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  • Babenco, Hector
  • Bacchus, John
  • Bacon, Lloyd
  • Badham, John
  • Baggs, Bill
  • Bailey, John
  • Baird, Stuart
  • Baker, Graham
  • Baker, Roy Ward
  • Bakshi, Ralph
  • Balaban, Bob
  • Baldwin, Peter
  • Ballard, Carroll
  • Band, Albert
  • Band, Charles
  • Barba, Norberto
  • Barclay, Paris
  • Barker, Clive
  • Barker, Mike
  • Barnett, Steve
  • Barnette, Neema
  • Barreto, Bruno
  • Barron, Arthur
  • Barron, Steve
  • Barry, Ian
  • Bartel, Paul
  • Bartlett, Hall
  • Barton, Charles
  • Barzman, Paolo
  • Bass, Jules
  • Battersby, Roy
  • Baumbach, Noah
  • Bava, Mario
  • Bay, Michael
  • Bayly, Stephen
  • Beaird, David
  • Beatty, Roger
  • Beatty, Warren
  • Beaudin, Jean
  • Beaudine, William
  • Beaumont, Gabrielle
  • Beaumont, Harry
  • Becker, Harold
  • Becker, Robert
  • Becket, James
  • Beebe, Ford
  • Beeman, Greg
  • Beeson, Charles
  • Beineix, Jean Jacques
  • Bell, A Dean
  • Bell, Martin
  • Bellamy, Earl
  • Belle, Anne
  • Bellocchio, Marco
  • Belson, Jerry
  • Bender, Jack
  • Bender, Joel
  • Benigni, Roberto
  • Benjamin, Richard
  • Benner, Richard
  • Bennet, Spencer Gordon
  • Bennett, Bill
  • Bennett, Compton
  • Bennett, Edward
  • Bennett, Rodney
  • Benson, Leon
  • Benton, Robert
  • Bercovici, Luca
  • Beresford, Bruce
  • Bergh, Regardt Van Den
  • Bergman, Andrew
  • Bergman, Daniel
  • Bergman, Ingmar
  • Berkeley, Busby
  • Berman, Ted
  • Bernds, Edward
  • Bernhardt, Curtis
  • Bernstein, Adam
  • Bernstein, Walter
  • Berri, Claude
  • Berry, Dennis
  • Berry, John
  • Berry, Tom
  • Bertolucci, Bernardo
  • Besson, Luc
  • Bettman, Gil
  • Bianchi, Edward
  • Bierman, Robert
  • Bigelow, Kathryn
  • Bill, Tony
  • Binder, Mike
  • Bindley, William
  • Bird, Antonia
  • Bird, Brad
  • Birkin, John
  • Bixby, Bill
  • Black, Noel
  • Blair, George
  • Blakemore, Michael
  • Blanchard, John
  • Blasetti, Alessandro
  • Blatty, William Peter
  • Bleckner, Jeff
  • Blier, Bertrand
  • Bloom, Jason
  • Blot, Philippe
  • Bluth, Don
  • Blyth, David
  • Bochner, Hart
  • Boden, Richard
  • Boetticher, Budd
  • Bogart, Paul
  • Bogdanovich, Peter
  • Bole, Cliff
  • Boleslawski, Richard
  • Bolotin, Craig
  • Bond, Timothy
  • Bonerz, Peter
  • Bont, Jan De
  • Boorman, John
  • Borden, Lizzie
  • Borghese, Paul
  • Borris, Clay
  • Borsos, Phillip
  • Borzage, Frank
  • Bowab, John
  • Bowers, George
  • Bowman, Rob
  • Boyd, Daniel
  • Boyd, Don
  • Boyle, Danny
  • Boyum, Steve
  • Bozzetto, Bruno
  • Brabin, Charles
  • Bradshaw, John
  • Bradshaw, Randy
  • Brahm, John
  • Bralver, Bob
  • Brambilla, Marco
  • Brame, Bill
  • Branagh, Kenneth
  • Brand, Larry
  • Brando, Marlon
  • Brandon, Clark
  • Brandstrom, Charlotte
  • Braverman, Charles
  • Breillat, Catherine
  • Breiman, Valerie
  • Bresson, Robert
  • Brest, Martin
  • Bretherton, Howard
  • Brickman, Marshall
  • Brickman, Paul
  • Bridges, Alan
  • Bridges, Beau
  • Bridges, James
  • Bright, Matthew
  • Brill, Steven
  • Brinckerhoff, Burt
  • Brock, Deborah
  • Broderick, Matthew
  • Brook, Peter
  • Brooks, Adam
  • Brooks, Albert
  • Brooks, James L
  • Brooks, Joseph
  • Brooks, Mel
  • Brooks, Richard
  • Broomfield, Nick
  • Brower, Otto
  • Brown, Clarence
  • Brown, Georg Stanford
  • Browning, Tod
  • Bruce, James
  • Brusati, Franco
  • Buchanan, Larry
  • Bucksey, Colin
  • Budds, Colin
  • Buechler, John Carl
  • Burge, Robert
  • Burge, Stuart
  • Burnett, Charles
  • Burns, Edward
  • Burns, Ken
  • Burns, Ric
  • Burr, Jeff
  • Burstall, Tim
  • Burton, David
  • Burton, Tim
  • Butler, David
  • Butler, Robert
  • Butt, Ray
  • Buzzell, Edward
  • Byrum, John
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    $9.98 $8.34
    1. Robin Hood - Men in Tights
    $25.49 $6.94 list($29.99)
    2. The Incredibles
    $39.94 list($24.95)
    3. Hamlet
    4. High Anxiety
    $9.99 $5.99
    5. Motocrossed
    $23.95 list($24.99)
    6. Fantasia
    $19.99 list($19.98)
    7. Johnny Stecchino
    $9.98 $6.47
    8. Goosebumps - A Night in Terror
    $26.00 list($19.95)
    9. The Thing Called Love
    $5.93 list($19.98)
    10. Manon of the Spring
    11. Kicking and Screaming
    12. Night of the Twisters
    $9.94 $8.95
    13. Driving Miss Daisy
    $9.99 $6.50
    14. Life Is Beautiful
    15. Goosebumps -The Haunted Mask
    $19.99 list($9.95)
    16. Looking for Mr. Goodbar
    $9.98 $7.91
    17. The Last Unicorn
    $6.93 $6.05
    18. Beetlejuice
    $33.97 list($9.98)
    19. Bright Eyes
    $9.99 $6.38
    20. Return to Snowy River

    1. Robin Hood - Men in Tights
    Director: Mel Brooks
    list price: $9.98
    our price: $9.98
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 6302946387
    Catlog: Video
    Sales Rank: 19
    Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan essential video

    It's not Blazing Saddles, but there are some chuckles to be found in Mel Brooks's 1993 spoof of the Robin Hood legend. Cary Elwes is Robin (with a lighthearted jab at Kevin Costner's bad English accent in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves), while Richard Lewis plays an angst-ridden King John, and Roger Rees a snotty Sheriff of Nottingham. Comic David Chappelle has some good moments as the only black member of Robins's noble thieves, and Brooks does his own spin on Friar Tuck: Rabbi Tuchman. The song-and-dance sequences featuring a chorus line of the Merry Men ("We're men / men in tights") is vintage Brooks, but otherwise the film can't get any traction. --Tom Keogh ... Read more

    Reviews (115)

    5-0 out of 5 stars A spoof for people who hate spoofs.
    If you're sick and tired of spoofs, especially the dumb ones of today, like "Mafia!" or "Scary Movie", this is the spoof for you. This movie has all kinds of crazy humor that doesn't offend anyone or go over the top, and has a mess of celebrities in it, like the main star, Cary Elwes, and a great supporting cast consisting of Amy Yasbeck, Dave Chappelle, Isaac Hayes, Megan Cavanaugh, and even Patrick Stewart, under the direction of comedy legend Mel Brooks, who also appears in the movie. This movie has all kinds of humor, from humor spoofing modern times, to "secret" humor, to metaphorical humor, and to simply wacky humor anyone can laugh at. Like the Monty Python movies and the Naked Gun trilogy, you'd have to be dead not to find this movie funny.

    So in short, see this movie! You'll laugh till your sides hurt!

    3-0 out of 5 stars It is not one of Mel Brook's best but there are some laughs
    I read that Mel Brook's made this movie because he is facinated with the Robin Hood legend (In particular the Errol Flynn version) Remember "When things were rotten" back in the seventies. He did this movie to poke fun at the Kevin Costner version "Prince of thieves". Apparently Kevin Costner refused to wear tights and as far as Mel Brooks was concern Robin Hood wore tights. I remember one line in which Rabbi Tuckman said to Robin Hood. Robin Hood you just won the heart of the princess YOU PRINCE OF THIEVES YOU!"

    Robin Hood is played the versitile actor Cary Elwese, who has done both comedy and drama. One of his most memorable lines in this movie was "Unlike other Robin Hoods, I have a British accent."

    My main complaint his that many of the Jokes are recycled from previous Mel Brook's movies. The scene with Dom De Louis as a Godfather like character was funny. It was a pretty good immitation of Marlon Brando.

    The actor who played hangman in this movie was also the Hangman in Blazing Saddles.

    Of course Mel Brook's always played a character in his movies. He played Rabbi Tuckman who made money by going to differevt villages performing circumcisions.

    2-0 out of 5 stars Funny?
    I saw this when it was released in theaters. I had hopes for quite a few laughs. Instead there were just a few. Very few. Ever see a "comedy" where you keep waiting for the funny stuff to happen, but it never does? That's what happens with "Robin Hood-Men In Tights".

    4-0 out of 5 stars A Classic Brooks Adventure!
    "Robin Hood: Men in Tights" was the first of Mel's movies that I saw. It was also one of the movies that sealed me as a Brook's fan! Cary Elwes was the classic Robin, with fun pokes at all the various others who had been in the role. The merry men were the funniest group gathered on one screen and the raps that began and ended the movie were a different idea, but still really cool. This movie should be given more credit as a hilarious comedy. In fact, when my school did the musical "Brigadoon' (which takes place in Scotland), a bunch of the guy actors did a parody of "Robin Hood" as a school broadcast commerial. They changed the words of the famous song "We're men in tights!" to "We're men in Kilts". It was classic! If you are looking for a good film, this is it!

    5-0 out of 5 stars Where is the DVD?
    This is one of the funniest movies ever made. If Dracula: Dead and Loving It can make it to DVD, then why not this? Not only that, but it is available in Europe and Australia but not in the US. What are they waiting for? ... Read more

    2. The Incredibles
    Director: Brad Bird
    list price: $29.99
    our price: $25.49
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B0007A2GSM
    Catlog: Video
    Sales Rank: 19
    Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan essential video

    After creating the last great traditionally animated film of the 20th century, The Iron Giant, filmmaker Brad Bird joined top-drawer studio Pixar to create this exciting, completely entertaining computer-animated film. Bird gives us a family of "supers," a brood of five with special powers desperately trying to fit in with the 9-to-5 suburban lifestyle. Of course, in a more innocent world, Bob and Helen Parr were superheroes, Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl. But blasted lawsuits and public disapproval forced them and other supers to go incognito, making it even tougher for their school-age kids, the shy Violet and the aptly named Dash. When a stranger named Mirage (voiced by Elizabeth Pena) secretly recruits Bob for a potential mission, the old glory days spin in his head, even if his body is a bit too plump for his old super suit.

    Bird has his cake and eats it, too. He and the Pixar wizards send up superhero and James Bond movies while delivering a thrilling, supercool action movie that rivals Spider-Man 2 for 2004's best onscreen thrills. While it's just as funny as the previous Pixar films, The Incredibles has a far wider-ranging emotional palette (it's Pixar's first PG film). Bird takes several jabs, including some juicy commentary on domestic life ("It's not graduation, he's moving from the fourth to fifth grade!").

    The animated Parrs look and act a bit like the actors portraying them, Craig T. Nelson and Holly Hunter. Samuel L. Jackson and Jason Lee also have a grand old time as, respectively, superhero Frozone and bad guy Syndrome. Nearly stealing the show is Bird himself, voicing the eccentric designer of superhero outfits ("No capes!"), Edna Mode.

    Nominated for four Oscars, The Incredibles won for Best Animated Film and, in an unprecedented win for non-live-action films, Sound Editing.

    The Presentation
    This two-disc set is (shall we say it?), incredible. The digital-to-digital transfer pops off the screen and the 5.1 Dolby sound will knock the socks off most systems. But like any superhero, it has an Achilles heel. This marks the first Pixar release that doesn't include both the widescreen and full-screen versions in the same DVD set, which was a great bargaining chip for those cinephiles who still want a full-frame presentation for other family members. With a 2.39:1 widescreen ratio (that's big black bars, folks, à la Dr. Zhivago), a few more viewers may decide to go with the full-frame presentation. Fortunately, Pixar reformats their full-frame presentation so the action remains in frame.

    The Extras
    The most-repeated segments will be the two animated shorts. Newly created for this DVD is the hilarious "Jack-Jack Attack," filling the gap in the film during which the Parr baby is left with the talkative babysitter, Kari. "Boundin'," which played in front of the film theatrically, was created by Pixar character designer Bud Luckey. This easygoing take on a dancing sheep gets better with multiple viewings (be sure to watch the featurette on the short).

    Brad Bird still sounds like a bit of an outsider in his commentary track, recorded before the movie opened. Pixar captain John Lasseter brought him in to shake things up, to make sure the wildly successful studio would not get complacent. And while Bird is certainly likable, he does not exude Lasseter's teddy-bear persona. As one animator states, "He's like strong coffee; I happen to like strong coffee." Besides a resilient stance to be the best, Bird threw in an amazing number of challenges, most of which go unnoticed unless you delve into the 70 minutes of making-of features plus two commentary tracks (Bird with producer John Walker, the other from a dozen animators). We hear about the numerous sets, why you go to "the Spaniards" if you're dealing with animation physics, costume problems (there's a reason why previous Pixar films dealt with single- or uncostumed characters), and horror stories about all that animated hair. Bird's commentary throws out too many names of the! !animators even after he warns himself not to do so, but it's a lively enough time. The animator commentary is of greatest interest to those interested in the occupation.

