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81. My Fair Lady
82. The Magic School Bus - In the
83. The Magic School Bus: Ready, Set,
$9.98 $6.76
84. Love Actually
$14.95 $8.18
85. The Magic School Bus - Greatest
86. White Mischief
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87. Closer
$6.93 $4.99
88. A Time to Kill
89. Yellowbeard
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90. A Streetcar Named Desire
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91. Almost Heroes
92. Return of the Jedi
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93. The Twelve Chairs
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94. Endless Love
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95. Separate But Equal
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96. The Muppet Movie
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97. Girl, Interrupted
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98. Star Wars
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99. Garfield - The Movie
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100. The Quiet Man

81. My Fair Lady
Director: George Cukor
list price: $9.95
our price: $9.95
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00005ALP6
Catlog: Video
Sales Rank: 132
Average Customer Review: 4.52 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (156)

4-0 out of 5 stars An Excellent Adaption of One of Broadway's Best
One of the classics of the American musical theater, "My Fair Lady" is brought to us with amazing grace and sensitivity by legendary dirctor George Cukor. This musical has it all: a classic score by Lerner and Loewe (including "I Could have Danced All Night," "The Rain in Spain," and "Get me to the Church on Time"), an interesting story, and great characters. Rex Harrison proves to be nothing less then supurb as Henry Higgens, the speach teacher who vows to "never let a woman in my life," but finds himself falling for flower girl Eliza Dolittle. The supporting cast is in top form, with special mention going to the hysterical Stanley Halloway as Alfred P. Dolittle, the charming Wilfred Hyde-White as Pickering, and Jeremy Brett as Freddie. My on real complaint is Audrey Hepburn, who plays Eliza. While she is far from bad, Miss Hepburn has no voice, and I can't stand it when they use another actress to dub the voice of a star. Why can't they just hire a singer in the first place? The part should have gone to Julie Andrews (who originated it on Broadway). All in all, agreat film for the whole family. Check it out!

4-0 out of 5 stars For the most part, excellent.
First, the wonderful score. Frederic Loewe's glorious music is perfectly complimented by Alan Jay Lerner's lyrics, as on the Broadway and London stages, and almost every song is memorable and great. Second, the gloriously witty script, filled with great lines, many taken directly from Shaw, on whose play "Pygmalion" this was based, and sharp commentary on Britain's class system. Third, the all-around wonderful performances, from Rex Harrison's arch, arrogant, gleeful Henry Higgins to Audrey Hepburn's charming but unrefined flower girl who becomes a sophisticated (and stunning-looking) lady, to Stanley Holloway's lovable amoral father of Hepburn, to Wilfred Hyde-White's Colonel Pickering, to Gladys Cooper's Mrs. Higgins, just as acerbic as her son. Fourth, the much-lauded stunning look of the film, with gorgeously stylized costumes by Cecil Beaton and fine sets by Beaton. All the ingredients are there for a great film, and under George Cukor's direction, that's pretty much what you get.

And yet, the film is noticably flawed. Hepburn, while charming and, of course, stunningly dressed, does not give a bad performance by any means; it's just that she's not overwhemingly sympathetic. And her voice double, Marni Nixon, has a lovely voice, but doesn't really put any emotion into her songs, forcing that ever-present question to re-emerge: Would Julie Andrews, the Broadway and London Eliza, have been a better choice? Also, Nixon and Hepburn really do not sound alike, which is slightly annoying. (Nevertheless, most of Nixon's songs, especially "I Could Have Danced All Night," do come off well, and if Andrews had been cast, there'd be no "Mary Poppins") "On The Street Where You Live," which I consider the best and most beautiful song in the score, is given a rather flat reading by Bill Shirley, the voice double for actor Jeremy Brett; it is the only song in the movie that is truly forgettable, but that is Shirley's fault entirely, NOT Lerner or Loewe's. Too bad. And yes, the movie is a bit long. But overall, it's a vastly entertaining, enjoyable, romantic, and great experience, just not without flaw. But, oh, well.

4-0 out of 5 stars How do you do? And which DVD version to buy ...
MFL is a marvellous film about a professor who turns a common flower girl into a lady. It is full of sing-a-long songs and funny moments. It is basically a classic for all the right reasons! Plenty of re-watch factor makes it a film to own.

In 1994, the film was restored and thank the lord they did! The film's negative was almost lost forever. In fact, the film hade had become yellow-tinged and full of scratches, blotches and all the rest! It would have been a very sad day for the movie industry if a flim like this had been lost.

The original DVD that featured this new restoration was released in the late 90's. This DVD included a 9 minute featurette, actor profiles, audio commentary, and Audrey Hepburn singing in 2 scenes.

This original 1-disc DVD has since been updated to a special 2-Disc Edition. Which one to get? I have both so I feel qualified to answer this. The new DVD includes all the features found on the original DVD, except the actor profiles. The new DVD once again includes the restored print but is apparently a new transfer from the restored print. However, according to a report that I have read, the new transfer is not perfect and has aliasing problems throughout. However, the average watcher won't pick up on this detail. If this is an issue to you, purchase the original edition DVD where the transfer has been given two thumbs up! One has to wonder why they bothered transferring a second time.

The advantage of the special 2-Disc Edition DVD is that it includes a 58 minute 1994 documentary hosted by Jeremy Brett (Audrey's love interest in the film). Jeremy is no longer with us, so it's nice to have this as a piece of nostalgia. ON top of this, there are many more features on this disc that aren't included on the original DVD such as footage from the film's premiere, production dinner, as well as discussions with Rex and Audrey.

The choice is easy. If you're a fan of the film and don't care for all the extras, buy the original DVD. You at least get the best transfer. If you do care about having all the extras, buy both!

5-0 out of 5 stars It's Loverly
The music from "My Fair Lady" makes it easily one of my favorite musicals with "I could have danced all night", "Wouldn't it be Loverly?", "The Street Where you Live", and Stanley Holloway's rousing showstoppers "With a Little Bit of Bloomin' Luck" and "Get me to the Church on Time".

It's well chronicled how much gnashing of teeth surrounded the Hollywood decision to leave out the then-unknown Julie Andrews, who was the new toast of the stage as Eliza Doolittle, and instead cast the more bankable Audrey Hepburn. Hollywood rewarded Ms. Andrews with "Mary Poppins" and an Oscar, and although I'd love to have seen Julie Andrews in this role, 4 decades later I can't complain about Audrey Hepburn.

