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81. The Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship
82. The Land That Time Forgot
$9.98 $6.76
83. Fantastic Voyage
$13.45 list($14.95)
84. What Dreams May Come
$19.99 list($24.99)
85. The Lord of the Rings - The Return
$14.98 $10.02
86. The Land Before Time
$24.99 $3.49
87. The Lion King - Special Edition
$19.95 $15.09
88. The Chronicles of Narnia - The
89. Blade Runner
$9.98 $1.99
90. Digimon - The Movie
$9.99 $5.94
91. Tuck Everlasting
92. Tall Tale
$24.99 $12.64
93. Return to Never Land
$58.95 list($14.98)
94. The Incredible Shrinking Man
$19.49 $4.98 list($22.94)
95. The Lord of the Rings - The Two
$19.99 list($14.95)
96. Clash of the Titans
$14.85 list($9.95)
97. The Indian in the Cupboard
$19.98 $11.95
98. Yellow Submarine
$9.98 $3.96
99. Jurassic Park III
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100. Spider-Man

81. The Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring
Director: Peter Jackson
list price: $22.94
our price: $19.50
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Asin: B000065U6Q
Catlog: Video
Sales Rank: 56
Average Customer Review: 4.52 out of 5 stars
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As the triumphant start of a trilogy, The Lord of the Rings: TheFellowship of the Ring leaves you begging for more. By necessity, PeterJackson's ambitious epic compresses J.R.R. Tolkien's classicThe Lord of the Rings,but this robust adaptation maintains reverent allegiance to Tolkien's creation,instantly qualifying as one of the greatest fantasy films ever made. At 178minutes, it's long enough to establish the myriad inhabitants of Middle-earth,the legendary Rings of Power, and the fellowship of hobbits, elves, dwarves, andhumans--led by the wizard Gandalf (Ian McKellen) and the brave hobbit Frodo(Elijah Wood)--who must battle terrifying forces of evil on their perilousjourney to destroy the One Ring in the land of Mordor. Superbly paced, the filmis both epic and intimate, offering astonishing special effects and productiondesign while emphasizing the emotional intensity of Frodo's adventure. Ending ona perfect note of heroic loyalty and rich anticipation, this wondrous fantasycontinues in The Two Towers (2002). --Jeff Shannon ... Read more

Reviews (3438)

5-0 out of 5 stars An astonishing masterpiece.
Considered both as fantasy adventure and as an adaptation of a beloved literary classic, Peter Jackson's film of "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring" sets new standards for cinematic excellence. Everything about this film feels exactly right, from the casting to the screenplay to the special effects. The last are amazing, putting to shame anything George Lucas has come up with, and yet they always serve to advance the story; unlike Lucas, there's never any hint that Jackson is merely playing with his toys. Jackson shows great respect for Tolkien's text, but not slavish devotion. Certain characters--such as the lovable Tom Bombadil and Frodo's poisonous Aunt Lobelia--are missing, and Tolkien would be chagrined to find that the little poems and songs he loved to write are nowhere quoted. But if Jackson gives short shrift to Tolkien's whimsy, he more than makes up for that by giving us Tolkien's intensity, pathos and moral vision absolutely undiluted. Above all, Jackson never forgets that Tolkien's chief emphasis was always on the characters he created. Jackson casts wonderful actors to play those characters and--again unlike Lucas--he actually allows them to give performances. How wonderful to find the great Sir Ian McKellen, a uniquely commanding and charismatic actor, as Gandalf, or the charming and touching Elijah Wood as Frodo. You can go straight down the list--Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn, Sean Astin as Sam, Ian Holm as Bilbo, Cate Blanchett as Galadriel--and find nothing but perfection. This is one of the very few big-budget blockbusters that unqualifiedly deserves its success, and all we can do now is look forward with excitement to the release of "The Two Towers" in 2002 and "The Return of the King" in 2003. Like the books they came from, these three fillms will be cherished by future generations.

5-0 out of 5 stars The Wonders of Middle-Earth
The fate of Middle-earth lies in the hands of Elijah Wood in the grand fantasy epic "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring". When the forces of evil storm the mystical realm of Middle-earth to reclaim the Ring of the Dark Lord, Sauron, the brave Frodo (Elijah Wood) and the wizard Gandalf (Ian McKellen) embark on a quest to destroy the One Ring that could doom the land. With the help of a fellowship of good friends and powerful allies, Frodo faces incredible dangers and the fierce minions of the Dark Lord. "The Fellowship of the Ring" is an astonishing epic tale of good versus evil. Director Peter Jackson delivers the wonders and emotional intensity of J.R.R. Tolkien's classic with such stunning amazement. The movie includes exceptional performances by Viggo Mortensen, Elijah Wood, Cate Blanchett and Ian McKellen as the wizard Gandalf. It also contains amazing special effects, beautiful backgrounds and a superb music score.

"The Lord of the Rings: the Fellowship of the Ring" is certainly one of the best DVDs of the year. The splendid fantasy adventure is presented in standard full screen format. The DVD has marvelously flawless picture quality and a great 5.1-EX Dolby Digital sound. If special features are a must then this DVD is a welcome addition to any collection. Its supplemental material includes numerous behind-the-scenes featurettes, trailers including a preview of the upcoming "The Two Towers", a music video, DVD-ROM extras and impressive interactive menus. Overall, "The Fellowship of the Ring" scores an "A".

5-0 out of 5 stars Awe-struck
I'm still reeling from this film! The performances, costuming, props and special effects, direction, and cinematography are astounding. There were times whilst viewing this film when I was on the edge of my seat or grabbing my seat to hold on; times when my heart was pounding; times when I was moved to shed a tear by either sadness or greatness. The movie captures every part of human emotions, wraps them all up, and unleashes them at the viewer at an almost rapid pace; which can, at times, be a bit too much. The Fellowship Of The Ring is a very strong, very powerful, visually stunning, and entirely emotive film. And I give top marks to WETA for the highly notable achievement of creating a thoroughly credible height ratio effect for the Hobbits and Dwarves in regards to the taller races of Middle-earth. Brilliant!

However, as much as I was stunned by this film, the screenplay and adaptions were absolute rubbish! In my opinion, Mrs. Jackson and anyone who worked with her should be fed to the Balrog, along with Peter Jackson himself for allowing it. Their were changes in characters and character, aspirations, and events. Tolkien's dialogue was rarely followed. Some reviewers say this doesn't deter from the story. It does deter from the story! That's exactly what it does. How difficult is it to follow a story and dialogue that has already been written? Editing is one thing and is understandable when approaching a big screen adaptation with time constraints, but arrant changes to a story are not. This I find unforgivable. In addition, no Fatty Bolger playing up appearances in Frodo's new house in Buckland; no Willow The Wisp; no Tom Bombadil; no Barrow-wights; no Rhadaghast The Brown, and very little attention payed to the Hobbits' stealth from and cat and mouse games with the Black Riders in The Shire. In addition, very little of Tolkien's dialogue was covered. The Fellowship Of The Ring is mainly dialogue, and takes place mainly in The Shire. What happened to Peter Jackson's boasting about how closely he was going to follow Tolkien's story? With all its faults, Ralph Bakshi's film follows Tolkien's story and dialogue more closely than Jackson's version does! Jackson is either pandering to his own ego (or his wife's), or just trying to make the film(s) appeal to more people than just Tolkien fans; and the only reason for the latter would be money.

Aside from the above criticism, I was very annoyed by WETA's cheesy computer-generated Cave Troll and Balrog. This garbage belongs in a video game, not an important epic film. What ever happened to employing the talents of real artists like Ray Harryhausen or Jim Henson's Creature Shop? Is it just me, or are today's film makers relying too heavily on computer-generated effects, and using the words "can't be done" or "not within the budget" as a scape-goat to seeking alternative ways of creating effects, like the filmmakers of old had to do?

However all scrutinising aside, The Fellowship Of The Ring is an overwhelming cinematic experience, and one which should not be missed by anyone; with the exception of pre-teens, to whom this film will only terrorise. This is a tremendous Christmas present, and I thank Peter Jackson and everyone involved in its creation for it. It's difficult to believe that there are two more films of this calibre to follow. I look forward to their release, as well as a few more viewings of The Fellowship Of The Ring.

In closing I'd just like to say that Tolkien fans have still not been given a definitive screen version of The Lord Of The Rings. In fact, the only way I believe it would be possible to remain faithful to Tolkien's story and (even edited) dialogue, would be to make a complete mini-series for non-commercial television; basically, a visual accompaniment to the long BBC Radio production. Perhaps one day someone with enough integrity and who cares enough will.

5-0 out of 5 stars If I could give this more than five stars, I would!!!
"We can make them longer, stronger, better!" When Peter Jackson said this about the extended DVD versions of the films, I'm sure hordes of movie fans disagreed. They were WRONG!! The Lord of the Rings trilogy is quite possibly the best thing that's ever happened to the movie industry, and these extended version DVDs are the best things to ever happen to DVD players. This first installment was great in the theater, but the extended version is better. Several things are explained in greater detail, and you can't tell where new material has been inserted. It's flawless, from the acting to the music to the scenery. I can't say enough good things about this movie. Oh yeah, the extras are nice too.

5-0 out of 5 stars Will be remembered as one of the best films of all time....
Without repeating the reviews of the rest listed here....I can say that the extended editions add more texture to the story and the documentary DVD's give you more background and understanding of the story.

It made me want to read the books to see what the films couldn't touch upon ...the poetry and descriptions of middle earth are very much on target. I really hope that Jackson gets the chance to do the Hobbit. It would be a crime if it wasn't adapted by him in the very near future. All I have to say to the film makers is ..Lets see the Hobbit before the actors become unavailable to produce the film! ... Read more

82. The Land That Time Forgot
Director: Kevin Connor
list price: $7.95
our price: $7.95
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B0000065LA
Catlog: Video
Sales Rank: 3051
Average Customer Review: 4.38 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (13)

4-0 out of 5 stars Doug Mcclure + The Lost World = High Adventure!
I loved this movie as a kid and I still love it now. Despite not having Harryhausen quality dinosaur effects, for the time, the effects are generally pretty good. Definitely better than the effects featured in many other movies of that type of the time and way above those in "At The Earth's Core". The acting is pretty good all around, especially the German captain and his sneering first mate, Dietz. And of course, no film of this type would be complete without the incomparable Doug McClure!

This movie really imparts an excellent sense of adventure as both a war drama and a fight for survival in the lost world of Caprona. They aren't stingy with the dinosaurs either as the sequel, 'The People That Time Forgot' is. All in all, this is a fun movie that really captures the essence of what dinosaur films of the current period like the Jurassic Park sequels are missing - a sense of adventure and a soul.

5-0 out of 5 stars My Favorite When Teamed With Its Sequel!
As one other reviewer put it, I love to pay a visit to Caprona! I loved these movies in the 70's. In the eighties, an artistic producer at an independent station in Miami would show both The Land That Time Forgot and The People That Time Forgot on consecutive Saturday and Sunday late nights! Bring out the Pizza! In addition to the atmospheric qualities of the sets and settings of these two films (much of which is on-location) they have another timeless quality: excellent music. Land Time Forgot has a distinctive moody tone to its score. People Time Forgot has a dynamic opening and closing theme which is used re-currently throughout the film. Doug McClure is perfect as Bowen Tyler, and yes, he is in the sequel, which anchors the two films perfectly. Supporting casts in both films are excellent, and hey! I thought the dinosaurs were great! The submarine special effects are worthy of Derrick Meddings, and the Amphibian Plane effects in the sequel are equally impressive. The "Forgot" part of the titles are eloquently staged in "Land" when the submarine steams upriver; and in "People" when the pilot, Hogan, starts to go stir-crazy back at the Ampibian campsite. BTW, Patrick Wayne and Sarah Douglas shine in the sequel as much as our heroes do in the first flick. I agree with others: It's time for these two to come out in wide-screen DVD--preferrably together! One more note: READ THE BOOKS! They are available separately or together. And surprise! They are actually a trilogy: The Land That Time Forgot, The People That Time Forgot, and Out Of Time's Abyss. Thanks, Mr. Burroughs!

5-0 out of 5 stars Brilliant Characters and Wonderful Story
I love this film. I wish they would release it on DVD. Yes the special efects are laughable, but this film has a lasting appeal because the characters are very well developed and well defined, and the story is wonderful and mesmerizing. This film has an intagible quality about it that makes it perfect escapist fare, and whenever I watch it I go back into my childhood "comfort zone" so to speak. If you're ever weary of the world and the pressures of work and life, pop in this film and escape to another world of wondrous imagintation.

It is also very educational for a child. I love it when von Schoenhertz and the English girl (who is very pretty by the way) who is a botanist are discussing the bacteria they found on Caprona. It succinctly presents the difference in perspectives between "German metaphysics" as she says, and "British empiricism" as von Schoenhertz says. Then they get into an argument over conduct of the Great War. She accuses the Germans of brutality, but von Schoenhertz presents his very Germanic, Neitzschean rebuttal by going off on how she is naive and "life is founded upon killing and destruction" and "the sea is teeming with living things that prey upon one another to survive." That's very philosphical stuff for such a movie, and a great way to get kids interested in these things. It's cool too because Dietz represents the brutal German the English girl accuses von Schoenhertz of being, when in fact von Schonehertz is actually more the reflective, scientific German in the vein of Schopenhauer, Freud and Jung and he is in many ways more civilized than anyone else in the film. He is the elder, wise father figure. The British are portryaed as pragamatic, rational and generally compassionate -- the diplomats. But who Burroughs really exalts above all others is Mr. Tyler, the American. He is the brash, young (as America itself is comparitively) man who exudes the physical, masculine side of life -- he is the virile Alpha male who acts and leads, the hero. Despite his basically boorish character, the English girl cannot help but to be very attracted to him even though she has much more in common with von Schoenhertz, the Thinker.

It's an interesting position that Rice Borroughs takes, namely that in his day and age, the value of the alpha male hero and his "animal magnetism" exceeds that of the more introverted, reflective man of von Shcoenhertz. This is understandable given the feeling in Britain at the time that the manliness of the nation was ebbing away and they had better recapture that masculine spirit or fade away. It's also interesting that Burroughs sees the American Tyler and hence America itself as a possible saviour of the Anglo-Saxon "civilization" or "race" or more specifically the old and tired mother of Great Britain which in its perceived malaise was losing ground to and being threatened by the more brutal, energetic and meticulous Germans. It's all very metaphorical. Given what happened in the Great War and then some 25 years later in WWII, he seems to have been very prophetic.

In any event, there is a huge subtext to this seemingly simple film, and a rich thematic exposition. It presents archetypeal themes and perspectives, and this is why I believe the film (and the book) holds up so well and is even a testament to history DESPITE the lame special effects, which, when compared to such heady stuff as the themes presented, are inconsequential to the value of the film.