    There is a 30-minute segment on deleted scenes with temporary vocals and crude drawings, including a new opening (thankfully dropped). The "secret files" contain a "lost" animated short from the superheroes' glory days. This fake cartoon (Frozone and Mr. Incredible are teamed with a pink bunny) wears thin, but play it with the commentary track by the two superheroes and it's another sharp comedy sketch. There are also NSA "files" on the other superheroes alluded to in the film with dossiers and curiously fun sound bits. "Vowellet" is the only footage about the well-known cast (there aren't even any obligatory shots of the cast recording their lines). Author/cast member Sarah Vowell (NPR's This American Life) talks about her first foray into movie voice-overs--daughter Violet--and the unlikelihood of her being a superhero. The feature is unlike anything we've seen on a Disney or Pixar DVD extra, but who else would consider Abe Lincoln an action figure? --Doug Thomas

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    The Essential Guide Book

    The Pixar Feature Films

    • Toy Story, 1995
    • A Bug's Life, 1998
    • Toy Story 2, 1999
    • Monsters, Inc., 2001
    • Finding Nemo, 2003
    • The Incredibles, 2004

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    The Iron Giant (Writer/Director)

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    Reviews (281)

    5-0 out of 5 stars The Incredibles
    Disney-Pixar's 2004 animated feature about a super hero and his family who come out of hiding to battle a new villain.Mr. Incredible and his wife Elastigirl live quiet normal lives as Bob and Helen Parr in suburbia under government supervision due to previous public lawsuits that put them and other superheroes out of business.All is not well though as their superhero instincts and talents clash with mundane work and little excitement.Elastigirl has managed to adapt, but Mr. Incredible discreetly moonlights with his pal Frozone on "bowling night" saving people from fires and knocking out common criminals.Mixed in this trial are the children Dash and Violet, confused about their inherited superpowers while trying to cope with the difficult social challenges at school.Lastly is Jack-Jack the baby brother who appears to have been spared of any super talents.

    Just when Mr. Incredible feels he has hit rock-bottom, he's hired by an apparent secret government organization to defeat a renegade robot at their base on a remote island.Mr. Incredible is successful and looks forward to more exciting assignments.It isn't long, however, before he finds out he's been duped into serving as a test bed for robots at the hands of Syndrome, an evil genius posing as a new superhero through clever gadgets.When Elastigirl learns of her husband's whereabouts, she heads out via jet to find out what's going on.Dash and Violet secretly follow their mom, and through a series of events, all find themselves battling Syndrome and his army of bad guys and robots.

    This is a gem of an animated feature.While Pixar has ratcheted another progressive advance in animation, the characters and the story are terrific and not overshadowed by the techno-visual display.Dash and Violet are a joy to watch as they learn how to use their superpowers in the fight against evil, especially Dash's chase sequence when he's pursued bybad guys flying saucer hovercraft.Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl sorting out their family problems in the midst of this excitement are humorous and all the actors who voice the characters could not have done better.And not to be forgotten, Jack-Jack reveals his special powers near the conclusion of this feature.

    Obviously the ending of this movie leaves options open for a sequel, and while this looks like a promising proposition, Pixar will have to work hard to compliment this feature successfully.

    5-0 out of 5 stars More For Adults?
    This is a great movie for families, very funny and enjoyable to watch. Many of the themes will go over the head of younger children, more so than in most animated movies.But it's more fun for adults than most, and kids will still really enjoy it.I was pleasntly surprised by this movie, and would highly recommend it.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Not as good as Finding Nemo
    Genre: Computer-Animated, Comedy

    Genre Grade: A

    Final Grade: A-

    This was a great addition to Pixar's wonderful collection of films. While I believe Finding Nemo and even Toy Story were better than this movie, it still had some hilarious moments and great characters, namely Holly Hunter. I will say, however, that this is the most stunning computer animated movie I've ever seen. It's INCREDIBLE! Hahaha, sorry. I would have liked to have seen Samuel Jackson in more of the movie, and I think they could have made their characters a bit more quirky, honestly. Why was Finding Nemo so good? Because of a little fish named Dori. One character can make a movie (Toy Story hada number of them that made it), and I guess to me, this movie was just lacking in any incredible characters. Still great though!

    5-0 out of 5 stars Could not stop watching it over and over again
    I have always been impressed with Steve Jobs and Pixar's work but this is the first time I was just blown away by what I took in with the multi viewing of The Incredibles. I didn't see this picture in the movies when it was released. I rented with a mail order online store. This movie was awe inspiring from begining to end. From its throw back look and feel to its technologically fantastic special effects. It brought me back to a time when having a super hero on your wall in your room meant something. I was never a big fan of comic book hero's but I would have loved to see The Incredibles in comic book form back in my younger days. As a african american male I was deeply touched by the movie having an african american super hero. One that didn't die in the begining of the film but really had an impact to the whole story line. I also enjoyed the fact that it depicted flawed super hero's that were not perfect and made mistakes. They seemed so real to life and genuine in all the things that happened to them. I only own one other Pixar movie Finding Nemo but this one hands down is my ultimate favorite yet. I do hope Pixar continues in this series for I am looking forward to the Incredibles 2.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Not just a "kid movie"
    Some people love animation and some people could do without it. I'm addressing this review to the second group of people whom I urge to watch this for a number of reasons.

    First, the characters. I guarantee that most people will forget this is animated for large stretches because of how interesting the characters are AND how well they are developed. Two methods are used to accomplish this brilliantly. One is the great interplay and dialogue which is typically confrontational between close friends and family members as well as between the heroes and villians. Another is the "historical backdrop" provided at the beginning of the movie where the heroes are shown "back in the day" before the primary plot conflict begins. This, I believe, is key to the success of every great story from "Lord of the Rings" to "Star Wars (IV,V,VI)" to "Harry Potter".

    Secondly, the plot is superior among animated movies. I admit I liked "Toy Story I & II" as well as great Japanese stuff like "Spirited Away", but although they are spectactularly animated they're still kid movies. This flick has a great complex superhero plot which has several great surprises and twists and isn't revealed to the audience all at once. The suspense continues until the very end which ends on an uplifting family note and ties off all the subplots for each character beautifully.

    Lastly, the comedic aspect is superb. From the strained family relationships stemming from the inability to use their super-powers to the "ever had one of those days?" theme this movie will draw in even those most critical of this budding genre of computer-aided animation by, once again, the film's ability to suspend the audience's realization that these aren't "real people". The overcoming of personal obstacles which characterizes the best of superhero movies is front and center in this movie, but unlike Batman and Spiderman, the family aspect gives the movie a kind of "everyman" applicability that the average film-goer will appreciate. ... Read more

    3. Hamlet
    Director: Kenneth Branagh
    list price: $24.95
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 0800196341
    Catlog: Video
    Sales Rank: 7274
    Average Customer Review: 4.38 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Kenneth Branagh's four-hour production of Shakespeare's full text for Hamlet is visually lush (shot in 70mm, which is rarely done) and full of fascinating story moments that normally get cut from shorter stage versions. (Your idea of what kind of fellow Polonius is may change quite a bit.) The unexpurgated approach is truly enlightening, and Branagh intermittently succeeds at giving familiar moments in the drama an original cinematic spin, including Hamlet's spooky confrontation with his father's ghost (Brian Blessed). (Branagh also imposes some Hollywood glitter on the proceedings by casting the likes of Robin Williams, Billy Crystal, Charlton Heston, and Jack Lemmon in the smaller parts.) The pre-Titanic Kate Winslet is very good as the doomed Ophelia, and Derek Jacobi delivers a wonderfully nuanced performance as Claudius, whose character is definitely filled out by the restored material. Branagh's own performance is a little revisionist--some viewers have quibbled with it while others seem fine with it. --Tom Keogh ... Read more

    Reviews (211)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Stellar Acheivement
    The 1996 film "Hamlet" directed and starring Kenneth Branagh is by far the best film adaption of the play! Even though its 4 hours, you hardly notice it because of how much is going on. His acting job is superb, as are Julie Christies as Gertrude, Derek Jacobi's as Claudius, and Kate Winslet as Ophelia (a role much better than her overrated one in "Titanic'). But what's really amazing is Kenneth Branagh's direction. He is such a genius and everyone involved with the movie should have gotten Oscars. Also, what I liked were the great visuals. Elsinore is so cool, especially the main hall with the mirrored doors and checkered floor. Plus he changes the play very subtlely, such as putting Claudius in a confessional for the praying scene or having him and Polonius watch Hamlet deliver the "to be or not to be" speech from a one-way mirror. I've heard Branagh say that he didn't want his movie to be gloomy and infatuated with death and deciet like the other films are. Instead it's a celebration of life and love, and adventure. END

    5-0 out of 5 stars Superior to all other versions.
    Kenneth Branagh's version of Hamlet combines lush and breathtaking visuals with the complete, unabridged text of Shakespeare's masterpiece. In other versions of Hamlet, such as the ill-cast Mel Gibson film, the play is mistakenly cut down to a "more reasonable" two-hours-or-less atrocity. The unexpurgated method allows for the inclusion of important scenes that, if removed, take away from the overall effect of the drama. Despite its length of more than four hours, the film keeps the viewer entertained until the startling last scene. The stunning visuals can be attributed to the rarely used 70mm film on which the play was captured and the exceptional set design involved. The play is actually done in a 19th century motif, a unique departure from other versions of Hamlet. Impressive costume design add to the remarkable images in the film. The star-studded cast includes Derek Jacobi as Claudius, Kate Winslet as Ophelia, and Branagh, himself, as Hamlet, all parts delivered with brilliant authenticity. Other well known actors such as Robin Williams, Charlton Heston, and Billy Crystal also appear in small, but equally well-implemented roles. Some argue that Branagh's execution of the part was overdone, but it fits perfectly within the film and is, therefore, quite believable. The acting is overall a big plus to the end effect of the film. Beautifully executed in an outstandingly well-calculated manner, Branagh's film made Hamlet more accessible to modern viewers and will certainly remain popular for a long time to come.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Excellent Film
    Kenneth Branagh's "Hamlet" works so well on the big screen because the guy has a knack for Shakespeare, acting, directing, and knowing what "modern" audiences wanted out of a Shakespearean play. He takes the tale of Hamlet, prince of Denmark, and transports it to more of a modern setting (well, more modern than the 16th century). He assembles an all-star cast that includes Kate Winslett, Charlton Heston, Derek Jacobi, Billy Crystal, Jack Lemmon, Robin Williams among others in this adaptation of Shakespeare's classic.

    Although 4 hours in length (mainly because every word in the play is inserted in the script), the stunning effect of the play is extraordinary. The backdrop for the ghost of Hamlet in the opening scene, the mirror used when Hamlet (Branaugh) is making his "To be or not to be" soliloquy, the palace in which Hamlet and Laertes fight, and the snowy landscape in which Fortenbras and his men arrive are all instances of using scenery and directing to update this version of the play.

    Although the setting and interpretation of what Shakespeare intended are left in doubt, the movie itself is visually stunning and the acting is great. Although Branaugh hired a few American actors to take on some of Shakespeare's characters (for instance, Robin Williams plays Osric and Billy Crystal plays one of the gravediggers), there "American" accents are hardly noticed in the film.

    As an educator, I also think this is a fantastic version to use as a resource for a study of the play. Because the dialogue is accurate to the play, it works well. Also, this version seemingly makes the work of Shakespeare easier to understand. (Although, as a warning, there is one scene with Winslet (Ophelia) and Branaugh (Hamlet) that is definitely "adult" in nature).

    Overall, a great gamble by Branaugh to update Shakespeare's work into his own insight. There is also a few extras on the VHS version: interviews with many of the cast members as well as a behind the scenes about the movie.

    Also recommended: Hamlet (Mel Gibson version)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Great Film for learning
    This film is a great tool to be used within a classroom to reinforce Shakesperian lessons. The film presents one of the best adaptations to Shakespeare's original work. Awesome production!

    4-0 out of 5 stars Good.
    This version of 'Hamlet' starring and directed by the one and only Kenneth Branagh is a joy to watch and might be the best version of the famous play. It follows the play word by word, so one has to read it and understand it fully to understand the film. Better than the Mel Gibson 'Hamlet'. ... Read more

    4. High Anxiety
    Director: Mel Brooks
    list price: $9.98
    our price: $9.98
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 6301797973
    Catlog: Video
    Sales Rank: 290
    Average Customer Review: 4.26 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan essential video

    An affectionate homage more than a spoof of Alfred Hitchcock thrillers, Mel Brooks's hilarious movie is one of the funniest modern comedies around. Brooks plays a psychiatrist with a severe fear of heights who moves to the Bay Area to take over a psychiatric hospital after its former head mysteriously disappears. He must contend with the resident psychiatrist (Harvey Korman) and the twisted resident nurse (Cloris Leachman) as they plot against him, eventually framing him for murder. While on the run, Brooks teams up with the alluring daughter (Madeline Kahn) of the missing doctor to solve the mystery and confront his own fears. Containing some classic sequences and cowritten by Barry Levinson (Rain Man, Wag the Dog), who appears briefly as a too-touchy bellhop in a Psycho-shower-scene takeoff, High Anxiety is a thoroughly enjoyable romp from one of the masters of comedy today. --Robert Lane ... Read more

    Reviews (38)

    5-0 out of 5 stars The Master of Comedy meets the Master of Suspense!!!!
    This is a hilarious spoof of several Hitchcock films. The film wouldn't be as funny, if you hadn't seen some of hitchcock's films, including Psycho, the Birds, or Vertigo.
    It stars Mel Brooks, the director, but the best acting comes from his girlfriend, Madeline Kahn. This is one of Madeline's best roles, as my brother says. She gets the best lines in the entire movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This is probably my favorite of the brook's pictures that i've seen, and I highly recommend it to his and hitchcock's fans!!