Rex Harrison's reprises Henry Higgins from the stage, and I frankly can't think of another actor who would bring the same English Arrogance and tongue-in-cheekiness to the role. The interactions between Harrison, Hepburn and Wilfred Hyde-White as Colonel Pickering, especially in the early part of the film, are witty, entertaining, and move the narrative right along without pausing for exposition. The Higgins character is a cad, very full of himself, and he makes the mistake of treating those he feels are socially inferior poorly. The Colonel Pickering character acts as a surrogate for the audience, observing the educated but pompous Professor Higgins and allowing us to feel not TOO badly that poor Eliza has come under the influences of Higgins.

Stanley Holloway recreates Alfred P. Doolittle, Eliza's father, from the stage, and although his character has as many moral deficiencies as Professor Higgins (at one point he shows up at Higgins doorstep hoping to extort money from Professor Higgins for "shacking up" with Eliza) and is much less educated and with a much lower social standing, he is nonetheless a "good ol' bloke" and his moments in the film are among the most memorable, especially the previously mentioned show-stopping musical numbers.

The final act feels a little soap-opera-ish between Jeremy Brett as Freddy fawning over Eliza and Professor Higgins beginning to appreciate her fine qualities at the same time. This portion produces two of the finer musical moments as Freddy sings "On The Street Where You Live" and Higgins croons "I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face".

Since George Bernard Shaw died in 1950 it's purely speculative to wonder what he'd have thought about the production of his Pygmalion story. I'm guessing he'd have liked it. If you like musicals, I'm guessing you will too. Enjoy.

2-0 out of 5 stars 2-disc or not two discs
WARNING: All the five stars refer to the movie itself, and does not address the issue of whether paying for the second disc is a rip-off. Five stars for the single disc version was richly deserved. I had half expected the 2 disc version to have DTS since they shifted virtually all the extra features from disc 1 to disc two. The only thing left on disc 1 was the movie, same commentary, same subtitles and audio track. For some inexplicable reason, the single disc version was among the Amazon top 100 discs in 2002 for some time, although it has been
out since the mid-1990s. Amazon's editor was correct when he said the main attraction of the 2nd disc was the 58 minute Documentary hosted by Jeremy Brett. That is about all, folks, and it was a pretty boring documentary. A concise version of this documentary would be "The Fairest Fair Lady" which is already in the single disc version.
You already have the AUDREY HEPBURN VOCALS in the single disc version. The rest of the stuff in disc 2 is usually given away FREE, like in Gladiator, Last Samurai, Master and Commander, where one viewing of the stills is more than enough.
Now, the sellers of disc 2 have actually REMOVED the CAST AND CREW section from the one disc version. This Cast and Crew with filmographies and biographies contain a huge chunk of valuable information including the fact that Audrey's given name was Edda, not Audrey. Do not throw away your one disc version. If you bought the 2 disc version, you might want to buy the single- disc version to find out where Audrey Hepburn was born, won the Oscar and got nominated. What were the other actors like Wilfred Hyde-White doing other than My Fair Lady.
I tell you what I like about the 2 Disc version:
1. the interviews with Audrey Hepburn and Rex Harrison at the 1963 production Kickoff Dinner, with a couple of jokes from Mr Warner.
2. George Cukor directing Baroness Rothschild: a Henry Higgins coaching Eliza Doolitle parody. The audio track ran for only a few minutes, and I had a new found respect for Directors. Even a Baroness needs lessons in elocution. When I watch the movie again, I will imagine George Cukor speaking using the actors and actresses as his instrument. So that is how Cukor's actresses got their Oscars.
3. The Los Angeles Premiere in B&W is a few minutes of interesting distraction.

The rest of Disc 2 is really scraping the floor of the store-room. For those who already own the single disc edition, and do not have disposable income to burn, get the 2 disc edition of the TEN COMMANDMENTS instead. For the price of 5 commandments (about half the price of the 2 disc My Fair Lady), you will get more than double the info, making it look like "the TWENTY COMMANDMENTS". That is where a second disc is not a money making exercise: thou shalt not steal from gullible dvd buyers.

Rex Harrison Golden Globe Acceptance is a clip from the Andy William's show, where he apologised for not being at the real event, so he accepted it on AW's show. Shame.

Academy Awards Cermony Highlights: just one minute or less of Mr Warner accepting the oscar for best picture.

So two stars for the additional info on disc two. I would buy anything remotely related to my favourite musical, but if I were to search my heart for value added, I would say two extra stars is very very generous. Now, if ever they come out with a DTS version, we will have to throw the whole TWENTY COMMANDMENTS at this bunch of crooks.
Do you really need Martin Scorsese and Andrew Lloyd Weber's comments to supplement your own? ... Read more

82. The Magic School Bus - In the Rainforest
Director: Charles E. Bastien, Larry Jacobs
list price: $6.93
our price: $6.93
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 1568328613
Catlog: Video
Sales Rank: 2501
Average Customer Review: 5 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

The irresistible pull of chocolate is the catch for this lesson from the dandy kids series The Magic School Bus. The kids give a cocoa tree to their intrepid teacher Ms. Frizzle (voiced by Lily Tomlin) for an Earth Day present. When the tree yields only one bean, it's off to the rain forest to discover why. The life of a cocoa plant, including how pods, mud puddles, and bugs play a part in its development should have the little ones curious (and a bit shocked) about how the basic ingredient in chocolate comes to be. All this plus side trips to visit iguanas and other animals of the rain forest. (Ages 6 to 12) --Doug Thomas ... Read more

Reviews (2)

5-0 out of 5 stars Chocolate And The Rainforest
Enjoyable, well produced and very respectful. It's interesting to examine the interdependence of everything in the rainforest's ecosystem. The presentation is very age-appropriate and encourages kids to think for themselves and solve the mystery. The children loved it and were attentive. They talked about how their mom makes hot chocolate and liked learning about where it comes from. "Cocoa beans turn into pods and then it makes chocolate, right?" "I liked how everyone solved the mystery together." Best for ages 2 to 5.

