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    $59.00 list($14.95)
    1. Nadia
    $19.98 $13.00
    2. Hoop Dreams
    $18.95 $18.50 list($19.95)
    3. Yogi Berra: Deja Vu All Over Again
    $13.74 $8.33 list($14.94)
    4. Chariots of Fire
    5. Fire On The Track: The Steve Prefontaine
    $89.98 list($149.88)
    6. Baseball - A Film by Ken Burns
    $17.49 list($9.98)
    7. Jack Nicklaus: Golf My Way, Volume
    $5.95 list($12.99)
    8. Your Personal Best Workout
    9. Michael Jordan - Come Fly With
    10. Running Brave
    $4.95 list($9.98)
    11. Jack Nicklaus: Golf My Way - The
    $9.98 $3.95
    12. Living Yoga: Stress Relief Yoga
    $24.63 list($14.98)
    13. WWE WrestleMania 2 - What The
    $14.32 list($14.98)
    14. WWE WrestleMania V - The Mega-Powers
    15. The Basics and Fundamentals for
    $155.55 list($9.99)
    16. Harlem Globetrotters: 6 Decades
    $15.75 list($19.98)
    17. WWE No Way Out 2001
    $9.95 $4.55
    18. Eddie Murphy - Raw
    $4.74 list($19.98)
    19. WWE - SummerSlam 2001
    20. Cool Runnings

    1. Nadia
    Director: Alan Cooke
    list price: $14.95
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00000IBMH
    Catlog: Video
    Sales Rank: 12706
    Average Customer Review: 4.51 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    The first gymnast to ever score a perfect 10 at the Olympics was Nadia Comaneci. From a small town in Romania, Nadia (Leslie Weiner, in her only feature film role) rose to international stardom. Under the coaching guidance of Bela Karoli, she pushed herself with the will of a champion. This movie does a wonderful job of showing how hard gymnasts must work as well as showing how much they must give up in their personal lives in order to achieve success. After winning three gold medals at the 1976 Olympics, her life spins out of control when Bela is removed as her coach. For the first time in her life she is on her own, she is the object of jealousy from her teammates, and her weight is out of control. She seeks out her former coach and asks for his help. Together they put Nadia back on the winning track. A family film with a lot to offer, Nadia shows in a credible way the highs and lows of celebrity. The gymnastics portions are terrific. A must if there's a budding gymnast or gymnastic enthusiast in your home. Made in 1984 for television. (Ages 5 to adult) --Peggy Maltby-Etra ... Read more

    Reviews (43)

    2-0 out of 5 stars Where's the rest of the movie?
    I bought this VHS for my daughter, who is starting gymnastics lessons on the fall. While it was a good introduction to gymnastics for her, I can't help but feel really cheated. There is a LOT missing from this VHS version! There are scenes that abruptly cut off without explanation. There is a nice scene in the beginning where Nadia meets another little gymnast, they do an impromptu gymnastics routine together and lie on the mat and talk. That entire scene was cut out, so you're left not even knowing that they are friends. The was a lot more missing - more towards the end, that I realized after the film was over. I'm not sure why they didn't just release the film in its entirety, but it left the viewer with a feeling that character development was rather shallow, and it was more like a quick after-school special than a "bio", which is what the original version was. I would suggest waiting for this to eventually reappear on cable, rather than buying this version if you want something complete.

    4-0 out of 5 stars From what I've seen, it's pretty good
    I saw a small part of this movie on the Internet, and from what I saw, it was pretty good. I just wish I could see the whole movie!

    The gymnastic sequences were very well done, although some of the editing was pretty bad.

    If you can get your hands on this movie, than I think you should see it, because it deserves to be seen.

    3-0 out of 5 stars Good!
    I remember watching this movie about Romanian Gymnast Nadia Comaneci when it first aired on TV and for a made for TV movie it was pretty good though some scenes were a bit rushed but I'm disappointed to hear that that when they put the movie on video they edited it and cut things out but maybe someday a restored version will be released on DVD. I see that there is some complaints that this movie didn't cover her comeback and her move to America but that is because this movie was made before her comeback and her move to America so that is why it's not mentioned in this but maybe someday an updated movie will be made about her.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Good Film
    I saw this movie when it was on TV and loved it! My sister and I taped it and must have watched it over 100 times! We knew every routine, every line, etc. Then I went to College with tape in hand and taped over it on accident. I was absolutely devastated until I found it on-line! I am so excited to get this movie back in my hands again. I read that this is an edited version, but I think that'll be ok.

    3-0 out of 5 stars Decent portrayal
    I felt the movie could've used a little more gymnastics action, and a little more of Nadia's come back from adversity. Also, little Teodora reminds me of another past Romanian star, Alexandra Marinescu. ... Read more

    2. Hoop Dreams
    Director: Steve James (II)
    list price: $19.98
    our price: $19.98
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 6303413145
    Catlog: Video
    Sales Rank: 588
    Average Customer Review: 4.68 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan essential video

    This completely absorbing three-hour documentary follows the lives of two inner-city African American teenage basketball prodigies as they move through high school with long-shot dreams of the NBA, superstardom, and an escape from the ghetto. Taking cues from such works as Michael Apted's 35 Up, director Steve James and associates shot more than 250 hours of footage, spanning more than six years, and their completed work actually moves like an edge-of-the-seat drama, so brimming with tension, plot twists, successes, and tragedies that its length--170 minutes--is never an issue. Yet, what makes the film more impressive is how James moves his scope beyond a competitive sports drama (although the movie has plenty of terrific, nail-biting basketball footage) and addresses complex social issues, creating a scathing social commentary about class privilege and racial division. The film opens by introducing William Gates and Arthur Agee, two Chicago hopefuls, as they are being courted and recruited by various high schools to play ball, and continues until the pair are college freshmen. James allows the audience the experience of not only watching their journeys and daily routines (it's a sobering portrait of inner-city life), but also witnessing their maturation. Each takes a separate path along the way, stumbling over several obstacles (William suffers injuries, Arthur fails to meet his coach's high expectations); but James takes particular care to stress the importance and strong commitment of each character's family along the way, giving the film a essential center. The parents and siblings emerge with as much depth and complexity as the two main "characters," and turn Hoop Dreams into an unforgettable film experience. --Dave McCoy ... Read more

    Reviews (31)

    3-0 out of 5 stars good, but a bit too long and narrow
    This film follows the lives of two inner city kids who aspire to play basketball in the NBA. All of the hopes and dreams of the youngsters and their failures and succeses are monitored. From young kids to young men, the harsh realities of growing up in the inner city are also shown.

    The two main things that bother me about this documentary is that it was too long and narrowly focused. Two hours would have been more than sufficient espeicially for only two people. The extra time diminished the value of the film for me. I also think the film is too narrowly focused because there are only two subjects. The director could have selected 5 or maybe 7 subjects from the different cities to give more of a perspective.

    I won't spoil the film, but I must say that nothing extrodinary happens. Both subjects seem content (one of them more than the other) with their lots in life however.

    For those interested in seeing an excellent documentary series which follows the lives of people very well though different stages of life, see Micheal Apted's "Up" series.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Perhaps the Greatest Film Ever Made
    And easily the best of the nineties. I've heard people using excuses such as "It's too long" or "It's a documentary" or "It's just a sports movie." Well it is a documentary, but I've seen two other documentaries ("Roger and Me" and "Hearts of Darkness") that rank among the finest I've seen. "Hoop Dreams" encompasses not only basketball, not only the ghettos, but life itself. We see ups and downs, successes and failures, and because we know it's all real, the film affects us tremendously. Its length is no factor. When the Gates or the Agees make bad decisions we cringe, when they gain succeed we cry (literally.) No other film has such an incredible impact emotionally and intellectually. This film will change your life.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Still brings tears to the eyes after 10 years
    When this movie first came out 10 years ago, I remembered sitting for several minutes in the theater as the credits were rolling, collecting myself. I never cry in movie theaters. And this movie moved me to bawl like a child. To think about the ups and downs, the raw enthusiasm of the young boys when they first started chasing their hoop dreams, the rough realities that they both faced without consistent fatherhood, without steady incomes, without one advantage in their lives, still brings tears to my eyes. This was a brilliant movie that moved public discourse about the importance of steady parenting, the need for educational and employment opportunities in all corners of America, the costs associated with our obsession for celebrity athletes, and the limitations of athletics as a vehicle for moving young men from poverty to wealth. Because of the openness of the families being documented, and because the film's editors and director were able to cut to the core of human needs and desires, this film broke through cultural barriers, bridged gaps in our understanding of one another, and helped us to understand that every life has value, every person has a story to tell, and every child has the right and the power to dream. It also helps us to understand that it is not always the content of character or talent that enable these children to achieve their dreams. It is also privilege, opportunities, and the right guiding hands. And without these, dreams become melancholy memories of something that could have been, only if...

    5-0 out of 5 stars One of the greatest
    In my opinion, being a big fan of the genre, Hoop Dreams stands as one of the greatest nonfiction works of film, most probably the most important movie of any genre made in the last 35 years and a serious contender for the somewhat silly "greatest movie of all time" credential, comparing favorably with such cultural fixtures as Citizen Kane. I'm not a sport fan whatsoever, I dont know anything about basketball, and my life has been about as different from the two kids in the film as possible. When I first saw this movie about ten years ago I was bracing myself for some blaxploitation movie. I have since watched it at least a half a dozen times since, and I never fail to be awed by the incredible scope and pathos of this film. On the surface, the movie is about basketball, poverty, aspiration, frailty, loss, hope, marginalization, ghetto life, and youth. When put together over the most engaging 3 hours I have ever had, the film constructs a monumental testament to the human experience. Brilliant in its themes, virtually flawless in its execution, stunningly humane in its treatment of its subjects, Hoop Dreams is big, important, and excellent. Like other true greats, its greatness is often overstated, but it's the type of movie that if you have half a brain and half a heart, you will be seized by the brilliance dripping from every pixel.

    5-0 out of 5 stars very tight Documentary
    I went to see this Film at the Movies&it was very showed two Cats who were going for the Gold&leaving nothing for chance. this is a documentary that shows about How hard Cats work at doing what they want to do.still a very Moving Picture. ... Read more

    3. Yogi Berra: Deja Vu All Over Again
    list price: $19.95
    our price: $18.95
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 6305534667
    Catlog: Video
    Sales Rank: 10297
    Average Customer Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Baseball player Yogi Berra had an amazing life. Raised by an immigrant family, he lived on the poor side of town and never got any breaks. He rose through the Yankee farm system as a precocious talent who had as much impact with his mouth as he did with his bat. Hosted by Bob Costas, Deja Vu All Over Again recounts the fascinating career of a man who used a combination of determination, athleticism, and smarts to make a name for himself. Yogi recalls life in the old neighborhood and all of the obstacles he had to overcome on his way to the Hall of Fame. Celebrity fans, including Joe Torre, Ted Williams, and Billy Crystal, give this documentary a colloquial appeal, aptly reflecting the pathos of Yogi's life. --Jeremy Storey ... Read more

    Reviews (1)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Deja Vu All Over Again
    This is an excellent video!It is informative, humorous, warm, and interesting.I had always known that Yogi was important to the history of baseball but had no idea what a really great person he is.I thoroughlyenjoyed watching the video even though I am not a huge baseball fan.Itwas nice to see a man who is talented at his job but also valued his wife,family, and friends. ... Read more

    4. Chariots of Fire
    Director: Hugh Hudson
    list price: $14.94
    our price: $13.74
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 6300271498
    Catlog: Video
    Sales Rank: 207
    Average Customer Review: 3.75 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan essential video

    The come-from-behind winner of the 1981 Oscar for best picture, Chariots of Fire either strikes you as either a cold exercise in mechanical manipulation or as a tale of true determination and inspiration. The heroes are an unlikely pair of young athletes who ran for Great Britain in the 1924 Paris Olympics: devout Protestant Eric Liddell (Ian Charleson), a divinity student whose running makes him feel closer to God, and Jewish Harold Abrahams (Ben Cross), a highly competitive Cambridge student who has to surmount the institutional hurdles of class prejudice and anti-Semitism. There's delicious support from Ian Holm (as Abrahams's coach) and John Gielgud and Lindsay Anderson as a couple of Cambridge fogies. Vangelis's soaring synthesized score, which seemed to be everywhere in the early 1980s, also won an Oscar. Chariots of Fire was the debut film of British television commercial director Hugh Hudson (Greystoke) and was produced by David Puttnam. --Jim Emerson ... Read more

    Reviews (126)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Uplifting and Inspiring
    "Chariots of Fire" makes the list of my ten favorite movies of all-time. The film depicts the true life journey of two sprint champions from the 1924 Paris Olympics. This isn't your average sports movie as the character development is more significant than the competition on the track. The "Flying Scotsman" Eric Liddell is man of deep moral conviction and joyful heartfelt devotion to God. As he runs he senses God's pleasure. Harold Abrams is an intense Jewish student at Cambridge who is driven to win in defiance of the obstacles of prejudice and institutionalism. He runs to prove his worth.