    5-0 out of 5 stars High Anxiety, you win!
    Hilarious Mel Brooks film second to only "Young Frankenstein." I know a lot of Hitchcock movies so I got a lot of the jokes that Mel Brooks is making about him, and since Mel Brooks is such a funny guy, his own stuff is great too. Check out the airport scene where he and Madeline Kahn impersonate the Russian Jews and try not to laugh. (Of course, if you're not a Russian Jew like me you might not laugh so hard.) Or Cloris Leachman's entire character, kinkiness, pointy breasts and all. Or the take on Psycho where Mel is attacked with a newspaper instead of a knife and the ink spilling down the drain serves as the blood.This entire movie is just funny. Rent it or buy it, either way see it!

    5-0 out of 5 stars The greatest comedy never released on dvd.
    This is without a doubt , one of the funniest Mel Brooks movies of all time. The cast is hilarious and the hitchcock parodies are a scream. The big question is..when will this movie be released on widescreen DVD? It is certainly, in my opinion, as funny as Blazing Saddles. I hope it will soon be rereleased so it can be discovered by a new generation of movie lovers.

    5-0 out of 5 stars "...That bell-boy ain't gettin' no tip!"
    Mel Brooks at his very best. Together with his usual cast of cronies, Brooks spoofs the Hitchcock Thriller genre, delivering hilarious gags about films like "The Birds", "Psycho", "North by Northwest", and of course "Vertigo". A silly plot about a professor from "The Institute" wraps the whole idea into a plausible story. Madeline Kahn, Cloris Leachman and Harvey Korman are scene-stealers, as always. A comedy gem!*****

    4-0 out of 5 stars High Anxiety, You Win!
    Certainly a great Mel Brooks classic complete with his usual zany cast with the likes of Harvey Korman, Cloris Leachman and Madeline Kahn who have appeared in many of his other spoofs. Mel Brooks plays chief pshychiatrist Dr. Richard Harpo Thorndyke who had one severe phobia, and that was his fear of heights. Resident phsychiatrist Dr. Charles Montague (Korman) and head nurse Charlotte Diesel (Leachman) take advantage of this phobia, especially when Dr. Thorndyke goes to the phsychiatry convention at the Hyatt Regency in San Francisco; "Seventeenth floor, can't get any higher."

    This film is a parody on many of Alfred Hitchcock's thrillers such as "Vertigo" (the main theme), "Psycho", "The Birds" and "The Man Who Knew Too Much". Dr. Thorndyke teams up with Victoria Brisbane (Kahn) who was in search of her father Arthur Brisbane who had been held at the Institute for the Very, Very Nervous against his will along with many of the patients by Dr. Montague and Nurse Diesel who have also attempted plots on the life of Dr. Thorndyke. Like all of Mel Brooks films, this movie will make anyone roll on the floor in laughter from start to finish as a lot of the unexpected occurs throughout such as the rock with a note tied to it come smashing through Dr. Thorndyke's bathroom window from the violent ward at the institute while brushing his teeth or the filming crew doing silly things like breaking a window pane with the camera lens. One of the best parts was when Brooks and Kahn dress and act like an old Yiddish couple attempting to go through security screening with a loaded gun at San Francisco Airport, "I BEEPED! I BEEPED!" This movie is great for Mel Brooks fans and a film that is highly recommended. "High Anxiety, You Win!" ... Read more

    5. Motocrossed
    Director: Steve Boyum
    list price: $9.99
    our price: $9.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00005T5YG
    Catlog: Video
    Sales Rank: 401
    Average Customer Review: 4.77 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    As premises for preteen flicks go, the identity swap went flat way back when, post-Freaky Friday. Throw in a threesome of pinup-worthy actors, a sport that lends itself to rock-song spiked footage, and a sprinkling of old-fashioned rebelliousness, though, and suddenly the bubbles are back. Motocrossed kicks up a gender-bending mess as cheerleader Andrea (Alana Austin) lops off her golden locks to enter a motocross race as her brother, Andrew, who's injured and can't compete. Mom's complicit, but if Dad, who clearly hasn't screened Yentl in a while, finds out, it's yike-a-roo. Complicating matters and upping race-day tummy rumbling is the crush Andi develops on one of her hoodwinked competitors. In the end--guess what--girls rule, but this movie made for Disney TV manages to ride into the sunset without its predictability flattening what's essentially 90 minutes of frothy, wide-eyed fun. --Tammy La Gorce ... Read more

    Reviews (22)

    4-0 out of 5 stars Nice Family Movie
    This film originally produced for the Disney Channel is one of the better productions to come out of the cable network. The story revolves around Andrea Carson, a young teenage girl who enjoys motocross just as much as her twin brother Andrew. When he brother is injured, she assumes his identity on the track. The film tells the story on how she attempts to hide her true identity through a competition from both her fellow racers and also from her father, who does not approve of girls ridding motocross. Somewhat of a mix between a rated-G teen movie, Shakespeare's comedy "Twelfth Night", and Disney's animated "Mulan", "Motocrossed" is an interesting film for the entire family but especially for fans of the sport and young girls looking for another "girl-power" flick.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Bikers, action, and a ... girl who wants first place!
    A story of a girl whose father won't let her ride in a motocross competition after her brother is injured. She feels guilty about hurting her brother and the team's chance at winning a full sponsership. The blonde cheerleader cuts off her long locks and goes behind her family's back to win the competition. While her father is in Europe finding a new rider, her mother finds out about her sneaking away and helps her. Then her father comes home and catches them in the act, and so does the racing sponsers.

    What will happen?

    I personally think this is one of Disney's top movies. It is humorous and fun to watch with all the action scenes. It has star cameos in it also. It's a great movie to watch, I never get tired of seeing it on Disney.

    I recommend this movie to you! :) Tune into Disney.

    4-0 out of 5 stars amazing
    I'm not one to watch motocross much but this movie was amazing. It has a good plot with descent to good actors. I recommend this movie to those who enjoy disney movies with happy endings!

    5-0 out of 5 stars Awesome
    This is an awesome movie. I ride myself and being female and ridding can some times get alittle scechy...but not for the chick in this movie. this is a must own for all you disney movie freaks.

    5-0 out of 5 stars WHAT ABOUT THE SECOND ONE??
    This movie was GREAT. You can watch it thousands of times and never get sick of it. Is there going to be a sequel? There DEFINATELY should be. The ending didn't really say what was going to happen. ... Read more

    6. Fantasia
    Director: T. Hee, Norman Ferguson, Wilfred Jackson, Ben Sharpsteen, Ford Beebe, Jim Handley, Paul Satterfield, Hamilton Luske, James Algar, Samuel Armstrong, Bill Roberts
    list price: $24.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 6302158095
    Catlog: Video
    Sales Rank: 625
    Average Customer Review: 4.41 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Reviews (158)

    4-0 out of 5 stars Fantasia is Brilliant, But 3 Disk Set is Overrated
    Walt Disney's 1942 FANTASIA was a groundbreaking film and remains a landmark to this day, a brilliant series of animated sequences set to notable concert music conducted by Leopold Stokowski of The Philadelphia Orchestra. The three disk FANTASIA ANTHOLOGY, however, is extremely overrated.

    The first disk is the original FANTASIA, which Disney describes as restored. This is not strictly true. First and foremost, the restoration of visual elements is sloppy at best, with the film plagued by streaks and blips, and at least one sequence ("Dance of the Hours") appears to be slightly cropped. That aside, portions of the Deems Taylor narration have been completely lost, and these have been rerecorded by Tim Matheson--and Matheson's voice is not a good match for Taylor and the sychronization is poorly done. Lastly, one selection ("Pastoral") has been censored: a brief image, which would be considered racist by today's standards, has been deleted from the sequence.

    Even so, it is still FANTASIA, and it overcomes all of these liabilities. The animation, which was created by hand and photographed through a number of laborious processes, shows Disney Studios at the height of its powers. Every one is certain to have their favorites among the selections (mine are "Dance of the Hours" and "Night on Bald Mountain"), but every selection is brilliantly conceived and executed, and although the content varies from sequence to sequence the overall style of the film hangs together in a most remarkable way. FANTASIA was, is, and will no doubt will forever remain a touchstone in animation art.

    Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the second disk, FANTASIA 2000. This particular film is extremely uneven, the sequences lack the same cohesive style that held the original FANTASIA together, and the entire film is beset by a series of often obnoxious "celebrity" introductions that give the film the feel of a made-for-TV variety show. Still, some of the visual ideas are very impressive, and while they are too few to offset the portions of the film that do not work, they still make FANTASIA 2000 mildly entertaining.

    Both the FANTASIA and FANTASIA 2000 disks include documentaries and commentary tracks on each film. The third disk, called "The Fantasia Legacy," is a bonus packed with interviews, archieval footage, and sketches that show how each sequence in both films was developed and then filmed. Some of this material is redundant, for it is included on the documentaries on the first two disks, but most of it is unique to this disk alone. Disney originally saw FANTASIA as a film that could be re-released with a mix of old and new selections every few years, and the most interesting material on the "Legacy" disk is a restored "Clair de Lune" (made for and then cut from the original FANTASIA) and various storyboard ideas for future sequences.

    The only way one can obtain the "Legacy" disk is to purchase this three disk package--and therein lies the rub. The original FANTASIA is brilliant, and even in its so-so state it is worthy of a place in any DVD library. FANTASIA 2000, however, is trivial, occasionally interesting but not greatly memorable and not a piece that one would normally go out of the way to purchase. And the price for the three disk package is quite steep.

    If you are a Disney fan who must have every scrap of material available, I would recommend the investment this package requires. But if your primary interest is the original FANTASIA, you are much better off simply purchasing a DVD of that film alone--the other two disks are simply not worth the expense. Purchasers should alos remember that the original FANTASIA does not often appeal to very young children, and if the purchase is being made for a child you are likely to be disappointed in their response. Final thought: the original FANTASIA is brilliant, FANTASIA 2000 is so-so, and the bonus disk is for hardcore fans. This pricey package is recommended to the latter only.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Fatasia is Beautiful - Even Better on DVD!
    I saw Fantasia 2000 before a saw the original. And I love both of them, but I think I love the original just a little bit more. After I saw 2000, I wanted to go buy the original. But it wasn't around. When I found out it was coming out on DVD, I rushed out to buy it. The "Making of Fantasia" feature is great!

    1. Toccata & Fugue - Rousing music, good choice for opening. But I'm not a big fan of abstract animation.

    2. Nutcraker Suite - Although most people like the Sorcorer's Apprentice best, I like this one the best. The music is so catchy! This peice's fantasy characters make me feel like a little kid again.

    3. The Sorcorer's Apprentice - Ummm . . . Its O.K. Its good to own since its hisotric in Micky Mouse history.

    4. Rite of Spring - This segment rocked! Why doesn't anyone like it? If featured breakthrough technology for the '40s! And the dinosaurs were so accurately drawn according to science at that time!

    5. Intermission & Sound Track - Was this stuff necisary?

    6. Pastoral Symphony - Great music, mythological characters. I guess it depends on your conscience for wether or not to like this one.

    7. Dance of the Hours - LOL! This piece was great! I never knew Fantasia had the "Camp Granada" song! And the hippos and croc are so cool!

    8. Night on Bald Mountain - Disney went overboard on this one. It's pretty demonic. It's up to you one wether to watch that one or not. I know he wanted the biggest battle of good vs. but this was too much.

    9. Ava Maria - Kinda hokey and religous. It's alright. but the multi-plain camera was put to good use.

    5-0 out of 5 stars A Work of Art
    Fantasia is a very unique creation, there has never been another movie quite like it, before or since, and I think it's safe to say there never will be. Disney took a risk with creating something so dfferent from the norm; most of the American public is not likely to sit and listen to classical music for two hours, or watch a movie with no words. However, it was a very worthwhile risk, as Fantasia is a beautiful work of art, and has become a classic.
    There is a certain captivating magic when the incredible sounds of the world's best musicians combine with the dazzling sights of the world's best animators. The imagery is full of fantasy, rich color, and graceful beauty. It's impossible not to be dazzled as the music washes over you, and you watch the stories of each of these little worlds unfold.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Misleading box, but it's still a masterpiece.
    First, go click on the picture of the box so you can see a larger image. See how it says "Walt Disney's Original Uncut Version" at the bottom? Well, it's not. No, one scene in Fantasia was edited for every single home release as far as I know. It's in the scene "The Pastoral Symphony". When the female centaurs are getting all prettied up and ready for the male centaurs, you'll notice a very fuzzy extreme close up on one of them. What's going on in this scene? There's a black skinned centaur named Sunflower helping that one out. Go do a search for "Disney Sunflower Snopes" and it should show up. Why does Disney do this? Kids watching that part aren't really going to have any racist thoughts regarding the scene, or become a KKK member or anything after watching it. But there you have it, this isn't really "uncut" because of that. And this only enforces that there's a high chance of Disney not releasing Song of the South anytime soon. And this is a shame that they're going so P.C. that we're never going to be allowed to see how everything was originally released. If they can put out the Treasure tin sets, which have a lot of Asian and Spanish stereotypes, why is there such a problem with Song of the South and a black centaur?

