transforms him into a dog as he's running for District Atty. Don't miss Conways hilarious scene in the Warehouse with the Security Guard..."the sannifran in the rectafrazzins condensing"

One of my top four fav's from the once-great, no longer palatable Disney Company.

1-0 out of 5 stars I fell asleep watching it, both as a kid and now...
This movie is the slowest and most boring Disney film I ever saw.
The story is stupid, the casting doesn't work, and it shows how bad Disney are at live action films.

4-0 out of 5 stars A Little Corny but Really Cute!
I never saw the first movie The Shaggy Dog starring Fred MacMurray, Tommy Kirk and Annette Funicello but being a child of the 70's I grew up watching the live-action Disney movies that came out in the theaters in the 70's and I fondly recall going to see this 1976 sequel with my friends when I was about 11 years old and enjoying it and about a year ago while changing the channels I came across this movie on TV and watched it again after all those years and while it can be said that it's a little corny and the special effects can be a little cheesy I think it's a really cute movie that both children and their parents can enjoy and the slapstick humor is fun to watch and Dean Jones and Suzanne Pleshette and the rest of the actors were very good and I'm glad it's coming out on DVD and I hope it will include a widescreen version and not just pan and scan! I also will have to try and see if I can rent the Tommy Kirk Shaggy Dog movie since I have never seen it.

4-0 out of 5 stars The Shaggy Dog, The Shaggy D.A.
I agree that these entertaining movies for children are great. However, when one of these movies comes out everyone wants to own an Old English Sheepdog. This is a HIGH maintenence breed, stubborn and NEED a great deal of training. They can be head strong and because they are a herding breed are NOT good around very young children. They view the children as sheep that are to be herded and contained. Children do get knocked down and hurt. Before you entertain the thought of getting one of these dogs reseach the breed and make sure you know what you are getting into as many a cute puppy are given up to rescue groups because they nip and require a tremendous amount of work on the owners part. The little 10 week old puppy can grow to weigh well over 100 lbs. I work with an Old English Sheepdog Rescue and the last thing we need is more abandoned sheepdogs and puppy mill puppies. I hope that Disney will encourage adoption at the end of their remake of this movie coming out in 2005.

4-0 out of 5 stars The Shaggy DA
The better sequel to the Shaggy dog, "The Shaggy DA"
with an all star Disney cast is one of Disney's great
comedies of the 70's. Released in 1976, and starring
Dean Jones, Suzzanne Pleshette, Tim Conway and Keenan
Wynn, this movie provides enjoyment of all ages. Wilby
Daniels (Dean Jones), decides to oppose District Attorney
John Slade (Keenan Wynn) for the next elections, aiming
to clean up the city and destroy organised crime. Knowing
that Slade has connections in organized crime, and the
fact that his house had been robbed twice, Daniels pursues
popularity in a strong election campaign, with his wife
(Suzanne Pleshette)giving him great support. The borja ring,
after being kept in the local musuem, had been stolen, and
the thieves with no knowledge of it's mystic powers, sell
it. After a round of hands possess the ring, it finally
ends up in Slades possession, and after a series of
embarrassements in which Daniels is transformed into a
shaggy dog, Slade realizes that he can use the ring to
blackmail Daniels out of the elections. Daniels pursues
slade with ice cream vendor (Tim Conway) (the real shaggy
dog owner) and Daniels son. The ring is finally returned
to its rightfull owners and Slade is removed from office,
making Wilby Daniels the District Attorney. This 91 min
movie, rated G is a great laugh and provides the whole
family with entertainment. Dean Jones and Suzanne Pleshette
have worked together in another Disney favourite,

"Blackbeard's Ghost" 1969, and Dean Jones has starred in many
Disney favourites, such as race car driver Jim Douglas in "Herbie -
The Love Bug" 1969, "Herbie goes to montie Carlo" 1977.
Other Disney films include Monkeys Go home, and Million dollar
duck, and again teamed up with Suzanne Pleshette. Dean Jones
seemed to work well with Suzanne Pleshette as well as Don Knotts
in many Disney all time favourite movies. Tim Conway worked
with Don Knotts in "The Apple Dumpling gang," and "The Apple
Dumpling gang rides again." Harry Morgan and Bill Bixby also
starred in the original apple dumpling gang, and Harry Morgan
(MASH) appeared in the sequel. Keenan Wynn appeared in many
Disney movies such as "Herbie rides again" in which he played
Alonzo Hawke. All other movies such as the ones above are highly
recommended for the whole family, and other Disney movies such as
"Hot lead and cold feet," and "Herbie goes bananas."
Hire or purchase "The Shaggy DA" to judge for yourself and for
a great time of Disney entertainment. ... Read more

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