God Save the Queen! Sorry, my Anglophilia carried me away there:-)

4-0 out of 5 stars An Edgar Rice Burroughs adventure with man eating dinosaurs
It is rather amazing that having used Edgar Rice Burroughs' Tarzan of the Apes for dozens of movies over the course of almost the entire century, Hollywood finally went back to ERB's novels to find another property for a film and ignored the John Carter of Mars series and went for "The Land That Time Forgot," a rather second-rate potboiler. But if you forgive the cheap special effects (be kind, it is a 1975 film) this is not a bad adventure story. Burroughs basically wrote his own version of "The Lost World" as a German U-Boat sinks a British ship whose crew manages to take over the submarine. Traveling to South America they find a lost continent where there are dinosaurs and cavemen (ergo, "The Land That Time Forgot"), neither of whom has any respect for civilized human beings.

Doug McClure stars as American adventurer Bowen Tyler in this British production. McClure and director Kevin Connor would make two other similar films based on Burroughs novels, "At the Earth's Core," from the more ambitious Pelucidar series and a sequel to this film "The People That Time Forgot." Along for the ride are the beautiful and brainy biologist in distress, Lisa Clayton (Susan Penhaligon), U-Boat Captain Von Schoenvorts (John McEnery) and his cunning second in command Deitz (Anthony Ainley), along with a savy Brit named Bradley (Keith Barron) who manages to be put off by being eaten by the dinosaurs longer than most of his mates. Of course not only do these people have to watch out for dinosaurs and cavemen, they have to watch out for each other. "The Land That Time Forgot" is a film that teaches its young British audience that even during World War I when the Germans were not Nazis you still could not trust them.

The story is basic adventure, with Tyler and company facing one peril after another. The script is decent, given the going ons; Michael Morcock worked on the script along with James Cawthorn, so there is an inherent assumption that all of the good stuff belongs to the noted fantasy writer. There is an attempt to get into some of ERB's reasoning for the existence of "Caprona," as the lost continent is called, but it only muddles the film until the action gets going again. The cast takes the situation seriously, which is a prerequisite in any film like this, but while the action is above average the special effects are tacky. The dinosaurs are laughable and the miniatures are not much better. Still, you get an indication of how much fun the action-adventures elements are (for this particular genre and this particular time) when the film still gets 4 stars despite the hokey dinosaurs.

5-0 out of 5 stars A real classic
Whenever I read reviews in movie guides I am saddened to see this film is given a hard time. Alright, so the dinosaurs aren't Harryhausen/Jurassic Park fare, but they're certainly a lot better than most other low-budget dinosaur/monster movies of their time (or since then, for that matter). A group of shipwrecked WW1 navymen board and take over the German U-boat which sunk their vessel. Before long, however, they are hopelessly lost, are forced to co-operate as they come across a lost island.

What really makes this film stand out is its superb atmosphere, its sense of drama, its believable characters, its well-staged battle sequences (both human and prehistoric), and its storyline involving an island as a living thing. A real classic, and one in the eye for those who scoff at the British film industry. ... Read more

83. Fantastic Voyage
Director: Richard Fleischer
list price: $9.98
our price: $9.98
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 6301744160
Catlog: Video
Sales Rank: 508
Average Customer Review: 4.73 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

2001: A Space Odyssey took the world on a mind-bending trip toouter space, but Fantastic Voyage is the original psychedelic inner-spaceadventure. When a brilliant scientist falls into a coma with an inoperable bloodclot in the brain, a surgical team embarks on a top-secret journey to the centerof the mind in a high-tech military submarine shrunk to microbial dimensions.Stephen Boyd stars as a colorless commander sent to keep an eye on things(though his eyes stay mostly on shapely medical assistant Raquel Welch), whileDonald Pleasance is suitably twitchy as the claustrophobic medical consultant.The science is shaky at best, but the imaginative spectacle is marvelous:scuba-diving surgeons battle white blood cells, tap the lungs to replenish the oxygensupply, and shoot the aorta like daredevil surfers. The film took home awell-deserved Oscar for Best Visual Effects. Director Richard Fleischer, who turnedDisney's 1954 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea into one of the most rivetingsubmarine adventures of all time, creates a picture so taut with cold-wartensions and cloak-and-dagger secrecy that niggling scientific contradictions(such as, how do miniaturized humans breathe full-sized air molecules?) seemmoot. --Sean Axmaker ... Read more

Reviews (11)

4-0 out of 5 stars BLOODY GOOD TIME!
When she takes her clothes off, it is apparent to all that Raquel Welch would become a star. The way she unzips is thrilling! I imitate it all the time. The story? Doctors get miniaturized and go into the body of a man to perform inside surgery. They must battle an uncommon array of enemies: leukocytes, T-cells, viruses, etc...all of which attack the submariners with undignified alacrity. Their egress is ingenious, and right in the nik of time. It is hard to believe this film was made in the mid 1960's. The special fx are surprisingly modern - even by ILM standards. The story is strong. And the "Cold War" motiff fits quite nicely. What I find most peculiar is the fact that this film is never shown on television. Not even on cable. I wonder what that's about. And don't forget about that body to die for. And those eyes. We don't have many old movies here, but it's one of our favorites.

5-0 out of 5 stars Great fun! What a way to escape...
This is a great old flick that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Wonderfully detailed sequences add to the enjoyment of this great story. Although they didn't have the best special effects, they are great for the time period in which this film was made. Definitely worth watching for the Raquel Welch antibody scene!

5-0 out of 5 stars AWESOME.
Great special effects for his days and awesome captivating storyline.

5-0 out of 5 stars Great fun for the whole family
"Fantastic Voyage" is certainly worthy of its name, with imaginativeness, creativity and beauty (From Raquel Welch in particular). It also has a rather simple plot, which I shall outline for you. An eastern bloc scientist, who holds the knowledge to perfecting miniaturization warfare, is defecting to the Americans. However, an attempted assignation leaves him with brain damage. The only way to save the scientist's life is to miniaturize a team of surgeons and send them into the body. But they have only one hour to complete the mission and have to face threats such as the body's natural defenses and sabotage from within.

If there are complaints with "Fantastic Voyage", it is in some plot holes (Smart Alecs, in my opinion, should stay away and look elsewhere). Firstly, although it's extremely obvious who the saboteur is (He tries constantly to get the mission aborted and is always frantic), no one on board really seems to suspect him. The ending was also somewhat empty and unsatisfying (We never learn what happens to the scientist). Some will also love pointing out the plot clichés (The people in the control room always seem to know what the Proteus crew is thinking, even with no radio, and the sub crew always finds a way out of a problem). Many will also find scientific inaccuracies (My dad pointed out how well lit the human body was depicted) Then there is the impossibility of shrinking matter and placing it in other matter. Also, in terms of ideals, this film shows age. People in the 1960's believed that the future would be like it was in here and Kubrick's "2001". They thought one-day that humans would have established bases in space and would be able to miniaturize. How could they have known that computers and the World Wide Web would be the tools and thoughts of the future?

Some reviewers have suggested that "Fantastic Voyage" should be remade. I think that is a lousy idea. Sure the special effects and set design would be better. But a new version would be colder, darker, more violent and full of foul language. The heart and joy of the original would be gone. Also, notice that despite being the only woman onboard, Raquel Welch never seems to have interest with anyone else on the sub (Most of them are past her age, anyway). While she may not give the best performance, at least she is professional and knows her priorities. Would that stay the same in a remake?

So, while not without some problems, I wouldn't mind owning this movie. But I would especially love to see a widescreen edition (DVD preferably) released sometime soon.

5-0 out of 5 stars Another Landmark Science Fiction Movie.
Before 2001 and Star Wars, Director Richard Fleischer made a very well made science fiction movie with Fantastic Voyage. With a cast starring Stephen Boyd, Raquel Welch, Arthur Kennedy,and Edmond O'Brien, a team of scientists are reduced to sub-atomic size and placed aboard a small sub, then injected into a man's body to save his life before it's too late. Oscars were well won for best work in visual and artistic effects. A movie with substance and puts many of today's so called big effects pictures to shame. Also featuring a good musical score by Leonard Rosenman (who would go on to compose the music for the movie; STAR TREK IV; THE VOYAGE HOME). ... Read more

84. What Dreams May Come
Director: Vincent Ward
list price: $14.95
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00000IBRX
Catlog: Video
Sales Rank: 14510
Average Customer Review: 4.05 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (344)

4-0 out of 5 stars Visually spectacular (unbelievably cheesy storyline)
I know "What Dreams May Come" is a constant punching bag for movie critics alike and it wasn't exactly a blockbuster smash for Robin Williams but I sincerely like this film. I first saw "What Dreams May Come" when it was in the movie theaters. It was total eye candy with the gorgeous colors and the art-like quality. I felt like I was watching an artist creating his art work. The premise of the film is a bit silly. Robin Williams's character Chris is killed in a freak accident, leaving his emotionally unstable wife Annie played by Annabella Sciorra devasted and alone. The viewer also finds out that their two children were killed earlier in a car accident so when Chris dies, Annabella is completely consumed by grief and chooses that life is not worth living any more. Chris is sent to heaven which is basically a Monet painting. The bright vivid colors were stunning and made it a joy to watch. Cuba Gooding Jr. welcomes Chris into the after life and eventually helps Chris in his quest to find Annie. At the time, I enjoyed the storyline but as I was watching it tonight on tv, I never realized until now just how hokey the storyline and dialogue could be. Despite the hokiness of the film, I still enjoy watching "What Dreams May Come". I think my favorite scenes had to be when Chris literally went to purgatory. The images and colors were spectacular. Those scenes of people falling from the waves as well as from the air and exploding when hitting the ground was stunning to say the least. Those scenes were pure eye candy. "What Dreams May Come" is a good movie. It isn't nowhere as emotionally manipulative as "Patch Adams" was except maybe for a few scenes that involved the children. Otherwise "What Dreams May Come" is a good popcorn movie. It may not be Masterpiece Theater but I will take this movie over something as tripe as "Patch Adams" or overblown as "Armaggedeon" any day.

5-0 out of 5 stars I wish my dreams were this cool.
What Dreams May Come is a very powerful movie. Simply put, it can make you think some very deep thoughts.

The story is very moving and brilliantly crafted. The main character is a doctor named Chris (Robin Williams). He has a wife (Annabella Sciorra) and two kids. His family is great and he seems to be living the American dream. Then his children are killed in a car accident and his life is shattered. He spends the next four years trying to recover from the tragedy. Then he is killed in another traffic accident and the story takes off as he goes to the beautiful afterlife.

The movie seamlessly transitions from present to flashback to give a sense that time is irrelevant in the afterlife and to fill in the rest of the story. The first person he sees is a young version of the doctor he apprenticed under (Cuba Gooding Jr.) who later turns out to be someone else, but I won't tell you because I don't want to ruin any parts of the movie. He is then taken to a beautiful heaven, which is actually his mental re-creation of one of his wife's paintings. He later learns that his wife has committed suicide and in doing so has trapped herself in a never-ending spiral of guilt (a.k.a. Hell). Chris then has to travel to the depths of Hell to find and attempt to bring back his wife.

This movie is loaded with abstract thoughts and themes. For example: Your obsessions in life will become your afterlife; Thought is real, physical is the illusion; God lets bad things happen to good people; and far too many others for me to list here.

The movie is visually breathtaking and the computer-generated graphics add greatly to the realness of the movie. The acting is good and director obviously knew what he was doing. I will recommend this movie to anyone who has ever contemplated his or her existence.

4-0 out of 5 stars Visually beautiful and theologically interesting
There are surprisingly few movies dealing with a nonterrestrial afterlife. While there are hundreds of films dealing with the existence of individuals following death as embodied or disembodied spirits on earth, there are remarkably few that provide any glimpse of heaven. The few that do tend to present it as an inconceivably white, vast, and indistinct place, from HERE COMES MR. JORDAN to A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH to THE HORN BLOWS AT MIDNIGHT. In contrast to these other films, WHAT DREAMS MAY COME stands out as one of the most intensely colorful, beautiful, and vividly concrete films in cinema history.

The cast of the film is strong, but it would be a mistake to imagine that they are the reason for the film's success. Robin Williams as Chris Nielsen, Cuba Gooding Jr., Rosalind Chao (who I previously mainly knew only from STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION), Max von Sydow, and the lovely but underused (not only in this film, but by Hollywood in general) Annabella Sciorra all hand in wonderful performances, but they are largely overwhelmed by the astonishing beauty of the sets, the inconceivably vivid colors, and the marvelous use of light. No performers could have competed, though they try gamely.

I find the film especially interesting for theological reasons. Ron Bass based the screenplay on a novel by Richard Mattheson. I must confess to not knowing the work of either, but I would lay heavy money that one of them (probably Mattheson) knew well C. S. Lewis's THE GREAT DIVORCE. In that work Lewis was concerned to lay out a concept of heaven and hell that did not regard God as responsible for sending people to hell. Instead, he described an afterlife in which people in hell still had the option of leaving hell and departing for heaven. These two ideas--of people placing themselves in hell and of having the option to leave hell for heaven--drive the metaphysics of WHAT DREAMS MAY COME, as I'm sure anyone who has seen the film will recognize.

So why do I give the film only four stars after all the nice things I have said about it? Primarily because the film doesn't really have all that much of a story to tell. The plot feels like a short subject stretched to feature length film proportions. Once you subtract all the amazing visuals, there simply wasn't that much to the film. The challenge for the filmmakers was primarily padding out the action of the film. Nonetheless, I do recommend this as an interesting and intensely beautiful film, despite the slender narrative.

Interestingly, the title of the film comes from Hamlet's famous soliloquy, in which he ponders whether or not to commit suicide. In the end, he decides not to because of the dreams that the dead may dream, presumably worse for having killed oneself. But such dreams did not prevent Annie Nielsen in the film from committing suicide. It is a nice ironical touch.

4-0 out of 5 stars A Different Type of Love Story
This is a wonderful tale of death and love. Robin Williams dies in a car crash and wakes up in heaven. He sees his old dog and friends from his life that have died before him along with his two children that have died in a previous car accident. Robin finds out he that his wife is having an impossible time of living without him. She ends up committing suicide and then is sent ot hell. The rest of the movie is Robin on his quest to find his wife in Hell. The movie is stunning in detail and is truly beautiful to look at. Cuba Gooding Jr. and Max Von Syndow give stellar performances as supporting actors in this film. The DVD has the usual extras including a less than happy alternate ending.