    Other than that, Fantasia is a masterpiece. While it didn't really help Disney out much financially, the animation that accompanies the music is flawless. You really admire the artists that worked on each short. While it took hundreds to work on one piece at a time, now it'd only take a couple of guys on a computer with the latest animation software a few days. It's funny that most of this looks better than a lot of recent Disney films. The colors, smoothness of the animation, and how it blends with the music is just breath taking.

    The picture is as good as you're going to get for a movie this old. There's very little grain and dust on the print, and you'll hardly notice it with all the beauty on-screen. The audio is crisp and clear, so go nuts turning it up.

    The special features are ok. The commentary is made up of interviews and clips from Walt and others. When some people speak on it, there's a little bit of static, which doesn't matter since it's taken from an early source. It's not going to interfere with hearing anything they say, but I just thought I'd mention it. It's still a very interesting commentary track. I listen to it from time to time and always learn something new. The documentary is pretty cool too, though a lot of it I've already heard from other Disney specials and such. If you want the real goods as far as extras go, get the Fantasia Anthology edition. The third disc on that sucker is amazing.

    So if you're really expecting the "uncut" version, you'll be disappointed. I doubt it'll ever be released unless somehow Leonard Maltin can get that put out too. I mean, if he can get the Donald Nazi short put out in the newest wave of Disney Treasures, he's gotta have SOME chance of giving us the original Fantasia. Pick this up before it's out of print for another 10 years. It's a film to pass down the generations.

    5-0 out of 5 stars classic
    This is a classic marriage of two art forms Music and Animation. There are six sets of classical pieces By the Philadelphia Orchestra under the leadership of Leopold Stokowski. Each piece is accompanied by animation that either tells a story or illustrates visually the music. Each piece is a feast for the eyes and ears. The most famous piece is Mickey Mouse as the sorcere's apprentice. He gets ahold of his master's magical hat and decides to take a short cut indoing his chores with disastrerous results. The two pieces that really stand out for me is the "Nutcracker Suite" and "Night on Bald Mountain" This is a great movie for anyone who enjoys classical music. It may be too "High Brow" for children but it could be a good medium to introduce them to classical music. ... Read more

    7. Johnny Stecchino
    Director: Roberto Benigni
    list price: $19.98
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 6303614280
    Catlog: Video
    Sales Rank: 255
    Average Customer Review: 4.88 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    During its release, this was the most popular film of all time in its native Italy. A typical Roberto Benigni comedy of mistaken identity, this 1991 work stars the actor-director in two roles, one a tough mafioso named Toothpick and the other a meek bus driver who is the gangster's look-alike. When the bad guy's girlfriend comes on to the clueless innocent--and she brings him along to her Sicilian villa--the slapstick madness rolls into high gear. Benigni really is a very funny and often remarkable clown, and he employs his usual physical gags in great and gratifying abundance. His script's inspiration reaches several peak moments when the mysteries between light and dark doppelgangers are suggested. One could reasonably call this sort of Jekyll-and-Hyde tale the closest Benigni has yet come to making his version of Jerry Lewis's The Nutty Professor. --Tom Keogh ... Read more

    Reviews (49)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Toothpicks, Bananas, and Organized Crime Equal Laughter
    Johnny Stecchino is hilarious and educational. For example, I learned a new game, "the cabinet minister's wife." And to think that for so many years I played chess! Roberto Benigni is a singing school bus driver named Dante in this movie, who falls in love with a beautiful and sophisticated Maria. There is only one problem that Dante does not know of: Maria is married to a mafioso who is a spitting image of Dante, and she plans to switch the two men and to have Dante killed to get her husband out of trouble. Benigni also plays the mafia don. He is very good in both roles. The funniest parts of the movie take place in Palermo. The scene where Dante is trying to persuade the cardinal to take his "medicine" is just about as funny as anything I have ever seen. The scene in the opera is also hilarious.

    Eventually, Maria has to make a moral choice. Buy it, and stay away from bananas in Palermo--don't even look at them.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Brilliant comedy! Laugh...Laugh....and more Laugh!
    First, I will say that other than movie concerts, musicals, and video collections, I OWN TWO movies! TWO! Just TWO! And they are both Roberto Benigni's - "Johnny Stecchino and "The Monster." Benigni out shines any other other comedian I have ever seen. To say he is a genius is an understatement. He is unbelievably hilarious! The English subtitles are very easy to read and keep up with. Note: Don't ever see English voice dubbing of his movies. You have to HEAR HIM!

    The case of miss identity is not new to comedy, but Benigni brings that freshness to American audiences. He brilliantly plays a dual role, Dante, a meek school bus driver and gangster Johnny Stecchino. His wife, Nicoletta Braschi, joins her husband again and she, too, exudes sincereity with true chemistry to his characters.

    There is beyond great slapstick, the dialogue is well scripted and the plot is equally entertaining. If your passion is for truly great comedy, enjoy this and the funnier Benigni movie, "The Monster." You will be guaranteed a night of laughter, hilarious, nonstop laughter!!......MzRizz

    5-0 out of 5 stars Il film più divertente che io abbia mai visto...
    This film is by far the funniest film I have ever seen. It could not be more entertaining. I could sit here and write about what happened in the film and try to explain why it was hilarious, but the truth is that it's something that simply needs to be experienced, you can't be told about it. All I can tell you, the movie watching public, to do is to see this movie in the original italian with subtitles. It is true that even if you don't understand italian, you need to hear Roberto's voice for it to work. Never get a dubbed copy of ANY of his films. The dubbing is always crap. He is the funniest man alive and this film showcases the best and the most purest version of his comedy of any of his work. It's over the top, yes, but it's splendid good fun and it'll put a smile on your face for hours after.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Wonderfully funny
    The first I ever saw Roberto Benigni was Son of the Pink Panther. I laugh and laugh. Roberto Benigni does it again. He is a naturally funny. The misunderstandings of the banana, the gangsters singing, the opera scene was classically funny.

    5-0 out of 5 stars MOLTO BENE!
    MOLTO BENE! Benigni out does himself yet agian. A must see for anyone. And non-stop laughter! ... Read more

    8. Goosebumps - A Night in Terror Tower
    Director: Brian R.R. Hebb, Timothy Bond, David Winning, Craig Pryce, Randy Bradshaw, Ron Oliver
    list price: $9.98
    our price: $9.98
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 6304153716
    Catlog: Video
    Sales Rank: 392
    Average Customer Review: 4.09 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


    While visiting London, Sue and her brother, Eddie, are out sightseeing on their own while their parents attend a business conference. At first bored, they are delighted when the bus stops at the infamous Terror Tower.But the fun turns to fright when the kids see the wax statues in the Tower's torture chamber moving as is they are real...and ghostly images start calling out warnings to them.Suddenly, Sue and Eddie are running for their lives as they travel back in time to the Middle Ages to escape the dark fate awaiting them in Terror Tower.

    ... Read more

    Reviews (11)

    4-0 out of 5 stars Possibly, The Best Goosebumps Video
    Actually, I give this Goosebumps video 4 1/2 stars. I have seen all of the Goosebumps videos, and this may very well actually be the best one. The only one I really didn't like was "Stay Out of the Basement." I did like "The Werewolf of Fever Swamp." I really liked "Welcome To Deadhouse," "The Haunted Mask," and "The Haunted Mask Part 2." But if I had to choose the best, I would have to say this is the one. Like good horror, the movie STARTS normal and harmless. Gradually, some spooky things start to happen. One fine thing about this video is that a harmless practical joke ("We tour guides have to have some fun") foreshadows the horror to come. It's hard for me to talk about this without ruining the surprise, but I will do my best. Things go along normal for some time, but then spooky things start to happen. The setting of the tower provides a wonderful background for an alternation of fear between real threats to Eddie and Sue and trivial objects that just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Without ruining this video for you, I will say that it will keep you guessing. The greatest thing about this video is that while their are some really implausible events, (such as a journey far away Eddie and Sue will take), the implausible events eventually lead the way to a tragic event that ACTUALLY DID HAPPEN in 1483. Once this is established, we stop worrying about the implausible aspects of this story, and we are able to concentrate on the horror that DID ACTUALLY HAPPEN in history. I don't want to ruin the final scene, but I will say we are given a great combination of relief and sudden fear. The scenery is wonderful and the movie will keep you in suspense. Another thing I must compliment is the smooth transition between scenes and locations, and scenes where we think one thing, and then start to realize another. If you like the Goosebumps, you absolutely MUST have this video tape.

    5-0 out of 5 stars I loved it!
    "A Night in Terror Tower" was my favorite Goosebumps book by R.L. Stine. The movie leaves out a lot of the detail in the book (as do all movies adapted from books). However, it is pretty neat to see after you read the book.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Very Good Episode
    NOT SCARY- fun to watch!!!!

    Have a new appreciation for Canadian Actors!!!!

    5-0 out of 5 stars you wouldnt wanna but this book down tell u read it all.....
    this is one of the best books i have ever read when you read one page you wanna keep going and going it like so good..if you havent read it then you are messing out on something and whn you get one reading this you really gonna wanna read it so let me gte started and tell you about it its about to kids that are in england and they are on a tower in a tower that was aa terrior tower and they have like waxed fringers and the starts to see them he tells his siter and she done believe him ,but then she see it move to and then she gets really freaked out also so they run and catch up with the tour group and thisi guy graps them and does like this rock thing and they go back in the time.and they find out there a prine and princess and ther parents are the king aand queen and the are in the terrior tower with this man that tells what they are and they are about to get tortured and you have to read the book to see if they get free are not..>>>by kim<<<<

    5-0 out of 5 stars All Locked Up And No Place To Go!
    Sue and her brother Eddie are visiting London when they run into a little problem. The can't find their tour group. Still there's no reason to panic. No way their tour guide would just leave them. All alone. In a gloomy old prison tower. No way they'd get locked inside. After dark. With those eerie sounds. And a strange dark figure who wants them...DEAD!!! ... Read more

    9. The Thing Called Love
    Director: Peter Bogdanovich
    list price: $19.95
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 6302987865
    Catlog: Video
    Sales Rank: 1480
    Average Customer Review: 4.77 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    If there was a universal collective, albeit repressed, dream, it would probably be to become a successful singer. People would take that singing in the car, singing in the shower, and even singing in the rain, and have it be their life's love and work. The Thing Called Love uses this popular aspiration as its setting and examines the lives of four young people hoping to make it in the country music universe.At the center is earnest Miranda Presley--no relation--(Samantha Mathis), the pretty but untalented Linda Lue (Sandra Bullock), the intense and talented James (River Phoenix), and the sweet and prolific Kyle (Dermont Mulroney). Popular country stars make appearances:K.T. Oslin (as Lucy, the owner of the Bluebell, where open-mike auditions are held), Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Katy Moffatt, Jo-El Sonnier, Pam Tillis, Kevin Welch, and even Trisha Yearwood. The film's not merely focused on the rich musical milieu and its talented cast. It also carefully examines the dynamic between friends who are also competitors, as well as a realistic love triangle between the leads. The Thing Called Love is primarily knownas one of River Phoenix's last performances, but even if curiosity alone brings audiences to the movie, they'll soon be drawn into the fresh tale of four young people pursuing their dreams. --N.F. Mendoza ... Read more

    Reviews (30)

    5-0 out of 5 stars NASHVILLE, HERE I AM....
    Nasville, TN is a city with more musical talent per capita than anywhere else on earth. And if that's not enough, the buses drop off a fresh new load for the grinder every day. This excellent movie is about 4 of these young, country music wannabees, discovering the real price that must be paid if Nashville's gonna let them stay around for more than a brief visit. River Phoenix plays James, a most believable, very talented musician who is beginning to be noticed, and who probably has the chops and determination to make it. Samantha Mathis is a jewel as Miranda, the epitome of the one who can never quit, even when they think they already have. Young versions of Sandra Bullock and Dermont Mulroney provide serious and comedic counterpoint and love rivals for James and Miranda, whose relationship seems to constantly ask, is love or career success more important, or is the appearance of love itself just a career success. This movie wins on several levels, and appeals even if country music is not your favorite musical genre.

    5-0 out of 5 stars My Absolute Favorite
    If you already love country music you will adore this film; if you don't love country music, you just might when this film is through. I fell into the latter category when I first watched it after hearing it starred River Phoenix. Of course it also has some fabulous acting by Samantha Mathis, a younger Sandra Bullock ("Speed") and Dermont Mulroney ("My Best Friend's Wedding"). Unlike some of their other older works, this one is fantastic.

    The story takes us into the lives of these four young people trying to make it big in country music, trying to find love and trying to find themselves along the way. You'll get caught up in their crazy antics, love triangle and doing anything (breaking into celebrity's car, lying...) to make it in country music.

    A funny and heartwarming movie, this is the most warnout tape in my collection.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Fluff with heart
    As a lonely teenager I was so obsessed with this movie that I made tapes of the songs and listened to them over and over.

    Sure it's a fluffy little movie, and probably one of Pheonix's greatest flops, but it's fluff with heart. Samantha Mathis is the tough-talking New Yorker determined to make it in the country music capital of the world. She doesn't take any BS but she's strangely attracted to Pheonix's country boy with a drawl.

    This is also one Sandra Bullock's early efforts, before the bus that propelled her to fame in Speed. Believe it or not she's supposed to be the plain Jane to Mathis' lead. The chemistry between the two of them is cute, and we also get an early Dermot Mulroney as the sweet cowboy. Plus it's loaded with cameos of country music stars - most of whom I didn't recognise then and still don't, but they're there, I swear.

    There's lots of schmaltzy country music and tons of cliches (club owner with a heart of gold, bad boy with a heart of gold, cynical New Yorker with a heart of gold... you get the picture.)

    But still, it's an interesting little movie and strays from the formula or most romantic comedies (it's not just happily ever after.) It might even convert you to liking country - I know I developed a taste for some of the classic stuff after this flick.