    The film is slow moving and filled with numerous flashbacks. Knowing the history of the characters would enable you to better follow the story and appreciate the men portrayed. The acting is excellent with terrific performances by supporting actors such as Ian Holm as track coach Sam Mussabini; John Gielgud and Lindsay Anderson as the stuffy masters of the university; and Nigel Havers as the likeable Lord Lindsay. The electronic sounding musical score is the most recognizable part of the movie and the costuming is exceptional. I was deeply moved and inspired by "Chariots of Fire."

    5-0 out of 5 stars The Brilliant Resurgence Of The British Movie Industry
    The time is 1924. The finest athletes of England have begun their quest for glory in the Olympic Games. Their success will win honor for their nation - but for two champion runners, the honor at stake is a personal one...and their challenge one from within.

    Chariots Of fire tells the exciting, inspiring true story of Harold Abrahams, Eric Liddell, and the dedicated team of competitors who brought Great Britain one of her most legendary victories in international sports. It is also the film that marked the brilliant resurgence of the British movie industry - and won four 1981 Academy Awards - including Best Picture.

    Virtually a succession of smashing debuts, which it proved to be for Ben Cross, Ian Charleson, Nigel Havers, Nicholas Farrell, Alice Krige, Jeremy Sinden, and Daniel Gerroll in their first major film roles, and Hugh Hudson (a veteran of British Television)directing his first theatrical feature. With such other wonderful talents by veteran actors Sir Ian Holm, Sir John Gielgud, Lindsay Anderson, and Nigel Davenport, the collective people together shaped a film whose impact is still lasting and unique. From its bracing footage of competition and pagentry, to the haunting image of the English runners on the beach, to the extraordinary music score by Vangelis, Chariots Of Fire has left its mark on film fans everywhere. It also has proven that British filmmakers and film crews are the best, and only the best, in the world.

    If you are looking for the finest in entertainment, art films, or otherwise, you need not look any furthur than Chariots Of Fire. The finest of the United Kingdom of Great Britain.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Competition and Character
    Chariots of Fire is an outstanding epic based on the lives of two men (among others), Eric Liddel and Harold Abrahams. Eric Liddel, a Scotsman and a missionary believes he can succeed as a testament to his undying faith. Harold Abrahams, a Jew wishes to succeed to prove that Jews are no inferior to others in post WWI England. This movie is one of refinement, ambition, commitment and integrity. In that era, there are tempers when the Masters of Cambridge do not take lightly to Harold being trained by a professional as they pride in the amateur aspect of the sport and the esprit de corps. His interaction with his girl friend when he loses a race is a special point. She says, "He won fair and square. There is nothing you can do about it." Then he retorts, "I do not run to compete, I run to win, if I cannot win, I should not run." She replies, "If you do not run, you cannot win." It ends with her frustration and saying, "Grow up". As compelling as the racing scenes are, it's really the depth of the two main characters that touches the viewer, as they forcefully drive home the theme that victory attained through devotion and sacrifice is the most admirable feat that one can achieve.

    I am glad that I have a wide screen edition of this DVD, however this is a region 3 and cannot play in a regular DVD player, as they play only the region 1 version. It is similar to the version released in UK. Even this version does not have a good audio and video transfer. There are dots in the video and the audio should be better considering the outstanding score by Vangelis. The widescreen edition is farbetter than the one released in US though. I am sad that they are not releasing this one here. I got this one in US through another website, thanks to my enhanced DVD player. So, I would give 5 stars for the movie and 4 stars for the transfer (I am being very generous here).

    5-0 out of 5 stars With hope in our hearts and wings in our heels!
    The athletes of the British running team who went with hope in their hearts and wings in their heels in the VIII Olympiad in Paris in 1924 is the focus of this movie, but there's also the dynamics of what it means to be English, and the reconciliation of one's soul and religious convictions in the Modern Age. Three of them are students from Cambridge. There is the quiet and soft-spoken Aubrey Montague, Lord Andrew Lindsey, and Harold Abrahams. As the head of Caius (pronounced Keys) College tells them when they first attend in 1919, they are the first post-war generation who have inherited the dreams of a generation that perished on the fields of France, a generation embodying "goodness, zeal,...and intellectual promise."

    The two main athletes here are a contrast from one another. One is Harold Abrahams, a Jew who wants to be seen as English as the fellow next to him. Hence his enrolling in all these clubs and fraternities in Caius College, from track, tennis, and even the Gilbert and Sullivan glee club-he wants to enter the Christian, Anglo-Saxon corridors of power, i.e. the old school tie. He succeeds in getting to an English girl in the form of Sybil Gordon, who doesn't mind he's Jewish. He can run like the wind, and nothing would fulfill his dream of being English more than winning so he'll be accepted, but he's so driven, hinging so much of his success on his winning, that he acts like its his own funeral when he loses in a race. He engages Sam Mussabini, a private and professional coach, which is contrary to the implied rules of Cambridge. When the heads of Trinity House and Caius House, (Sir John Gielgud and Lindsay Anderson) use their prep-school mentality to chastise him, saying Cambridge prided itself on the amateur attitude as opposed to the professional, and an esprit de Corps as opposed to individual glory, Abrahams tells them off.

    Scottish Eric Liddle, on the other hand, is a missionary born in China, who plans to return there to continue God's work, but the "muscular Christian" runs like a wild animal. With religion as a metaphor, he compares faith to running a race, describing the energy of the soul, the elation of breaking that tape, but he says that the power comes from within. "If you commit yourself to the love of Jesus Christ-that is how you win a straight race." To win is to honour God, and the gift he was given. His faith is tested twice, between the missionary work and running, and his respect for God and running on the Sabbath. He's clearly more Victorian, but also a Scot, choosing God over country instead of the more secular British. But will his faith help him triumph over favoured Americans Jackson Scholz and Charles Paddock?

    The slow-mo shots of the running athletes, the looks of elation, the disappointment of those who didn't qualify shows the various reactions of the soul. And New Age composer Vangelis Pathaniossou made his mark with his score, during the races and the scenes of Americans training, but especially the moving main theme that opens and closes the movie as the athletes are running along the ocean shore. This sequence itself is repeated twice, once where we know nothing about these athletes on who the cameras pan in on, but by the end, when the camera does its work, we know these people better, and they have names, as the credits identify actor and role. This was an early role for Nicholas Farrell (Montague), who was Horatio in Branagh's Hamlet. But Ben Cross as the driven Abrahams, Ian Charleson as the debonair blond Christian Liddell, Nigel Havers as Lindsay, Ian Holm (Mussabini), and Alice Krige (Sybil) do well. And yes, the Head Porter at Caius College is Richard Griffiths, best known as Harry Potter's Uncle Vernon, and quite thinner too.

    As the winner of four Oscars including Best Picture, Chariots Of Fire remains an unpretentious film where the finish line is a moral, spiritual, and of course a physical goal, and how one must be true to oneself to reach that goal.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Refined, inspiring, intelligent
    Even though this has an air of Merchant-Ivory crossed with Masterpiece Theater, and no genuine movie stars (at least at the time, except Sir John Gielgud), the movie shines from beginning to end.

    I saw this in the theater when it first came out and was very pleasantly surprised. It's a true story with a great message that still plays like Rocky with a brain -- exciting, funny, dramatic, well-acted, beautifully photographed. Unfortunately, not everyone will like it, though, because it brings back the days when drama meant dialogue, subtlety and intelligence, not explosions, predictable plots and computer-generated imagery. You have to watch and listen and have an appreciation of history. You can't watch this one and be distracted. Best to watch when you have time and can savor the moments, not when you have a room full of children, for instance. ... Read more

    5. Fire On The Track: The Steve Prefontaine Story
    Director: Ken Kesey
    list price: $19.95
    our price: $19.95
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 0964083817
    Catlog: Video
    Sales Rank: 269
    Average Customer Review: 4.94 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    The legendary distance runner Steve Prefontaine blazed across tracks and into America's consciousness before meeting a tragic death in an auto accident at the age of 24.In this tribute to "Pre," narrated by writer Ken Kesey, a number of his contemporaries speak movingly of him as an athlete and a person.After setting high school running records in his native Oregon, Prefontaine went on to the University of Oregon, where as a freshman he began to dominate the American track scene and appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated. He was a distinctive character and archival films demonstrate the charisma and astounding confidence he brought to his sport.His race in the 5,000 meters at the 1972 Munich Olympics is shown in detail, with other runners in the race offering commentary on the gutsy performance of the 21-year-old.Pre didn't win a medal in the race, but as his sister puts it, the race "matured him" and made him determined to win gold at the 1976 Montreal Olympics (which he wouldn't live to do).Though one of the world's best athletes, after college he was forced to survive on food stamps, and he became a spokesman for the plight of amateur athletes. This is a touching look at a brilliant athlete and a charming character who still inspires runners today. --Robert J. McNamara ... Read more

    Reviews (16)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Pre!
    If you were a runner in the early '70s, Steve Prefontaine was your idol. Give Frank Shorter and Bill Rodgers and even Lasse Viren their due, it was Pre who captured the essence of running as no other ever had or probably ever will. The guy had charisma - loads of it - and a style that grabbed you by the shorts and pulled you around the track with him. Was he America's greatest runner? Probably not, but who knows how good he could have been had his awesome potential not been snuffed. He may not have been the best, but he certainly inspired more runners than any of his contemporaries. The video provides comments and insights from family, friends and athletic rivals, and the footage from some of his races - particularly the 1972 Olympic 5000 meters - is an adrenaline-pumping reminisce of a spirit in American running we may never see again. This video allows the viewer to vicariously experience that fire and magic one more time.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Citius - Altius - Fortius
    I purchased this video for my son who is a runner on his high school's track team. I didn't realize that the film would have such an impact on him, in that he has watched it three times already and has shared it with his teammates as well. Prefontaine has become an icon to these runners, an inspiration for them to take their running to the next level. My son is now planning to continue to compete in college: this fall on the XC team and on the track team in the spring.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Will get you through the last miles of a marathon
    Once you watched this, just like Pre you'll never ever quit!

    5-0 out of 5 stars An Amazing Runner
    As a high schooler who ran cross-country and track Pre was an inspiration. I learned about him around those times. I even cut out a picture of him in a magazine and put it over my bed as an inspiration before every track meet I competed in. This documentary must be real good!! It's a must for any track enthusiast, runner, or any Pre fans. He was an inspiration. If he had lived he probably would have been one of the greatest track coaches of all time like Bill Bowerman was. He's in my top 10 of one of the greatest track stars of all time! What A Runner!!! Thanks.