4-0 out of 5 stars A great movie despite some flaws
"What Dreams May Come" is an overlooked film that should have gotten more attention than it did. While not perfect, it's one of the most visually stunning and thought-provoking films to come around in a long time. Chris (Robin Williams) and Annie (Annabella Sciorra) are a happy couple who suffer the devastating loss of their children. Shortly afterwards Chris dies himself and goes to an afterlife, which turns out to be a surreal lush dreamworld that is a reflection of his wife's paintings (which deservedly won the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects). While there Chris meets an "angel" (Cuba Gooding Jr.) who guides him through the transition. Meanwhile, back in the real world, Annie becomes unable to cope with all the pain and losses and takes her own life, sending her to Hell. Determined to rescue Annie from an eternity in damnation, Chris sets out to find her and re-establish their bond together.

This movie could have easily been a masterpiece, with such a great cast, excellent visual effects and production. However, there are two things which severely take away from its effectiveness. For one, the flashback style becomes tedious after a bit and interrupts the flow of the story. Many other reviewers have commented on this. It's a major drawback. And two, some scenes simply do not work. For example, when Chris arrives in Hell and begins maneuvering around the heads sticking out of the ground. This scene is done in a humorous way, seemingly for comic relief. It simply does not work and is majorly out of place. Comic relief isn't what should happen here.

Aside from these flaws, "What Dreams May Come" is an enlightening viewing experience and will stay with you long after you're finished watching it. It can be interpreted in many ways: a film about the possibility of life after death: a film about never-ending love: a film about affirming the beauty of life. However you may see it, you will surely take away at least something from it after the credits roll. ... Read more

85. The Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King (Special Extended Edition)
Director: Peter Jackson
list price: $24.99
our price: $19.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B000634DD6
Catlog: Video
Sales Rank: 11
Average Customer Review: 4.77 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

The greatest trilogy in film history comes to a grand conclusion with the extended edition of The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.Not only is the third and final installment of Peter Jackson's adaptation of the works of J.R.R. Tolkien the longest of the three, but a full 50 minutes of new material pushes the running time to a whopping 4 hours and 10 minutes.

One of the scenes cut from the theatrical release but included here, the resolution of the Saruman storyline, generated a lot of publicity when the movie opened, as actor Christopher Lee complained in the press about losing his only appearance.It's an excellent scene, one Jackson calls "pure Tolkien," and provides better context for Pippin to find the wizard's palantir in the water, but it's not critical to the film.In fact, "valuable but not critical" might sum up the ROTK extended edition.It's evident that Jackson made the right cuts for the theatrical run, but the extra material provides depth and ties up a number of loose ends, and for those sorry to see the trilogy end (and who isn't?) it's a welcome chance to spend another hour in Middle-earth. Some choice moments are Gandalf's (Ian McKellen) confrontation with the Witch King (we find out what happened to the wizard's staff), the chilling Mouth of Sauron at the gates of Mordor, and Frodo (Elijah Wood) and Sam (Sean Astin) being mistaken for Orc soldiers.We get to see more of Éowyn (Miranda Otto), both with Aragorn and on the battlefield, even fighting the hideously deformed Orc lieutenant, Gothmog. We also see her in one of the most anticipated new scenes, the Houses of Healing after the battle of the Pelennor Fields.It doesn't present Aragorn (Viggo Mortensen) as a savior as the book did, but it shows the initial meeting between Éowyn and Faramir (David Wenham), a relationship that received only a meaningful glance in the theatrical cut.

And for those who complained, no, there are no new endings, not even the scouring of the Shire, which many fans were hoping to see.Nor is there a scene of Denethor (John Noble) with the palantir, which would have better explained both his foresight and his madness.As Jackson notes, when cuts are made, the secondary characters are the first to go, so there is a new scene of Aragorn finding the palantir in Denethor's robes.Another big difference is Aragorn's confrontation with the King of the Dead.In the theatrical version, we didn't know whether the King had accepted Aragorn's offer when the pirate ships pulled into the harbor; here Jackson assumes that viewers have already experienced that tension, and instead has the army of the dead join the battle in an earlier scene (an extended cameo for Jackson). One can debate which is more effective, but that's why the film is available in both versions.If you feel like watching the relatively shorter version you saw in the theaters, you can.If you want to completely immerse yourself in Peter Jackson's marvelous and massive achievement, only the extended edition will do. --David Horiuchi ... Read more

Reviews (60)

5-0 out of 5 stars Latest Details On ROTK: Extended Edition
Not sure why there's such a vacuum of information available here on ROTK- the platinum extended edition release.

Its no secret that Peter Jackson has finished the version - and that it contains a whopping 65 minutes of additional footage that was cut from the theatrical version, putting the final movie at four hours and ten minutes. Awesome!

Apparently there was some rumor that New Line Cinema was going to cheap out on the special effects for the extended release version - and go with a cut-rate American outfit instead of the New Zealand firm they've worked with on the prior two films - but this was just that - a rumor, as far as I've been able to obtain.

New Scenes from the book to appear in the extended release version include the following: Confrontation with Saruman at Isengaard in which the Palantir is acquired (tossed out tower by Wormtongue), Parley with the Mouth of Sauron outside the Black Gates, Merry pledging his swoord and allegiance to Theoden, Sam and Frodo, disguised in Orc garb, marching with (and then escaping from) Orc Troop in Mordor, Eowyn and Faramir meet in the Houses of Healing in Gondor, and finally, a scene in which Aragorn reveals himself to Sauron in the Palantir.

All in all, good stuff. The only liberty it sounds Jackson has taken with the material is that Saruman is killed in the confrontation at Isengaard - falls to his death from the tower - rather than simply cast from the order, stripped of his power and humiliated by Gandolph, as the book. We can certainly live with that, can't we?

4-0 out of 5 stars The KING of the Entire Trilogy
I loved "The Return of the King" in the theater. I thought it felt much different than the previous films, with more humor, more story, and definitely more battle sequences. Some people might wonder why I gave the film 4 stars. Well, it's because I didn't enjoy the ending. After the Mount Doom sequence, I think the film gets pretty boring. But, it is a great movie.

In this Extended Edition, we will see the death of Saruman, which was covered up in the theatrical release with a few cheesy lines from Gandalf and Treebeard. We will also see a pledge scene from Merry to King Theoden. There are many other extended sequences, including a song from Arwen (which makes the White Tree of Gondor grow), a new Palantir sequence where Aragorn reveals himself to Sauron, and a Houses of Healing scene revealing the romantic backstory between Faramir and Eowyn.

Another scene that will be added is the confrontation at the Black Gate between the Mouth of Sauron (played by Bruce Spence) and our heroes. Also, an awesome battle sequence between Gandalf and the Witch King will be added and the death of Gamling on Pelennor Fields will be able to be viewed, along with a scene where Frodo and Sam (disguised as orcs) escape a column of orcs marching to Cirith Ungol on their final leg of the journey to Mordor (this is the stupid "Where There's a Whip" scene in the Rankin/Bass "Return of the King").

As for the special features, Peter Jackson will proabably include his usual documentaries, the commentaries by all of the cast members, a few pre-viz and photo galleries, along with a special easter egg of an MTV "Lord of the Ring" spoof (as he has done before with "The Council of Elrond" parody with Jack Black and the MTV Awards Gollum acceptance speech).

All in all, this Extended Edition of "The Return of the King" will be a great way to end the Special Edition series. I look forward to watching it.

5-0 out of 5 stars An amazing cinematic accomplishment
I think these films have done an EXCELLENT job of capturing the essence of Tolkien's writings. Once I read the Silmarillion I was completely drawn in. Vividly imaginitive and truly epic story-telling. The films stay true to these themes even with the changes done in the story! I really don't mind them. The Extended DVDs are a must for any fan of Tolkien! I'm anxious to get the third one! For me the Return of the King is THE best film ever made.

5-0 out of 5 stars Best of the BEST!
The entire LOTR Trilogy is out of this world!! Return of the King is definitely the BEST of the BEST!!!!!!!!!! I have read the books hundreds of times and I waited for the movies with great anticipation! Peter Jackson and everyone involved with LOTR did extremely well. Return of the King proves, without a doubt, that the best can only keep getting better!

5-0 out of 5 stars awesome feat of wonder
These films are incredible. I feared the worst (I couldn't imagine how anyone could make these books into film without totally screwing it up, but Peter Jackson and his team did it and did it superbly). I've read the books about 5 or 6 times + the appendices (one has to read the appendices to appreciate the films) + the Silmarillion. Yes Jackson did indeed deviate from the film at different points, but frankly, to do a film that perfectly follows such a long and detailed story would have made for some incredibly long boring film stretches. In other words, what works in a novel doesn't always translate well in film (i.e. Stephen King's "The Stand" Great book, lousy movie). Different form of story telling. Jackson and crew did a tremendous job in staying true to the basic story and if certain characters are missing (like Tom Bombadill)it's because they weren't central to the tale. I noticed the changes, but I wasn't offended by them. I am amazed. Have purchased both extended versions of FOTR and TT. I wait with anticipation for ROTK extended edition (when will it be out? Tell them to hurry). ... Read more

86. The Land Before Time
Director: Don Bluth
list price: $14.98
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Asin: B0000AVHBP
Catlog: Video
Sales Rank: 1127
Average Customer Review: 4.47 out of 5 stars
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Reviews (62)

4-0 out of 5 stars Great Movie, Bad DVD
First of all, the previous reviewer is mistaken, this is NOT a Disney movie but a Don Bluth movie (the one who also made An American Tail). This is a great movie, like An American Tail, and has a great score composed by James Horner and played by the London Symphony Orchestra (with the King's College Choir). The animation is pretty decent, some of the scenes (like the one near the end where Spike and Ducky slide across a shallow pool of water) are very nice. The story is pretty basic, but enjoyable for kids and adults (I saw this as a teen in the theaters). The characters are mostly very cute and charming, especially Ducky and Petri.

And YET, this DVD sucks really bad and no one should buy it. This DVD is NOT widescreen or anamorphic at all. It's pretty shameful when EVEN Disney is making their DVDs widescreen. Furthermore, there are absolutely NO extras on this DVD. I would have especially appreciated to have trailers, tv spots, audio commentary by Bluth (or others), making of feature, etc. At the very least, widescreen and a trailer. Yes, this is a children's movie, but that doesn't mean it has to be fullscreen! It doesn't take much to put in both full and widescreen versions either. The same goes for "The Secret Of NIMH," another Bluth film given the fullscreen treatment.


You'll be happy you did!

5-0 out of 5 stars THE FIRST WILL ALWAYS BE THE BEST!!
The first Land Before Time will always be the best. To me, Part 4 was the best sequel.(I only saw Parts 1-5). This movie descends from being a "family dinosaur" movie. First of all, it tells the simple story of a baby dinosaur being left alone in a touching and vulnerable way. The hatching scene is still memorable. Then, it transits into a whole different thing. Different dinosaurs of different species come together to make the track to the Great Valley. They all had different personalites: a likable pterdactyl trying to learn to fly, a happy-go-lucky water dinosaur, a dominating triceratops, a simple spiked dinosaur, and a brontasaurus who brought out the best in everyone. Also, it seemed to be interesting of how they would trap Sharp-Tooth, and how they had names for all the dinosaurs like"long neck". It's so, how do I say, cute? They have all different kinds of adventures, and a great lesson in friendship.

I still can't understand how so many sequels were made. What's so different about them? Sequels 2-4 were good, but after that the plots were all just deja vu. It's always about dinosaurs, or change, or metoers, or whatever. It sounds like they just teach the same lessons over and over: the benefits of friendship. If you liked this movie, you might want to see Parts 2,3,and 4. See, the sequels just ignore the plots of the last, and start a big cliche all over agian. I hear they'll be a part 8. It should be called The Land Before Time: Enough Already!

So, please see the land before time,one of the most decent animated films I've ever seen. It'll be worthwhile. I guarentee.

5-0 out of 5 stars Amazing
george lucas and steven speilburg film. The first one is the best. Great music, great narrator, awsome story line. All kids will love this.

5-0 out of 5 stars outstanding
This movie is definitely a five star movie. Everyone should watch this movie and I know they will enjoy it as much as I do. I own ever movie that has came out and I can watch them over and over.

5-0 out of 5 stars I was born the year it came out
This movie was one of the first movies that I saw. It was one of the best movies and is still today. I have seen all of them except the newest one. This movie is a classic. you should buy it for your kids. Happy anniversy! ... Read more

87. The Lion King - Special Edition
Director: Rob Minkoff, Roger Allers
list price: $24.99
our price: $24.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00008VPUP
Catlog: Video
Sales Rank: 1795
Average Customer Review: 4.6 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan essential video

Not an ideal choice for younger kids, this hip and violent animated feature from Disney was nevertheless a huge smash in theaters and on video, and it continues to enjoy life in an acclaimed Broadway production. The story finds a lion cub, son of a king, sent into exile after his father is sabotaged by a rivalrous uncle. The little hero finds his way into the "circle of life" with some new friends and eventually comes back to reclaim his proper place. Characters are very strong, vocal performances by the likes of Jeremy Irons, Nathan Lane, and Whoopi Goldberg are terrific, the jokes are aimed as much (if not more) at adults than kids, the animation is sometimes breathtaking, and the music is more palatable than in many Disney features. But be cautious: this is too intense for the Rugrat crowd. --Tom Keogh ... Read more

Reviews (339)

5-0 out of 5 stars Well worth your hard earned money
This new two disc set for the Lion King is yet another masterful DVD production job by the Disney folks. The video and audio quality are top notch, with plenty of choices how to see the film (both original and extended). There are an amazing amount of extras included on disc two, it will take some hunting to find them all, and quite a bit of extra time to view the entire contents. A few are overly self promotional, but there is so much stuff here, just skip to the next item if that bothers you. Some of the games are actually fun too.

With both Lion King and Sleeping Beauty being newly released on DVD right now, if you can only get one of them, there is no question this is by far the better choice. The impressive animation, the story, the fantastic sound, the extras are all superior in this Lion King package. This still isn't my favorite Disney release (Roger Rabbit will always have that honor), but maybe top 5--certainly top 8.

Lion King Platinum is well worth the investment for your DVD collection. Your family will get many years of enjoyment from it.

5-0 out of 5 stars The Lion King
The first time I ever saw "The Lion King" was on September 14th 1995, the day it came out on video. Strangely, I went to all of Disney's releases from "The Little Mermaid" to "Aladdin" (including rereleases of their older classics) but missed out on "The Lion King". Silly me. "The Lion King" is a masterpiece. The film is visually amazing. Some scenes stand out in particular; such as the wild-beast stampede and the opening sequence. The movie wouldn't be completed without the powerful score and songs, composed by Hans Zimmer and Elton John, respectively. The Oscar-winning "Can You Feel The Love Tonight" and the ever-popular "Circle Of Life" are all here. The characters in this movie have also become wildly popular, especially Timon and Pumbaa. The villain, Scar, is the ultimate villian: evil and deceitful, yet wit and sarcastic. In this 2-disc special edition, the film looks like a video-game, in terms of sharpness and clearity. You won't believe of how smooth the image can be. "The Lion King" is a movie that deserves all the praise and success that it had gotten.