    Plus it was River Pheonix's last picture before his death, which almost makes it worthwhile for cultural value alone. While some might argue that this wasn't Pheonix's most memorable movie I would totally disagree.

    If you're heartbroken, down on your luck or are living out any other cliche that might be featured in a country music song, this is definitely worth checking out.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Want it on DVD!!
    This movie includes every element of growing up, bitter and sweet, and is one of my favorites. I really want it on DVD, especially for the scenes where Phoenix is really singing. I am totally smitten with his sweet voice though not a country music fan at all.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Fantastic Movie!!
    This movie is really good, I mean the talent is excellent and you know sometimes watching this show is hard knowing that this is practically the last movie that River was known for!! but hearing all the actors really sing in the movie was also really cool, I just wish the soundtrack would have included their own recordings of the songs but it didn't!! I definately recommend this movie to any country music lover, romantic or even just a River lover!! ... Read more

    10. Manon of the Spring
    Director: Claude Berri
    list price: $19.98
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 6305812020
    Catlog: Video
    Sales Rank: 2926
    Average Customer Review: 4.79 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Reviews (39)

    5-0 out of 5 stars What Goes Around.....Comes Spades!
    This gorgeous film is the concluding story of Jean de Florette. That the two films aren't boxed together is ridiculous, because although they stand alone, taken together they become an unforgettable film experience and a devastating masterpiece.

    In this film, the little daughter of Jean de Florette, who knows what was done to her father and by whom, has grown to become a stunningly beautiful young woman (Emmanuelle Beart). She is a free spirit, a shephardess, and so achingly gorgeous that one of the participants in her father's tragic downfall (Daniel Auteuil) can't help but fall hopelessly in love with her (no mystery there!). That his love is hopeless and will ruin him is just the begining of the reverberations from the sins commited in the first film that will befall the sinners in this concluding second film.

    The other is what happens to the character played by Yves Montand. I will not spoil it for you, but what comes back on this cruelly calculating old man is something to behold. Montand capped a wonderful career with his brilliant and nuanced portrayal of this man. The role, which spans both films, is a beautifully deep performance, and you will be surprised by your different emotions about this character. It is a full-range performance, and shouldn't be missed by anyone who loves great acting.

    Although each film is complete unto itself, it is together that the full artistry and power of the story is experienced. So if you get one, by all means get the other.

    Directed with care and photographed beautifully in the countryside of Provence, this is a visual and emotional treat. A terrific story of human passions, each is a 4 star film, together they are a 5 star masterpiece.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Second film of a two part story.....
    I love this film. Emmanuelle Beart made her debut in this film and she is breathtakingly beautiful. Her husband Daniel Auteuil also starred in the film. I don't know if they met on the set or not but it was certainly made at the beginning of their careers in film.

    The story of Manon (Beart) continues in this film. In JEAN DE FLORETTE she was a little girl, who accompanied her parents to Provence where her father took up the cultivation of Carnations on the old family farm. Uncle (Yves Montand) and cousin (Daniel Auteuil) next door objected as there was only enough water to supply one farm. The result was a water war.

    In MANON, the young Manon has grown into a young woman. She lives a relatively wild life on the old homestead, raising goats who follow her everywhere like children. Cousin (Auteuil) realizes one day that he is in love with her. But a dark secret hangs over his head and if Manon knew the secret she might hate him (has to do with water).

    The rest of the plot consists of the resolution of problems, tensions, difficulties set up in JEAN DE FLORETTE. I can't imagine anyone buying one film and not the other. I am buying both DVDs. They are a set. The cinematography is wonderful, the actors are superb. If you love Provence you will want to own these DVDs so you can watch them on those cold rainy days when you aren't in France.

    5-0 out of 5 stars The sweet smell of revenge
    In the first part of this sequel, Jean de Florette, there has been a murder. So remeber Emerson statement: Commit a crime , and the world is made of glass.
    Emmanuelle Béart is one of the most beautiful actress in the world, his charm is so arresting that gives us the perfect role for this work. She made her debut in the screen in this one.
    She knows more than Daniel Auteil believes, he falls in love with her but...
    The second part of this work is extraordinary. You can miss the absence of Depardieu, that's why the director makes a clever less lineal with more surprises and even satirical approach. Remember the miracle water, for instance.
    Yves Montand may well have done the best achievement of his long career in this role.
    Watch this enjoyable film, and remember this is the second part of the story.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Make sure you see Jean de Florette first
    This is the second part of a two part series, and picks up where Jean de Florette leaves off. If you do not see Jean de Florette, then you will be missing much of the background of this movie, and the context is important. For example, without viewing the first movie, the viewer will not know Manons background, what happened to her father, and their farm. The viewer will also not know the full relationship she has with the Soubeyran clan.

    The quality of the DVD picture is avarage. The picture is fairly clean and clear.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Good film !
    American friends,I am agree with you about Manon of the spring("Manon des sources" in french) so I can only add one thing.Because the action of the film is set in the south-east of France,the actors speak with the lovely accent of this part of the country.That contribute to "add sun" in the film. ... Read more

    11. Kicking and Screaming
    Director: Noah Baumbach
    list price: $14.98
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 6303960391
    Catlog: Video
    Sales Rank: 14911
    Average Customer Review: 4.63 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Reviews (35)

    4-0 out of 5 stars Avoiding Hip
    It's easy to see why this film could be quickly classed as "one of those generation-x, college student, young men at a crossroad" films, and being instantly criticised on these grounds. Leonard Maltin did all of the above, but hey, check your old Maltin guide and you'll find that he's happy to rate the film 'Beverely Hills Cop' as a better film than 'Taxi Driver'. The fact is, this film manages to provide a very successful and humorous commentary on the state of despair and impotence shared by the characters involved. In addition, Baumbach writes with an notable awareness of the genre-based criticism under which the film may fall. At times, the film is hilarious, at times a little inexcusably slow, and there are some shots and sequences (notably the "flashbacks") with great subtlety and skill. This is a clear and intentional departure from any hip, pop-culture, angry young man-type film. It's true that Eigeman (one of my favorites) once again plays the "smug" role that may well define his career, but unlike in Metropolitan, his character shows a deeper vulnerability, which is to be further underscored in 'Mr Jealousy'. Hamilton impresses. I've heard Kicking & Screaming described by critics as "underrated", and there seem to be a few people who have really connected with the film, in either relating to the plot, or more likely, being impressed by the mature technique of Baumbach. Unfortunately, I write out of bias, as I truly did see something special in the way this film was composed. I find that the most common criticism draws reference to the "genre", and the term "one of those blah-blah-blah films" is invariably used. These are quite obviously unfair criticisms, in the same way had people commented, upon the release of 'The Searchers', "another one of those John Wayne westerns" as they rolled their eyeballs. The film is limited by a lack of plot, but compensated by a good sense of character, and an intelligence and eye for observation that may only be rivaled by Stillman in this genre. This film distinguishes itself from the hip&trendy implications of its perceived genre, and on nothing but dialogue alone, the film should receive 3 stars. One can only be hope that Baumbach continues to write his films, as one day, plot and dialogue will come together with the intelligence and subtlety of some of Woody Allen's most acclaimed pieces. Send me some e-mail if you're interested in discussing the film, but you've probably heard enough about it from me by now.

    5-0 out of 5 stars A personal favorite
    What is terrific about the film is not merely how funny it is (and yes it is a very sharp piece of comedy)... but how much it stays with you after you watch it. Faced with the breakup of an old college girlfriend, a needy father, friends moving off into different directions, the characters face a very human set of emotional experiences: Love, longing, uncertainty, introspection.

    There are two very unique bits of style which I found to be tremendously interesting:
    (1) The film's dialogue is razor sharp and complex. You often enter a scene in the middle of a conversation, and it is not clear until it progresses. So, the punchline might come long before the riddle... and this makes it all incredibly engaging. Watching this film again and again is immensely enjoyable on a new level because of this.
    (2) A key part of the story is told in flashbacks. Even as the main character and his girlfriend grow distant, you see the story of how they met. The effect is haunting.
    I'm not sure where the director is today, but I give this movie the highest recommendation. It is by far one of my favorites.

    5-0 out of 5 stars A Joyous Good Time!
    Few movies do I enjoy more than Kicking and Screaming. I own a copy and watch it every six months or so. It always makes me laugh but it also succeeds in making the viewer experience sincere empathy and sympathy for its characters. Anyone who went to college in the nineties can relate to these individuals at some level. Furthermore, just in case you're wondering, its not a Whit Stillman film but many of the same actors are used such as Chris Eigeman. Here we have a group of friends who have to be dragged kicking and screaming into adulthood. All of them appear to be deflated by their graduations from college. "What do we do now?" is their central question. By the end, nearly everybody discovers some kind of direction in which to take their lives.

    4-0 out of 5 stars kicked but and was a pleasure for me
    I'm a big fan of Josh Hamilton, but hes not my favorite, hes done movies like The House Of Yes, The Bourne Identity, Urbania and the powerful 1993 Alive, and this part for him is good. it was a pleasure to see some good actors in here and it kicked with its funny moments and charm. Eric Stolz has never been better, Parker Posey is adorable, Olivia d'ABo is awesome, Chris Eigleman is hilarious and Carlos Jacott is uproarous, hes the guy the group asked him if he was wearing masscara and then he said no and then right after he said yes. a keeper

    5-0 out of 5 stars Ding! Monkeys, Monkeys, Ted & Alice!
    This movie is an absolute classic for one-liners and odd dialogue. The themes are typical: pre-adulthood angst and the directionless "X" Generation, but the delivery is brilliant and real. It feels like you're watching a series of intimate conversations secretly taped of your friends. Or like you're let in on some private joke and that makes each viewing a little funnier.
    You'll find yourself incorporating the quotes into your own life, and needing to share the film with select others so that they're in on the joke too.
    Ding! Go Cougars! ... Read more

    12. Night of the Twisters
    Director: Timothy Bond
    list price: $7.95
    our price: $7.95
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 6304097808
    Catlog: Video
    Sales Rank: 1245
    Average Customer Review: 4.29 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Reviews (17)

    5-0 out of 5 stars I personanlly think it's better Than Twister!
    Night of the Twisters a made for cable movie is a great movie and in my personal opinion it is better than Twister which was shown in movie theaters, I just think Night of the Twisters had a better plot and I liked the special effects better too and I really like all the actors but especially John Schneider. I haven't read the book that this movie was based on and I really didn't even know there was a book and all I know is that I just really liked the movie and I recommend it and I wish it would be put on DVD.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Brilliant!
    Night of the Twisters is one of the best films I've ever seen. The performance from the lovely Devon Sawa (Dan Hatch) is fantastic. My dad's not really one to actually sit and watch any film all the way through, but he did with this film which made my day! It's basically about a boy called Dan and his best friend Arthur (Amos Crawley) who get trapped inside Dan's house during a horrific tornado storm, and have to get Dan's baby brother and themselves to the safety of the basement. After the twister's over, Dan and Arthur set out on a journey to find Arthur's sisters and Dan's step-father, Jack (John Schneider), grandma and mother, and try and all get to the safety of a medical centre in the town before they get hit by another twister. If you can't buy this film, then I recommend you rent it a few times, cos this is one film with indredible effects which are worth seeing!

    5-0 out of 5 stars The night of the fricken Twisters
    The movie is awesome. I really enjoyed the ending where the family is in there 1980 dodge minivan and they are driving 200mph and just happen to always stay right ahead of the tornadoes.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Good!
    The night of the twisters is a very good movie, even for all ages. My mom and dad liked it, my kids liked it and, my wife and I liked it. It has many turns and twists, and is unperdictable like a tornado. This movie has plenty of suspence and has tons of action. This was a remarkable movie and that's why I give it 5 stars.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Good...Very Good.
    We watched this movie on TV one night when we couldn't find any thing else we wanted to watch so when someone changed the channels and came across Night of the Twisters I was at first reluctant to watch it because we had rented the theatrically released Twister when it came out on video and I just didn't like that movie at all and thought all the hype was not worth it and it just wasn't what it was all cracked up to be. I enjoyed Night of The Twisters though and thought it was way better, the special effects are just as good if even better and I have to agree that the story and dialogue are better in Night of the Twisters. I got this movie on video a few years and it is a used copy and a little worn out so I definitely have to agree that the movie would be best on DVD and I would very gladly replace my video with a sturdier DVD that will last longer and won't wear out as easily as a tape. Plus I just really recommend this movie, I like disater movies and Night of the Twisters is one of my favorites along with The Poseidon Adventure, The Towering Inferno and Earthquake. ... Read more

    13. Driving Miss Daisy
    Director: Bruce Beresford
    list price: $9.94
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    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 6301734734
    Catlog: Video
    Sales Rank: 438
    Average Customer Review: 4.25 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan essential video

    Winner of the Academy Award for best picture of 1989, this gracefully moving drama, adapted from the hit play by Alfred Uhry, chronicles the 25-year friendship between a stubborn, aging Southern widow (Jessica Tandy) and her loyal chauffeur (Morgan Freeman). At first, the self-sufficient Miss Daisy is reluctant to accept the services of a chauffeur, but Hoke is quiet, wise, and tolerant, and as the years pass the unlikely friends develop a deep mutual respect and admiration. Tandy deservedly won the Oscar for her sassy and sensitive performance, and Freeman earned an Oscar nomination for bringing quiet depth and integrity to his memorable role. Ironically, director Bruce Beresford (Tender Mercies) was not nominated, but the film won Oscars for makeup and for Uhry's screenplay, in addition to a supporting actor nomination for Dan Aykroyd as Daisy's supportive son. Delicate, funny, and bittersweet, Driving Miss Daisy was a surprise hit when released, and marked the crowning achievement of Tandy's great career. --Jeff Shannon ... Read more

    Reviews (48)

    5-0 out of 5 stars An Unlikely Pair
    This Academy Award winning drama is a touching story about the coexistence of an aging southern woman and her chauffer. Miss Daisy played by Jessica Tandy (Academy Award for Best Actress) is a feisty Jewish woman forced to endure the tragedy of growing older. Her son played by Dan Aykroyd is faced with the dilemma of playing parent to his parent. Morgan Freeman plays Hoke, the black chauffer hired by her son. Set in Atlanta, GA beginning in the late 1940's this film spans 25 years of an unlikely friendship before and during the fight for Civil Rights. A must see classic, this story keeps the audience wondering what will she think of next, and how will he handle it. Skillfully done with everyday events and situations it is certainly deserving of the Best Picture Academy Award.