    5-0 out of 5 stars The Legend Lives On!
    I remember watching Prefontaine doing his practice runs around the fields at North Bay Junior High School in Hauser, Oregon when I was a student there. I was aware of his achievements and was in awe of him. It was such a thrill to be able to watch him practice. His is a truly inspirational story. I went on to run long distance myself at his rival school in North Bend, OR. I would have given anything to have half his natural talent. I also watched him in the 1972 Olympics on television and still remember the emotions involved. I will always admire Prefontaine and wonder about the greatness that would have been. Someday Hollywood will do his story right. ... Read more

    6. Baseball - A Film by Ken Burns
    list price: $149.88
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 6303218725
    Catlog: Video
    Sales Rank: 6878
    Average Customer Review: 4.02 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan essential video

    After the national success of his 11-hour epic, The Civil War--the highest-rated miniseries in public-television history--many wondered if Ken Burns could capture the same energy and passion with smaller subjects. His reply, the 18-hour history of America's greatest sport, Baseball, not only quieted these worries, it also perhaps surpassed his prior achievement. Massive in scope (it covers more than 100 years), exhausting in detail, and filled with celebrities, journalists, politicians, historians, and the men who played the game, Burns's romantic love letter to the game achieves the impossible: even those who hate baseball can't help but become immersed in it. This is because Burns doesn't just detail the great players and the memorable plays and games; he also presents baseball as a cultural and social mirror, reflecting the beauty and hypocrisy of the nation that created it. Divided into nine innings, two hours each in length, the video examines complex social issues such as segregation, racial inequality (its section on Jackie Robinson, baseball's first African American player, should be required school viewing), labor battles between owners and players, politics, technology and gender conflicts, among others. Then, of course, there's fascinating footage and biographies on the players--troubled icons such as Babe Ruth and Ty Cobb, heroes such as Joe DiMaggio and Mickey Mantle, and tragic figures such as Pete Rose and Lou Gehrig--the men who, despite a rocky and often hypocritical history, constructed baseball's tradition and preserved its invincibility. --Dave McCoy ... Read more

    Reviews (93)

    5-0 out of 5 stars A DVD All Baseball Fans Should Own
    Ken Burns did his usual outstanding job with this documentary. He tells the story of baseball, using a combination of still photos, videos, interviews and quotes quotes. The DVD includes a bonus disc, which includes several great interviews.

    He hits all aspects of the game: The development of the game itself and the leagues, the labor history, the stars and great teams and personalities, the great moments in the history of the game, and so on. He also gives us a pretty good look at the old Negro leagues and we get to hear some of the great stories from those days before MLB was integrated.

    The only bad thing I can say about this collection of dvds is that by the time it was over I was really sick of hearing different versions of "Take Me out to the Ballgame."

    The great stories in this collection more than make up for that one drawback, however. He does more than just interview and quote the players, managers, umpires, owners and sports writers. He includes stories from fans. Doris Kearns Goodwin told about how she grew up rooting for the Brooklyn Dodgers, then after they moved away, she found herself in Boston, becoming a Red Sox fan, just in time to have her heart broken again.

    All fans of baseball should see this collection.

    5-0 out of 5 stars this is a 'must see' for people who love baseball

    4-0 out of 5 stars View it as entertainment, not as history
    Ken Burns is becoming well-known as much for what he leaves out of his documentaries as for what he tells you and how he tells it. One sees it somewhat in the Civil War documentary (unless of course you are a Lost Cause devotee, in which case you view that series as horribly biased and riddled with errors), and it is definitely (and troublingly) evident in his Jazz documentary, where 40 years of jazz is virtually glossed over in favor of an almost obsessive fixation on Louis Armstrong. In the case of "Baseball," Burns again leaves out huge chunks of the story, although the end result is nonetheless entertaining.

    In the case of "Baseball," the unrelenting focus is on New York City, Babe Ruth & Jackie Robinson, and to be fair, there is no way you could discuss the subject of baseball without devoting a great deal of time to these subjects. However, the title of the documentary is "Baseball," not "The New York City, Babe Ruth, and Jackie Robinson Story," and it is possible to watch this documentary at times and come to believe that nothing else was happening out side of New York most of the time.

    I recall reading a Sports Illustrated article a few years ago that discussed the Philadelphia Athletics from 1929-1931, and made the case that that team was better than the famed "Murderer's Row" Yankees of 1926-1928, and possibly the best team in baseball history. The article's author crunched the numbers, compared the stats, and made a pretty compelling case. He then asked why so little attention has been paid to the A's over the years, and posited that because most of the nation's important papers and sportswriters were based in New York City; by default the majority of the great sportswriting was devoted to the Yankees, while relatively backwater Philadelphia languished in obscurity. It seems to be the same situation with Burns. While other incredibly dominant teams such as (in the early years) the Chicago Cubs, the A's, the Pittsburgh Pirates & the Detroit Tigers are given passing mention, they are quickly shoved on the back burner in favor of the Boston Red Sox & New York Giants. Then the Yankees & the Dodgers begin to coalesce, and it is all New York, all the time. One gets no feeling for how dominant the 1929-1931 A's (or the St. Louis Cardinals of the mid-1930's) were, because Burns continually focuses on Babe Ruth & the Negro Leagues.

    When Burns gets to the 1950's he can be excused, because really it was a New York-dominated decade like no other. However, the other decades did in fact see a more competitive balance, and one would not get this impression from the documentary.

    It would have been nice if Burns hadn't crammed the last quarter century of his story into one "inning." Are you telling me that the stories since 1970 aren't as compelling as the early years of baseball. I don't believe that Burns would have had to devote that much more time to the post-1970 era to make it feel less cursory and rushed. This is a somewhat annoying tendency of his that was more griveously evident when he made "Jazz."

    Also, I get a little tired of the "poetry of baseball" school of thought. It isn't as though I am some knuckle-dragging troglodyte who gets all his news from sports radio; I am just as likely to go to the opera as to the ballpark. This baseball as metaphor for how the cosmos works gets on my nerves after a while (although I consider Roger Angell's comment "there's more Met than Yankee in all of us" to be priceless beyond description). It's not that baseball doesn't imbue our life with a little extra something special, it's just that some of these talking heads tend to get a little overwrought.

    I enjoyed watching the documentary the first time, and I have watched it probably half a dozen times since over the years. By comparison, I have watched "The Civil War" about 15 times, I would guess. I was so disappointed with "Jazz" that I managed only a second viewing. In any case, "Baseball" is very entertaining, and that is what largely accounts for my 4-star rating I would only caution those who don't know their baseball history that this documentary omits a great deal of what is a very good story.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Costas at his best
    You don't have to love baseball like I do to enjoy this documentary about Americas pastime. Although I got a little tired of Ken Burns style (I think it's unnecesary to quote someone and THEN state the name of the person being quoted, a Ken Burns trademark) the material is just too great and too American to be disliked. The best part? I was mesmerized by Bob Costas' description of events that took place in the BoSox clubhouse during their 9th inning collapse in game six of the 1986 World Series. When he recollects his "What do I do if they tie it?" remark to his producer it is fascinating, thrilling, and in the end, very sad. Just more proof that baseball is "designed to break your heart". Trust me on this one.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Great documentary but what's the deal?
    Has anyone noticed that the times given for each "Inning" (i.e., disc) on the DVD is wildly inaccurate? Am I missing material or what? Almost every inning is under two hours according to my DVD player but the case usually indicates a time of 145 to 155 minutes or more. Are there hidden easter eggs on the disc or is PBS just wrong?
    jr ... Read more

    7. Jack Nicklaus: Golf My Way, Volume 1 - Hitting the Shots
    list price: $9.98
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 6300279839
    Catlog: Video
    Sales Rank: 5366
    Average Customer Review: 4.4 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Reviews (15)

    4-0 out of 5 stars Let Jack teach you how to play golf his way.
    I picked up this book as a 15 year old kid and its the only form of golf lesson I have ever had. My handicap got down to 7 witin 5 years and then I stopped playing. Ive now started again and im going to read this book again and this time with Jacks help im sure I will get down to 2 or 3. Im not saying it will work for everyone, but, I cant think of many other people I would rather have teach me to play golf.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Essential Full Swing Instruction Manual
    still the single best instruction manual after all these years. (and not just because of the author!) for the first time, proper setup, feel and how to shape your shots is all laid out in one terrific easy to follow book. for example, did you know that after you have mastered one basic swing to hit the ball straight, how just a few simple pre-shot adjustments using the same swing will allow you to hit on command just about any type of shot you want?: the high fade, low penetrating draw, slice or hook (yes there are times when you intentionally want to hit these last 2!) will will become a standard part of your arsenal after reading this book. I was at a clinic being delivered by Jerry Pate once where he said "no one knew how to mechanically hit these shots until Jack Nicklaus taught us all in Golf My Way. before then, it was all done pretty much by feel." I agree with Jerry.

    The one thing you won't find here is adequate instruction on the short game other than putting. since chipping and bunker play was never Jack's forte (why bother when you never miss a green!), this is not surprising.

    5-0 out of 5 stars A Classic
    I recently restarted playing golf after a six year hiatus. I bought this book years ago and after skimming through some more recent books I can say that Jack's book is still the best for beginners learning fundementals. I would also recommend Tiger Wood's book which complements Jack's. Whereas Jack is heavy on explanations and swing theory, Tiger's is heavy on photographs (for those who really need pictures).

    5-0 out of 5 stars It helps, trust me
    I ordered this video on here, it helped my game.
    It explains,
    The Grip, Aiming, Ball Position, The head, Foot Action, The Takeaway, The Backswing, The Downswing, The Follow Thru, Power.
    Plus detailed slow motion swings.

    I would rate this 5 out of 5 stars.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Easy read
    Jack has written a very simple book to read. ... Read more

    8. Your Personal Best Workout
    list price: $12.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 6304061951
    Catlog: Video
    Sales Rank: 12713
    Average Customer Review: 4.64 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Reviews (39)

    5-0 out of 5 stars The best fitness video I have ever purchased!!!
    I purchased this workout video about six years ago, while I was still in high school. At the time I was part of the track team and averaging aout 4 miles of running everyday. Despite this, the video tape was a great addition to my work out. Now as a 20 something year old, I have come back to the tape and realized its full potential for someone who is always on the go and who also happens to be gym shy. Its a great video. The steps are easy to follow, and target all the right places on my body (butt, legs, thighs, arms).
    Another thing I love about the video is the absolutely gorgeous scenery! The background scenery is so beautiful, and in addition to this, Elle picked out great upbeat music. I think the combination of good music and nice scenery adds to my workout. I hate workout tapes where the instructor has annoying music in the background, within a bland, blank environment. It makes doing the excercises even tougher under such circumstances.
    I also liked Karen Voight alot. She is not annoying and perky like so many fitness instructors tend to be. In addition to this, I appreciated the fact that Elle, let Karen Voight take control. Elle McPherson doesnt try to pretend to be a fitness expert, she leaves this all up to Voight.
    This video is great for anyone on the go like the average working woman, college student, etc. I've got my sister addicted to the video. Now she and her dorm mates all religiously work out to this video.
    Overall, I have to give this video my highest rating. Great for all ages!!!!!!!! I just wish that they offered it on DVD.

    5-0 out of 5 stars The most fun workout video ever!
    This is the one workout video I actually enjoy and look forward to! Consisting of 3 aerobic sections with upper body, abs and butt workouts in between, it's a great 60 minute workout that gets your heart rate up. The aerobic sections are fun, almost dancey and easy to follow, and Karen and Elle both look like they're having a great time! The toning exercises are varied and good too, as is the cool-down. And there's actually great music and different outdoor locations throughout the video, which keeps it interesting and enjoyable.

    5-0 out of 5 stars a classic to keep
    I have approx. 30 exercise videos and this is one of the best. Although it is now 10 years old, the music and exercise attire are not too dated - I'll probably enjoy this one for years to come. Elle's demeanor is friendly and engaging, not offensive. For example her pointers about adjusting the exercises "if you have long arms and legs like mine" were welcome because I have long limbs too. I did get the impression that nobody told her when it was OK to speak so she sometimes sounded a little unsure or perhaps shy. Karen's instruction is, as always, top notch. It is clear that a great deal of effort was spent in designing this program. Well done. I'd like to see a follow-up video.

    5-0 out of 5 stars a workout you will never get sick of!
    It is a fun filled, vibrant video which works out the whole body to music that is "evergreen", the Hawaiian scenes are superb. Okay, I know it annoyed me that Elle said that she "was born with good genes" and although most of us will never attain a body like Elle's, we can still be the best that we can be. I have many other exercise videos but this seems to be my favorite. I wish it could be re-recorded to come out on DVD.

    3-0 out of 5 stars Your Personal Best Workout
    This workout was not much fun or challenge. If you are fairly fit you want even feel it working for you, and Elle is just plain annoying. If you want to see results and enjoy the workout try Cindy Crawford's Next Challange workout instead. ... Read more

    9. Michael Jordan - Come Fly With Me
    list price: $14.95
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 6305337977
    Catlog: Video
    Sales Rank: 7928
    Average Customer Review: 4.86 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Reviews (7)

    5-0 out of 5 stars A MUST HAVE FOR JORDAN FANS
    One Word: Bestsportsvideoever.