5-0 out of 5 stars Earns its place among the old Disney classics
Animation films are incredibly tricky. Adults(or just mainly uptight people view animated films as kids only. However kids see them as great pieces of film that they "get". For once, Disney gets it right. This was really a powerhouse film when it came out and held the record for the biggest animated film of all time(until recently when a so-so film about finding a fish called Nemo came out).

Simba is a young lion in the Serengeti(they call it the Pride Lands though) who just can't wait to be king. However, he's a mischievous little cub who gets into trouble a bit easy. When a terrible tragedy strikes, Simba exiles himself where he meets a warthog and meerkat and develops a carefree lifestyle. Now an adult, he returns to the Pride Lands to reclaim the throne from his evil uncle, Scar.

Sounds a bit like Hamlet huh? But you won't care. Many impossibly catchy songs, funny moments and jokes and words that even appeal to adults(do you really think a kid would understand "illustrating the differences in your royal mangerial approaches"? Exactly.)

Voice acting is top notch, animation is absolutely gorgeous, and it's done by hand by the way, none of that Finding Nemo/Toy Story/A Bug's Life CGI stuff. There's a reason why this is considered the best Disney film but you owe it to yourself to find out why.

5-0 out of 5 stars This is NOT a violent movie for kids
I'm sorry, but if you found this movie to be too violent for kids over the age of five, then you're robbing your children of a valuable experience. Yes, there is death. Yes, it is not a safe and simple death. But kids CAN handle it. An evil man killed a great man. It's not a theme that kids should enjoy, but it's one that is of particular resonance to us as Americans. This movie is simple, beautiful and moving- seemingly one of Disney's last treasures. While the Broadway show may be even more moving, this movie has the power to move us. I hope you'll see it if you haven't. I hope you'll let your kids watch it if you haven't. And I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I have. Humbly submitted, -Matt Calcara, Overland Park, KS

5-0 out of 5 stars Best movie of all times
I really love this movie it was so cute and the songs were great I gave my neice this movie when she was born and she watches it all the time and she is 7 years old now Thanks to everyone who created it your the best ... Read more

88. The Chronicles of Narnia - The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
Director: Marilyn Fox (II)
list price: $19.95
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Asin: B000069CFC
Catlog: Video
Sales Rank: 4435
Average Customer Review: 4.58 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

In a misty London train station, four siblings await their journey to the country, a place to avoid the bombs of World War II, a place where one boy imagines nothing ever happens. As it turns out, the old professor's spooky country house is ripe for exploration. Lucy, Edmund, Susan, and Peter's adventures begin when the back wall of a fur-coat filled wardrobe opens up into the magical world of Narnia, where, because of the malevolent White Witch's spell, it is "always winter and never Christmas." Before long, the children (the Sons of Adam and Daughters of Eve) are participating in an epic, allegorically Christian battle between good (Aslan the lion) and evil (as represented by the diabolical White Witch, played with wonderfully hideous zeal by Barbara Kellerman).

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, first published in 1950 and designed to be the second book chronologically in the Narnia series, was faithfully, painstakingly adapted into a BBC TV series, and then edited into a feature-length film in 1988. The snowy landscapes of Narnia are lovely, but youngsters accustomed to stunning silver-screen special effects may pooh-pooh this rather slow-moving, homespun production, with humans dressed like beavers, a large stuffed-animal-looking lion, and oddly patched-in Disneyesque animated winged creatures. Still, there's an arresting sweetness and simplicity to this fantasy adventure in two episodes (59 minutes and 110 minutes) that suit this old-fashioned, well-loved classic to a T. --Karin Snelson ... Read more

Reviews (77)

3-0 out of 5 stars Great to see, but could have been better.
I love the books, and think of them as some of the best literature ever written. I enjoyed watching the animated movie as a kid, but longed for something that was more real- namely, live action. And in an age when Harry Potter is big, and The Lord of the Rings has been updated into live action from it's original animation, why not also Narnia? And here it is.

It kept very close to the book, which was helpful. And it is overwhelmingly British- which is just right, since Lewis was British and wrote about British children. This is a production that needed to be done in England to do it right. The acting is certainly superior to anything you see in Harry Potter, thank God- these children can actually act, and emote. But as many have pointed out, the special effects really drag the movie down. It's a bit odd, as the movie obviously has the money for location shooting that put it above a high-school project. But every little while through the movie, you see bits that look like high-schoolers plugged sequences in. The beavers look like people in costumes, with make-up. There's no attempt to hide that they are people. The wolf transforms (very sloppily) from a dog into a guy in a wolf costume, who doesn't look scary as much as humorous. A bit of Babe or Animal Farm (live-action version) technology, with talking animals, would have done well here, and not have been that hard to do. And the painted mythological creatures are really badly done. A computer would have touched this up very easily, very cheaply, to make the special effects realistic- or even some costumes for mythological creatures.

The telling point is a final fight scene between Peter and a wolf, in which the background suddenly changes, inexplicably, into a set for a play, throughout the entire fight. It was then that I realized that this would make an excellent play. There was nothing wrong with the acting, or costumes, or sets, were this a play. It just doesn't measure up to what we have come to expect from movies or even TV.

5-0 out of 5 stars Wonderful and Magical
I have all three of the Chronicles of Narnia video sets - The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe; Prince Caspian and The Voyage of the Dawn Treader; and The Silver Chair, having been given them as gifts at least 7 years ago. I am shocked that these are now currently not available, especially with the current Harry Potter craze. The Chronicles of Narnia are wonderful stories for children and adults alike and these British productions from the late 1980s of four of the seven C.S. Lewis books are wonderful and magical. I thought I recalled still seeing these in the PBS Video Catalogs from time to time - I could be mistaken though. Even though I already have these tapes, I hope they are re-released soon for others to enjoy!!!

2-0 out of 5 stars Bad Beginning....
This no-budget production from the BBC fails to live up to the production values of films made 100 years ago. Shoddy production design offers us absurd anthropromorphic animals of the stage-horse variety. The problem is not the budget - I offer the example of John Coates's "The Snowman", which opens with a simple shot of a man entering a wintry wood overlaid with a voiceover, all you need to create an atmosphere of impending enchantment. Instead, the producers foolishly try to emulate Hollywood-style visual effects on a shoestring budget. The results are depressing. The truth is, even with a huge budget, no one involved with the design and execution of this telefilm would be capable of creating a memorable visual.

The 4 children playing the leads are chubby and indolent looking. They consistently seem to be blissfully unaware of the fact that they are being filmed - were they chosen randomly from the nearest grade school? Aslan is a lifeless animatronic head which rasps out his lines via poorly synched voice over.

However, the first 30 minutes or so are wonderful, the minimally made up Mr. Tumnus the clear highlight. The score is very good, from the same composer who scored the deservedly praised BBC "Brideshead Revisited". The text of the telefilm is also very accurate to the text and Christian religious themes of the novel by CS Lewis.

This series gets better with each outing though: "Prince Caspian" ekes its head a little beyond its predecessor, "Dawn Treader" surpasses both by leaps and bounds and finally "The Silver Chair" carries itself with considerable aplomb and charm, despite some very poor designs and effects.

Overall, a decent warm up for the curious before the real thing hits cinemas Christmas 2005.

1-0 out of 5 stars not very good
this movie wasn't even interesting, it is just a waist of money!

5-0 out of 5 stars Immerse your child and yourself in Narnia
Excellent video production by people who love and respect C.S. Lewis and his Narnia Chronicles. My son likes this particular story of the series the best (so far) and after reading it, we watched this show. The book was enhanced by it, not diminished. Wonderful sets, actors and dialogue. It may be a bit intense with the White Witch scenes as the actress plays it to the hilt, but either holding hands or the fast forward button soon remedies the few minutes of nasty old witch harmless. The Brits know how to make the ultimate Narnia show. Get the DVD if you can. ... Read more

89. Blade Runner
Director: Ridley Scott
list price: $14.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 6300146154
Catlog: Video
Sales Rank: 2361
Average Customer Review: 4.8 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (5)

5-0 out of 5 stars A wonderfully dark film!
Blade Runner tells of human-like robots which are in danger of gaining emotions and becomming too human to exhist by human laws. I loved this movie when I first saw it and I find it wonderful to notice in the background the company logos (which at the time were powerful up and coming companies) of which most are out of business (though Atari has made a comeback). The soundtrack sets the tone and the weather (which it always is raining in the film except for the very ending) also keep things looking bleak. I do enjoy the directors cut cause I am a big fan of Widescreen... but that is the only reason I like it. I wish they had kept the narration (or at least had a two sided disk so a person could chose to have the original unedited narration or the directors cut version). I know some people think the narration is the studios way of saying that the audiance cannot understand the film without dumbing-it-down with narration. This is definitily not the case. The narration reminds me of those old TV Cop dramas where the cops thoughts are always stated as the action is happening. I do feel that it adds to the film. I highly recommend the movie regardless of which version you see. Rutger Hauer is my favorite.

4-0 out of 5 stars A Dirty Future run by Businessmen and Politicians
It is never enough for the powerful: in this film they manufacture people and then "recall" them like Chevy did the Vega... but we find that people aren't machines even when they are manufactured. The man who is called to track down the last of the androids falls in tough love with the last best of her breed!

5-0 out of 5 stars Dark Sci Fi at its best
A truly fabulous cinematic work, I only wish it was still available for purchase. Philip Dick would be proud of the adaption of his novel. Vangelis renders a beautiful score. No one does it better than Rutger Hauer.

5-0 out of 5 stars A depressingly dark moody film that makes you think.
I have both versions, the original release with Ford's voice over, and the "Director's" cut (which is surprisingly, shorter than the original). Of the two, I tend to prefer the original.

Purists tend to find the voice over of the original distracting and un-necessary, but I find it adds to the mood.

I love the cinematography.

It also sports early or first appearances of many now well known actors.

I would consider this movie to be within my top favorite movies.

5-0 out of 5 stars The very best science-fiction/action/romance ever made.
Okay, the voice-over detective's dialog is hokey, but I love it; it's Sam Spade with smog. Years after the original release, the movie isn't dated or tired. It may always be my favourite flick. ... Read more

90. Digimon - The Movie
Director: Shigeyasu Yamauchi, Minoru Hosoda, Mamoru Hosoda
list price: $9.98
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Average Customer Review: 3.76 out of 5 stars
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Like the similar Pokémon craze, the animated Digimon TV series has spawned a full-length theatrical film. The two phenomena are similar: kids collect monsters and go on adventures. While Pokémon has a sense of odyssey and a wisp of a moral, Digimon is flat-out rough-and-tumble adventure. Can an adult figure out the digi-details of the digi-world? Here's a digi-shot. That world is full of evolving monsters that live and fight in their own ways. The digi-world and real world can intermix, and one of the portals is the Internet. So kids sit at their laptops and fight with their digi-monsters in an abstract environment that looks like something from Tron but with none of the cool. The first 50 of 83 minutes is backstory that takes place eight years earlier. So everyone is grown up (as the time frame leaps over all the original Digimon TV shows), and Digimon and humans interact on Earth. A bad digi-virus is bent on revenge, and it will take more than a laptop to defend the planet. That said, if the end of the world ever looms, a golden digi-egg will be a good thing to have. (Ages 6 to 12) --Doug Thomas ... Read more

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4-0 out of 5 stars Digimon: Digital Monsters - True Stories of the Movies
Before I talk about THIS movie, I should let all you Digimon fans know about a few other things about the Digimon movies: . . .
* In the original Japanese version, there are 7 Digimon Movies, the first two are involved with Season 1, with the origin of the Digi-Destined (translated into here), the Battle with Diaboromon on the Internet where WarGreymon & MetalGarurumon DNA-Digivolve into Omnimon (translated here) and the third movie, in the middle of Season 2, where T.K. & Kari, Davis, Yolei & Cody meet Willis (finally translated). All 3 movies had various scenes cut-out as there was not enough money to make a 2hr Movie - with movie 3 having the MOST cut-out scenes, having the older Digi-Destined captured. The animation, unfortunately, is not better than the TV Show, but its movement is slightly improved. The voices do okay, but not as well as the TV Show.
The other 4 movies, beginning with the 4th Movie "Diablomon/Diaboromon Strikes Back" is set after the Digi-Destiend defeat MaloMyotismon, and they are havinga battle against Diaboromon's Baby forms who converge into Armagemon. Omnimon/Omegamon and Imperialdramon Fighter Mode cannot beat him, until Omegamon's body of energy becomes Excalibur the Sword, transforming Imperialdramon into his Paladin Mode and defeating Armagemon.
Movie 5 & 6 have not been translated and are involved with "Season 3: Digimon Tamers", the 5th Movie (in the middle of the Season between eps 18 & 19) has Takato, Henry & Rika fighting Mephitsomon-Galfmon, who attempts to controil the world with V-Pets. And the 6th Movie is set after Season 3, with more of the TV Characters fighting an evil Parasite digimon controling a train Digimon who runs amuck in the Real world.
The final 7th Digimon Movie, "Revival of the Ancient Digimon" is set in the middle of "Season 4: Digimon Frontier" where the Digi-destined come across an island where human-type and beast-type digimon war against eachother and the children must stop the deception.
All the Digimon are less than an hour, running for either 3O mins or 51 mins. However the animation in movies 5-7 is better but looking closer to the show. It would've been better if they did Movies 1-2 first, then 3-4 as a sequel, followed by 5-6 for a third movie and putting 7 as a bonus feature.

5-0 out of 5 stars way better than pokemon any day!
I really liked this movie!! it was awsome!!! here's my review

Digimon the movie is a three part movie. It begins when the digi destind Tai,kari,matt,joey,sora,mimi,izzy etc. well, it's stars with younger tai and kari. One night their computer does something weird and makes a digi egg or whatever it's called. later it hatches a digimon and it keeps evolving. and thats all for this part.

Part 2. It begins with this evil digimon (forgot it's name) causeing a HUGE virus! Tai Izzy and the gang have to stop it before it destroys the whole internet.

Part 3 Its starts off with all the digimon characters includeing, Tai,kari,davis,etc. (no ken) They meet this kid from america (sorry I'm so bad with names) His digimon keeps attacking him because (warning spoiler) the evil digimon virus is inside him and trying to get them to help him. So they all try to defat it.

An thats all the info for now. now for my comments. This movie had alot of action and some comedy! it was funny! Now notice it's rated PG theres a reason. The action is violent and might sacre kids hmmm maybe under 7 I guess. so, yeah.