    5-0 out of 5 stars A Great Tale of an Unlikely Friendship
    "Driving Miss Daisy" is one of the best films released in 1989, rightfully winning four Oscars: Best Picture, Best Actress, Best Adapted Screenplay, and Best Makeup. This adaptation of the play version is brilliant. It tells the story, set between 1940's-1960's, of a fiesty elderly woman who's unhappy of growing old. As she meets a man who becomes her driver, the story develops into something special. The combination of stories become increasingly interesting as the two develop a close friendship. Their relationship beats the racist society and the painful past that the man has endured. Through everything, their lives change forever. Her son's frequent visits to her house offer the added entertainment value as it adds to the emotional value. Despite the twenty-five year plot span, the storyline flows smoothly. The warm, loving story offers an unforgettable viewing experience.

    Jessica Tandy performs her role as the unhappy elderly woman splendidly. Her every expressed emotion is felt upon audiences. She became the oldest person to win an Oscar, at age 80. Morgan Freeman and Dan Ackroyd's Oscar nominated roles (Best Actor/ Best Supporting Actor) offer the added unique theme to this great film. All other actors also performed wonderfully.

    The quality of "Driving Miss Daisy" proves that it's destined to become a classic in the following years. It's sure to continue pleasing audiences for many years to come. Most viewers will have to watch it multiple times to fully understand the movie because of its deep storyline. Afterwards, those who do will be glad they did.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Old Friends.
    Lovely is such an old fashioned word, I know. But that's the word that describes this film, for me. The story of the developing friendship over many years between the black chaueffeur and the older Jewish woman is very heartwarming in its simplicity. Jessica Tandy is marvelous as "Miss Daisy" the fiercely independant, irascible widow, whose advancing age requires her son to employ, against her wishes, a driver/companion for her. Miss Tandy, who originated the role of Blanche DuBois on Broadway in "A Streetcar Named Desire", was a wonderful actress. This was one of her last films, and all the skill, sublety, and experience of her life-long craft come together to create a living, breathing "Miss Daisy." Morgan Freeman meets her skill in his portrayal of "Hoag", the accomodating chaueffeur. He has the manner of a certain resignation that an older black man may have felt in the turbulent, prejudiced south in which he lived, yet exudes dignity. He has the manner of "Hoag" down pat, right down to the closed mouth laugh that I have seen in the old black men who hang out on the corner. This is not a caricature, he IS "Hoag." His relationship with Miss Daisy starts out very rocky, to say the least, but, as time passes, their places in each others lives develope into almost a "marriage", with a quiet understanding of, and dependence on, each other. And though Miss Daisy insists she was not prejudiced, and inherently wasn't, it is touching to see her slowly let go of her last universally accepted beliefs of peoples place in society, where the "colored" help were always servants of some sort, and the line was just never crossed. Scenes such as the one where she and "Hoag" are both eating their dinner in the house, she in the dining room, he , alone in the kitchen, express this. The very thought of them dining together, it just wasn't done. As time goes on, and she becomes quietly aware of the similarities of the prejudices against her religion and the prejudices and injustice against Hoags race, the differences that seperate them become insignicant. Dan Akroyd and Patti Lupone are fine as Miss Daisy's son and his typically '50s wife, who admonishes her black maid for the unforgivable sin of forgetting to tell her she was out of coconut for the ambrosia she was serving to her guests... a '50s hostess' nightmare. There are a few moments when their performances threaten to lapse into parody, but one is only aware of this because this is basically a two person play, and the skill and realism of Tandys and Freemans performances just eclipse the others, they are basically props compared to the skill and, yes, sublety of the leads . The exception is Esther Rolle as "Idella" , Miss Daisys black maid. Though her part is small, and her lines few, she manages to convey a resigned dignity also, and her dead-pan delivery of several one liners is very humorous. Miss Daisys affection and respect for Idella is clearly etched upon her face, however, at Idella's funeral. This is just a wonderfully simple, beautiful film. It never treads into being overly sentimental, thanks to the casting of two very special stars. This film took many by surprise by winning the Oscar for best film of the year, proving that a movie with no special effects, and, that actually tells a story, can still move audiences. The final scene, where their years-long friendship comes full circle, will have tears in your eyes, as Miss Daisy conveys the sweet sad wisdom of the old, who know that "all shall soon pass...."

    5-0 out of 5 stars Fascinating, Memorable, Perfect
    Not much can be added to the praise of others here, or to the film's enthusiastic reception by the public. I feel that this is one of those rare films that is simply perfect from beginning to end. Even if you don't develop an affection for the characters, and even if you don't care for the story line, it's a stretch to fault this movie in any way. The Special Edition DVD is preferred (not many extras, but those included are worth the effort). After watching my copy 7 times and trying to get really picky with it, I juist can't find anything amiss with Beresford's beautiful production. SO why didn't he win a Director Oscar? Must've been the competition that year, but he certainly deserved to win. Only other disappointment: Freeman nominated, but didn't win. And to think this film was made for less than $6 million, and racked in a fortune and a handful of Oscars!

    5-0 out of 5 stars Freeman and Tandy What a Combo!!
    Freeman and Tandy are quite a combo!!

    This is a sensitive film that says a lot about humanity.
    Compassionate humanism oozes from this movie.
    It certainly deserved the Picture of the Year in 1989. ... Read more

    14. Life Is Beautiful
    Director: Roberto Benigni
    list price: $9.99
    our price: $9.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 6305426651
    Catlog: Video
    Sales Rank: 1711
    Average Customer Review: 4.64 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Reviews (540)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Simply Astounding
    This movie has a very simple message and you read it in the title Life is Beautiful taking place during the holocaust in Italy no one could ever guess that this movie could be so touching and honest...Roberto Benigni who I believe won the Academy Award for his performance does the wonderful job in the role as a happy go lucky man who's whole life changes during the holocaust and it is up to Benigni to keep his family together...Another refreshing thing to see was the fact that this movie takes place in Italy during the holocaust and what is was really like for jewish families in Italy during the holocaust and very few history students know today that Italy was allies with Germany for a time...I love Benigni and enjoy watching his struggles and watching his love for his son and his wife. Why can't there be more guys like Benigi out there? The DVD features an English language track and of course English subtitles...I prefer the subtitles myself so I can get a real feel for the movie.I have been moved by this movie and you should rent or buy this movie the end of this DVD you'll either be in tears or screaming life is beautiful!

    2-0 out of 5 stars Life is Beautiful, Movies can be Weird
    After skimming the reviews here, Roberto Benigni has obviously struck a chord with a lot of people.
    I would not argue with them but I found myself with the reviewer who called this film MR. BEAN GOES TO AUSCHWITZ. Actual history proved just too distracting for me to get caught up in this "fable."

    Actually, the film I kept thinking of has never been seen: Jerry Lewis' THE DAY THE CLOWN CRIED. I've read the script and I can only imagine the reviews of that film if it was ever released! (Now there's a film in itself: a daffy but deranged filmmaker, popping pills and performing pratfalls, producing his movie about a German clown entertaining Jewish kids on their way to the ovens. Yikes.)

    LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL doesn't go that far, but I found myself constantly distracted by Benigni's rubbery slapstick taking place in a concentration camp. Yeah, it's sweet that he wants to spare his son the horrors of the camp...but they're in a camp, a concentration camp.
    The first half of the film actually plays like a whimsical, slightly-more-witty Jerry Lewis movie. Then the Nazis arrive. Individual scenes manage to touch and charm, but overall it just feels very odd.

    Jerry Lewis must have gone nuts when Benigni won the Best Actor Academy Award (William Goldman, the sage of screenwriters, certainly did in print by saying this was the greatest Oscar abomination since THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH won Best Picture in the 1950s). I admit I was put off at Benigni's antics at the Oscars--"I LUFF YOU, I LUFF YOU ALL, I MAKE LUFF TO YOU ALL!" I can't even picture Jerry Lewis carrying on that much if he'd won Best Actor for THE BELLBOY. Now that I think about it, maybe he would....

    Yes, movies are a great escape from reality--but there are some realities that shouldn't be part of that escape.
    We have new generations of kids coming up who are quite removed from the terrifying reality of the Holocaust and the near-slapstick version of it portrayed in LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL could diminish the true horror of it.
    That heaviness, that memory, made buying into the humor nearly impossible.

    5-0 out of 5 stars "I want to make love to all of hollywood"
    The pride of Italy Roberto Benini in his WWII masterpiece, tastefully combining comedy with drama in an oscar winning foreign film. A must have. Make sure you watch it in Italian with the subtitles.

    5-0 out of 5 stars ETMR - Life is Beautiful
    1. Humanity: How does Guido express the human quality of endurance?

    2. Implications: Life is Beautiful expresses the need for family strength. What does this mean for today?

    3. Evolution: Life is Beautiful employs a style that is at first jarring to watch, and then succeeds on its own as a force of comedy. How has this affected cinema since its release in 1998?

    4. Realism: Is the game Guido plays with his son feasible realistically?

    5. Stageplay: The basic story is one of a man trying to remain optimistic during a time of intense suffering. How does the light-heartedness of the plot change the realistic consequences of the Holocaust?

    5-0 out of 5 stars A Beautiful film
    Never before has such a brilliant hybrid of comedy and the tradegy of war been so skillfully woven togen. The film, although disjointed slightly in its early stages, presents a delicate balance between the otrocities of the second world war and the genuine warmth and kindness of its protagonist. There are times when you will you laugh, others that you will feel deeply saddened by the plight of the characters, with the comfortable compromise reached at the film's conclusion leaving a pleasant after taste in spite of the circumstances. Brilliantly acted and filmed, Life is Beautiful presents a different take of what life was like in that dark period of history whilst leaving intact the integrity of the central themes and the brutality of war. This is a movie that can be enjoyed on multiple levels and is a worthy Oscar winner. ... Read more

    15. Goosebumps -The Haunted Mask
    Director: Brian R.R. Hebb, Timothy Bond, David Winning, Craig Pryce, Randy Bradshaw, Ron Oliver
    list price: $9.98
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 6303953026
    Catlog: Video
    Sales Rank: 754
    Average Customer Review: 4.54 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


    Carly Beth is quiet and shy -- easily scared and overly trusting.She's never seen such a great Halloween mask -- really scary, really creepy, and really life-like.She has to have it -- to scare those boys who tease and humiliate her all the time!And when she does get it, the mask is every bit as weirdly spooky as she had hoped it would be. But wearing the mask seems to be causing strange things to happen to her and other people.Can the mask -- the symbol of her revenge -- be the cause of it all?What strange powers could a Halloween mask have?Unwilling to give up the mask, or to believe that it could be evil, she keeps on wearing it -- only to discover one day that she can't take the mask off.Carly Beth and the mask have become one.

    ... Read more

    Reviews (13)

    5-0 out of 5 stars If looks could kill...
    Based on the childrens book series "Goosebumps" by R.L. Stine, "The Haunted Mask" tells the story of a very "scarable" 11 year-old girl named Carly Beth (Kathryn Long) who is the victim of bullies like Chuck (Amos Crawley) and Steve (John White). This Halloween she wants to get her revenge on everyone. But how? While looking in the back of a party store, she finds a row of terrifying Halloween masks.

    When she gets her hands on the most terrifying mask, she doesn't listen to the shopkeeper's (Colin Fox) warning about the mask being evil. When she tries the mask on for the third time on Halloween night, it makes her do horrible things to other people. It turns out that the mask is evil. Now she must find a way to stop the evil that is going on inside her and get the mask off that has become one with her.

    "The Haunted Mask" is a very interesting video. The storyline is really fun and it's not scary at all. At times the acting is really cheesy but you have to understand that it's an episode of a childrens TV-series. Kathryn Long (of TV's "Forever Night") does an outstanding performance as Carly Beth making "The Haunted Mask" worth seeing. Overall, this video is sorta cheesy but still worth every penny spent. BUY IT OR RENT IT TODAY!

    5-0 out of 5 stars HAUNTED MASK

    4-0 out of 5 stars Goosebumps: The Haunted Mask
    Probably one of the best (or the best, actually) of the television series based on R.L. Stine's novels aiming to scare teenagers and pre-teens. This eerily effective and scary GOOSEBUMPS episode delivers enough thrills and chills to actually scare more serious horror fans who find movies like HALLOWEEN and THE EXORCIST scary. Just the thought of this normal Halloween mask (which first of all, is extremely scary looking to begin with) being stuck on your face as you slowly become the monster is just frightening. The script is nicely written so that it doesn't cross the line into extreme horror, but it does maintain excellent atmosphere.