5-0 out of 5 stars Excellent
All of the Magic School Bus videos are great. My 6 year old says that the best part is when the Magic School Bus goes through the mud. They worst part is when the "investigator" gets angry. ... Read more

83. The Magic School Bus: Ready, Set, Dough
Director: Charles E. Bastien, Larry Jacobs
list price: $6.93
our price: $6.93
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 1568327447
Catlog: Video
Sales Rank: 1470
Average Customer Review: 5 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (1)

5-0 out of 5 stars Tasty chemistry!
This video is appealing to kids because it is about cake! They learn that baking is actually chemistry! And what an adventure they have learning about how ingredients look up close! When they get stuck inside the cake while it is cooking, they learn how heat, the final ingredient, turns batter into cake! ... Read more

84. Love Actually
Director: Richard Curtis
list price: $9.98
our price: $9.98
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B0001GL3KE
Catlog: Video
Sales Rank: 87
Average Customer Review: 3.81 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


Get ready for fun! (Leah Rozen, People) with the "feel good movie of the year!" (Clay Smith, Access Hollywood)Love Actually is the ultimate romantic comedy from the makers of Bridget Jones's Diary and Notting Hill.Funny, irresistible and heartwarming, an all-star cast (Hugh Grant, Liam Neeson, Colin Firth and Emma Thompson, to name a few!) will take you on a breathtaking tour of love's delightful twists and turns.Fall under the spell Love Actually and share the laughs and charm again and again. ... Read more

Reviews (397)

4-0 out of 5 stars Romantic fluff, but a little romance never hurt anyone
I was only mildly interested in seeing this movie, but I really enjoyed it. Yes, there was an amazing amount of different threads to follow as this film told the story of nine or ten different people and their partners over a five week period leading up to Christmas. Nevertheless, the witty script and the first rate acting made the whole process relatively painless.

There was charm in abundance from Hugh Grant, playing Hugh Grant as usual, but he does it so well that you can't help but warm to him. Martine McCutcheon as his love interest was surprising unannoying, and not in the least bit chubby!

Plenty of laughs from Bill Nighy and Gregor Fisher as a faded rock star and his long-suffering manager. Colin Firth in pursuit of his Portuguese maid also provided a few laughs courtesy of the language barrier, and the nerdish caterer with his dreams of being a sex god based soley on the strength of the lure of his British accent would have on American women kept the humour flowing.

Acting kudos go to Alan Rickman, Liam Neeson and most notably Emma Thompson. Ms Thompson once again plays the kind of gung-ho, upper middle class woman who has contributed to my usual dislike of her chosen roles, but she outdid herself in this slight role. I was moved to tears by her brilliant acting performance in the scene where she retreats to her bedroom to adjust to the knowledge that her husband is having an affair with his secretary.

Eye candy was provided for both sexes in the shape Keira Knightley and Andrew Lincoln. I enjoyed their storyline, despite it's flaws, but that may be because I'm just a sucker for physical beauty. Laura Linney and her erstwhile Latino lover were also very attractive, but slightly less sympathetic. And what can I say about the wonderful performances given by young Thomas Sangster and Liam Neeson as his grieving stepfather? Excellent, believable acting rescuing a storyline that verged on unashamed bathos.

Overall, I would recommend this film and commend Richard Curtis for an enjoyable, feel-good movie that left me smiling with tears in my eyes.

5-0 out of 5 stars Lovely actually
Love Actually is a wonderful movie in all respects. Its cast, script, and direction are all absolutely top-notch. Set at Christmastime, the story encompasses numerous plots, all of which are equally interesting and effective in leaving one on the edge of one's seat, waiting to see what's going to happen with each group of characters next.

One of the most wonderful aspects of the film, in my opinion, is how we eventually discover that every single one of the vignettes is interwoven. For example: one story is about Karen (Emma Thompson) and her husband (Alan Rickman). The latter, although certainly not without affection for his wife, has begun to dabble in infidelity - thanks to his attractive secretary. Working with Rickman's character is Sarah (Laura Linney) who has been desperately in love with her co-worker Karl (unfortunately, I can't recall the actor's name, but he does a nice job) for years. And then of coure there's David, the prime minister (Hugh Grant) - who just happens to be Karen's brother.

Wonderful performances are also given by Liam Neeson (as a recent widower), 13-year-old Thomas Sangster (as Neeson's young son), Rowan Atkinson (who does a hilarious job as Rufus the Jewelry Salesman), and in one of the best vignettes, my personal favorite, Colin Firth.

This is an extremely funny and extremely touching movie. As usual, I hesitate to give away too much more about it. Nothing, and I repeat, NOTHING, should deter you from seeing it.

4-0 out of 5 stars One of the Best Current British Comedies I've Seen in Ages.
I saw this in the theater when it first came out and, despite the fact that a couple behind me kept talking through it, I fell in love and decided to own it as soon as it was released on video. Now I have it on DVD, and want to spread the word. Love Actually is a great English romantic comedy full of several different stories going on at the same time, and each engages you in its plot quickly.

1. We have a young couple who are just married, and the groom's best friend is in love with the bride. Keira Knightley plays the role of Juliet with such sweetness and innocence, that even her dialogue free acting is powerfully convincing. Watch the scene where she views Mark's video of her wedding day and realizes he's in love with her.

2. Liam Neeson is Daniel, a newly widowed father who has to bridge the communication gap between himself and his son Sam. Sam's crush on an American girl provides this link, and the story is touching to watch as it unfolds throughout the film. Thomas Sangster is a promising child actor in his role as Sam, so keep your eyes on him. He is sure to be cast in more movies down the line.

3. Emma Thompson is always exceptional in every movie she's in. This is no exception as she plays Karen, a devoted and loving housewife who must come to terms with the fact that her husband Harry (Alan Rickman) is cheating on her with the office tramp.

4. Laura Linney plays Sarah, an American office worker who is in love with another American at work, but her sick brother makes the relationship difficult to see to its fruition.

5. Hugh Grant is David, the newly appointed Prime Minister of Britain, and he falls for his staff caterer Natalie, played by Martine McCutcheon. This story line is not without charming, laugh-out-loud moments, but it's also a bit corny and Benny Hill-ish at times.

6. One of my absolute favorite stories is the one involving Colin Firth's character Jamie, a writer who leaves England for the European countryside to write after discovering his brother is cheating with his wife, and he falls in love with his Portugese housekeeper Aurelia (Lucia Moniz). Neither of them can speak the other's language, but they manage to communicate in their own way, and the plot is very sweet.

7. Chris Marshall is very funny as Colin, the ugly, rude guy who strikes out romantically with English women, so he thinks he'll have better luck in America because of his "cute" accent. He goes to Milwaukee and discovers supermodel-type girls hanging out in a bar that fall for him instantly which really makes me laugh. I live an hour away from Milwaukee, and we are NOT plentiful with thin beautiful girls hanging out in bars. This was one joke that wasn't lost on me for a moment, and I couldn't help laughing quite loudly.