Now I her that this is another pekemon craze WRONG!!! people say oh digimon is a pokemon copycat again WRONG!!! FYI people digimon came first!! The dub just came out later so take note of that! and now to stop my ranting. anyways this was a freat movie!! way better than pokemon any day! I'm 11 now and still like digimon. yeah I know you think it's insicure for some my age likes digimon but it really isin't. This is a great movie/tv series great for the whole family! The movie and art is great! so buy this! or atleast rent it!

5-0 out of 5 stars Well...
First let me say: You will either love or hate this movie and series. For Pokemon fans, it will be a boring Pokemon clone. For those of us with less narrow minds, or who don't mind watching well-done movies for the younger generation, it is a highly origional (Despite some serious monster look-alikes with pokemon) well-done series. The characters are much more filled in than pokemon, and have more on their minds then "catch them all lets battle yay i love my pikachu" On the whole, though I rather enjoy pokemon, Digimon has a magnificent and powerful storyline (for a kids show) and I recommend this: If you like Pokemon a lotlotlot, think twice before even renting this :)

1-0 out of 5 stars Take my advice....
...Don't even rent this peice of crap. It's sooooo dissappointing, cause the show is really good. but the movie sucked.

5-0 out of 5 stars digimon is so cool
I loved the movie but its not only 3 movies in japan they made 7 already and are making the 8 movie I know cause I made a little research and have found the other movie I dont have them, but I know the web site were you can find the other 3 movies.I also dont know if there doing to air in USA.

the web site is ... Read more

91. Tuck Everlasting
Director: Jay Russell
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Average Customer Review: 4.32 out of 5 stars
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Walt Disney Pictures' TUCK EVERLASTING, a timeless and enchanting adventure about one girl's magical summer, will captivate audiences of any age. Young Winnie Foster, stifled by the formality of her proper life and domineering mother, escapes into the woods only to get lost. Soon she happens upon Jesse Tuck -- a boy full of life and adventure who's unlike anyone she's ever met -- and falls in love.The Tucks, a kind and generous family, have a powerful secret -- a spring that holds the magic of everlasting life. And now Winnie must choose to live life as she knows it or drink from the spring. It's a life-affirming adventure that will cast its irresistible spell over you again and again. ... Read more

Reviews (90)

5-0 out of 5 stars "Captivating Tale of Love, Immortality, and Choices We Make"
Even though I teach middle school, I had not read this book. My students mentioned it often however, and as an instructor of Greek mythology, I became curious about the story when I learned its basic premise was immortality. (I have been told that there was much less a love interest between the teenagers in the book, however this emendation certainly lends a magical spark to the timeless story.) Upon seeing the movie, I can recommend it not only for its excellent treatment of this subject, but also as a film the whole family can enjoy and discuss afterward.

In brief, this is the story of those (the family Tuck) who would seek to live forever. Unlike the mythological Tithonius however, who was granted everlasting life without eternal youth, the Tuck family becomes immortal from the moment they drink of the mystical pool at the foot of an ancient tree--a tree that will lend a poignant and touching climax to the end of the film.

Suffice it to say, the acting is wonderful. High profile heavyweights such as Ben Kingsley, Sissy Spacek and William Hurt give predictable sterling performances. Victor Garber (Alias; Annie) is also excellent as the wealthy father. But Alexis Bledel (Gilmore Girls) as Winnie Foster is simply disarming. She is convincing and superb in her effort to balance her desire for love in a life outside of time, with her responsibility to live the life intended for her. The talent of the cast, as well as the curiosity of the storyline makes for few dull moments, and the conclusion left me with one wet Kleenex!

This is a beautiful film--from the scenery, to the music, to the performances, to the plot. Yes, it might be simplistic and predictable, but it would take a crusty old grinch to say that this ninety minutes wasn't thoroughly delightful, and time well spent.

In the end, the age-old questions remain--is immortality all we would dream it to be? Is it quantity, or quality of life that is important? Does living forever make one unique and privileged, or does it (as Tuck would say) make one merely a rock stuck in a mud bank beside a flowing stream? And where does love fit into this equation? Is being given the love of your life, or loving the life you're given the more appropriate choice? The answer is found in Winnie's final decision on whether or not to drink from the eternal pool--a decision I could not have made.

5-0 out of 5 stars Much better than the Country Bears!
About 2 to 5 weeks ago, I was watched the Country Bears, and found it a bad film by Disney, and now they have made it up, they made and came with this movie called "Tuck Everlasting". Which is about a girl that meets teenageer that is 104, and I must say that for being 104, that Jessie Tuck looks better good for his age. The girl is 15 years old and her name is Winfred. The Tucks are immortal, becuase they have discorved a a pond, that makes them living forever, even if they fall, and don't get hurt, or shot but not get hit. As the movie opens, Winfred "Winnie" Foster (Alexis Bledel) has met a stranger in a yellow suit, who is looking for the Tucks. Her parents decide to send her to a school that would manners. She doesn't want to go and runs away from home, and his lost in the woods and she runs into Jessie Tuck (Jonathan Jackson), who tells her to get out of the woods and to go home. But she runs, and runs into Jessie's grumpy brother Miles (Scott Barrstow), who takes her to his mom (Sissy Spaey). Who tells Miles to get his father (William Hurt) from fishing, because "he'll" not what to do with Winnie. I would reccomend this movie to you on dvd, if you love movies in "letter-box" fromat, and if you don't, then you will have to settle for the video tape edition, but a word of warning, if you get this on dvd, there are trailers for other movies like George of the Jungle 2 and Inceptor Gadge 2.

5-0 out of 5 stars Love this movie
I love this movie! it is a great film...maybe better then the book. i cried for hours after i watched this movie (which is a good thing) if you like sad movies you'll love this!!!

3-0 out of 5 stars Tuck Everlasting
Tuck Everlasting sure is everlasting.The movie isn't completely terrible.It really explores life and death but it takes to long.The whole time I kind of felt bored.The plot is good but I don't think it or the book it was adapted from are all that great.Maybe this just isn't my kind of film but it just took forever to get to the climax and it was only 90 minutes.The acting definetly isn't Oscar winning; the only great performance was by Sissy Spacek.The dialogue is of course compatible to this kind of movie but I still didn't really like it.It was a little better than I thought it would be, though.If you are interested in living forever or dealing with death or your just a kid you may like it more than the rest of us out there.To add to everything else I didn't really like the time setting.Check this one out if you want to be bored.Young Winnie Foster, stifled by the formality of her proper life and domineering mother, escapes into the woods only to get lost.Soon she happens upon Jesse Tuck- a boy full of life and adventure who's unlike anyone she's ever met- and falls in love.The Tucks, a kind and genorous family, have a powerful secret- a spring that holds the magic of everlasting life.And now Winnie must choose to live life as she knows it or drink from the spring.

"Like the Tuck family themselves, this movie just goes on and on and on and on"
-- Larry Carroll, COUNTINGDOWN.COM

4-0 out of 5 stars the story is a bit thin but some scenes are simply powerful
It was not as great a story or character development as I could have hoped for, but overall I was not dissapointed. The scenery was beautiful, the 2 main characters also were beautiful and they had some powerful scenes between them.

The scene of him helping her in the water because she cannot swim is one of the most romantic and touching few minutes of film I have ever seen. ... Read more

92. Tall Tale
Director: Howard Storm
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Average Customer Review: 4.54 out of 5 stars
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Screen favorite Patrick Swayze (GHOST, DIRTY DANCING, POINT BREAK) stars in the fun-filled, action-packed hit TALL TALE: THE UNBELIEVABLE ADVENTURE. There's rousing, rollicking adventure as the dynamic Pecos Bill (Swayze) teams with larger-than-life heroes Paul Bunyan and John Henry to help a brave young man in the fight against a greedy land-grabber (Scott Glenn -- BACKDRAFT, HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER) who'll stop at nothing to get his hands on the deed to the youngster's family farm. Together, they set out on the incredible journey of a lifetime, where there's action, excitement -- and danger -- around every turn! Packed with fun and adventure in legendary proportion, TALL TALE is a rip-roaring good time that's sure to entertain everyone! ... Read more

Reviews (13)

5-0 out of 5 stars Tall review for a tall tale
Great feature film for children who read and imagine about the wild west and frontier families. This movie threads the myths of Pecos Bill, Paul Bunyon and John Henry extremely well. It is a full story for the character of the young hero. The message was powerful and full of beliefs that children have, but not enough opportunities to practice - the practice of self and justice in the face of villians who claim authority as justice. Children know better and this film is their voice. It is very entertaining. Great for the whole family - including teens.
Thank you Disney!

5-0 out of 5 stars The Code of the West
This movie grows on me more and more each time I watch it. It would be worth watching just for spectacular scenes like John Henry holding back a locomotive single-handed, or Pecos Bill lassoeing and riding a twister. It has more, though. It has the Code of the West ( Respect the land, defend the defenseless, and never spit in front of women or children.) It also has the message to never let "progress" bulldoze the dream of what is right, and good, and true.
It used to confuse me that the West was embodied in Pecos Bill, the North in Paul Bunyan, and the South in John Henry, while the East was unrepresented. Then it hit me. The East is represented by the villains, the frock-coated, carpet-bagging, Yankee reptiles that are out to destroy the land. After all, as the chief villain points out, there is no Code of the East- only Profit at any cost....
Alot of this film isn't exactly "politically correct." It actually shows, fighting, gun-toting, drinking, and cigar smoking. Why, if a youngster was to watch it, there is some small chance that he might actually grow up to be a ...MAN!

5-0 out of 5 stars Love it and I am 55
Great for all ages, more movies like this one need to be made. I enjoyed the old stories so well, I am buying it for my grandkids. Also getting them the books, these stories need to be kept alive.

5-0 out of 5 stars An Entertainment for Family
Patrick Swazye, Oliver Platt, and Roger Aaron Brown help Nick Stahl fight off three grave robbers and save his farm from being part of a railroad indusutury. When I watched it for the first time I thought it deserved 5 stars.

5-0 out of 5 stars Suprisingly Good and Entertaining Family Movie
My family has watched this film numerous times and never grow tired of it. It is very well done. A tale well told. Fun and actually teaches a few things along the way. Patrick Swazey is terrific in this movie. We love it. ... Read more

93. Return to Never Land
Director: Donovan Cook, Robin Budd (II)
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Asin: B00005JKX3
Catlog: Video
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Average Customer Review: 3.78 out of 5 stars
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The magical enchantment of Peter Pan is back in RETURN TO NEVER LAND, "a charming successor to the classic" (Julie Washington, The Plain Dealer, Cleveland). Moviegoers of all ages were dazzled by this all-new adventure full of as much fun, fantasy, and flight as the original! Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, the Lost Boys, Captain Hook, and Smee return -- and you'll meet Jane, Wendy's skeptical daughter, who has outgrown her mother's childhood tales of Peter Pan. Jane no longer believes in magic or fairy tales. But when Captain Hook's pirate ship swoops down upon London and carries Jane off to Never Land, her imagination is set free by Peter Pan himself! The crafty pirate sets a trap for Peter Pan and Tink and only Jane can help. It is up to her to call upon "faith, trust, and pixie dust" to take flight to save Peter and all of Never Land. Featuring marvelous animation, all-new music, and high-flying adventure from start to finish, RETURN TO NEVER LAND is fantastic Disney fun for the young and young at heart. You'll want to return to Never Land again and again! ... Read more

Reviews (92)

5-0 out of 5 stars The continuing story of Peter Pan
This movie begins and takes place in one of the worlds darkest years world war II, Wendy is grown up and has children a daughter named jane. Unlike her mother wendy and her little brother she is a realist and doesn't beileve in fairy tales and most of all peter pan. Until that is one day as she is relaxing on her window bed she is snatched it's captain hook " hello wendy" as jane is trying to explain " but i'm not wendy i'm her daughter jane" but it's too late and now peter pan is coming to the rescue. This movie is enchanting and soon to be a disney classic. the animation is spectacular.
this movie makes me beileve again....think happy thoughts...

4-0 out of 5 stars Pretty darn good!
I am VERY critical of Disney these days. They have turned out so much junk over the past several years that it is criminal. Mainly these sequels of their classics. Such complete failures are The Little Mermaid 2, Cinderella 2, Aladdin 2, Aladdin 3, The Hunchback Of Notre Dame 2, Pocahontas 2 ect. So when I heard a sequel to Peter Pan was coming out I rolled my eyes and prepared for another poor excuse for a movie. To my surprise, Return to Neverland is not only good, but I actually liked it better than the original movie! I can't believe I actually said that! And to think I LOVED Peter Pan was I was younger. This movie has beautiful animation, a pretty decent story, and nice voice acting. My only complaint is the voice of Peter. His voice is WAY too young sounding to fit his character model. Peter has the body of a teenager 15-16 years old. He's slightly more muscular in this than the original. And yet he sounds like he's 8 years old. Another downer is that Peter hasn't matured any. I know he doesn't age any in Neverland but sometimes he just get annoying with his childish antics. He looks too old to be such a brat. The music in this movie is also not so good. You forget it as soon as you hear it. But that aside, I highly enjoyed myself while watching this movie.

4-0 out of 5 stars Spanish version is much much better
Hello: I am also a BIG peter pan fan because I am 19 yeras old I don't want to grow up!! since I was a little girl I have always dreamed of going to neverland, I still have my window open ha ha.

Well this sequel of Peter Pan I enjoy it a lot and is a very special movie to me beacuse it was the day of my birthday when they realesed it, I was very excited I saw it in spanish an I loved it!! the songs in spanish are sang by Tatiana, her marvelous voice makes this movie even better than the original english version and makes extra magic.

If you own the DVD please take a look at the spanish version and listen to the songs.

5-0 out of 5 stars I thought this movie was a good flick and so did my sister
I have never been a Peter Pan fan. I thought Peter was corny. I found this video in my house and I popped it in my vcr and started watching. I had negative thoughts in mind but I watched the whole movie. This movie was pretty good and people stop complaining about the voices, they were fine. Give those actors some credit! I really think this one topped the classic. I mean it is more modern and who needs a boring old classic? I liked this one better and now I became a Peter Pan/Cap'n Hook fan!!

3-0 out of 5 stars Pretty Good, But Could've Been Better.
I absolutly LOVED the first Peter Pan story and was curious to see this as well. I never really though about how a sequel to J.M Barrie's classic Peter Pan would fare, but this movie was decent nonetheless. Peter's voice is different, (young) Wendy's voice is different (I thought so!), Cap'n Hook's voice is different (a little bit), and yes, Mr. Smee and the Lost boys sound different, too! And did mention that Hook managed to rid himself of his minor ticking crocodile problem? Well, with the croc gone, Hook doesn't half to worry about any ticking beast trying to eat him. WRONG! This time, Hook's got a GIANT OCTOPUS to worry about this time! (the octopus was amusing to watch, but the crocodile is funnier).