    4-0 out of 5 stars It was pretty good!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It was pretty scary!!.I liked it, Carly Beth was a GOOD character!!!!!!!!!.It starts out Carly Beth is a quiet,shy timid and very SCARABLE young lady!!!.Her half-friends half-enemies Chuck & Steve, constantly make fun of the poor girl and they are ALWAYS TERRIFYING her with worms,living pumpkins and dead octopuses!!!!!.I saw it when I was 6 years old, I don't remember much about it!!!.But it was GOOD and I have to give it a four!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5-0 out of 5 stars The scariest movie since ''Bride of the Living Dummy''
    This movie ''The Haunted Mask'' has a good plot. It all starts with Carly Beth putting on a mask. She doesn't know that the mask can't be taken off.
    With help from Sabrina,her best friend,Carly Beth better get the evil mask off...before it becomes her face...forever!
    I think it's scary. Every minute,something scary occurs.
    R.L.Stine writes scary books. And,surprising.
    This scary film teaches a lesson of love but in a scary way.
    So,i think everybody should see this.
    It's very scary,and surprising.
    Nobody knew the mask was evil.
    It was a surprise. A surprise in disguise.
    That rhymes. So,see it to believe it.
    My critic business rocks my foundation.
    So,see The Haunted Mask now! ... Read more

    16. Looking for Mr. Goodbar
    Director: Richard Brooks
    list price: $9.95
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 6300216853
    Catlog: Video
    Sales Rank: 8739
    Average Customer Review: 3.67 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan essential video

    Based on the mid-'70s novel by Judith Rossner (whichitself was based on a true story), this film was supposed to be the one that established Diane Keaton's credibility as a "serious" actress--and yet she won the Oscar for the other film she did the same year, Annie Hall. Still, Looking for Mr.&nbsp;Goodbar is a solid and intriguingfilm, which offered the first substantial film roles to Richard Gere and Tom Berenger. Keaton is a repressed Catholic school teacher who works with deaf children. In the midst of the sexual revolution, she discovers her own appetite for carnal pleasure--but tries to keep it physical, avoiding emotional entanglement, until she meets Mr.&nbsp;Really Wrong. Keaton is solid but director Richard Brooks can't keep this from dragging. --Marshall Fine ... Read more

    Reviews (30)

    3-0 out of 5 stars Annie Hall Meets Mr. Goodbar
    Released in 1977 and based on Judith Rossner's best-seller, "Looking for Mr. Goodbar" was touted as the star turn for Diane Keaton, but it was "Annie Hall" that swept her to the Academy podium that year. A Catholic teacher of deaf children, Keaton's portrayal of a sexually repressed woman looking for scores in all the wrong places is unsettling in an generally inaudacious - and brutal - film. But, the talent that she is, Keaton keeps our attention and is nearly upstaged by Tuesday Weld in an Oscar-nominated supporting role. "Goodbar" takes us to the darker side of casual sexal encounters and issues a warning that we ought not delve too deeply into the darkness without a light on in our brains. The film also marked the first substantial work of Richard Gere and Tom Berenger. But it remains Keaton who carries the film, and she does it splendidly and achieves the intended goal of making us squeamish about the dangerous underpinnings of sexual experimentation. The film's closing scene is harrowing and also achieves its own goal to send the viewer off with an unsoothed boding of doom, and it gives us no hope. Panned critically at the time, the film nonetheless is a showcase of Keaton's dramatic talents, something she'd had little chance to do until then. She alone makes the film worth watching.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Very dark seedy film
    A very dark film and shocking for the time period 1977 actually it would qualify today as well. Diane Keaton stars as a sexually adventurous teacher from a strict catholic family who escapes the normality in her life by retreating into the sordid vacuous world of New York City's singles bars. She has an affair with her older college professor but that doesn't turn out good so she spends her nights doing cocaine and picking up random guys until one night she picks up the wrong cowboy. Tom Berenger plays a bar hopping drifter and is the final man she brings home. The ending is quite shocking & disturbing, the cinematography and use of light/sound. It would hold up to todays shock value easily. Keep in mind this movie came out in 1977. A story about an insecure woman constantly rebelling, misguided search for love & acceptance who could not come to grips with her estranged relationship with father. In a sense looking for a father figure. One of my favorite dark genre films.

    2-0 out of 5 stars Looking for trouble
    "Looking for Mr.Goodbar" is a cautionary tale of the swinger lifestyle. It is set in the 70s, but it's just as prevalent today as it was then (more so with AIDS and other STDs). Diane Keaton plays Theresa, a school teacher for deaf kids by day, and by night she's a very promiscuous party girl. As time goes by, the night life interferes more and more with her teaching job. Eventually she decides to get out, but by then, it's too late. I liked the idea, but I thought the cast was all wrong (of course I have over twenty years of sterotypeing to try to get over). Diane Keaton may not have been the best actress to do this kind of role, after playing Kay Adams/Corleone or "Annie Hall", playing the "whore" dosn't seem right. Tuesday Weld dosn't have enough time to establish the sister as anything. Richard Kiley plays an adultourous professor, kind of a one note character. William Atherton is the red haring. Richard Gere is obviously at the beginning of his career, he isn't the typical Gere persona, he is acting more like John Travolta from "Saturday Night Feaver", he got on my nerves bad. The movie has an interesting concept, the dangers of casual sex and partying, but it is defeated by the ending. ... So what is this movie? It is a good idea with the wrong cast and the wrong ending.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Takes the viewer back to New York City in the 1970's
    This movie was highly recommended to me, and now that I've seen it I can see why many consider it a memorable film. The suspense was brilliantly built up and Keaton's performance was worthy of the Golden Globe nomination it received.

    The movie depicts many of the problems of being a liberated single female in the 70s. The main character, Theresa Dunn, moves out of her oppressive Catholic family home to find her place in the world. She becomes a compassionate teacher of deaf children during the day, and ventures out at night into the bar scene. Through Keaton's ability to capture the emotionally vulnerable Theresa, the viewer connects strongly to Theresa's journey to find the life she wants.

    Richard Gere's performance is also worthy of note, as are the cinematic effects. Unfortunately the lighting in the film is too dark and this detracts from the overall impression of it, and it also makes it seem dated. The moral messages in the film are interesting and leave more questions than answers.

    4-0 out of 5 stars ...and the pursuit of happiness
    On its best level, "Mr. Goodbar" showed the audience how you can be an intelligent, cultured and sensitive person and yet become a tragic figure, a victim of circumstance.

    The Keaton character realizes the entity of her own sexual frustration and takes to casual sex as a form of emotional therapy. When she decides it's time to get her act straight, she fails, fatally, to put her experience to fruition: not because it's morally too late for redemption and she must be punished, but simply out of bad luck.

    I don't think Brooks had a 'this is what you're going to get if you stray from the straight and narrow' agenda. I have a feeling he was more interested in the intrinsic tragic potential of being human. ... Read more

    17. The Last Unicorn
    Director: Arthur Rankin Jr., Jules Bass
    list price: $9.98
    our price: $9.98
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 6303047564
    Catlog: Video
    Sales Rank: 563
    Average Customer Review: 4.48 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    A story line that truly deserves the A-list treatment, The Last Unicorn is memorable for its attempts to stay faithful to its origins, the Peter Beagle novel of the same name. The animation is vintage Rankin/Bass, and that's too bad; but there's an undeniable strength in this tale and telling. A unicorn (Mia Farrow)--she believes herself the last--searches for any others of her kind, while avoiding the malevolent Red Bull, the agent believed to have destroyed the rest of the herd. Along the way, she is mistaken, ignored, attacked, and obsessed about, finally finding help from a magician named Schmendrick (Alan Arkin) and a knight named Prince Lir (Jeff Bridges). A haunting film that pays homage to mythology and the people who love it. --Keith Simanton ... Read more

    Reviews (419)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Still one of my MOST favorite movies!!!
    My mother tells me that when I was little, I used to make her rent this movie every week. I still remember what the old cover looked like. I have to say that I bought a copy a few years ago and I still watch it every once and a while. I know all the songs by heart - I can still repeat my favorite lines - This is an incredible movie for all ages that I think everyone should watch to get a glimpse of that magic of the imagination that we tend to forget exists after we've grown up!

    The plot of the movie is based on the book by Peter S. Beagle(read it if you like fantasy!), but I have to say that I like the movie better. Of course, the author did the screenplay, so that might explain why the movie is so good. It's about a unicorn searching the world for others of her immortal kind. On her journey, she meets humans who help her on her path, like Schmendrick(sp?) the bumbling magician who transforms her into a human woman to carry out her quest, Molly Grue the cynical outlaw, and Prince Lir who becomes a hero for her sake. But some of those she meets, like Mommy Fortuna the witch and King Haggard with his castle by the sea, will try to stop her from solving the mystery of her lost people. Will she be able to hold onto herself long enough overcome the ominous Red Bull who drove the other unicorns down all the roads long ago?

    Again, I say that this is one of the movies that defined my childhood, one of the things that convinced me I wanted to be a writer and believe in the magic of imagination. This is a great movie for kids, but there's plenty there for an adult to appreciate as well. Buy it and watch it!!! It's worth it.

    5-0 out of 5 stars An exquisite film... not quite for everyone, I believe
    I recall seeing this movie on TV when I was like 8-years-old and its beauty and meaning really affected me. Not again a film has touched me the way this did. I am not giving away what is about, only thoughts and images. The journey of the last unicorn that runs thru the world to find her lost kin and finds love instead... A clumsy but noble magician named Schemndrick... A sad woman who has lost almost everything... A bitter and lonely king searching for hapiness and his adopted son, who will turn to be a hero... A haunting world with wonderful landscapes... An overwhelming score by Jimmy Webb and America... Let's just say that if you like fantasy and still carry with you that good old inner child and also have a taste for melancholy, this film will stay with you. But, if you are into happy endings, better stay away.
    Even at that early age I saw this picture, I had a sense of loss and sadness when it ended. I think that actually, it changed me forever. A part of the innocence was gone, in a good way. It deals with deep and mature matters, kind of heavy and serious for an animated flick, but I think it's good for a child to learn to think and awaken sensibility.
    I am not sure to recommend it for little children, 3 to 5... I think it's too much for them. From 7 and on, they can appreciate it more, and better for a 10 year-old. There's some middle cursing also, like "hell" and "damn", so very concerned parents should avoid it until their little ones are a little grown up.
    The cast is great. Christopher Lee shines. Mia Farrow, Alan Arkin and Jeff Bridges are also here and deliver powerful performances.
    Read the book which this movie was based on, written by Peter S. Beagle -who made the screenplay too, thank God, for it is perfect.
    An unforgettable, beautiful, charming, touching, thought-provoking, heart-squeezing movie that you can fall in love with.

    1-0 out of 5 stars AVOID
    This is a very good film that has yet had a decent video release here in the US. This DVD release is a disaster.

    This particular print has several major defects. First this movie suffers more than most when cutting it from widescreen to full screen. But the pan-and-scan job (the technique used to make a widescreen film fit on a regular television) was also totally botched leaving many scenes showing only half a face or character.

    There is also many color problems. The print is biased to red. Dark scenes, of which there are many, show a red tint. Related to this is that the greens are subdued. Many objects that should be green show as blue.

    The print is also grainy showing more video noise than normal.

    The soundtrack is extremely harsh sounding making it dificult to listen to.

    I'd recommend you seek out the widescreen version which has none of these problems.

    5-0 out of 5 stars The Last Unicorn
    I have seen this movie over 100 times and I really believe it is one of the greatest films of our time. I loved it as a kid and I don't know that I fully understood it, because now as an adult I appreciate the heart that goes into this film. It is a beautiful love/life story about being true to who you are. I cry almost every time I watch this, it is definetly worth buying.

    4-0 out of 5 stars good movie bad singing
    It a good movie, with a good plot. The characters were good and well drawn. the only problem was the singing, now the songs were good. But they got people who thought they could sing who couldn't. But other then that a good buy. ... Read more

    18. Beetlejuice
    Director: Tim Burton
    list price: $6.93
    our price: $6.93
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 6302814790
    Catlog: Video
    Sales Rank: 2844
    Average Customer Review: 4.31 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan essential video

    Before making Batman, director Tim Burton and star Michael Keaton teamed up for this popular black comedy about a young couple (Geena Davis and Alec Baldwin) whose premature death leads them to a series of wildly bizarre afterlife exploits. As ghosts in their own New England home, they're faced with the challenge of scaring off the pretentious new owners (Catherine O'Hara and Jeffrey Jones), whose daughter (Winona Ryder) has an affinity for all things morbid. Keaton plays the mischievous Beetlejuice, a freelance "bio-exorcist" who's got an evil agenda behind his plot to help the young undead newlyweds. The film is a perfect vehicle for Burton's visual style and twisted imagination, with clever ideas and gags packed into every scene. Beetlejuice is also a showcase for Keaton, who tackles his title role with maniacal relish and a dark edge of menace. --Jeff Shannon ... Read more

    Reviews (107)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Say it once, say it twice, third time's the charm!
    When this movie first came out about fifteen years ago, my father owned a video store and every Wednesday night was "Beetlejuice" night. I'm older now, obviously, but I still cannot get enough of this movie.

    Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis play Adam and Barbara Maitland, two Connecticut yuppies who die prematurely in a car wreck. Within a couple weeks, their home is overrun by an ultra-trendy New York City family, Charles and Delia Deetz, and their Goth daughter, Lydia (played respectively by Jeffrey Jones, Catherine O'Hara, and Winona Ryder). Adam and Barbara want their house back, and attempt to scare the Deetz's out of the house by wearing sheets and even by possessing them over dinner, making them sing and dance to Harry Belafonte's "Day O." Those attempts fail and enter Michael Keaton as Betelguese, "the afterlife's leading freelance bio-exorcist." The movie is dark without being scary and funny without being ridiculous.

    In my opinion, one of the real gems in this film is the late Sylvia Sidney as Juno, Your Case Worker. Sidney was pushing eighty when this film was made, but turns in a great performance as the embittered equivalent of an afterlife social worker. Love how the smoke from her ever-present cigarette comes out of the slit in her throat.

    If you've never seen this movie, see it. If you have seen it but don't own it on DVD, get it. The picture quality is better than ever.