8. My favorite storyline is Billy Nighy as Billy Mack, a washed up 50-something rock star who makes a comeback on the charts with a shameless revamp of the old Troggs song, "Love is All Around" for Christmas. He is absolutely hysterical with his outrageous behavior as he publicly bashes the song and pulls all kinds of defiant public stunts. Of note is his relationship with his longtime manager Joe (Gregor Fisher) who, despite all the headaches his charge gives him, is still admirably loyal and proud of him.

One small storyline I detest is the porn actors we see a few times, conversing as they shoot dirty scenes on a movie set, and I also don't like the anti-American plot of the evil lecherous US president played by Billy Bob Thornton. These are two points for my not giving this film 5 stars.

Other than my minor grievances, I couldn't recommend Love Actually more highly. This movie is rated, R so please don't expose children to it just because one of the stories involves a little boy. This is great adult entertainment, and some of the DVD extras are a bit blue as well. Moving, funny, and full of clever dialogue (A favorite line: "Ten minutes with Elton John, and you're as gay as a maple!"), Richard Curtis has directed one of his best comedy projects yet. With the exception of small children, there's something here for everyone. You shouldn't just come away liking this one; it should be Love Actually.

1-0 out of 5 stars Quite simply the worst movie I have ever seen...
Really! This has to be one of the worst movies ever produced and speaking as a Brit, I am ashamed. The plot or lack of any plot(s) is absurd. The jokes aren't funny, the premise is farcical and it is about as entertaining as being stung by a wasp.
Really, avoid this movie at all costs - it is that bad.

3-0 out of 5 stars Not for the kids!
My inlaws came over to visit me from England, and raved on about this movie. They were keen to take us to the movies with our 2 children, 8 and 10 yrs to see it again with them. In the end we chose something more fun for the kids, as children don't want to go to the movies to watch a love story.
Anyway, not long after it came out at Blockbusters, and we hired it out of curiosity.
After the first 5 minutes we and sent the kids off too bed, as it wasn't really the swearing /cursing but the just that it seemed a little too explicit for my kids to watch.)
I would say that some scenes are just too crass, and they could had done without them.
In the second half of the movie, I noticed that the swearing and the sexual content tended to calm down...unless I was just getting used to it by then. The story was very funny at times, but alittle confusing having so many couples to follow...hard to get into their characters, or you forget at times that someone was in the movie, until they showed up on screen 20 minutes later, and would have to remember what their life was all about.
I'm not a prude in the slightest, and love comedies like Euro Trash, Coupling (the BBC Series) and American Pie etc...but the beginning half of this movie really did make my husband and I cring at times.
I'm surprised that my inlaws, who are in their late 50's really wanted to show this to my children...especially as they are very conservative.
Anyway it does get better, if you can stick with it after the first 30 minutes.
Hugh Grant's story line was also bit too cheesy. ... Read more

85. The Magic School Bus - Greatest Adventures
Director: Charles E. Bastien, Larry Jacobs
list price: $14.95
our price: $14.95
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00004TJHB
Catlog: Video
Sales Rank: 1062
Average Customer Review: 5 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

This 90-minute video contains the 3 favorite episodes as picked by kids on the Magic School Bus Web site. (Ages 5 to 10)

Gets Lost in Space
When the planetarium is closed for a field trip, it's no problem for Ms. Frizzle--star of Scholastic's award-winning Magic School Bus series. She simply takes the class to outer space on the Magic School Bus turned spaceship. As she puts it, outer space is "the only planetarium open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week." The kids explore each of the first four planets with Ms. Frizzle, until they hit an asteroid and are separated from their teacher. They must play detective to figure out which planet she's on, working from a few clues. For example, Ms. Frizzle tells them, "The colder it gets, the hotter you are to finding me." Kids age 5 and older will learn interesting facts about each planet throughout the adventure. They'll also pick up information about relative distances in space, how gravity works, and why Earth is the only planet in our solar system that can sustain life. --Elisabeth Keating

In a Pickle
Mrs. Frizzle is on trial in this episode from the popular PBS show. Seems Keesha's prized cucumber has disappeared over spring break and she suspects Mrs. Frizzle of foul play (or eating it). The unflappable teacher has other ideas, shrinking the class down to minuscule size. Gooey and yucky (the way kids like it), the show teaches the students how microbes have very particular assignments in changing things and battling bacteria. They can even do mysterious things to cucumbers. --Doug Thomas

The Busasaurus
A visit to a dinosaur dig turns exciting when the Magic School Bus becomes a time machine that takes Ms. Frizzle's class back 67 million years to the time when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. There, they must put aside their prejudices and preconceptions about dinosaurs as they investigate which are dangerous carnivores and which are herbivores. By noting their observations in their science journals, the class classifies dinosaurs according to their diets. An encounter with a T. rex concludes the journey. They realize that dinosaurs came in all shapes and sizes, and use the scientific methods of recording data and hypothesizing to reach their conclusions. They also discover how scientists today use evidence such as teeth to tell which dinosaurs ate what. A female paleontologist answers their questions at the end, explaining which part of the journey was fact and which was speculation. Kids will learn how scientists work, as they enjoy this exciting adventure in time travel. --Elisabeth Keating ... Read more

Reviews (3)

5-0 out of 5 stars triple the fun!
What a ride! My two boys just LOVE this video ... they get to travel to outer space, learn about tiny living things AND go back into the time of dinosaurs. The Busasaurus is their favorite. (Warning: every time my four year old watches this, he wants to eat pickles)!

5-0 out of 5 stars Educational
I got this for my 6 yr old daughter (5 at the time). She saw some at school and begged me to get her her own copy. I sat and watched it with her and I think they way they explain everything is great. Highly recommend it!