Overall: Decent, 3 and a half stars for PETER PAN 2: RETURN TO NEVERLAND. Hey wait a minute! Where's Tiger Lily? I thought she was cute!

My advice: If you really want a TRUE sequel created by Disney, buy The Rescuers Down Under Gold Collection DVD (it may very well ALWAYS be Disney's greatest sequel! ... Read more

94. The Incredible Shrinking Man
Director: Jack Arnold
list price: $14.98
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Asin: 6300987582
Catlog: Video
Sales Rank: 7960
Average Customer Review: 4.73 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (15)

5-0 out of 5 stars Stands with the Best
Featuring a no-name cast, a ludicrous title, and coming at the height of 50's camp, it's understandable how this little gem got lost in the shuffle. Nevertheless, the story continues to unnerve after all these years, reaching down to deepest fears about ordinary processes gone suddenly awry. Seldom has middle-class complascency been so eerily attacked as when we witness the husband's role and breadwinner's status shrink slowly out of sight amid an Ozzie and Harriet living-room. Cult director Jack Arnold makes the most of a modest budget, deploying the special effects in highly suspenseful fashion. Here the effects mean everything as Robert Scott Carey's descent into ever smaller worlds exposes him to fresh terrors among the commonplace, and it's truly odd to transition from normal surroundings into a subterranean world at the same time the former becomes alien to both him and us. Other sci-fi classics of the period threatened us with external enemies to which the military was an appropriate response. A few threatened internally with a loss of personal identity. This movie, I believe, is the only one to threaten with a loss of significance. It's horrifying to think that physical size is more important to our evaluations than simple humanity. Yet this is what we experience as Carey grows ever smaller and less significant to the normal sized world. We are glad when the wife is finally rid of him. Like Hitchcock, this film confronts us with our own deeper and less desirable emotions.

The battle with the spider is an epic one, showcasing effects that continue to impress, now as then.The central performances are quite good, with Randy Stuart's anguished wife a standout. However, Grant Williams as Carey, deserves special mention. He brings just the right combination of grit and melancholy to a role that demands equal parts of both. Judging from other performances in a brief career, the melancholy came natually to one of the most blandly handsome faces in the business. The scene that lingers for me is of Carey's running through a gantlet of lawn sprays, having learned that the process has started again and knowing that the sprays can soon drown him. Though less well known than other 50's classics such as The Thing or Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Arnold's film (minus the rhapsodic ending) is at least their equal and ranks with the very best of any period.

4-0 out of 5 stars Sci-Fi Classic
When I was about to see this first time around I thaught it would be childish and a little boring but how wrong I was.

This movie's about a buisness man who gets shrunk by a mysterious radioactive myst. Everyday he gets smaller and smaller and his relationship with his family goes on the rocks and finds everyday household objects a struggle. Firstly it's just embrasment of walking down the street and then it turns much worse from his cat to a spider.

At the start it's a little boring as not a lot happens, but it starts to get really intresting when he gets chased by his cat into the celler.

The special effects are stunning for its era and the storyline gets you involved.

A part where the effects really shine is when there's a flood in the celler and Scotts brother and his wife come downstairs. They persume Scotts dead. Scott trys to get his brothers attention when he comes downstairs. He almost steps on his own brother in the process and the scale between the shoe and Scott's pretty stunning.

If you can see this film, do. It's well worth watching especially the later half

5-0 out of 5 stars Gripping Journey Into A Frightening Oversized World
"The Incredible Shrinking Man", is one of the great Sci Fi movie titles from the 1950's thats not as well remembered as other landmark efforts of that time like "The Thing From Another World". That is unfortunate as here we have a really ground breaking effort that not only boasts stunning special effects, but also restrained performances and an interesting premise that is handled with integrity by director and cast. The film of course will always be talked about for the innovative and at times quite frightening process by which the main character shrinks away to practically nothing. Equally amazing in my mind after a viewing of "The Incredible Shrinking Man", is how this film gives us a view of the "normal", everyday world suddenly becoming a dangerous and potentially lethal environment where everyday things like the family pet or a spider in the basement take on life threatening personas.

The story starts out innocently enough with young couple Scott and Louise Carey (Grant Williams and Randy Stuart), who are spending some time on Scott's brother's boat. While Louise is below getting some refreshments Scott notices a strange mist approaching the boat and before he can take cover it envelopes the whole boat and he is covered in a strange glittery substance. It is just passed off as some unexplained happening and then the story jumps ahead six months to when strange developments start to occur. One morning Scott notices that his shirt seems too big for him and blames it on the cleaners. However it is not long before many other strange things begin to happen that arouse real fears in him. Going to his local doctor (William Schallert), Scott gets a clean bill of health and Louise feels that it is simply a lack of proper diet that is effecting her husband. To be sure however Scott is referred to a specialist Dr. Silver (Raymond Bailey), who gauges that Scott is actually loosing height over a number of weeks of examination and tests. The source of this strange occurance is narrowed down to the now forgotten glittery mist on the boat which further testing reveals to be some sort of radioactive body that causes the body to shrink. Dr. Silver injects Scott with a serum that will hopefully stop the shrinking process. Meanwhile the media have latched onto the newsworthy story of the "incredible shrinking man" and Scott and Louise become prisoners in their own home as curious busybodies begin making their life a misery. Scott is replaced in his employment which makes it dificult to live and causes further friction between he and Louise. Soon Scott's shrinking begins again and he experiences a rapid and terrifying drop in size. Back at the house Scott is reduced to living in a doll's house and one day when Louise by mistake leaves the door open and the family cat gets inside a new nightmare begins as Scott is hunted by the now "Giant", cat and after falling into the cellar having to face terrors like a hungry "Giant Spider". Everything in Scott's existence now holds unknown terrors and after Louise believes that Scott has been eaten by the cat he is now all alone with no assistance from anyone. After facing all of these terrors in his own home Scott does make his escape and now too small to be detected by any human beings begins a new existence where survival is his sole aim.

The story of "The Incredible Shrinking Man", may read like your usual sensationalist 1950's science fiction however it is far from that. It presents a quite thought provoking idea that we could all possibly imagine ourselves in. Noticeably absent in this film are the usual 1950's invading aliens or oversized creatures. Instead here the really frightening elements in the story are the simple household features that we encounter everyday like the family cat, a stray spider in the room or a leak in a water heater. Because of the shrinking of the main character these elements take on quite terrifying proportions. Director Jack Arnold wisely stays away from the more sensational potential of this story and in his direction even makes the scene where Scott's wedding ring rolls off his finger a seemingly frightening occurence. The performances here are first class and Grant Williams does a sterling job as the young husband who finds himself fighting for survival in his own home. His fear mixed with developing personal strength intent on survival makes for a great performance. Randy Stuart as wife Louise also deserves special mention as she delivers a well thought out performance as the first disbelieving wife who has to take over the leader role in the household as her husband literally shrinks before her eyes. The cast also features supporting performances from future comedy series regulars in Raymond Bailey and William Schallert who will always be rembered for their work in "The Beverly Hillbillies", and "The Patty Duke Show", respectively. "The Incredible Shrinking Man", contains many memorable scenes that boast special effects achievements that even today still cause amazement. Foremost among them of course are Scott's ongoing battle with the ferocious spider in the celler and his terrifying flight from the clutches of the family cat which is now 10 times his size. Those scenes present images that have rightly gone down into Science Fiction folklore.

Despite the films almost surreal ending which plays almost like a sermon delivered by Grant Williams the rest of the film dates amazing well despite the passage of over 47 years. Even the introduction of computer technology to achieve incredible special effects in my belief has not dulled the sheer genius evident throughtout this gripping sci fi tale. It certainly is one of my favourites of these efforts in the 1950's and deserves to be better remembered. For a thrilling piece of sci fi action from the golden era of these movies in the 1950's you can't get better than Jack Arnold's "The Incredible Shrinking Man".


5-0 out of 5 stars HONEY THEY SHRUNK YOUR MAN .
If you ever applied for an overdraft, you'll know how THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING MAN feels . The poor guy only wants some sun and sugar , alone with his honey ,out at sea . When he gets sprayed with a strange mist , plus a letter with a key informing him that he's in line for a large cash amount, if he buys a toaster . Back home he starts to notice suttle differences in him self . His shirts are too big , his slippers fall off his feet , he can no longer reach his secret magazines on top of the wardrobe . At first he puts it all down to a head cold , but when he has to wear high heals ( and he's not at the club ] to kiss his wife . He decides to see the doc . At first the non addictive antidepressants appear to do the trick , but unfortunately its a brief respite , and all too soon he's falling down the pot again . His shrinking continues until he is forced to move in with a plastic doll , this is fine until her G I JOE boyfriend ,beats the tar out of him .Later he is attacked by a cat , a spider ,and a very nasty letter from the electric company . Smaller and smaller until he as no alternative , but to wander in the great unknown . Earth, space , cleathorps ? who knows . ... Read more

95. The Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers
Director: Peter Jackson
list price: $22.94
our price: $19.49
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Asin: B00005JKZU
Catlog: Video
Sales Rank: 105
Average Customer Review: 4.46 out of 5 stars
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The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers is a seamless continuation of Peter Jackson's epic fantasy based on the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. After the breaking of the Fellowship, Frodo (Elijah Wood) and Sam (Sean Astin) journey to Mordor to destroy the One Ring of Power with the creature Gollum as their guide. Meanwhile, Aragorn (Viggo Mortensen), Legolas (Orlando Bloom), and Gimli (John Rhys-Davies) join in the defense of the people of Rohan, who are the first target in the eradication of the race of Men by the renegade wizard Saruman (Christopher Lee) and the dark lord Sauron. Fantastic creatures, astounding visual effects, and a climactic battle at the fortress of Helm's Deep make The Two Towers a worthy successor to The Fellowship of the Ring, grander in scale but retaining the story's emotional intimacy. These two films are perhaps the greatest fantasy films ever made, but they're merely a prelude to the cataclysmic events of The Return of the King. --David Horiuchi ... Read more

Reviews (1869)

5-0 out of 5 stars Stupendous!
"They don't make movies like that any more." This is reference to Cecil B. DeMille's spectacular remake of THE TEN COMMANDMENTS. I mention one of the few universally acclaimed film epics of all time because with THE LORD of THE RINGS-THE TWO TOWERS,
Director Peter Jackson has staked unchallengable claim to motion picture immortality. Visually the movie is staggering in technological excellence. It seamlessly combinines sweeping photographic grandeur with superlative integration of CGI and modelwork(Claymation & Superdynamation)that humbles even the work
of IL&M, and would have made Ray HarryHausen proud.

Thematically, the story is truly grand and has raised film making--again--to the level of Mythological. Those familiar with Tolkien's literary epic--with rare exception--have been astounded by this director's monumental artistry in cinematically incarnating one of the greatest "stories" ever written.The cast(humans;creatures; monsters;)is brilliantly essayed.(Sean Astin deserves particular recognition as Frodo's "guardian" friend, SAMWISE). The complex plotting is clearly delineated;and ACTION(quest development;battles; epic romance interludes)ranges from apocalyptic to majestic. THE LORD of THE RINGS-THE TWO TOWERS magnificently continues what was begun in THE FELLOWSHIP of THE RING. Peter Jackson has created a unique work of film making that is both artistically wonderous and breath taking entertainment.It is a stupendous achievement.(10 Stars)

5-0 out of 5 stars Incredibly, once again, Peter Jackson does the impossible
From gliding through the Misty Mountains and reliving Gandalf's battle with the Balrog to the Battle of Helm's Deep, the climactic scene of The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, I think that, even though Frodo Baggin's (Elijah Wood) quest is still unfulfilled, a group of hard-working New Zealanders have once again created an epic adventure confection of a movie, full of fantasy, courage, imagination and flair. J.R.R. Tolkien would not have been disappointed.

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, since is a continuing of a story, doesn't stop to introduce us to the quest or the characters from the first part, The Fellowship of the Ring. Beginning right where the first left off, Frodo (Elijah Wood) and Sam (Sean Astin) must continue their quest to Mount Doom and destroy the evil One Ring. Hunting them done is the rascal Gollum (Andy Serkis) but promises to lead them in to Mordor secretely. In Fangorn Forest, captured hobbits Merry (Dominic Monaghan) and Pippin (Billy Boyd) escape from the Orcs and are rescued by Treebeard (voiced by John Rhys-Davies), an ancient ent.

Meanwhile, Aragorn (Viggo Mortensen), Legolas (Orlando Bloom) and Gimli (John Rhys-Davies) enter the country of Rohan. After the miraculous return of Gandalf (Ian McKellan), the four see King Theoden (Bernard Hill). But the king isn't doing too well. He's doing practically everything his servant Grima Wormtongue (Brad Dourif) is telling him. Wormtongue is in league with Saruman (Christopher Lee) and therefore is kicked out of Rohan. Aragorn, Gandalf and Theoden must discuss Rohan's plans to counter Saruman and Sauron.

Saruman is preparing for war, as we've also seen in The Fellowship of the Ring. He has been crossing orcs with goblins, breeding the dreadful Uruk-Hai to launch against Men of Gondor and Rohan. Gondor has it's own problems holding off Sauron's evil army. It all comes down to Saruman against the country of Rohan: A war of 10,000 Uruk-Hai against hundreds of Rohan people. Can Men claim a victory against Barad-dur and Orthanc, the union of the Two Towers?

The Two Towers, for me at least, had a quicker pace and sharper sense of movement than the more-episodic Fellowship of the Ring. Peter Jackson easily presents a film that will keep your attention for the full three hours. In many ways, The Two Towers is a much livlier film than it's predecessor. It takes a deeper look into it's character's own problems, dreams and future, covering many subjects: The war for Rohan, the war for Gondor, the war for the ents, and possibly the most important, the fate of the One Ring.

If The Fellowship of the Ring was a beautiful-looking movie, The Two Towers easily surpasses it visually. With the use of a program called MASSIVE, Peter Jackson and company takes flawless computer animation and simplistically adds it to real-life to create a stunning world. The Battle of Helm's Deep is one of the most memorable scenes of all time, while it uses a fantastic blend of live-action and computer animation. I say it's already got the Best Visual Effects Oscar in the bag. Not just because of the CGI, but with the camera trickery to make the hobbits small and the great backdrops.

I am appalled by the number of reviewers saying that this isn't faithful to Tolkien's book. Everyone should know that books and film are two different media, and should be treated as such. Many things in Tolkien's story would've gone horribly wrong on screen. As Peter Jackson said, if you were to film LOTR page by page, faithful to everything, what you would get is a mess. Many don't realize that what works in a book will NOT work on film. Be happy that you actually have a LOTR movie. Many filmmakers would not have been up to transferring Tolkien's story to the big screen. Jackson did make a few unnessesary changes, but he's a brave filmmaker to actually take on LOTR and still make something this good. Quit whining.