    4-0 out of 5 stars tim burton=a classic movie
    a couple dies.they live in a house as spirits and then some people move in.the dad is a dork.the mom is a control freak,crazy women who sculpts.she is a similar character in home alone but in that one shes a unbelivably terrible and neglectful psycho mom.the daughter is a dark depressed girl played by wyona ryder.she looks very sexy in thisone.a cool line is:my whole life is a dark big dark room.they get constant visits from other weirdos also.the 2 dead people-some dork and a belive it or not somewhat sexy geena davis play them.they spirits try to scare the living out but are too good natured to they hire michael keaton-beetlejuice-to get rid of them.he is more is a tim burton movie which of course means its awesome.most everyone could like this.wyona ryder looks awesome in a red wedding dress late in the film.that stupid child hater of a mom lady is this movies only flaw.shes such a bitch.this movie is full of well written mastery and great special is great!

    4-0 out of 5 stars beetlejuice
    this movie was really good, it was so creative, like edward scissorhands. i loved the story and the underworld scenes were great. i think that winona ryder did an excellent job as Lydia, the troubled daughter. betelguese was hilarious! this is not your mainstream kid movie, be aware of that if if you plan on showing it to your kids.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Remains one of my favorites
    Re-watching Beetlejuice more than a decade after it thrilled, frightened and enthralled me as a child makes me sad about Mr. Tim Burton's transformation into a Hollywood favorite semi-quirky remake-director (Planet Of The Apes, Sleepy Hollow) in recent years (Big Fish indeed signals a hopeful recovery - if only Charlie And The Chocolate Factory doesn't spoil it...!) At the young age of thirty, and in only his second full length feature, Burton created a cult favorite that is one for the ages. In this bizarre, off-beat script by Michael McDowell (who collaborated with him before on an episode of the 'Alfred Hitchcock Presents' television series) he found the ideal vehicle for his unique and strange imagination - and indeed, Burton's unique vision is more apparent here than in any of his movies, The Nightmare Before Christmas being the happy exception. Though it's true that it's not as personal a creation as 'Nightmare' or Edward Scissorhands, this is the movie that would place Burton on the map as a major director, and would earn him his breakthrough job - directing the first Batman feature film. It is on Beetlejuice that he would also start several long-time collaborations with actors who would work with him again in the future - Michael Keaton (Batman & Batman Returns), Winona Ryder (Edward Scissorhands), Jeffrey Jones (Ed Wood, Sleepy Hollow), Glenn Shadix and Catherine O'Hara (both of whom did voiceovers for Nightmare Before Christmas).

    So, again, while Beetlejuice isn't as deep and personal film as we would see in Nightmare Before Christmas, Edward Scissorhands, Ed Wood or Big Fish, Beetlejuice is an incredibly imaginative and captivating film and is a perfect black comedy. Geena Davis and Alec Baldwin are both more than adequate, but Michael Keaton in the title part is of course the real star of the show - although in reality his part is much smaller than those of Davis and Baldwin. Keaton is electric and mesmerizing as the bio-exorcist or 'the Ghost with the Most', Beetlejuice (spelled BETELGEUSE!), probably the greatest and most memorable performance of his career (with the possible exception of the part of Batman). Keaton really let loose in Beetlejuice, and he and Burton were seemingly having a blast - they created one of the most memorable horror and comedy characters on the big screen. Seventeen year old Winona is also terrific as Goth-girl Lydia, fascinated and repulsed by Betelgeuse's extreme personality. Similarities between her character here and the one in Edward Scissorhands are easy to find, but for my money her performance as Lydia is the better one.

    And in conclusion, if there's any movie that I'd recommend to own on VCR or DVD, it's Beetlejuice; because Burton at his best made films that are well rewarding in repeated viewing, and Beetlejuice is Burton at his very, very best, even if it's not his best film. So even if it's not an essential masterpiece like Edward Scissorhands, Beetlejuice is one of the classic cult films of all time, and I can't imagine going through life without it - that is, if you have the tiniest bit of a sense of fun and humor.

    1-0 out of 5 stars This is the dumbest movie I ever saw...
    I can't see why so many people liked this movie. I think it stinks. It has no script, Burton's story telling is lost in bad effects and cheesy dialoge and Keaton gets to act like a goofball. These two were no way the right ones to make Batman. ... Read more

    19. Bright Eyes
    Director: David Butler
    list price: $9.98
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00005ASSD
    Catlog: Video
    Sales Rank: 1381
    Average Customer Review: 4.35 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Reviews (17)

    3-0 out of 5 stars OUR FAVOURITE WAIF
    This was the first movie actually crafted just for Shirley and the kids should find it a fun diversion, even today. It's in this movie in which Temple sings her famed version of ON THE GOOD SHIP LOLLIPOP - while on an airplane! The supporting cast includes the little seen silent screen actress Lois Wilson who plays Shirley's mother (employed as a maid) and the talented Irishman, James Dunn - he won an Oscar for the happy alcoholic singing waiter in A TREE GROWS IN BROOKLYN - does well as Shirley's kind uncle. Cheeky Jane Withers (Remember Josephine, the plumber who endorsed Comet cleanser in the sixties?) plays Joy, and she's fun in contrast to Shirley's goody-goody personna- she's wild, mischievous, noisy, jealous, messy, angry and not particularly cute; she was eventually ranked second in popularity to Temple as a thirties female child star. Recommended for the little ones because these Temple films are inoffensive (with very few exceptions) and are expertly computer colourized!

    5-0 out of 5 stars Jane and Shirley light up the screen!
    Shirley Temple and Jane Withers are a dynamic duo together as Shirley plays a orphaned child that everybody wishes to adopt and Jane plays a selfish brat who has no compassion for Shirley or anybody else. This movie is simply hysterical with the rude Joy (Jane Withers)and the funny and political Uncle Ned. I have never laughed as much as I did in any other Shirley Temple film! Shirley sings her trade mark song "On the Good Ship Lollipop" and will dazzle you with her charm. The plot of the story is easy for young children to follow and consists of tear jerkers, hysterical moments, and dramatic scenes. I have to say this movie wouldn't receive 5 stars without Jane Withers!

    5-0 out of 5 stars "Sweet Landings"....
    This review refers to the 20th Century Fox DVD edition of "Bright Eyes".....

    I've always been a sucker for little Shirley Temple singing "On The Good Ship Lollipop" and couldn't resist picking up this DVD.From 1934, this story takes you back to a time of innocence that just can't be done again in today's world. Shirley will tug at your heartstrings and you're happy to let her do it!

    This story was tailor made for Temple's charms. Already having lost her father, "the best aviator there ever was", she is now the apple of they eyes of all the flyers at the airport.Espcially one,'Loop' Merritt(James Dunn), her father's best friend who loves her dearly.Shirley lives in the home of a wealthy but nasty couple where her mother is a maid. When tragedy strikes again, and Shirley's mom meets with an unfortunate accident, the fight begins over who will adopt this adorable orphan.

    In the short span of 83 minutes, it's a story that has laughter, tears, adventure and lots of love. If you love Shirley..this is a must have. But it's not just the Shirley show...the rest of the cast is terrific. James Dunn, Jane Darwell,and Lois Smith will all touch you, but the two that nearly steal the show are Charles Sellon as Uncle Ned, an old curmudgeon who becomes a real softy around Shirley, and little Jane Withers...the brattiest brat there ever was. All this little tyke wants for Christmas is a machine gun!

    I was very pleased with this DVD by 20th Cent Fox. Yes it was a bit on the grainey side, but the film, now 70 years old, showed no scratches, lines or cracks.I hope I look that good at 70! I nearly had a panic attack though when I read the back of the box and it said that this version was colorized, but don't worry, when you pop it in the player, the first thing that comes up is a choice of the original B/W or the colorized you can watch both and see which you prefer. You also get the choice of viewing it in the newly enhanced stereo or mono.There are also subtitles in English(captions), and Spanish.

    It's a nice one to watch during the holidays as a good part of the story takes place during Christmas.If you are a fan..introduce a new generation to Shirley. This a great one to start with.

    Sweet Landings.....Laurie

    3-0 out of 5 stars One of her better movies.
    The movie has the seen that the TV networks always have qued up with her singing: On the good ship lollypop.

    3-0 out of 5 stars One of the cutest films!!!
    Shirley is VERY cute in this film. She plays a very unselfish and cute little girl who likes to help out and visit the airport. She basicially does not have to act in this film because the way her chartacter acts is how Shirley acts herself . (Notice that her name is Shirley in this film.)
    It deserves a three star though because I didn't see much dancing in this film except for The Good Ship Lollipop, and when you watch Jane Withers and Shirley together you can feel guilty when you act selfish. ... Read more

    20. Return to Snowy River
    Director: Geoff Burrowes
    list price: $9.99
    our price: $9.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 6302481791
    Catlog: Video
    Sales Rank: 934
    Average Customer Review: 4.38 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


    Australia's breathtaking Victoria Alps set the backdrop for this spectacular epic saga. Tom Burlinson and Sigrid Thornton, two of Australia's brightest film talents, star in a fast-paced, action-packed story of a stormy romance caught up in a violent feud between landowners. Acclaimed actor Brian Dennehy (LEGAL EAGLES, COCOON) gives a gripping performance as the powerful patriarch determined to keep them apart. Visually unforgettable and packed with rugged adventure and masterful stuntwork, RETURN TO SNOWY RIVER is a thrilling and memorable film! ... Read more

    Reviews (34)

    5-0 out of 5 stars The Man from Snowy River is Back!
    The man from Snowy River is back! After a few years trying to earn money to marry Jessica Harrison (Sigrid Thornton), Jim Craig (Tom Burlinson) returns to Snowy River. But he finds that a lot of things have changed. The succesful ranchers and bankers want to buy up all of the land of the beautiful Australian mountains where he was brought up. He also finds that Jessica's father, Harrison (Brian Dennehy) wants her to marry Alistair Patton (Nicholas Eadie), son of landowner Patton Sr. (Rhys McConnochie). With a sort of silent feud between the landowners and the mountain men going on, Jim and Jessica must decide if they're love is worth firing up the feud even worse.

    As most of the cases, I prefer the first movie to "Return to Snowy River" though I think they both deserve 5 stars. One of the reasons is I enjoy the first one more is that Kirk Douglas played Harrison in the first movie. Yes, Brian Dennehy was superb in that role, I still like Kirk Douglas.

    All right, to the fine parts of the movie. Beautiful and magnificent scenery of the Australian mountains! Excellent acting by all actors and actresses, the suspense, action, and adventure will keep you on the edge of your seats! And Tom Burlinson sure know how to ride when he performs some pretty cool stunts while riding horses. Especially the earlier part of the movie where he proves that he can certainly ride better than Nicholas Eadie who plays the part of the jealous bad guy for Jessica's affection.

    I recommend this movie along with the first movie, "The Man from Snowy River". These movies are classics and one of the family movies I watch at home. Can't be missed!

    5-0 out of 5 stars The Man from Snowy River is Back!
    The man from Snowy River is back! After a few years trying to earn money to marry Jessica Harrison (Sigrid Thornton), Jim Craig (Tom Burlinson) returns to Snowy River. But he finds that a lot of things have changed. The succesful ranchers and bankers want to buy up all of the land of the beautiful Australian mountains where he was brought up. He also finds that Jessica's father, Harrison (Brian Dennehy) wants her to marry Alistair Patton (Nicholas Eadie), son of landowner Patton Sr. (Rhys McConnochie). With a sort of silent feud between the landowners and the mountain men going on, Jim and Jessica must decide if they're love is worth firing up the feud even worse.

    As most of the cases, I prefer the first movie to "Return to Snowy River" though I think they both deserve 5 stars. One of the reasons is I enjoy the first one more is that Kirk Douglas played Harrison in the first movie. Yes, Brian Dennehy was superb in that role, I still like Kirk Douglas.

    All right, to the fine parts of the movie. Beautiful and magnificent scenery of the Australian mountains! Excellent acting by all actors and actresses, the suspense, action, and adventure will keep you on the edge of your seats! And Tom Burlinson sure know how to ride when he performs some pretty cool stunts while riding horses. Especially the earlier part of the movie where he proves that he can certainly ride better than Nicholas Eadie who plays the part of the jealous bad guy for Jessica's affection.

    I recommend this movie along with the first movie, "The Man from Snowy River". These movies are classics and one of the family movies I watch at home. Can't be missed!

    5-0 out of 5 stars The Snowy River Movies are awesome!!
    I've seen both 'The Man From Snowy River' and 'Return to Snowy River' and loved them both. They are wholesome movies to watch with a lot of action, but not violent. Whenever we had sleepovers these were the movies to watch. I definetly recommend watching 'The Man from Snowy River' first though. The scenery is beautiful, the cast is great, Kirk Douglas playing double roles is always good. The story line, and if you love horses this is a movie for you. It's a movie for all ages and both guys and girls. It's not a total 'chick flick' or a 'guys' movie.

    1-0 out of 5 stars Return to Snowy River
    THis move WAS very exciting BUT it was also a terrible one as at least ONE horse was REALLY killed in the filming. They tripped the little buckskin horse and he did not survive his tumble down the hill!

    2-0 out of 5 stars A Letdown
    Like many sequels, it disappoints. Tom Burlinson and Sigrid Thornton did nice work as the lovers Jim Craig and Jessica Harrison. Brian Dennehy stepped ably into the shoes of Kirk Douglas as Harrison. The scenery is glorious and the action and riding quite cool. Notable was Jim Craig's unique demonstration around the skill at arms course after meeting his new rival.

    So, what is the problem? It simply lacked the movie magic and spark and, perhaps, storyteller's art which made the "The Man from Snowy River" a success. I have watched "The Man from Snowy River" many times over many years, and still love it. I have watched "Return to Snowy River" perhaps twice. ... Read more

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