    Awesome highlights from his early years. The dialogue from this video and the calls of the announcers will stick in your head. If you play basketball, Every time you touch a basketball you will try to immitate highlights from this video. If you are a Michael Jordan fan, you absolutely MUST have this video. If you aren't a Michael Jordan fan, you still should have it. Best sports video I have ever seen. If you are a Michael Jordan fan, you will not be able to take this tape out of your VCR.

    5-0 out of 5 stars AIR JORDAN'S BEST VIDEO BY FAR!!
    This is easily the best NBA video around.I wasn't sure at first but when I watched Jordan's gravity defying dunks and shots it blew me away!It has got more spectacular highlights than any other NBA video I have ever seen.It starts off with Jordans childhood on the baseball field,then his brilliant college days,then to the best stuff...his early days in the NBA where he earned lots of awards.Made before he stunned the world by leading the Bulls to a double three-peat,this tape captures the glory days of both slam-dunk contests,his injury and how he came by it to become the best player ever,all his dunks,lay-ups and game winners,his success in the olympics in L.A,and his own commentary on what it was like to be such a star performer.There is also some footage of his greatness at golf aswell.Only one dissapointment,not enough footage of his All-Star games.I ordered this over-seas because Britain dosent sell NBA videos.Also great service from Amazon.Buy this if you are an NBA fan and want to witness the greatest player ever...AIR JORDAN!

    5-0 out of 5 stars THE BEST SPORTS VIDEO EVER !
    This is the number one selling sports tape of all time.

    I used to watch this tape everyday and I know the hold tape

    by voice threw. This is not even my tape when I moved from

    my old neighborhood I kept his Jordan tape from my friend.

    Even if you don't like Jordan you will find youself captivated

    by his work ethic abilities and achievements. This tape is

    addicting you will find yourself watching it late at night for

    no reason. This tape can also inspire you to workout or if

    you want to get hype for a local church tournament.The piano

    part at the very begining is also nice. MICHAEL JORDAN COME FLY

    WITH ME THE BEST SPORTS VIDEO EVER .I hope they put this classic

    on DVD!

    5-0 out of 5 stars The Best Jordan Video of All
    I have seen almost all of the Michael Jordan videos yet Come Fly With me is special. This is the only video that captures the essence of Michael Jordan in his prime. Jordan was definitely most breath-taking to watch when he consistently went for the daring lay-ups and the spectacular dunks. This video was filmed before Jordan was a world icon and doesn't contain all the scrutiny and controversy that is present in such videos as Above & Beyond and Air Time. If you are all about the highlights, this is your video.

    5-0 out of 5 stars My favorite Michael Jordan video
    I have a few Michael Jordan videos and "Come Fly With Me" is definitely my favorite. Just about the whole video is full of awesome highlights. "Come Fly With Me" starts out by telling of how Jordan grew up playing basketball and baseball, then it gets to the good stuff. It shows footage from some of his college games all the way to the 1988 All-Star Game and Slam Dunk Contest. It tells about his injury at the beginning of the 1986 season and how he rebounded from it and became an even better player. You'll also hear a lot of insight from Michael's parents and even see some highlights of him playing golf in the offseason.

    If you're a Michael Jordan fan and you like seeing a lot of highlights that only Jordan himself could make, then you need to get "Come Fly With Me." It probably has more dunking and other gravity-defying highlights on it than any other Michael Jordan video out there. ... Read more

    10. Running Brave
    Director: D.S. Everett, Donald Shebib
    list price: $19.95
    our price: $19.95
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 6304836260
    Catlog: Video
    Sales Rank: 1378
    Average Customer Review: 4.27 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Reviews (11)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Determination
    A movie based on the life of Olympic runner Billy Mills. His love for running everywhere drew him into a dream to run in the Olympics. Billy's dream wrapped itself around the hearts of his people on the reservation which made him even more determined to run, and to win. There is a realistic difference in Billy's life on the reservation and his life in college which is not only shown starkly by the scenes, but also in Billy's thoughts, actions and reactions. I recommend this movie for people of all nationalities and ages.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Dreams Realized
    This is the story of the legendary distance runner Billy Mills. Mills is the only American runner in the history of the Olympic games to win a Gold Medal at 10,000 meters. He ran an incredible race but more than that he led an incredible life. Robby Benson does a nice job playing Mr. Mills (who is a Lakota Indian). The final sequence on the track is very close to what actually happened in the race. A very, very inspirational movie about a very, very, very inspirational man.

    4-0 out of 5 stars poignancy, athleticism, cultural bias and victory
    a thoughtful motion picture of personal trials and triumph. This film deserves a dvd release.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Running Brave
    This is a great portrayel of Billy Mills. The details of the movie are not the best(such as the football lines in the Olympic stadium). Robby Benson studied Billy Mills as well as worked with Mills to get the character down pat. He also trained for and ran a marathon to actually learn how to run like Mills. The story does a great job through flashbacks of telling of Mills' life growing up. It is a very inspirational story that I show my cross country teams. I recommend this movie to anyone who wants to be inspired.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Running Brave Indeed

    Beautiful and highly inspirational true story of Billy Mills, an American Indian Sioux, who overcame great odds and poverty to become (to date) the only American to win the 10,000m Olympic Gold Medal.

    Mills was orphaned at age twelve and due to his profound achievements, holds legendary status among the Native American Indian community in the United States. He is now 64.

    ... Read more

    11. Jack Nicklaus: Golf My Way - The Full Swing
    list price: $9.98
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 6302096154
    Catlog: Video
    Sales Rank: 11918
    Average Customer Review: 4.4 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Reviews (15)

    4-0 out of 5 stars Let Jack teach you how to play golf his way.
    I picked up this book as a 15 year old kid and its the only form of golf lesson I have ever had. My handicap got down to 7 witin 5 years and then I stopped playing. Ive now started again and im going to read this book again and this time with Jacks help im sure I will get down to 2 or 3. Im not saying it will work for everyone, but, I cant think of many other people I would rather have teach me to play golf.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Essential Full Swing Instruction Manual
    still the single best instruction manual after all these years. (and not just because of the author!) for the first time, proper setup, feel and how to shape your shots is all laid out in one terrific easy to follow book. for example, did you know that after you have mastered one basic swing to hit the ball straight, how just a few simple pre-shot adjustments using the same swing will allow you to hit on command just about any type of shot you want?: the high fade, low penetrating draw, slice or hook (yes there are times when you intentionally want to hit these last 2!) will will become a standard part of your arsenal after reading this book. I was at a clinic being delivered by Jerry Pate once where he said "no one knew how to mechanically hit these shots until Jack Nicklaus taught us all in Golf My Way. before then, it was all done pretty much by feel." I agree with Jerry.

    The one thing you won't find here is adequate instruction on the short game other than putting. since chipping and bunker play was never Jack's forte (why bother when you never miss a green!), this is not surprising.

    5-0 out of 5 stars A Classic
    I recently restarted playing golf after a six year hiatus. I bought this book years ago and after skimming through some more recent books I can say that Jack's book is still the best for beginners learning fundementals. I would also recommend Tiger Wood's book which complements Jack's. Whereas Jack is heavy on explanations and swing theory, Tiger's is heavy on photographs (for those who really need pictures).

    5-0 out of 5 stars It helps, trust me
    I ordered this video on here, it helped my game.
    It explains,
    The Grip, Aiming, Ball Position, The head, Foot Action, The Takeaway, The Backswing, The Downswing, The Follow Thru, Power.
    Plus detailed slow motion swings.

    I would rate this 5 out of 5 stars.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Easy read
    Jack has written a very simple book to read. ... Read more

    12. Living Yoga: Stress Relief Yoga for Beginners
    list price: $9.98
    our price: $9.98
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 0945671075
    Catlog: Video
    Sales Rank: 12446
    Average Customer Review: 3.21 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    "Today our world moves more quickly than ever, with greater responsibilities and expectations," says instructor Suzanne Deason. "When we experience stress, it's held in our muscles as tension." This 20-minute yoga practice, filmed at sunset on the beach at Maui, will help relax your mind and muscles--especially those of the neck, shoulders, and lower back, where tension accumulates--and let stress drift away. The yoga practice includes 4 minutes of gentle stretch, a 13-minute stress-relief workout that increases circulation and flexibility, and 3 minutes of deep relaxation to leave you calmed and balanced. You'll need a foam brick (or other object suitable for resting your forehead) and a strap or towel for some of the moves. Deason glides from one pose to another, her instruction clear and relaxed. This video is appropriate for all fitness levels and all ages--as long as you realize that you're not trying to match the suppleness of the instructor. Beautifully produced. --Joan Price ... Read more

    Reviews (28)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Very simple, effective and to the point!
    As a recent fan of the Living Yoga series, this tape has it's own unique edge. I have already tried Living Yoga's Lower Body for beginners, also with Suzanne Deason, and she's a yoga teacher I've come to really appreciate. She doesn't bombard the viewer with information, and she manages to gently guide you through a 20 minute yoga workout that really melts the stress away.

    Filmed in Maui (most Living Yoga tapes are, the scenery of these tapes is always breathtaking), the gentle waves and gorgeous sunset in the background have a fantasic calming effect on the viewer. Of course the workout itself is well worth all five stars, it is worth mentionning that the scenery has a kind of subconscious meditative effect that really mellows you out.

    She starts off with a 4 minute gentle stretch, which, although some people may find too fast and hard to keep up with, I had absolutely no problems keeping up. Besides, it's only 4 minutes and it's mostly arm movements while in mountain pose, so it's basically something the average person can easily keep up with. By the second or third try it shouldn't even be a problem.

    Next is a 13 minute stress relief workout which, in my opinion, is not only a massive understatement, but seems to fly by in much less than 13 minutes. It requires the use of a block and a yoga strap (I use books and my old karate belt), and it's really very easy. The point of these exercises is NOT to add stress onto your body (she thouroughly explains all this in the beginning of the tape), but to just gently stretch and do what you can. If you've ever seen any of Suzanne Deason's other workouts, it's VERY clear that in this particular tape she's not working at maximum capacity; which essentially is the point. Who wants to work up a sweat and stretch all kinds of muscles to the max when you're stressed out anyway?

    Finally, she finishes off with a 3 minute deep relaxation, which, by the end of it, you've pretty well forgotten what stressed you out so much in the first place. All in all, the whole reason I bought the tape to begin with. It works; I'm happy.

    This tape is also really good for beginners, because the main focus is not on pushing yourself to the limits, but rather just going through the motions without placing any additional stress onto your body. If you aren't the lest bit flexible, and you want to get into yoga for some quiet time or maybe because you're just having 'one of those days' and you want a healthy alternative to heading to the pub for a few drinks, this is a great option. Some people may not find this tape challenging, but I suspect that would be the point to stress relief. It's not challenging, and when I'm stressed out, or something is bothering me, I don't care to take on an additional challenge, I just want to release tension. If you're anything like me in that respect, then this tape is a great investment!

    5-0 out of 5 stars Maui, Music, Moves - this tape has it all!
    My husband and I have been doing this tape for almost two weeks and really enjoy it. Neither of us has any prior experience with yoga and we both needed something to soothe us at the end of a hectic day. Although I feel that some of the poses are difficult for beginners, particularly the forward bending dog and the triangle, many of the poses help us to stretch most of our limbs and relax, while being conscious of our breathing. It moves a little quicker than we like, but we do our best to keep up and of course we know that we don't possess the flexibility at this stage to master the poses as Suzanne does. All in all, we enjoy the tape and are trying to do it 3 times per week, or more often. For the price, if you would like to experience some of the benefits of yoga, buy it!

    2-0 out of 5 stars Stress relief? No way!
    The movements are good in this video and they are great for a beginner, but the speed is unbelievable. It's like they crammed as much as they could into 20 minutes. The poses change so fast. At the beginning, I couldn't believe how fast she goes. The pace slows a little and by the end you are more relaxed, but only still recovering from the fast paced first half. Like I said, the movements are good and a nice program for beginners, but the pace is by no means a good one for stress relief. It should be called Yoga for those in a major rush. This series of videos is outstanding. I have never been disappointed in the past. I recommend looking in this same series, but another video.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Provides exactly what the title reflects
    Something was about to give - I bought this video when I was working 40+ hours a week and commuting 2 hrs. in traffic everyday. I suffered shortness of breath and mental as well as physical fatigue. This video was great because I could just pop it in the vcr and spend twenty minutes doing stretches and poses that truly rejuvenate the whole body (especially targeting the neck and upper back).