5-0 out of 5 stars Great Science For Kids
This is a great value compilation of three of the Magic School Bus episodes - Gets Lost In Space (about the Solar System), In a Pickle (about microbes) and Busasaurus (about dinosaurs). All my children (aged 10 to 2) love Ms Frizzle and the adventures her class become involved in - "Space" is my 2 year olds favorite request - I just wish they made a model Magic School Bus that he could play with. The comments at the end of each episode (from suposed phone calls to the production team) help sort out the known facts from the supposition in the episode (e.g. it would take more than a day to reach all the planets). All in all a brilliant introduction to science topics. ... Read more

86. White Mischief
Director: Michael Radford
list price: $14.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 6301123018
Catlog: Video
Sales Rank: 6793
Average Customer Review: 4.83 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (6)

5-0 out of 5 stars My most unforgettable film
This tale of British decadence continues to resonate after many years and many other films. There seems to be no more impactful and arresting vehicle for viewing the nature of the end of the 'Age of Kings' and the planting of the sordid into the fresh earth of the twentieth century. Yet it is sufficient to view the film for the vision of Scacchi, as she bares herself and lures us into the African theater of the grotesque. There we meet the European supremacy practicing their many-pronged acts of desecration of the land and the social contract. There where civilization was 'cradled,' drugs, the most unredeemable cruelty in sex and human attachments is viscerally illuminated. Those bluebloods and bloody-handed occupiers; still regarded as archetypal standards for class and wealth make the Beats, the variety of 60's renegades look like the stereotypical pilgrims in a school play. Oh boy, there is every reason to sink into this film, because it doesn't leave you- and it continues to provoke. We haven't changed folks, though Gretta's beauty in this steamy, sordid African mystery is daringly one of a kind.

5-0 out of 5 stars by the way, its a true story
this movie is based on a history of the same title. the events were, more or less, as presented in the film. of course, the real people weren't quite as beautiful, and the sordidness wasn't quite as photogenic.

africa, like australia and new zealand, was where the 'remittance' men were sent by their families, to remove the scandals from the homefront. these sometimes extremely black sheep were sent, by the families who could afford it, 'remittances' (money) to keep them in the colonies. in those days of difficult communication, they could get up to whatever mischief they wanted without embarrassing the home folks. the group in happy valley made the most of this.

the acting is superb. the sets are marvelous. the scenery is magnificent. charles dance is gorgeous. the story is gripping. what more could you ask for?

4-0 out of 5 stars A decadent slice of colonial Africa
This is the decadent counterpoint to Out of Africa (both are good films). It's the story of British ex-pats drifting through their days in colonial Kenya. With all their money and boredom, the only thing that entertains them are parties, sex and drugs, sometimes all done together. This is the mischief these white folk get up to, while their black servants look on dispassionately but with certain disdain.
Charles Dance is wonderfully smarmy as the playboy who wins Greta Scacchi's affections. She is the young beauty who married an older man for title and money, but has no love for him. It's shameful to see how brazen Dance and Scacchi are in their affair. The old husband does what any man with pride left would do. You can almost feel the British Empire crumbling around you as you are absorbed by this movie, in much the same way as A Passage to India (another great film).
Great supporting performances by Sarah Miles and Geraldine Chaplin as part of the high society swingers.
I was fortunate to find this video on sale second hand at my local video store.

5-0 out of 5 stars White Mischief
I loved this film~ Very excellent. I'm wondering why Charles Dance always manages to be killed off (our hero) just midway (see China Moon) into his films. He is truly a "Star" as is Greta Scachi.

I have 5 copies of this film, (not for sale). It took 5 purchases to find one in good condition. And the Sound Track is "Excellent"~

I loved the story and you will too~ A very true account. Beautifully done and well worth the $ for the film~

5-0 out of 5 stars one of the best films I have seen in 30 years
This film has style,intelligence,panache,a passable story line and incredable filming,costuming and terrific acting -why Amazon does not offer it is beyond my 67 year old comprehension --unless of course your computers tell you the entire world is between 18 and 45.For your information we older guys have all the dough and love to spend it.Please make it available on -yes-DVD-Thank you very much. ... Read more

87. Closer
Director: Mike Nichols
list price: $14.95
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Asin: B0007P0U6M
Catlog: Video
Sales Rank: 378
Average Customer Review: 3.5 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Four extremely beautiful people do extremely horrible things to one another in Closer, Mike Nichols' pungent adaptation of Patrick Marber's play that easily marks the Oscar-winning director's best work in years. Anna (Julia Roberts) is a photographer who specializes in portraits of strangers; Dan (Jude Law) is an obituary writer struggling to become a novelist; Alice (Natalie Portman) is an American stripper freshly arrived in London after a bad relationship; and Larry (Clive Owen) is a dermatologist who finds love under the most unlikely of circumstances. When their paths cross it's a dizzying supernova of emotions, as Nichols and Marber adroitly construct various scenes out of their lives that pair them again and again in various permutations of passion, heartbreak, anger, sadness, vengeance, pleading, deception, and most importantly, brutal honesty. It's only until you're more than halfway through the movie that you'll have to ask yourself exactly why you are watching such a beautifully tragic tale, as Closer is basically the ickiest, grossest, most dysfunctional parts of all your past relationships strung together into one movie. Ultimately, it falls to the four actors to draw you deeper into the story; all succeed relatively, but it's Law and Owen whose characters will cut you to the quick. Law proves that yet again he's most adept at playing charming, amoral bastards with manipulative streaks, and Owen is nothing short of brilliant as the character most turned on by the energy inherent in destructive relationships--whether he's on the giving or receiving end. --Mark Englehart ... Read more

Reviews (260)

3-0 out of 5 stars Shakespearean Onstage, Mediocre Onscreen
Closer is a convoluted-yet-beautiful love story that is crippled by the impossiblity of the actors living up to the script's demands.Immensely popular with both young and old crowds alike, mainly because it's... well, a convuluted-yet-beautiful love story.One could compare it to Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind with its massive time-bends and jumps, but one would probably do better not to taint a movie with such incredible acting as Eternal Sunshine with the forced rigidity of this film's dialogue.

The writing is, in a word, breathtaking.It is herein that the deficiency lies.While watching scenes with Alice (Natalie Portman) and Dan (Jude Law), one's suspension of disbelief is so broken, it's as if one were watching their children perform in a play.One is almost convinced that Jude Law is gay, as the only person he has perceivable chemistry with in this film is Larry (Clive Owen).The writing is so dramatic and eloquent that it sounds forced coming from people in such situations as the characters, save one notable exception.

The ultimate saving grace of the entire film is the incredible acting range of Clive Owen, and the chemistry he illicits from all the characters, save Jude Law, whose performance, truthfully, left something to be desired in all of his lines that did not involve him yelling for some reason.Owen's Academy Award nomination was certainly warranted.

Natalie Portman delivers an extremely solid performance outside her work with Jude Law(which amounts to about 10 minutes of the movie), while most of her lines delivered at his side sound somewhat coaxed, yet more natural than most actresses her age.I personally thought that while her character is an excellent portrayal of an excentric with a need for stability, the lines were perhaps fed to her a little too much; it's quite obvious she's not reading her own interpretation of what her character should say.Hopefully future directors will give her the freedom to improvise her character's dialogue.