It might need a bit more humanity, but I'd say the chemistry between characters is much more alive and vivid in The Two Towers than with The Fellowship of the Ring. The relationship shared by Gollum and Frodo, or more importantly, Gollum and Sam, works wonderfully. Aragorn trying to convince King Theoden to go to war and the characterization involving Gimli was exceptionally. The Return of the King will see a lot more of this.

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers continues Tolkien's trilogy with very few missteps. It is on every count as good as the first, and in many ways, even better. It could possibly be the most sinister film ever, a banquet of monsters and beasts. It's doing so much better at the box-office than the first, and it easily surpasses it in spectacle. It's still unclear how it will do at the Oscars. Being a sequel, it might not get nominated for Best Picture. However, I'd say it has already sweeped the technical awards. It certainly deserves it.

5-0 out of 5 stars This is the best of the three!!
Usually, the second movie in a trilogy is the weakest. It doesn't have the freshness of the first movie or the finality of the final movie. The Two Towers, however, is the exception to the rule. For lack of a better phrase, it rocks!!! The extra material included in this extended version DVD really fleshes out the movie. After you watch it you'll wonder why Peter Jackson left it out; it makes the movie complete. The fight scenes at Helm's Deep are great, and you forget that a lot of what you're seeing is computer generated. Several new characters are introduced, but you feel like you've known them all along. The best part of the movie is the addition of a Boromir/Faramir scene. Of course, I could be biased. I love Boromir (Sean Bean). This movie is a cinematic masterpiece. It's great!!!

5-0 out of 5 stars Excellent
Not just pasting in deleted scenes, this version was assenmbled from scratch with additional material that add to the depth of this movie. THIS is the version to buy for watching at home.

5-0 out of 5 stars You haven't seen LOTR until you've seen this!
OMG! I love this movie so much, I never put it back in the's always in the dvd player. If you at all liked the original theatrical version, you HAVE to get the extended version. The addded footage completes the story and fills in character developement. And you HAVE to listen to the cast commentary. Dom and Billy are hilarious. And the bonus disks are well worth the money. Forget that...added Viggo footage makes it WELL worth it. Plus, the box is beautiful. ... Read more

96. Clash of the Titans
Director: Desmond Davis
list price: $14.95
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 6304111231
Catlog: Video
Sales Rank: 22029
Average Customer Review: 4.32 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (95)

4-0 out of 5 stars classic Harryhausen epic; finally on DVD
I remember watching this film in awe and rapture the first time when I was at school, studying Greek mythology. This classic good-defeating-evil story is always a dizzying adventure from start to finish.

CLASH OF THE TITANS tells the story of young Perseus (Harry Hamlin - TV's "L.A. Law"), the illegitimate son of the god Zeus (Laurence Olivier). Perseus discovers his ultimate destiny when he is mysteriously transported to the city of Joppa. There, he learns of the fair Princess Andromeda (Judi Bowker), who is doomed to live her life challenging suitors with impossible riddles, given to her by the deformed Calibos.

Perseus solves her riddle, and is about to marry her, when the angered patron goddess of Joppa, Thetis (Maggie Smith), denounces the union and orders that Andromeda be chained to the foot of the sacrificial stone in a month's time, to be fed to the last of the Titans, the Kraken.

Perseus must find a way to defeat the Kraken, and sets off on a perilous quest to discover the answer...

Gorgeous romantic-adventure. Laurence Rosenthal's score perfectly captures the mood of the movie. Ray Harryhausen's stop-motion effects look quite obvious in this new digital age, but serve their purpose wonderfully.

Also starring Burgess Meredith, Claire Bloom, Ursula Andress, Sian Phillips and Flora Robson.

The DVD includes the featurette "A Conversation with Ray Harryhausen", "Map of Myths and Monsters" feature and the trailer. (Single-sided, dual-layer disc).

5-0 out of 5 stars Greek Epic Myth On DVD: Fantasy Of High Calibre
1981: Ray Harryhousen made the special effects, monsters and clay "creations" for this Greek epic myth about the heroic deeds of Perseus. Harryhousen had previously made the magic possible for such films as "Jason and the argonauts", another film revolving a Greek myth, and the sci-fi classic "Earth vs. the flying saucers." Harry Hamlin, tv actor from the 80's series L.A. Law (and a hot hunk I had a crush on as a girl), makes an impressive performance as the confident, toga-wearing, muscle-bound, swordsman Perseus, who defeats monsters, including the three headed dog from Hell and the sea monster Kraken.

British actress Dame Maggie Smith (from Sister Act films and Hook) and the esteemed British actor Laurence Olivier play the roles of the goddess Thetis and Zeus, who are involved in a bitter feud. Zeus protects Perseus, as he is his son by a mortal woman, but Thetis is upset that Zeus shows no mercy to the deformed Calabos, her son, who was once a handsome prince. Calabos has the princess Andromeda (Claire Bloom) under a dark spell. She will be married to the man who solves the nightly riddles she is given. Perseus solves the riddle and becomes engaged to Andromeda. But when the queen Cassiopeia elevates her daughter's beauty above that of their patron goddess Thetis, Thetis becomes so enraged she puts Andromeda in a tight spot. She will be the sacrificial victim for the hunger of the sea monster, the Kraken. Perseus journeys to the Underworld, defeates the snake-haired Medusa and with his friends, the old wise man, the winged white horse Pegasus and a robotic owl (who chirps and buzzes almost like R2D2 in Star Wars). He frees Andromeda, who as the classical myth dictates, was chaind to a rock by the sea, and the ending is a very happy one.

Thanks to the fine acting by Harry Hamlin, whose heroism comes through as shining as Perseus (not to mention his good looks), Andromeda (Claire Bloom), Maggie Smith as the vindictive goddess and Zeus (Laurence Olivier) as an eloquent, authoritarian king of the gods. The London Symphony Orchestra fills the soundtrack with lofty themes, romantic melody and dramatic highlights. One of these highlights is the moment when Perseus tames Pegasus. This film was a classic in the 80's and is still great to watch, especially with the magic of DVD. A must have for fantasy fans, a great addition to fantasy films. Look for "Jason and the Argonauts" with Harryhausen effects, equally a match to this film, although dating from an earlier time, the 60's.

4-0 out of 5 stars not for the new school kids
its hard to say what a child born in the last ten years will think of this film. they'll probably laugh. and realistically unless you're a film student studying stop motion techniques im not sure any adult would enjoy it either. its target audience is children of the seventies who originally saw this film in the theaters as a youth. i am within this group and i love this film. for most 80's kids Clash of the Titans was the first film to convince us that greek mythology was as cool as Indiana Jones. granted, the film took some liberties with the history and added some characters that didnt exist but it was all done with good purpose. even in the 80's the film was really aimed at kids and only Ray Harryhausen's stop motion animation drew in the adults. the story was weak and the acting was passable but visually it was breathtaking even by today's standards.

5-0 out of 5 stars EXCELLENT
This is my all time favorie Harryhausen film. The story and acting are good and the effects are amazing even today! I love the characters here and the creatures from the mythology we all love. This is a great addition to anyone who loves a good escape or a great fantasy adventure! The Dvd presented is pretty good as the digital transfer is good, not perfect but good and the film is in widescreen uncut and in its original form. An A in my book!

5-0 out of 5 stars Simply an excellent viewing experience
"Clash of the Titans" is a movie which I'll never get tired of, no matter how many times I've seen it. It just has it all: a great story, adventure, romance, excitement, mythology, and countless other qualities which make it such an enjoyable film to watch over and over again.

One thing that especially stands out about "Clash of the Titans" is the special effects. I don't care what anyone says, no multi-million dollar CGI special effect can ever be as cool as the stop-motion special effects used in this movie. Some might say that it's dated. Well perhaps it is, but they did such a great job in creating the monsters (especially Medusa) that one can only marvel at them. And the fact that this movie is over 20 years old makes it even more impressive.

The DVD presentation isn't superb but it's definitely more than substantial. Image and sound quality have been improved quite a lot from the old video format. Bonus features are good but one can't help feeling that more could have been included, perhaps some deleted scenes. Still, this excellent movie finally being available on DVD is reason enough to be thrilled. ... Read more

97. The Indian in the Cupboard
Director: Frank Oz
list price: $9.95
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Asin: 6303828035
Catlog: Video
Sales Rank: 10690
Average Customer Review: 3.55 out of 5 stars
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Reviews (20)

4-0 out of 5 stars Good movie.
When you first see Omri, a kid who's short, has messy hair and not the greatest teeth in the world, you don't think anything interesting can happen to him. But something does. His best friend, Patrick, gives him a toy Indian for his birthday. At his party, his brother gives him an old cupboard that he found in the crawlspace of their house. Omri's mother tells Omri that if he can find a key out of her collection, he can have it. He does. It was a key that his great-grandmother gave to his mother.
When Omri carelessly puts the toy Indian into the cupboard and locks it, the toy comes to life.
At first, the Indian (Little Bear) is scared, but eventually learns to trust Omri. Omri gives Little Bear whatever he desires, tools, food, and a hatchett from a knight! However, when he was getting a bow and arrow from an old Indian, the Indian is scared to death--literally! Omri realizes that these "Toys" have real lives and that they aren't something to fool around with. When Patrick discovers Omri's secret, he brings back a Cowboy named Boone. Little Bear and Boone eventually become friends. Omri takes Boone and Little Bear to school (Patrick wanted him to) and Omri displays that he has learned that the "toys" were people by saying "You can't! They're people! You can't use people!" When Patrick was going to show them to friends. Omri's brother takes Omri's cupbaord as a cruel joke and the key gets lost! What's worse, Boone is seriously wounded, and without medical attention, he will die! Omri realizes that Little Bear and Boone's safety and hapiness meant more to him than the novelty of having them. So Omri declares that when the key was found, they were sending Boone and Little Bear home.
The key is eventually found, and Omri is forced to let Little Bear and Boone go. Little Bear and Omri share one last moment, and then he sends them back.
This was a very good movie, at least fo me, and it's a good movie for kids to watch.

1-0 out of 5 stars beautiful book, horrible movie
I remember rushing out to watch this movie when it first appeared in theaters, since I was an enormous fan of the Lyn Reed Banks books. Alass, this movie took what could have been a wonderful adaptation, and turned it into a dumbed-down pile of insipid script and mostly forced acting. When I first saw it, I loved everything about it and immediately fell in love with the boy playing Omri, but now, I realize that his acting is horrible, but it's not his fault. The script is below mediocre; it's pitifully babyish. Lyn Reed Banks's stories had a charm of old-fashioned nostalgia to them, not so with this film. It has been completely modernized, including a few curse words, a relocation to the US, and a total emphasis on stereotyping the characters and making as many comical gags at their expense as possible. I will admit that there are several very touching moments, and even a little educational value to this, since Litefoot plays his character perfectly, and Frank Oz did feel inclined to at least include a song and a few sundry bits of the Iroquois language here. But overall, I would recommend the books over this.

1-0 out of 5 stars Misconceptions of First Nations Peoples
The white family portrayed in this movie is not a normal disfunctional family. The three brothers seldomly argue, the parents are in constant state of bliss with each other living in a beautiful big house in an urban city in the United States of America. This view is a complete opposite of what the First Nations Peoples family life is considered to be and sets up the notion that First Nations Peoples would be better of with the White man's lifetsyle.
The youngest child brings to life a traditional image of an Haudenusaunee toy, decked out in feathers, leather loin cloth and a shaved head, with a magical cupboard given to him by his brother for his birthday. The child's reaction to seeing the toy alive was, "are you a real Indian?" as if they were extinct like dinosaurs. Throughout the movie there is no encounter with a present day First Nations Peoples to balance the movie or to quash the idea of extinction. Once they aquaint each other and Little Bear explains that he is from 1761, he trustingly jumps into the child's hand as the music grows. So historically the White man was always nurturing to the indian, right? In another irony, the boy gives a plot of land. He took his mothers flower box for growing infant plants and even brought a tippi to life so as Little Bear could have a home.
The boy feels the need to educate himself on his new found pet and takes out books on the Iroquois, known officially as the Haudenusaunee (meaning "people of the long house") that are almost as old as Little Bear and are tainted with Eurocentric views on the Haudenusaunee. The name Iroquois came from their enemy, the Algonquin who called them the Iroqu, meaning "rattlesnakes." The French later added the suffix "-ois" to the previous name given by the Algonquin.
When the boy's friend catches on about the 'closet,' his friend puts in a cowboy and brings it to life. This ruff, alcoholic and his horse is fearless and starts yelling out "I'dien?" when he finds out about Little Bear. Once he sees him he starts screaming "Redskin" and the dialogue continues in the same vein, which would be considered unacceptable if the word was "nigger" and it was a clansman that came alive. This Cowboy and Indian brings up memories of the adults' childhoods that are watching the movie with their kids, not correcting their own misconceptions.

5-0 out of 5 stars One of the best movies in the 90's
The Indian in the Cupboard stars Hal Scardino and Litefoot. It is about a boy who turns 9 years old and gets a magical cupboard as a birthday present. And the cupboard brings to life toys. As the movie opens, Omri (Hal Scardino) got a cupboard as a birthday present. But there is no key. So his mom (Linsay Crouse) promises Ormi if he finds a key that works the cupboard she will give it to him. And the key that works is a key that his mom got for her dying grandma (when her grandma had nothing to leave her). Ormi puts in a liitle indian he also got for his birthday for his best freind Patrick (Rishi Bhat).

5-0 out of 5 stars My favorite movie
I was about 9 or 10 when this movie came out. I love everything about it. After I saw it I wanted a cupboard just like the one in the movie with a key and everything. I remember spending hours in the kicthen putting little figurines in the cupboards and seeing if they came alive or not. This is the best movie. I just wish it came in french. ... Read more

98. Yellow Submarine
Director: George Dunning (II)
list price: $19.98
our price: $19.98
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00000JRUB
Catlog: Video
Sales Rank: 946
Average Customer Review: 4.43 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (211)

5-0 out of 5 stars Masterful restoration of 60's Classic
After reading the New York Times article about the restoration process for Yellow Submarine, I had high hopes for this DVD. I was not disappointed.

The color saturation is sumptuous. There are some imperfections, but on the whole this is a first class restoration. If you want appreciate the restoration, look at the original theatrical trailer or the "making of" documentary extras.

The re-mastered audio brings new complexity and detail to familiar Beatle material (even on my strictly middlebrow home entertainment system). The opening a cappella chorus of "Nowhere Man" sounded like it was recorded yesterday.