    I was a more pleasant and content person on the evenings that I did this video and it inspired me to learn more yoga and eventually become a certified teacher. Is it worth the money? Depends on if you really use it as a tool and if it is what you are looking for - an easy and convenient key to destressing after work or whenever. If you're looking for something longer, try Suzanne Deason's Pilates for weight loss. I am a Pilates instructor and it is the dvd that I recommend to my students. It's fantastic.

    1-0 out of 5 stars Stressful!
    Instructor moves too fast for you to even focus on your breathing. Certainly not a stress reliever, and not for those looking for gentle/restorative yoga. ... Read more

    13. WWE WrestleMania 2 - What The World Is Coming To
    list price: $14.98
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 6305276854
    Catlog: Video
    Sales Rank: 2368
    Average Customer Review: 3.41 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Reviews (22)

    2-0 out of 5 stars The First Of The Sequels
    WrestleMania 2
    April 7, 1986
    Nassua Coliseum Uniondale, New York
    Rosment Horizon, Chicago, Illinois
    Los Angeles Sports Arena, Los Angeles, California

    Paul Orndorff V. Don Moraco
    You would think that two former Intercontinental Championships facing each other would make a good match. Not in this case. Good Opening, but that was it. Match ended in a Double countout 1/2*

    Intercontinenal Championship:
    Randy Savage (Champion) V. George "The Animal" Steele
    It was an ok match, but I think the storyline was great. Oh yeah, Savage wins by using the ropes. *** because of the storyline.

    George Wells V. Jake "The Snake" Roberts
    Face Pace to start off. Wells justs beats the crap out of Jake, then out of nowhere, Jake hits the DDT to win it. 1/4*

    Boxing Match
    Roddy Piper V. Mr. T
    I really don't see why this is a classic. It's very long and very boring. T wins by DQ after Piper uses a wrestling move at a wrestling event. DUD

    Women's Championship:
    The Fabulous Moolah (Champion) V. Velvet McIntyre
    This match was like only 59 seconds. Moolah retains the belt. 1/4*

    20 Man Battle Royal
    Andre wins by elimating the Hitman. Pretty good Battle Royal ***

    WWF Tag Team Championship:
    The Dream Team (Champions) V. The British Bulldogs
    Great Match. Best on the card. Bulldogs win the Tag Titles in a classic. ****1/2

    Adrian Adonis V. Uncle Elmer
    Stupid match. Adonis sells everything and then wins with a elbow drop. 1/4* for Adonis selling alone

    Tito Santana & JYD V. The Funk Brothers
    Not that bad of a match. Second best on the card with the battle royal. The Funks win because of Jimmy Har's Megophone. ***

    Steel Cage Match for the WWF Championship:
    Hulk Hogan (Champion) V. King Kong Bundy
    Nothing really amazing happened. Hogan wins, of course, because Hogan doesn't job to anyone. Match was about * only because it is a Steel Cage Match and the only Steel Cage match at a WrestleMania.

    Overall, not that good of a show. WrestleMania 1 was alot better. I only gave this event ** stars because of the Tag Team Championship Match and the Battle Royal.

    4-0 out of 5 stars The Premier Sporting Event of the Year!
    The WWF wanted to somehow top the initial Wrestlemania so they tried something that was never tried before or since. Wrestlemania 2 was held in three different locations in one night. Each location had their own matches which would take place in succession with eachother. The Los Angeles Sports Arena, Chicago's Rosemont Horizon, and New York's Nassau Coliseum were the venues used for Wrestlemania 2. The main event was a steel cage match for the WWF Title between Champion-Hulk Hogan and Challenger-King Kong Bundy. There was also a 20-man over the top rope Battle Royale which included superstars from both the WWF and the NFL. Rowdy Roddy Piper takes on Mr. T in a boxing match. Lou Duva and Joe Frazier are the cornermen for the boxing match. Randy "Macho Man" Savage defends the WWF Intercontinental Title against George "The Animal" Steele. WWF Tag Team Champions-Greg "The Hammer" Valentine and Brutus Beefcake defend their belts against the British Bulldogs. Paul "Mr. Wonderful" Orndorff vs. The Magnificent Muraco. Hoss and Terry Funk vs. Tito Santana and the Junk Yard Dog. Corporal Kirchner vs. Nikolai Volkoff. Uncle Elmer vs. "Adorable" Adrian Adonis...

    3-0 out of 5 stars WM II. REVIEW!
    For the second annual event, the WWF took its premier event to three different locations- New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

    Highlights of this event included a steel cage match between Hulk Hogan and King Kong Bundy, an NFL vs. WWF battle royal, a boxing match between Mr. T and Roddy Piper, and the interesting WM debut of the phenominal Jake "The Snake" Roberts.

    Not exactly the best Wrestlemania but it is definetly worth checking out just for the sake of seeing some of your old favorites.

    3-0 out of 5 stars So this is what the world is coming to...
    All in all, I found WrestleMania 2 to be a mixed bag. More than a few of the matches were fairly lame, especially the Adrian Adonis-Uncle Elmer battle. The Fabulous Moolah's one-minute pinfall of Velvet McIntyre for the women's title was pretty sad, too. But there were a few that were fairly good, such as the tussle between Ricky Steamboat and Hercules Hernandez. The boxing match between Roddy Piper and Mr. T was interesting to a degree, but there were a few moments where it looked more like an over-choreographed 'Rocky' sequel bout. And I didn't much care for Piper's body-slam of Mr. T that caused him to lose by disqualification. Talk about a cop-out ending...

    The big battle royal between ten NFL stars and ten WWF stalwarts was a fairly entertaining affair, ending with an established legend (Andre the Giant) tossing a budding legend (Bret 'Hit Man' Hart) out of the ring for the victory. The most amusing moment in this battle royal was when the freshly-ejected William 'Refrigerator' Perry pulls Big John Studd out of the squared circle-- and out of contention-- with the ol' 'congratulatory handshake' ploy.

    The Intercontinental Title match between 'Macho Man' Randy Savage and George 'The Animal' Steele wasn't all that good-a great deal of it involved the Macho man running around the outside of the ring and Steele chasing after him. Fortunately, it had a few funny moments that made up for the lack of real action, as 'The Animal' did his bite-open-the-turnbuckle-pad gimmick and 'fed' the pad stuffing to Savage at one point. Steele then gave Savage a second course: Miss Elizabeth's flower bouquet. He also tried to make a meal of the Macho Man's leg. Both men may not have put together a particularly good contest... but at least they were well-fed!

    The tag-team title bout between the British Bulldogs and champions Greg 'The Hammer' Valentine & Brutus Beefcake was the best match of this event, with both sides scoring several near-pinfalls that kept me in suspense. But the contest itself was only half the fun; the other half was Ozzy Osbourne, with that infamous wild-eyed coked-to-the-gills look that he sported throughout most of the 80s, following the Bulldogs' manager Captain Lou Albano around on the sidelines during the whole affair. Pretty scary stuff, lemme tells ya...

    The Funk Brothers' contest versus Junk Yard Dog and Tito Santana was a big surprise to me-and I'm not actually referring to the match itself. I'm talkin' bout the Funks' manager, Jimmy 'Mouth of the South' Hart, actually using his bullhorn for speaking through, rather than bludgeoning his charges' opponents with! Call me strange, but I don't ever recall Hart ever using that thing for anything BUT smacking 'faces in the head, except for this particular bout...

    Finally, there's the main event: a steel cage championship match between Hulk Hogan and King Kong Bundy (managed by Bobby 'The Brain' Heenan, my all-time fave manager). Having been a big Bundy fan back in the day, it was quite nostalgic seeing him in action in what was probably his most famous WWF bout. Well, until that silly midget tag-team dealie the following year, anyway. Sadly, KKB came up short here. But before "doing the job", he did give the Hulkster a few good shots as well as a couple of those dreaded 'avalanches' before Hogan busted his bare melon open on the steel bars, and eventually made his triumphant exit from the cage.

    Aside from the less-than-spectacular matches, the most annoying parts of WM2 were a couple moments where the mikes went on the fritz. The first time this happened was during the moment when the Wendy's "where's the beef?" lady tried to say her big tagline, but ended up looking like she merely mouthed the words. A similar problem occurred after the Hogan-Bundy cage match, when Tommy Lasorda was announcing the winner. Another thing that irked me was the pre-fight interviews and sideline commentary of Lord Alfred Hayes-his delivery leaves something to be desired. Fortunately, he made up for his lack of interviewing chops by doing a decent job as the play-by-play announcer for the L.A. matches. He wasn't quite as good as Gorilla Monsoon was when it came to exchanging remarks with heel-rooter Jesse 'Future-Governor-of-Minnesota' Ventura, though...


    5-0 out of 5 stars The BEST SPORTS EVENT EVER!
    3 LOCATIONS! Los Angeles Sports Arena, Chicago's Rosemont Horizon, and New York's Nassau Coliseum. Broadcasted from 3 separate arena venues. April 7, 1986.

    MAIN EVENT: Hulk Hogan against King Kong Bundy inside a STEEL CAGE!

    Other highlights include the Rowdy Roddy Piper/Mr. T boxing match and the Randy Savage against George Steele grudge match. The Battle Royal was also awesome. GREAT EVENT! BUY IT NOW! ... Read more

    14. WWE WrestleMania V - The Mega-Powers Explode!
    list price: $14.98
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 6305276900
    Catlog: Video
    Sales Rank: 5230
    Average Customer Review: 4.04 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Reviews (28)

    4-0 out of 5 stars The Mega-Powers Explode!
    WWF Wrestlemania 5 was the second event to take place in the Trump Plaza in Atlantic City. The only Wrestlemania that would take place in the exact location as the year before. For the WWF Title, Champion-"Macho Man" Randy Savage goes against Challenger-Hulk Hogan. Jake "The Snake" Roberts takes on Andre the Giant with Big John Studd as the special guest referee. WWF Intercontinental Champion-the Ultimate Warrior defends his belt against Ravishing Rick Rude. Keep your eyes on Bobby "The Brain" Heenan. The WWF Tag Team Titles are on the line between Champions-Demolition and Challengers-the Powers of Pain with Mr. Fuji. Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake takes on "The Million Dollar Man" Ted Dibiase. Hacksaw Jim Duggan goes one on one with Bad News Brown. The Red Rooster takes on his former manager in Bobby "The Brain" Heenan. The Rockers vs. the Twin Towers. Hercules vs. King Haku. In tag team action, the Bushwackers take on the Fabulous Rougeau Brothers. The Blue Blazer, aka the late great Owen Hart, takes on Mr. Perfect. The Hart Foundation vs. Greg "The Hammer" Valentine and the Honky Tonk Man. Rugged Ronnie Garvin vs. Dino Bravo. Strike Force wrestle their last match as a team against the Brain Busters. Plus a special Piper's Pit! Rowdy Roddy Piper interviews and humiliates both Morton Downey, Jr. and Brother Love. Also included is Run D.M.C. performing the Wrestlemania Rap.

    2-0 out of 5 stars The Mega Powers Explode!
    WrestleMania V
    April 2, 1989
    Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino
    Atlantic City, New Jersey

    Hercules V. King Haku
    Nothing really special. Hercules wins. *1/4

    The Rockers V. The Twin Towers
    Again, I can't explain why the Tag Team division is awesome. Great Match. Shawn Michaels first WrestleMania match ended in a lose as the Towers win. ***1/2

    Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake V. Ted DiBiase
    ok match. Ended in a double Countout infront of Donald Trimp. *1/4

    The Bushwhackers V. The Rougeau Brothers.
    For some reaosn, the 'whackers win. 1/2*

    The Blue Bazer V. Mr. Perfect
    Pretty good match but short. Owen's first WrestleMania match. Perfect wins after the Perfectplex. ***

    Handicap Match for the Tag Team Championship:
    Demolition (Champions) V. Powers Of Pain & Mr. Fuji
    First Tag Team Match at a WrestleMania that wasn't good. Demolition of course win. *

    Ronnie Garvin V. Dino Bravo
    Bravo wins with a side suplex. 3/4*

    Strike Force V. The Brainbusters.
    Awesome Match. Strike Force breaks up here. so Santana is basically only. Great Match anyway. Busters win with a spike piledriver. The Brainbusters would win the Tag Titles shortly after this. ****

    Jake "The Snake" Roberts V. Andre The Giant
    Jack wins by DQ after the Ref, Big John Studd, and Andre go at it. DUD

    The Hart Foundation V. Rhythm & Blues
    Of Course, the Harts win. Standard match. **

    Intercontinental Championship:
    The Ultimate Warrior (Champion) V. Rick Rude
    Not alot of people like this match but I do. Rude wins the Intercontinental Title with the Brains help. ***

    "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan V. Badnews Brown
    only one word...DUD

    The Red Rooster V. Bobby "The Brain" Heenan
    Back-To-Back DUDs.