I'm indifferent to Anna (Julia Roberts) in this film.She proves nothing new, and delivers a fairly sturdy performance; her character isn't really a person so much as she is an object throughout the film, but she manages to personify that object very well.

There is a difference between stage acting and film acting.No one really wants to admit it, but the script required a few more adjustments to suit the move from the stage to film.

All in all, I cannot say that I do not adore this movie.With some more realistic adaptations to the script, this film could have been perfect.As it stands, the movie is still beautiful, through all the small imperfections.A beautifully convoluted love story; a convolutedly beautiful love story, a smart, sexy drama; it's all of the above.I have to recommend it to anyone with a heart that's ever been broken.

4-0 out of 5 stars 4 great actors, 4 great stars
This is the story of four people: two men and two women. It souds plain simple, but the story is not so. It is not the typical story of a love quadrangle. It's a story of power, pride, self-confidence and, of course, love.

The greatest and the lowest of human condition. All for love, but all for gaining the higher respect and best appearance in front of the rest of the world.

The story is fantastic but, what to say of the actors? It is not only Portmann to take care. I think Julia Roberts makes her best acting ever. Jude Law is plain correct but Clive Owen is the great discovery for me. It is clear that this is "a film for actors", to show the best of them and they really succeed.

The only problem is that these two facts (story and acting) hide a poor direction and some minor aspects. Personally, I think the producer did the budget and realized he has nothing to spend in such details.

But it is a very recommendable movie to spend the afternoon at home. I saw it in the cinema and I had such a great impression that I hired it to see it again (and I haven't done it in more than ten times).

1-0 out of 5 stars Shockingly Disappointing
I don't understand how anyone could enjoy this film.It was by far the worst movie I've seen this year.In fact, it was so bad that I doubt I'll be able to enjoy watching the main 4 actors ever again.

Although some people feel that watching 4 people destroy each other is beautiful, I find it to be depressing.This movie is about 4 "lovers" who use each other uncaringly, cry a lot, use the "f" word multiple times in every sentence, and who are completely unlikeable.It's like the director thought that having 4 beautiful people in a film was enough.I love a good drama, but this wasn't even close.

The plot is as shallow as the characters.The ending is very silly; we find out information that the film makers thought would create a "Usual Suspects" type of ending, but it all falls flat and seems contrived.Amazon has many better DVDs for sale than this garbage.

5-0 out of 5 stars Mike Nichols at his best...
Genre: Dark Romance

Genre Grade: A+

Final Grade: A

This was a great movie - except it's possibly one of the most verbally sexual movies I've ever seen - but I can handle a little sex talk! There were about, I dunno, eight people or so who walked out of the movie because of the offensive language and sex talk. This movie breaks many barriers and talks about problems in relationships and tries to take a closer look at the raw emotions of affairs. The acting was Oscar-worthy from each person, Clive Owen coming out on top in my opinion. Natalie Portman was amazing as well, and Julia Roberts actually gives the audience something new.

This movie is extremely depressing, and is not a date movie unless you want to walk away feeling hopeless. It leaves us with a despairing look at humanity and our own desires, and the film brings to light things that are normally left in the bedroom or simply remain unspoken. Definitely worth seeing just for the performances (especially the amazing encounter between Julia Roberts and Clive Owen, and then later the discussion between Jude Law and Clive Owen), the AMAZING dialogue, and just because of the fact that Mike Nichols directed it.

3-0 out of 5 stars Great Performances save this film!
This movie is hard to follow.No question about that.Most movies that are adapted from Broadway plays don't fair well on screen unless they're made from the classic playwrights (Tennessee Williams, David Mamet, Eugene O'Neill, etc.).Many of the negative reviews here on expecting more action are justified.However, I found the movie to be better than expected.Mike Nichols is one of Hollywood's finest directors.And with four of the best actors around, he does very will with the challenging subject matter.Natalie Portman has become the "Harrison Ford" of the Star Wars genre by breaking out into a great Oscar nominated role.British TV star Clive Owen also breaks free of his shell with his excellent performance.Juila Roberts & Jude Law round out this excellent cast.If you can stay with it for the performances, you'll be amused. ... Read more

88. A Time to Kill
Director: Joel Schumacher
list price: $6.93
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Asin: 6304259131
Catlog: Video
Sales Rank: 1787
Average Customer Review: 4.07 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

You wouldn't know it by watching the Batman movies they collaborated on, but this smart adaptation of John Grisham's novel proves that director Joel Schumacher and screenwriter Akiva Goldsman have some talent when the right project comes along. Schumacher had previously directed Grisham's The Client, and brought equal craft and intelligence to this story about a young Southern attorney (Matthew McConaughey, in his breakthrough role) who defends a black father (Samuel L. Jackson) after he kills two men who raped his young daughter. Sandra Bullock plays the passionate law student who serves as McConaughey's legal aide and voice of conscience in the racially charged drama. Added to the star power of the lead roles is a fine supporting cast, including Kevin Spacey, Ashley Judd, and Oliver Platt. --Jeff Shannon ... Read more

Reviews (92)

3-0 out of 5 stars Racism, violence, white trash, murder ("Jerry! Jerry!")
"A Time to Kill" has good intentions. It stars:

Matthew McConaughey as lawyer Jake Brigance

Samuel L. Jackson as Carl Lee Hailey, a father who kills to avenge the rape of his little girl

Kevin Spacey as the snide, sinister District Attorney

Sandra Bullock as Brigance's law clerk, Ellen "Rork in Boston, but Row Ark in Mississippi"

Ashley Judd as Jake Brigance's wife

Oliver Platt is Jake's buddy Harry Rex

Keifer Sutherland as a vengeful redneck

and Donald Sutherland as eccentric, civil-rights-activist/disbarred lawyer/drunk/mentor Lucien Wilbanks

With an all star cast like that, you can't go wrong, and the film, at least plot-wise, doesn't. Carl Lee Hailey's 10-year-old daughter is raped and left for dead by two white trash redneck dopeheads. Enraged, Hailey takes justice into his own hands and fatally shoots the two rapists as they leave the courthouse. Everyone in the small Mississippi town hears the news within minutes and takes sides, and Hailey hires a young ham-and-egger, Brigance, to defend him. As Brigance tries to avoid a conviction from the all-white jury, the brother of one of the rapists (played by Keifer Sutherland) gets together a couple of good ole boys to form a chapter of the Ku Klux Klan. Violence erupts, protesters march and chant, death threats and burning crosses abound, everyone is covered at all times with a sheen of oily sweat, and there's even an explosion.