For a generation that has not seen this film, Yellow Submarine is a perfect time capsule for 60's psychedelic era. The film begins in under the sea in Pepperland, an idyllic musical community, which is attacked by the music-hating Blue Meanies. "Young Fred" manages to escape the attack in the Yellow Submarine, which takes him to England. He recruits the Beatles to return with him to Pepperland to join the battle between the forces of order (the Blue Meanies) and the forces of creativity and love. The plot is pretty much as hokey as it sounds, but it is merely a vehicle for the music, humor, surrealism, artistic and social sensibilities of the psychedelic 60's. And it is there that the movie emphatically succeeds.

The animation is certainly not as sophisticated as some more modern efforts, but it stands up remarkably well. There was a lot of revolutionary (for the 60's) integration of animation and live action. The colors are gorgeous. Visually, this is still a very entertaining film.

If you don't like the Beatles music, or are bored by animation, stay away. If you are on the fence about getting this DVD, buy it. You won't be disappointed. And if you love the Beatles, this DVD should move to the top of your list.

4-0 out of 5 stars Fab
More of a series of Beatles videos than a film, this is excellent for what it is, and it has Beatles music in it, so it can't be bad. I'd forgotten how good 'Nowhere Man' was, in particular, until I saw this again on DVD. George Harrison does a really good guitar solo near the beginning of the song, so top marks to George. The other songs are usually described as lightweight throwaways, although I think that's a bit harsh. 'Hey Bulldog' is fun, and although 'Only a Northern Song' and 'It's All Too Much' aren't as good as 'Eleanor Rigby', they fit the images very well. 'All Together Now' is dire, though. The extra DVD bits are nice to have, but not really worth buying the disc for on their own. The 'Making of' documentary is from 1968, doesn't tell you much, and only goes on for 17 minutes. The commentary is a bit dull too, and Heinz Edelmann only appears for five minutes at the end. The 'isolated music score' simply turns off the speaking voices and sound effects - you don't actually get the full soundtrack in order, you get snatches of George Martin's instrumental music and the Beatles' songs. The remastering is a bit iffy in places - there are film scratches and blobs were there shouldn't be any - and although it could be my speakers, the Beatles' dialogue seems to be drowned out by the orchestral score. As for the film, you've probably already seen it. It looks and sounds wonderful, but it has a long, dull bit in the middle; there isn't really much of a plot; and I still can't make out what the Beatles are saying most of the time. But that's just me. The bit at the end, where the Beatles appear, makes me wince, as they seem so self-conscious and embarrassed.

5-0 out of 5 stars My daughter is 5 and loves it!
I never thought the movie was great until my 5 year old started watching it. I am hooked (or re-hooked on the Beatles). The music and images are far better than anything on TV. Sure, squint your eyes (or ears) real hard and find some type of references to the 60's - but the're not there if you simply enjoy the feast.

My daughter now hums the songs, we have a Beatles poster in her room - - an no more Sponge Bob, Scooby Doo, or those Princesses. YEA!

3-0 out of 5 stars The music was great but the movie wasn't
I just don't get why people love the movie. Yes, the music in it is exeltnet and it did introduce three new great Beatles songs (All Together Now, Only a Northern Song, and Hey Bulldog) but the music OUTDOES the movie. I don't care what other people say, the animation is bad, and the plot is confusing. The movie is really just an excuse to get the Fab Four back on the big screen. They were barly involved anyway. They added three new songs and didn't even do the voices of their characters. THe movie is decent and is worth watching once. I give it three stars becasue the music is good and I like the message that good will always win over evil and greed (even if it has been proven wrong by big corperations taking over everything and MTV manipulating everyone ages 7 - 17 its nice to think good will win out in the end.) If you want a good Bealtes movie I recamend A Hard Day's Night.

5-0 out of 5 stars Perfect for those that keep the inner child alive
Turn off your mind
Relax and
Float down stream

¿Do you wanna watch a movie...
with no blood, no bad words, no nudes, no witchery, no romance, and... no Hollywood?

Sounds boring?

Well, my nephews love this movie. Perhaps it's because it's quite the same style as Sesame Street cartoons. I love it, too. But my pop-music-fan brother... He just can't stand it. It's too psychedelic for his simple mind. Some of my friends hate it, too. But strangely, kids love it! Could it be that there is a something about appreciating this kind of things that most adults seem to loose when they grow up?

If you still can appreciate things like you did when you were a child, you'll love this one. ... Read more

99. Jurassic Park III
Director: Joe Johnston
list price: $9.98
our price: $9.98
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00003CXXR
Catlog: Video
Sales Rank: 1206
Average Customer Review: 3.3 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (655)

5-0 out of 5 stars A heart pumping rollercoaster ride of a movie.
The 3rd installment of the JP franchise is without a doubt that darkest, fastest-moving, heart-pounding, and exciting movie in the film series. Sure the 1st JP is a pure classic and The Lost World tries to recapture the awe of the orginal and The Lost World *tries* to do the same thing but doesn't pull it off very well. Jurassic Park 3 tells you right from the start with a claw ripping through the JP logo that this time the dinosaurs aren't playing around. Sam Neil returns and gives a excellent performance as usual. The supporting cast does well also with William H. Macy and Tea Lenio giving strong performances. The real winners here though are the dinosaurs. As soon as humans once again arrive and disrupt their natural habitat they are just fed up it seems and don't play any games. In the first two films the dinosaurs seem a bit hesitant to eat some good ol' human flesh but, not in this film though. The new bad boy Spinosaurus quickly claims himself as the king of the jungle by taking out one of the legendary actors of the series. (You will seat what I mean) The raptors return badder and smarter. The most immpresive new Dino by far in the flying Pterandons. The special effects are as usual .. amazing. This a perfect addition to any Jurassic Park fan's DVD library.

4-0 out of 5 stars JPIII
This movie is just pure fun. Thats all it is! The series is going to be if not already classic. See these films! Theyre a blast!

3-0 out of 5 stars Newer Dinos Means A Fresh Film
Being a lifelong Dinosaur fan, I had to check out JP///. The trailers were making the movie seem really big and fresh with bringing Spinosaurus in to replace Tyrannosaurus as the starring role as super-predator in the JP series. The film moves at a pretty fast rate which can be good and bad. The Dinosaurs in the film are more believable now that the CGI programmers had the ability to make the Dinos' skin wobble when they moved and to have other parts of their body be in sync with the rest of their body.
The characters really don't have much development in the film which is okay considering you came to see Dinosaurs. But there is just enough character development for the moviegoer to understand each character.
My only gripes are with the film that it just seemed like the Dino action seemed to go downhill as the movie progressed. It starts off very well with the Spinosaurus attacking the plane and then eventually battling Tyrannosaurus (which I was hoping wouldn't show up until the final minutes of the film, giving it a climatic ending). After that, the Dinos seemed kinda sparse and the action shorter and shorter. The raptors also kinda got old. Like with T-rex, the filmmakers should have replaced the raptors with other Dinos. Maybe Baryonyxs? Also some science is forgotten in this film. But they had Jack Horner as their Dino supervisor, so it was a given some wrenches would be thrown in the mix. Also, the film seemed really short. With some newer dinos added to the screen that have never been seen before, I was hoping that they would have some pretty nifty Dinosaur battle sequences and Dinosaur-human encounters.
All in all, while JP/// was, somewhat, of a letdown for me, it still provided the goods for the most part.

4-0 out of 5 stars Redeeming Qualities
Yes, this movie does have some plot holes, and it is not as good as the first movie in the series, but this movie is definitely better than "The Lost World." Somewhat formulaic at this point, but still a decent movie with a simpler and more plausible plot line than the previous movie.

A couple's son is parasailing off the back of a boat off Isla Sorna when something unseen happens to the people driving the boat. The boy's parents, Paul Kirby (William H. Macy) and Amanda Kirby (Téa Leoni), enlist Dr. Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum) to help get the boy back. However, they have to trick Dr. Malcolm into returning to the island, because he, rightfully, thinks being on that island is a very bad idea.

As it turns out, landing a plane on the island was a very bad idea, and now the erstwhile rescuers are running for their lives. Along the way they find Erik Kirby (Trevor Morgan), and the only remaining task is to escape from the island.

Several new dinosaurs are introduced in this movie, including really cool pteranodons and a spinosaurus. The pteranodons act like giant birds, and are appropriately scary. The spinosaurus shows that the tyrannosaurus was not the king of the world. The encounters with the dinosaurs recall the thrills of the first movie in this series and are interesting and enjoyable.

There are a few plot holes in this movie, but fewer than in the previous movie. By keeping the plot simple and having fewer characters with a simpler motivation the movie avoids the incongruities of the previous movie. This movie was more creative and intriguing and favored adrenaline over depth, as in the first movie. The shorter length of the movie also minimizes opportunities to overly analyze the plot, keeping the focus on the action. A sequel not quite as good as the original, but superior to its predecessor.

3-0 out of 5 stars Better than the 2nd, not as good as the first
Good movie. It was an improvment over the 2nd. It has a lot more dinosaurs, which makes it entertaining. If you like the first two, i recommend you to see this one.

Running Time: 93 minutes
Year released: 2001 ... Read more

100. Spider-Man
Director: Sam Raimi
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4-0 out of 5 stars Spider-man spins a complex web of humanity in characters
An excursion to Columbia University science lab transforms the bespectacled Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) with miraculous vision, sculpted body after a genetically-altered spider bits him. He possesses agility in leaping from skyscrapers and can spin webs from his wrist. Henceforth he assumes the identity Spider-man to combat evil manifested in the form of the Green Goblin (Willem Dafoe), a Species-look-alike perpetrator that terrrorizes the city with a glider that drops bombs.

Spider-Man embodies the heroics created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko who had graced the popular Marvel Comics to become an comic icon as a crime-buster - and now the film further increases the fanaticism. It is a US 140 million blockbuster and gaudy with sleek costumes and galvanizing stunts. It is digitally-enhanced F/X to capture panoramic swings in its most realistic and The Times Square action-sequence is one of the most dazzling in cinematic history.

Yet the superhero adventure fails to surprise because of its conventional storyline of good-vs-evil. The self-discovery and mutation renders so much punch that the second-half falls relatively lack-lustre. Fortunately Spider-Man spins a complex web of humanity and empathy for the characters - and Tobey Maguire as the lead is the emotional core who captivates with his vulnerability in handling his growth traumas, doubts and fears. No less sterling is Willem Dafoe who is all hysterics and maniacal in his split personality inherited from the aftermath of a blundered experiment. Kirsten Dunst as his love-interest Mary Jane, James Franco as his buddy and even his uncle Ben played by Cliff Robertson show surprising dimensions.

Spider-Man is thus an evocative tale of a hero struggling with his adolescence, betrayal and murder. And Sam Raimi displays the same sensitivity here with his eariler works like Darkman with his flawed avenger. He directs it with eye-popping visuals like Army of Darkness and the comic hero resonates in its true-self. Its brooding hero is what makes Spider-Man a nifty web - and Maguire has definitely triumphed the cynics with his soulful spin.

4-0 out of 5 stars Spinning A Worthy Web
Spider-Man is an entertaining film that is a great summertime, popcorn movie. The film explores the origins of the transformation of Peter Parker from nerdy high school student to the web slinging superhero Spider-Man. Tobey Maguire is quite good in the title role. He plays the character with the right amount of torment as an outcast who has been put down all his life, but injects pride, joy and happiness into the Peter from his newly bestowed powers. Kirtsen Dunst is Peter's next door neighbor, Mary Jane Watson. Ms. Dunst is not given much to work worth in the character, she is the requisite love interest, damsel in distress but she is appealing in the role. Willem Dafoe is plays the Green Goblin who is the villain in the film. The Goblin's alter ego is Norman Osborne who is the rich father of Harry (James Franco), Peter's best friend and roommate. Mr. Dafoe is perfectly cast as the Goblin and he handles the character's schizophrenic outbursts with creepy aplomb. Mr. Franco plays Harry sullenly and he appears as if he is moping through the picture. J.K. Simmons plays Daily Bugle editor J. Jonah Jameson as a pushy, demanding blowhard who listens only to himself with hilarious results. People have criticized the fighting and action scenes, but they are really no better or worse than most current action films. There are some Matrix like sequences with the slow motion, but these scenes actually help show Spider-Man's spider senses that allow him to anticipate and react quickly to danger. The film was a box office smash and we should expect to see numerous sequels that will hopefully be as appealing as the first installment.

4-0 out of 5 stars ETMR - Spiderman
1. Humanity: What events in the film drove Peter Parker to adopting his vigilante attitude toward crime?

2. Implications: How is Spiderman's understanding of "with great power comes great responsibility" an example of contemporary American thought? Think specifically about the nature of evil and the propensity toward intense individual classification when one's existence becomes threatened.

3. Evolution: Spiderman was a hero born out of the 60s, springing from both the dangers of genetic manipulation and the problems of substance abuse (in the form of Oscorp Chemicals). Raimi makes little mention of the chemical abuse in the story, and paints it in a much simpler picture of the probable evil in man's soul and the strange world of pseudoscience. Therefore, it is obvious that in many ways, the film departs from its traditional conditioning while remaining loyal to the original personalities of the characters. In which ways is Spiderman the hero shown to be a creation of the contemporary age, versus a creation of the 60s, in the film?

4. Realism: America has a long history, not only in comics but in legendary history, of people who take the law into their own hands. If a being like Spiderman existed, could he survive in our real world, or is he only a dream?

5. Stageplay: Spiderman is classicly a cynic, an individual thinker, an avid contemporarian (someone "in" the times), a man of passions (versus someone who could care less), an irreligious jokester and a man who is not sure of his destiny, but lives to succeed. Do you feel Maguire fulfills this role? Some critics say he is too much of a "boy" to fill Spiderman's shoes, while others claim it is his boyishness that charms us into belief. What do you think?

4-0 out of 5 stars Spiderman
This was a good movie with lots of great special effects and action sequences. If you like superhero-type movies you'll really enjoy this family oriented movie. I would recommend this movie.

5-0 out of 5 stars Spiderman, Spiderman, watch this movie when you can
This movie has exceeded my expectataions of it far beyond my belief. Probably because I went in thinking that it would suck. I'm just not into this kind of stuff. Of course, I'm a closet "Batman" fan so I guess it does say something. Anyway, I really enjoyed this movie. The cinematography was awesome! From all the camera dynamics following Spidey's twists and flips, you really felt that you were flying through the air with him. The cinematography also had a warm, upbeat feeling to it. It was one of the main reasons the movie kept my eyes glued to the screen.

The second reason is, of course, the actors. From Tobey Maguire's clumsy but lovable Peter Parker to Kirstin Dunst's beautiful Mary Jane Watson to Willem Dafoe's deliciously evil Green Goblin, the actors most definitely made the movie. The producers certainly picked the right people to handle the characters.

The only downside to this movie was that the opening credits were too long and too boring. ... Read more

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