    WWF Championship:
    Randy Savage (Champion) V. Hulk Hogan
    I was shocked that this match was awesome. Savage carried the match because hogan can't wrestle if he tried. Hogan wins with Big Boot and Legdrop. ****1/2

    Overall, another ** star WrestleMania. There were not that many good matchs. Only reason I rated it this high was because of Savage's performance.

    4-0 out of 5 stars WWF Wrestlemania V Review
    I became a hardcore wrestling fan around the same time as this classic WWF pay-per-view where Hulk Hogan battled "Macho Man" Randy Savage for the WWF title and the hand of the lovely Miss Elizabeth (R.I.P.).

    It also featured my all-time favorite tag team, Demolition battling The Powers Of Pain and their manager, Mr. Fuji in a classic handicap match. Another one of my favorites, Jake The Snake took on the massive Andre The Giant with Big John Studd as guest referee.

    We also got to see a classic Piper's Pit where the Hot Scot let Morton Downey, Jr. have it with a fire extinguisher. Also, Run D.M.C. performed the "Wrestlemania Rap". We also saw Rick Rude defeat The Ultimate Warrior for the I-C Title.

    As a wrestling fan, this is practically a must-own. There are a whole lot of classic matches featuring tons of top-notch 80's wrestlers and their infamous gimmicks.

    5-0 out of 5 stars WWF: THE MEGAS POWERS EXPLODE!
    In 1989 Wrestlemania returned to Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino for the second year in a row. Last year we saw Randy Savage win the world title tournament and form a Mega Power bond with Hulk Hogan that many thought would never be broken. We fast forward a year to see that The Mega Powers have exploded as Hulk takes on Macho for the title! The WWF made this Wrestlemania one for the prowrestling history books. They didn't try to top last year's four hour spectacular or 1987's Wrestlemania III. No sir, Wrestlemania V was simply a series of big matches between wrestlers who were fueding at the time and as it turned out this Wrestlemania far surpassed the overblown Wrestlemania IV. It was no Wrestlemania III spectacle but it was still a very strong and greatly booked event.

    -Hercules vs. King Haku- Haku had beaten Harley Race in his final WWF match and took his crown claiming ot be the king of the WWF. This was several years before the king of the ring concept. Herc on the otherhand had just recently turned face. The match is nothing particularily breathtaking but it's ok. Hercules takes it. *

    -Twin Towers vs. The Rockers- This probably woud have been a better opening but whatever. This is Shawn Michaels Wresltemania debut. However back here he's a rocker not the HBK. This is a great tag match in a classic size versus speed battle. Rockers do some great double teaming but the Towers (Akeem and Big Bossman) are just too big. Akeem squashes Michaels for the pin. Great tag match ***

    -Million Dollar Man vs. Brutus Beefcake- Wow! Ol' Teddy goes from World title contender to battling Beefcake in one year. Kind of sad but he would return to prominence. Think this would be good huh? Well it ends in double counout. Disappointing. *

    -Rougeau Brothers vs. Bushwhackers- This match makes me angry. The Rougeaus had been a respect tag team for many years at this point and their heel turned only boosted their charisma. Unfortunately it was Butch and Luke who ruined everything. The Rougeaus jobbed to the Bushwhackers for most of 1989. It was embarassing and it also led to the Rougeaus departure in 1990. Sad match. *

    -Mr.Perfect vs. The Blue Blazer- Perfect was undefeated in the WWF while the Blazer (the late Owen Hart) was relatively new and unexperienced. The match ould have been better cause neither man is on his best here. Perfect's undefeaed streak remains in tact. **1/2

    -(Tag Chamionship) Demolitions (Champs) vs. Powers Of Pain & Mr.Fuji- A bizarre tag handicapped match. Fuji was unnecessary here and cost the Powers the match. The Demos had won the titles last year and held them for well over a year now. Ax and Smash are insanely over here and Warlord and Barbarian were always underrated themselves. Both teams put on a great show although Mr.Fuji hampers it a bit but he's not in long. Good match. ***

    -Dino Bravo vs. Ron Garvin- Garvin is a jobber not the NWA legend here. Bravo wins it. 'Nuff said! *

    -Strike Force vs. The Brain Busters- Strike Force hadn't been a team for well over a year. They had a lot to live up to coming off their losss to tag chams Demolition as well as facing the wily Busters. Another fantastic tag match that ends in Rick arelt abandoning Tito. Busters win it. Striek Force breaks up and fueds. Martel becomes the model. Tito becomes a midcard jobber. ***

    -Andre The Giant vs. Jake The Snake Roberts- The blowoff to a fued. Andre destroys Jake until ref John Studd calls for a DQ. Jake luckily wins it. Weak blow off but I never expected Jkae to pin Andre. *1/2
    -Hart Foundation vs. Rhythm & Blues- This was before Honky & The Hammer actually became Rhythm & Blues. Hart Foundation was my pick to win this easily. Honky hadn't seen a good day since before Summerslam '88 and the Hammer hadn't seen a good day since the Dream Team broke up. Anyways The Hitman and The Anvil win it with relative ease. Average. **1/2

    -(Intercontinetal Championship) Ultimate Warrior (Champ) vs. Rick Rude- A heated fued between these two. Rick was a thorn in the Warrior side. He wanted the gold and got it tonight but he'd lose it at a better match in the summer of that year. This match isn't very good. Rude wins his first and only WWF title in a very unconvincing pin. *

    -Jim Duggan vs. Bad News Brown- Brawl thats ends in double DQ. Bad really bad. It's Duggan so fast forward. *

    -Red Rooster vs. Bobby Heenan- Another awful match. Rooster had been under Heenan's wing but eventualy was dumped. This is his winning payback. Sad for Terry Taylor to be misused like this but the money must have been good. *

    -(WWF Championship) Macho Man (Champ) vs. Hulk Hogan- The end of the Mega Powers. This match was very suprising! I thought it would be brutal but both guys put on one heck of a show. Perhaps Hogan's best match ever. Hulkmania wins the title back! ****

    Overall this Wrestlemania was a better showing than last years. The matches were stronger even though the event was shorter than Wrestlemania IV. Hogan made a good showing here which is rare to see him in a great match but he was on the top of his game. Highly recommended!

    5-0 out of 5 stars The BEST SPORTS EVENT EVER!
    Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino Convention Center at Atlantic City, New Jersey. April 2, 1989.

    MAIN EVENT: THE MEGA-POWERS EXPLODE! Hulk Hogan vs Macho Man Randy Savage.

    Other highlights include the Andre the Giant vs Jake "The Snake" Roberts match, Ultimate Warrior against Ravishing Rick Rude, the Piper's Pit, the separation of Strike Force and many others! GREAT EVENT! BUY IT NOW! ... Read more

    15. The Basics and Fundamentals for the Windmill Pitcher
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    Asin: B00004SU0W
    Catlog: Video
    Sales Rank: 1886
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    16. Harlem Globetrotters: 6 Decades of Magic
    list price: $9.99
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    Asin: 6304113412
    Catlog: Video
    Sales Rank: 18912
    Average Customer Review: 4.75 out of 5 stars
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    Reviews (4)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Sour Grapes
    Fantastic Video, just ignore all the negative crap from Mr. Lister in his "review",...just sour grapes about a missed opportunity or the lack of it, seeded with praise to disguise the whine.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Harlem Globetrotters' History Video
    This is the Harlem Globetrotters' officially authorized video history. It is a finely crafted general history that highlights the team's most notable individuals: Abe Saperstein ( the team's creator ), Reese "Goose" Tatum, "Meadowlark" Lemon, Fred "Curly" Neal, etc.
    This video history describes the team's origin in Hinckley, Illinois and their trials and tribulations in evolving into a rags-to-riches sports team story. The video contains rare film footage. The video's theme music is well choreographed and cheerfully inspirational.
    The video shows some players displaying their unusual basketball trick shooting and trick ball handling and trick dribbling skills. I feel the video should have focused more close up and in depth on these unusual skills. It could have shown a much wider variety of these difficult trick feats for this is one of the primary reasons people are interested in this clowning team.
    Since the Harlem Globetrotters created this video themselves you can assume they would paint a rosy red picture and ignore their own inherent faults. The video talks about the racial discrimination they faced in rising to being analogous to the highly beloved "Disney World" of basketball. However this video does not discuss the accusation that the Harlem Globetrotters practice extreme racial discrimination towards Caucasian ( white ) basketball comedy show players. The video cites Bob Karstens as the only white player to play full time for the team. This was for a year and a half during the 1940's when Karstens filled in for Goose Tatum while Tatum was stationed in Europe during World War II. The video doesn't mention that a white man Harold "Bunny" Levitt performed halftime free throw exhibitions for the team for five years during the 1930's. He took on all challengers and made 98% of his shots. The video also doesn't mention that since 1927 the team has had approximately five hundred players on their team but only two were white. It also doesn't talk about the fact that when Peter Press "Pistol Pete" Maravich graduated from Louisiana State University ( LSU ) the Globetrotters offered him one million dollars to travel with them for one year to display his showmanship and scoring skills. Maravich turned down the offer and went to the N.B.A.'s Atlanta Hawks. Although this video gives an excellent interview with "Clown Prince" Meadowlark Lemon it would have been interesting to know how "Meadowlark" would have reacted to "Pistol Pete" Maravich traveling with the team. Maravich could have played on the court only ten minutes and upstaged "Meadowlark" Lemon which theoretically could have made for a very bitter "Meadowlark".
    Although this video cites Lynette Woodard as being the first female Harlem Globetrotter it doesn't focus on a recent team star "Sweet Lou" Dunbar. The video also doesn't mention the fact that there has never been a nationally famous white male comedy trick basketball team. It also doesn't discuss the fact that the Globetrotters ban certain pregame and halftime basketball entertainers such as myself ...
    Despite the glossing over of their own intrinsic discriminatory defects I would rate this fine Harlem Globetrotters' video history as a MUST SEE for all fans. It is the best video history I have ever seen on them. Although I feel tears come to my eyes and my heart is deeply saddened every time I watch this video ( because I lost out on the opportunity in my lifetime to play with the Globetrotters ) this video is a sheer joy to watch because of the childish, philanthropic clownishness that the Globetrotters radiate!

    5-0 out of 5 stars Incredible!!
    you take away all the flash,Dash,&Entertainment Value&See a History of Guys who Simply are Incredible BasketBall Players.a League all there own&something that hasn't been matched with yet.this is not only a Fun Video but also showcases there Fundementals as Players.Enjoy.

    5-0 out of 5 stars After I atched this video I was unstopable on the court
    I once borrowed this documentary video of my basketball coach who recomended it for me to watch as I am one of the youngest players in the team and therefor unexperienced in performing tricks and playing the game to have fun,but everything changed after I watched this tape, the ammount of tricks I performed in games made the coach think about putting me in the starting lineup which is a respectable success... ... Read more

    17. WWE No Way Out 2001
    list price: $19.98
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B000055ZK8
    Catlog: Video
    Sales Rank: 18342
    Average Customer Review: 4.44 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Wrestlemania 17 may go down as the biggest, most lucrative Pay-Per-View in 2001, but as far as quality goes, many wrestling fans will tell you it was No Way Out, a mere month before Wrestlemania, that showcased the best wrestling of the year. Rarely can a three-hour Pay-Per-View hold your attention throughout, without any down time, but the action-packed NWO does just that. WWF's writers worked up enough soap opera drama to make each of these matches interesting. Whether it's the ultimate cat fight for "female domination" in the WWF, between Stephanie and Trish Stratus, the Rock trying to regain the WWF Championship from a whiny Kurt Angle, or Jerry "the King" Lawler fighting for the Right for Nudity against Steven Richards, NWO never lets up.