"A Time to Kill" is like the "Jerry Springer Show," but intelligent.

The dialogue, however, could use work. It seems as if a good writer and a mediocre writer banged out the script, then cut it up and shuffled it together, intermingling the really well-written scenes with some really choppy dialogue.

The same goes for the acting. Jackson, Spacey, and McConaughey are excellent and convincing in their roles. Platt is charming as Jake's best friend and a sleazy divorce lawyer.

However, Judd is useless and even childish in her role as a trophy wife, and Bullock, as Jake's law clerk, sounds as if she's a shy girl in a high-school play who hasn't quite memorized her lines yet. (This really irked me because in the book version, her character was headstrong, outspoken, and very smart.)

I encourage anyone to rent the movie for themselves. It's definitely worth seeing, even if the writing and acting is a little off in places. The story redeems the bad acting.

5-0 out of 5 stars I Love This Movie!
This movie is one of my favorites and I highly recommend that everyone see it because it is thought provoking and it forces you to put yourself in the character's shoes and think about what you would do. The movie begins with the brutal rape of a little black Mississippi girl by two white men. The girl's father Carl Lee, played by Samuel L. Jackson, then shoots and kills the guys- in the courthouse, mind you. Matthew McConaughey plays Carl Lee's attorney, Jake Brigance. The plot line continues with bouts including the KKK and the NAACP. Something notable that I really like is the exposing of the NAACP's arrogance and crookedness that happens all too often in real life. All of the actors do a great job in this film. Kevin Spacey is the prosecutor and Sandra Bullock plays Brigance's legal aid, whom he almost ends up having an affair when his wife (Ashley Judd) leaves town for her and their daughter's safety. If nothing else, you've got to see this movie for the fact that Matt McConaughey is the leading man. He is so hot! Even though I disagree with the verdict, A Time To Kill is a must see if you haven't viewed it yet. Bravo!

5-0 out of 5 stars Grisham At His Best
A Time to Kill is my favorite Grisham book, and the movie follows suit. The book, which was the first one published but did not become popular until The Firm becase a success, seems to be the most "grounded" with a "real" feel to it unlike some of the other ones which tend to stretch credibility a bit more (but are fun to read anyway.)

4-0 out of 5 stars Closing Arguments
A Time To Kill, is one of only two of John Grisham's legal thrillers that I have read, cover to cover. The other is The Chamber. I have to say, that while the book of ATTK is a bit better, then the film version, there's no denying the movie has a lot going for it...making for a very good film.

In a small southern town, black man Carl Lee Hailey (Samuel L. Jackson) awaits trial for murdering the two rednecks who viciously raped his 10-year-old daughter. Jake Brigance (Matthew McConaughey) is a young, idealistic white lawyer, who decides to take on the father's defense. The incendiary case becomes a firestorm of racism and controversy, ripping the town apart. This, as Jake goes up against the community's most successful D.A. (Kevin Spacey), while reluctanly accepting help with the case from a law student (Sandra Bullock).

It's amazing how good this film is, especially when one considers what director Joel Schumacher and its adapter
Akiva Goldsman, would team up to do on Batman And Robin. At it's center, McConaughey gives his best perfomance to date. He captures the the escence of his novel counterpart to a tee. Jackson is also quite convincing as a man on trial. The rest of the all star cast is very good here--although Bullock shares nice moments with McConaughey--she seems out of step and is suprisingly the film's weakest link. Some have said the movie is over crowded with too many subplots, while that is true to a certain extent I guess, Goldsman's script and Schumacher somehow balance it all. The film takes a few liberties, but, basically stays true to the source material.

Like most John Grisham books turned movies, the DVD lacks anything substantial, in the way of bonus material. Production notes and the film's theatrical trailer is all you get...Special Edition anyone?

A Time To Kill offers fine performances and rock solid drama. The film is a winner and one of the best Grisham adaptations out there

5-0 out of 5 stars Intense Grisham Drama
Set in the deep south, where prejudice dies hard and bigotry still runs rampant, this intense crime drama finds the bright (although penniless) young lawyer Jake Brigance (Matthew McConaughey) fighting to keep a black man from the gas chamber, and struggling to protect the lives of his friends and family. When Carl Lee Haley's (Samuel L. Jackson) nine-year-old daughter is brutally raped and beaten by some local good-old-boys, he fears the court will not serve justice and takes matters in his own hands, gunning down and killing the two boys on the courthouse steps. Carl Lee calls for Jake to take up his defense, although he has never handled a murder case.
The tension rises and intensity level of the plot increases as the local KKK is united, big wigs come in from the NAACP, Klu Klux Klan, and high dollar prosecutors. When the KKK sets a burning cross in their yard, Jake's wife and daughter flee town, only to have their beautifully restored Victorian home burned to the ground days later by the protestors. In the courtroom, Jake finds himself pitted against his worse legal-world enemy (Kevin Spacey) and the courtroom antics are nothing short of breathtaking. Donald Sutherland, Sandra Bullock and Oliver Platt make up Jake's patchwork defense team and provide fantastic character studies.
This film earns the top rating for the reasons: 1)by staying true to Grisham's first legal novel of the same name; and 2) because of the deep understanding these characters give us to the world of the prejudice south, the love of a father, and the desperate yearning for justice. Ultimately, Jake must put himself in the place of each of the jurors to fight for Carl Lee's freedom. He must learn that he is not black, will never be black, but the issues are not always colored. ... Read more

89. Yellowbeard
Director: Mel Damski
list price: $20.00
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Asin: B00000G00T
Catlog: Video
Sales Rank: 2979
Average Customer Review: 4.69 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (72)

4-0 out of 5 stars Nothing's as dangerous as a Yellowbeard....
Why don't they make more pirate movies? Probably because the mold was broken after Yellowbeard. I mean, Cutthroat Island was funny, but I don't think they meant it to be. Graham Chapman stars as the scurvy dog himself, and his supporting cast is wonderful, including Pythons John Cleese and Eric Idle, Cheech Marin & Tommy Chong, Peter Boyle, Kenneth Mars, Susanna York, the late great James Mason, the late great Madeline Kahn, the late great Goon Spike Milligan, the late great Beyond The Fringe alum Peter Cook, the late Sir Michael Horndern, and finally, the late great Marty Feldman in his last role. Feldman died in Mayheeco before this was finished, hence the disjointed ending, but he was wonderful while he lasted. This sprang from the fertile & addled brain of Who drummer Keith Moon, who died before it was made. David Bowie was on vacation in Mexico in the same area while this was filmed, and makes an uncredited cameo. John Cleese is wonderful as Blind Pew (Cleese: "'oi 'ave acute 'earing." Idle- "I don't care about your jewelry"). James Mason is a hoot, playing it straight as a brutal English captain. Cheech & Chong are great, although I half expected to see them launch into their classic shtick of "Buggery On The High Seas". If your sense of humor is twisted, get this movie. If your SOH is just silly, get it too. If you miss Marty Feldman half as much as I do, then that means I miss him twice as much as you. There's also a "Making Of Yellowbeard" program out there. Keep your eyes peeled for it, too, it is worth it.