    The culmination of a great evening is the brutal, exhausting, nearly 40-minute battle between Stone Cold Steve Austin and "the Game" Triple H. The men have generated the sickest feud in federation history, and it all comes to a head in a two-out-of-three-falls match. The first fall is a typical one-on-one match; the second is an anything-goes street fight match; and the third takes place in a steel cage. In what should go down as one of the nastiest, liveliest matches in history, both men give the fans everything they have. In a rarity, so does the WWF with this PPV. --Dave McCoy ... Read more

    Reviews (45)

    5-0 out of 5 stars THE GREATEST EVER!!!!!!
    Jeez!! One hell of a show!! Probably the best ppv I have ever seen. We open up with a wild, exciting Hardcore title match between Raven and The Big Show. What a match. Lots of interference made this match even better. Next up is the Fatal-Four-Way for the IC title between Y2J Chris Jericho, Eddie Gurerro, X-Pac and Chris Benoit. An Excellent, intense match. Lots of near falls and high-flying action. Next up is Trish Stratus vs. Stephanie-Mcmahon Helmsley. A wild, funny, and suprisingly solid, excting match up. Next up is Triple H vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin in a 2 out of 3 falls match. 1st fall is one on one, second fall is a street fight, and the third fall is in a steel cage. This was easily match of the year. A brutal, bloddy, exciting, intense, wild, electric and dazzling match. A great ending to a classic feud. Next was Jerry "The King" Lawler vs. Steve Richards. A solid match with a dissapointing ending. Next was the Triple Threat Tag Team Table match for the Tag Titles between Undertaker and Kane, Edge and Christian and the Dudleyz. A solid, carnage filled match. Finally was the WWF Title match between The Rock and Kurt Angle. Great, great match. Overall, the best ppv ever!!!!

    5-0 out of 5 stars GREAT !
    Great PPV I rate the matches on a scale of 1 to 10

    1- wwf hardcore title match Big show Vs Raven 8 out of 10 0k match
    2- fatal four way intercontinental title match Chris Benoit v Eddie Guerrero V X-pac V chris jericho 9/10 great match
    3- Stephanie McMahon - Helmsley Vs Trish Stratus 9/10 pretty good match
    4- Stone cold vs Triple H 2 out of three falls match 1st fall one on one 2nd fall street fight no rules no dq 3rd fall cage match 10/10 they steal show
    5-jerry lawler Vs steven richards 0/10 Dud!
    6- WWF triple threat tag team table match
    E@c vs dudley boyz vs kane and undertaker 9/10 excellent match
    7- WWf title match Kurt angle v the rock 9/10 great match.

    4-0 out of 5 stars A Throw Back To The Days Of Old With A New Twist!
    2001 No Way Out
    February 25, 2001
    Thomas & Mack Center
    Las Vegas, Nevada

    WWF Hardcore Championship:
    Raven (Champion) V. Big Show
    Good match until Billy Gunn comes down and beats Raven to win the Title, then Raven wins it back, then the Big Show pins Raven to win it. **1/2

    Fatal Four Way for the Intercontinental Championship:
    Chris Jericho (Champion) V. Chris Benoit V. Eddie Guerrero V. X-Pac
    Great match with alot of great spots in it. Again, Jericho wins. Jericho is a good wrestler, don't get me wrong, but, he's overrated. Just about every match he is in, some one else is carrying it. ***1/2

    Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley V. Trish
    Bad match with Steph winning. *

    2-Out-Of-3 Falls Match:
    Triple H V. Stone Cold Steve Austin
    Great match. I don't get that Austin won the wrestling match, but lose the Street Fight and Cage Match. Triple H is a better wrestler and Austin is a better brawler. Oh Well. ****1/4

    Steven Richards V. Jerry Lawler
    Richards won. 1/4*

    Triple Threat Tag Team Tables Match for the Tag Team Championship:
    The Dudley Boyz (Champions) V. Edge & Christian V. The Undertaker & Kane
    Great match with great tag team action. Dudleyz retain. ***3/4

    WWF Championship:
    Kurt Angle (Champion) V. The Rock
    Awesome match. However, The Rock won. **** I know it was to set up Austin/Rock II, but why shouldn't Kurt be in the Main Event. I know he had a classic with Benoit at WrestleMania, but Kurt is a Main Eventer and then, loses the Title and doesn't get it back until September, but only has it for like two weeks and then not winning it back until December 2002. Come On, you have Kurt in Mid Card feuds for almost two years. That's not right.

    Overall a pretty good show. Kurt should have won. The Triple H/Austin match is a classic. Kurt should have won. The Intercontinental Championship match was good. Kurt should have won and the Hardcore Championship changing hands three times was great. Kurt Should have won. ***1/2 because Kurt Should have won.

    4-0 out of 5 stars WWE No Way Out 2001
    Wrestlemania X-7 was better, but No Way Out 2001 really delivered. It was a very solid pay-per-view. The Fatal Four Way match for the IC title was an awesome match, very exciting and athletic. The Tag Team Tables Match was ok, but I liked it because Undertaker was in it; he is one of the best. Rock/Angle was a very intense, dramatic match; really well done, plus I was happy the Rock won. Austin/HHH was more intense and entertaining. As good as Austin/HHH was, I really thought it sucked that Austin lost. He's my favorite and I thought it was lousy that he lost to the man who tried to end his career. Other than that, HHH was in for the fight of his life and he put on a good performance.
    Overall, this event delivered breathtaking matchups. Well done WWE!!

    5-0 out of 5 stars 2nd best PPV of 2001...
    When I think back on all the WWE shows that I have seen, the 2001 No Way Out show always comes to mind. While Wrestlemania 17 was the best show of 2001, No Way Out came pretty damn close in terms of quality and entertainment, and earned the honor of being the second best show of 2001. Two matches on the card earned the honor of being the best two matches in all of 2001. They even beat the matches at Wrestlemania 17. The first is Austin vs Triple H in the "2 out of 3 falls" match. Austin and Triple H worked their butts off in this match. Every minute of the match went back and forth between the two of them. The ending was extremely unpredictable. The second amazing match was Kurt Angle vs The Rock. This is probably one of the best matches that The Rock ever put on. Kurt Angle and The Rock had very good chemistry in the ring together and put on an exciting and technically sound match. The "Fatal Four-Way" match for the IC title between Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, and X-Pac was technical wrestling at its best. Jericho, Benoit, and Guerrero are argulaby three of the greatest technical wrestlers alive today. Other stand out matches include the Hardcore Title match between Big Show and Raven, and the "Triple Threat Tag Team Table" Match between Kane/Undertaker, Edge/Christian, and The Dudley Boys.

    Over the years, I have seen many WWE shows. However, the 2001 No Way Out show continues to be one of the best that I have ever seen. The entire card was great for the most part, and it featured 2 of the best matches of 2001. If you are a WWE fan, this is truly a must own.

    A solid 5 stars.... ... Read more

    18. Eddie Murphy - Raw
    Director: Robert Townsend
    list price: $9.95
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    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 6300989011
    Catlog: Video
    Sales Rank: 3022
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    The record-setting number one concert film, EDDIE MURPHY: RAW shows Eddie Murphy doing what he does best: making people laugh.Filmed live at New York's Felt Forum, Murphy delights, shocks, and entertains with celebrity impersonations, observations on 'love, sex and marriage in the 80's, a remembrance of Mom's hamburgers and much more. ... Read more

    Reviews (47)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Stand-Up Comedy At Its' Best
    In the same tradition of raunchy stand up comedy kings such as Richard Pryor and Red Foxx, Eddie Murphy's comedy pokes fun at many groups and celebrities. Filmed at the height of Eddie's status as the world's biggest film star (while on contract with Paramount), "Raw" is an hour and a half of hysterical impersonations and skits.

    Written by comedy star/director Keenan Ivory Wayans ("Scary Movie"; "I'm Gonna Git You Sucka"; television's "In Living Color") and directed by Robert Townsend ("Meteor Man"; "Hollywood Shuffle"), Raw's highlights include Eddie's trip to San Francisco (where he is greeted at the aiport by flamboyant gay men), his trouble with women, and celebrity put downs.

    The most memorable skit in this film probably has to be Eddie's imaginary wedding to an African tribal woman who gets corrupted by American women upon her arrival to the U.S. "Unfoofoo" (his African wife's name) and Eddie's discussion of how he met her made me laugh out loud. Truly, only a comedy genius could have thought of such a funny skit.

    Although not a film for young kids due to its' use of foul language and discussion of sexual situations, the film showcased Murphy at his best, long before his string of family oriented films ("Dr. Doolittle" "Nutty Professor"). While there is a new king when it comes to raunchy comedy nowadays (Chris Rock) Eddie still remains one of the best. "Raw" is a showcase of great comedic writing and performance.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Four -and-a-"HALF!" stars
    The year was 1987 and after been widely known for his classic "Delirious" stand-up act and Beverly Hills Cop movies, Eddie Murphy comes to New York City to perform his latest act in this feature called "Raw". If you were laughing at the jokes from "Delirious", then chances are that you were rolling on floor in laughter when you watched this.

    Before the performance is a Keenan Ivory Wayans-produced sketch where it shows Eddie as a kid (played by Deion Richmond [Kenny on "The Cosby Show"]) telling a nasty joke in front of his family, which sets the tone of what his act will be: funny but in bad taste. If you look closer, his family members consist of other people who weren't famous yet like Tatyana Ali ("The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air") and Samuel L. Jackson.

    Now, on to the act (directed by Robert Townsend, I might add). Though he does less impressions of stars than he did in "Delirious", it is still hilarious to see him do a fed-up Michael Jackson, a scolding Bill Cosby, and a dead-on impression of Richard Pryor, his idol. The audience is noticeably having a good time and even catches Eddie cracking himself up when he talks about getting arrested by a certain type of police.

    In this day and age when African-American comedians' whole routine is usually about how black folks are different from white folks, you wonder if they ever studied Eddie Murphy's monologues, because Murphy had a LOT more to speak on. See the discussion on prenuptial agreement: if you (the man) don't get one with your wife, when it's time for your divorce, she'll ask for "HALF!" of your money. Of course that comes off as misogynistic and derogatory, but it's just comedy, not necessarily commentary.

    You'll bust a gut laughing at Oomfufu, Eddie's pretend wife; his mama's hamburger that's "better than McDonald's"; and his reenactment of a fight that happened in a club. His funniest jokes, however, revolve around how the audience members' reactions might be: for example, when he suggests that women would rather be alone with her man instead of seeing this show, a woman would say, "That's true! [Eddie's] funny, but he ain't that funny!"

    I knocked off a half-a-star because the bit about his drunk father, first introduced in "Delirious", ran too long. But that doesn't make "Raw" any less of a classic. If you've been living under a rock up until now, see this film today.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Eddie Murphay At His Best
    This is one the all time greatest Stand up performances ever. The Title "Raw" says it all. This is Eddie Murphy at his best, raw and uncut. From his jokes about TV shows and its characters to childhood, cheating, divorce, Italians, and his belligerant father, you'll be laughing from start to finish. Its been 17 years and I still enjoy it as much as the first time I saw it. I could go on for days about this film, but it's far better than words can describe. Seeing is definately believing. From the Richard Pryors and Red Foxxes to The Chris Rock's, Bernie Mac's and Dave Chapelle's ... "Eddie Murphy Raw" is the undisputed King of Comedy!!!

    5-0 out of 5 stars he gets away with it!!!!
    This has got to be the most unbearably crude, politically incorrect comedy routine ever - and he pulls it off, with real style!!! OK, it is somewhat dated, coming from the 80s, but this man has got to be one of the funniest comedians since Bill Cosby. They are both geniuses. But Murphy takes being black head on (head first?), as well as men-women, gays, you name. If you can stop laughing, there is something to offend EVERYONE. He is also a first rate actor/impersonator. Best I've seen in a long time = I am getting ready to return to the states, and this is the PERFECT preparation in the age of Bush II.

    5-0 out of 5 stars PAINFULLY FUNNY!!!!!

    19. WWE - SummerSlam 2001
    list price: $19.98
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B000055ZKE
    Catlog: Video
    Sales Rank: 25686
    Average Customer Review: 4.4 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Reviews (50)

    5-0 out of 5 stars SummerSlam 2001
    match 1 Lance Storm vs Edge for I.C. title. solid match. ***

    match 2 Dudley's and Test vs. APA and Spike. ok. **

    match 3 wcw cruiserwieght vs. wwf Light Heavyweight Championship X-PAC vs. Tajiri. Two wwf stars in a fast paced match.***

    match 4 Chris Jericho VS. Rhino. Good match, but will somebody shut Stephanie up. ***

    match 5 wwf hardcore Championship ladder match RVD vs. Jeff Hardy. Match of the night with great high flying moves.*****

    match 6 WWf vs. wcw tag team Championship cage match Brothers of Destruction vs. DDP & Kanyon. One sided and good. *****

    match 7 wwf championship Stone Cold Vs. Kurt Angle. could have been better. Good match with some anything goes with Earl Hebner as ref. ***

    Match 8 wcw title match The Rock vs. Booker T. The Rock's first ppv since getting suspended one day after Wrestlemania X-7. Great Match. With these two having the same finishing move added a little extra drama.****

    Overall a great ppv and might be ppv of the year in my books.

    5-0 out of 5 stars this is going to be great. The invasion continues.
    summerslam 2001. summerslam is the hottest event of the summer and the 2nd biggest event of all time.wwf title match austin vs. angle. this is going to be brutal. rock vs booker, rock bottom vs book end, spinarony vs people elbow. wcw title on the line. tag team titles wcw vs wwf titles. taker/kane vs. ddp/kanyon in a steel cage match. the brothers of destruction will try to get revenge on ddp/kanyon. tajiri vs x-pac in a true classic battle between 2 fine light heaviweights. chris jericho vs ryno. jericho making fun of stephanies big zits and some other place that is rather big. ryno has gored jericho through the oval tron. expect to see a war.two canadians will battle it out to see who the intercontinental champ is. Edge vs Lance Storm. ecw vs wwf. 6 man tag. dudleys and test vs. apa and spike. this is going to be a rather wierd match. but hey you never know in the wwf. in a ladder match for the hardcore title. rvd vs jeff hardy. expect to see the bodies hit the floor in this one. remember there invasion war. well you probably wont after this one is said and done. 8 matches signed so far. with the invasion continuing you will never know what will happen. will angle bring the gold back to the wwf. will taker get revenge against ddp. will the rocks ppv return have an happy ending. only one way to find out. eather order the ppv on augest 19, 2001 at 5 pm. or you can order this movie and witness history in the making.

    4-0 out of 5 stars WWF Summerslam 2001
    WWF Summerslam 2001
    San Jose,California
    August 19,2001

    WCW Title
    Booker T vs The Rock

    WWF Title
    Stone Cold vs Kurt Angle

    WWF Tag Team Titles vs WCW Tag Team Titles
    Cage Match
    Kanyon & Diamond Dallas Page vs Undertaker & Kane

    WWF Hardcore Title
    Ladder Match
    Jeff Hardy vs Rob Van Dam

    Chris Jericho vs Rhyno

    WWF Intercontinental Title
    Lance Storm vs Edge

    WWF Light-Heavyweight Title & WCW Crusierweight Title
    X-Pac vs Tajiri

    Spike Dudley & APA vs Test & Dudley Boyz

    5-0 out of 5 stars Great Summerslam
    Inter. Title
    Edge vs. Lance Storm(champion)
    -Lots of great technical moves in this match. Lots of moves countered.
    6 man tag
    APA and Spike Dudley vs. Test and Dudley Boys
    -Not so great but good. This one was a screw up
    Winners:Test and Dudley Boys
    WWF/WCW Cruiserweight Title
    Tajiri(WWf champion) vs. X-Pac(WCW Cahmpion)
    -Good match and good cruiserweight action
    Chris Jericho vs. Rhyno
    -good pace match. Rhyno almost had it.
    Winner:Chis Jericho
    Hardcore Title
    Ladder Match
    RVD vs. Jeff Hardy
    -Jaw dropping match. My favorite one, totally stole the show. No wonder RVD is called Mr. Pay Per View
    WWF/WCW Tag Team Titles
    Cage match
    DDP & Kanyon(WWF champions) vs. Undertaker & Kane(WCW chapions)
    -My second favorite match. Great ending
    Winners:Undertaker & Kane
    WWF Title
    Kurt Angle vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin(Champion)
    -fair match but slow. Jaw droping ending
    Winner:Stone Cold Steve Austin
    WCW Title
    The Rock vs. Booker T(Champion)
    -very good match. The Rock is so electricfying, no wonder he's called the great one.
    Winner:The Rock

    5-0 out of 5 stars One of my all time favorite PPV's
    When people think back on the year 2001 for the WWE, Wrestlemania 17 and No Way Out always come to mind. While those were the two best shows of the year, Summerslam was definately not far behind. With the acception of one match, the entire card was enjoyable. The IC Title match between Edge and Lance Storm was very technically sound and suspenseful. The Cruiserweight Title match between X-Pac and Tajiri was fast paced and filled with non-stop action. Rhyno vs Jericho was one of the best matches on the card. The highlight of the match was seeing Jericho jump off the top rope and get gored in mid-air by Rhyno. RVD and Jeff Hardy were amazing in their Hardcore title "Ladder Match". It is filled with tons of fast paced high flying action combined with some brutal bumps. The Rock vs Booker T for the WCW Title was very suspenseful and fun to watch. The match that stole the show was Kurt Angle vs Austin for the WWE title. It had to be one of the best matches I have ever seen. It went back and forth until the very end. The ending is highly controversial and upsetting, which is the only downfall of the match.

    Overall, Summerslam 2001 is one of the best WWE shows I have ever seen in the ten years that I have been watching wrestling. Practically every match had something to offer and Kurt Angle vs Austin will go down as one of the greatest matches ever. I highly recommend picking this show up. You will not be dissapointed.

    A solid 5 stars... ... Read more

    20. Cool Runnings
    Director: Jon Turteltaub
    list price: $9.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 6303039456
    Catlog: Video
    Sales Rank: 2071
    Average Customer Review: 4.89 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Based on an improbable but true story, Cool Runnings concerns the Jamaican bobsled team that competed in the 1988 Winter Olympics. Director Jon Turteltaub (Phenomenon) does a fine job with both the absurdity of the situation (the athletes had never even seen snow) and the passion behind it (their desire to compete and win). John Candy, in one of his last roles, is touching as a disgraced coach who seizes the opportunity to work with the Jamaicans as a chance for redemption. The bobsled scenes look good, and the races are exciting. The climax, which is entirely unexpected, takes the film to a wholly different level, even if events in the story don't quite match the facts. --Tom Keogh ... Read more

    Reviews (45)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Cool Runnings warms the heart
    I remember seeing this movie in the theatre when it first came out. It's the heart-warming true story behind the 1988 Jamaican bobsled team. After jumping through numerous hoops such as racial discrimination, a coach with a shady past, and a rickety bobsled, they land themselves a bobsledding spot in the Winter Olympics, something Jamaica never had before.
    John Candy gives a stellar performance, unfortunately it was one of his last. At times he's comical, while others, more dramatic. He's a character easy to fall in love with. I miss him.
    Overall, Cool Runnings teaches the fundamentals of determination and never letting anything come between yourself and your dreams. Even when catastrophy ended the Jamaican's third bobsled run, they still got up and carried their sled across the finish line. Even if their time didn't earn a gold medal, their heart did.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Heart- warming and inspiring...
    Bobsled to a Caribbean is like a Yeti to the Sahara desert. Both simply dont exist!. And yet, 4 guys with dreams in their eyes, set out to acheive the unmaginable in the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics. To represent their country Jamaica in Bobsledding!.

    "Cool Runnings" is based on this true story, but with a few changes that needless to say, is aimed at making the movie more dramatic. Leon(Derice Bannock)is an athlete aimed at making amends for his failure to secure a berth in the Jamaican Sprint Team. With no way out, he decides to try Bobsled, a sport no Caribbean in his right mind would even know it exists. Irv Blitzer(John Candy), a disgraced former champion Bobsledder decides to train Leon the intricacies of this "bone-shattering" sport. To compete in the event would however require 3 more bobsledders to make up the team. In comes his best friend Sanka(Doug.E.Doug), the tempermental Yul Brenner(Malik Yoba) and the reserved Junior Bevil(Rawle Lewis). What you end up with is a team of hysterical proportions, but with a heart.

    "Cool Runnings" is not so much about the event as it is with the main characters. The Jamaicans are determined to compete in an event that is considered solely the domain of a few Icelandic- Nordic nations. The 4 guys are felt out of place, racialized and ridiculed at the event while the coach(Candy) is humiliated and taunted at every turn by the organizers. The crux lays in how they overcome their hardships and ultimately win the crowd, if not a medal. The movie is absolutely hilarious considering the Jamaicans have never seen snow in real life. The initial training on their island is itself worth every penny you paid to watch this movie. However the movie's main strength is in its moral message. "Believe". The movie is based entirely on this one word.

    Leon is superb in his role as the leader who never gives up. John Candy is without doubt an actor with a heart of gold. Every movie he has been involved in, he brings in that 'human element' into picture. He is perfect as the flawed but determined coach. The find of the movie however, is Rawle Lewis as Junior Beville. He has the best dialogues and behind that meek physique ,stands a truly compassionate and competitive character. Sanka is the funny bone whose expressions are enough to spill your guts out while Yul Brenner is a tough but protective fellow who eventually warms up to the team and gets transformed at the end of the event. Ultimately it is the will and the confidence they derive from each other at every turn of the event that makes this movie so heart-warming.

    The movie has a nice flow to it and the music is catchy. Jon Tutletaub(Director) puts everyting in the right place and the direction is straight forward but slick. Though some parts of the movie are fictionalized, it is forgivable since the main theme isn't lost. Infact it actually enhances it. I must say that movies like this generally tend to have a predictable ending. You'll know you'll have a happy one at that. But watch Cool Running's final few scenes and the phrase 'finish the race' will take a whole new meaning to you. The ending is inspiring..surprising..simply magnificent. Go watch it.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Hillarious and Inspirational
    Everytime I watch Cool Runnings, I still feel the magic and excitement of the first time I watched it. This movie is exceptional. Everything about it works.
    The acting is powerful, the story is both exciting and moving, the comedy is fresh and enjoyable, and the soundtrack is perfectly suited to support the mood of the movie.
    Cool Runnings is a perfect family film. People of all ages will be drawn to it and enjoy cheering for the Jamaican Bobsled team. There is some mild use of profanity, but it can be overlooked in favor of the moving story, and the morals that children will pick up along with it. Cool Runnings shows the value of pride, tolerance, and persistance.
    Throughout the course of the movie we see the team prove to the world through their persistance that they are just as good as any other team, regardless of where they come from. They learn to become a team, learn to take pride in their culture, and do a lot of self discovery.
    This movie is one of the few that is sure to touch you and to uplift your spirit.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Teenagers dig this movie!
    Catchy music, funny crashes, bar fight, a sledder who pees in the sled because he's so scared, calling each other names like Sanka and Yul Brynner....all make for a great laugh in the eyes of a teenager. I've shown this movie to dozens of teens and it never disappoints. The fact is that it's a true story of people chasing their dream, and it has a perfect blend of silly with poignant and great pace to keep adults and young adults alike INTERESTED and entertained the entire time. Also, it follows real life at the end and doesn't have a bunch of no-name Jamaicans taking the gold at the Olympics....teens expect a Disney ending like that and appreciate seeing, instead, the truth. However, ANYONE who watches it finds themselves rooting for these no-name Jamaicans and kind of wishing they would medal even though, realistically, they have no chance. BUY IT and watch it and show it to others...its timeless themes never go out of date.

    5-0 out of 5 stars One of the Best Movies I've Seen
    "Cool Runnings" is one of the best movies I have seen.
    The story line, John Candy and the Jamaican Bobsledders,
    the switch from warm Jamaica to cold Calgary all make for a
    warm and funny movie. I'm going to take the advice of another
    reviewer and watch it now to revive the "feel-good" feeling
    of the entire movie. A classic to buy and keep. A true
    comedy. ... Read more

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