3-0 out of 5 stars Wild and Crazy Pirate Movie!
I'm a Monty Python fan and I also happen to like pirate movies so when this movie was shown unedited and commercial free on cable I taped it and just watched it the other day and though it's not my all time favorite pirate movie as a spoof of pirate movies it does have it's funny moments and three of my favorite Monty Python members, Graham Chapman, Eric Idle and John Cleese. The movie has a huge cast that also stars, Peter Boyle, Peter Cook, Madeline Kahn, James Mason, Marty Feldman, Martin Hewitt, Cheech and Chong and also look out for Bernard Fox who played Dr. Bombay in the classic television sitcom Bewitched. I wonder why this movie isn't on DVD yet. The station I taped the movie from played it in fullscreen and I would think that a movie like this had to have been filmed in widescreen so maybe a widescreen DVD will be available someday.

3-0 out of 5 stars Okay but Not Great!
I watched Yellowbeard recently and well it was basically a funny movie though there were some hits and misses with the humor and the rape jokes got tiresome after awhile!

5-0 out of 5 stars The Unknown Sidesplitter
The great groups of 20th century comedy are all here: Spike Milligan from The Goon Show, Peter Cook from Beyond the Fringe, Graham Chapman, Eric Idle, and John Cleese from Monty Python, Peter Boyle, Marty Feldman, Kenneth Marz, and Medeline Kahn from the Mel Brooks Art Players, Cheech and Chong -- plus British stalwarts like Michael Hordern and Peter Bull (in drag) -- plus James Mason in his rarely seen dry-as-dust comic mode -- plus an uncredited cameo by David Bowie. As a teenager, my daughter tested potential friends by showing them this movie and, if they loved it, they passed. A MUST for DVD.

5-0 out of 5 stars One of the greatest of all time...
For fans of the Python, this is one of the greatest movies of all time. You will be in tears the entire time. Let's just hope someday they remaster and re-release it on DVD ... Read more

90. A Streetcar Named Desire
Director: Glenn Jordan
list price: $29.98
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 6304052723
Catlog: Video
Sales Rank: 24842
Average Customer Review: 5 out of 5 stars
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Reviews (5)

5-0 out of 5 stars Refurbished Streetcar rides better than the original
I was age two in 1951 when Tennessee Williams's A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE had its first Silver Screen incarnation. I don't recall seeing this film during the 50s as part of a twenty-five cent, Saturday, kiddy matinee double feature. Well, we would have been bored with such grown-up tempests-in-a-teapot anyway. As an adult, I can now view both the original and this 1995 version, and reap the benefit of improved film-making technology and relaxed censorship, though both versions are substantively identical - no surprise, since they're both working off the same script.

Blanche Dubois arrives in post-WWII New Orleans from Mississippi to visit her younger sister Stella, who's married to Stanley Kowalsky. Both women were the products of a genteel, Southern upbringing, and Blanche is appalled by Stanley's brutishness and the sweltering, seedy, French Quarter apartment in which her sister happily lives. Early in life, Blanche was psychologically devastated her young husband's death. He'd committed suicide after Blanche had discovered his homosexuality and confronted him. Stella having departed the family estate, Belle Reve, for the Big City, the widowed Blanche was left to deal with the deaths of parents and the eventual loss of Belle Reve to creditors. Now, at the edge of sanity, Blanche perceives herself as a classic Southern lady fallen on hard times. But she has another side which Stanley, a male "pig" if there ever was one, immediately perceives. It's their tense interaction over several months that provides the story's conflict and seals Blanche's fate.

How do the players compare?

Alec Baldwin's 1995 Stanley is more than adequate. OK, he doesn't have the animal presence of Marlon Brando's original, but at least the former doesn't talk as if through a mouthful of cotton. And if I hear the 1951 Stanley screech his high-pitched "Stella!" one more time, I'll lose it.

The role of Blanche is better served by Jessica Lange than Vivien Leigh. To me, Leigh's version came off with a touch of spoiled brat, while Lange's embodied more of the vulnerability and residual gentility that comprised the essence of Blanche. In that persona, Leigh's illusions and delusions seemed overacted, while Lange's seemed inherently genuine. (Do I suffer from being too infatuated with Jessica's role in TOOTSIE?)

John Goodman as Mitch, who becomes smitten with Stanley's sister-in-law, is more of a flawed-yet-sympathetic figure than was Karl Malden's original. Perhaps it's because Goodman's more massive physique contrasts better with his (initial) gentleness.

Played by Diane Lane (1995) and Kim Hunter (1951), Stella is a toss-up. I give Ms. Lane the nod simply because she's a superb, contemporary actress that I fondly recall from LONESOME DOVE and UNFAITHFUL.

Purists will rage, but if I had to recommend one version over another, it would be this one. Filmed in color, it provides more atmosphere and depth than the B&W original. And the viewer no longer has to cope with the early-1950s censorship that muddied dialog and scenes having to do with homosexuality, rape and nymphomania. This is a half-century later; let's move on for Chrissakes! After all, the "classic" story is Williams's original play. (Who knows? In 2050, a third screen edition may do it even better. Perhaps it'll be a holographic presentation.)

For me, the best scene in both is at the end when Blanche is gallantly treated like the lady she believes herself to be, and she poignantly remarks, "Whoever you are, I have always depended on the kindness of strangers." To get through life, we all do.

5-0 out of 5 stars Simply Perfect
I've never seen the original, but this TV version was truly mezmerizing. I love Jessica Lange so I am biased when it comes to her performances. However, I had such compassion for her portrayal of Blanche. She portrays the character as such a lost and troubled soul. You feel a sence of impending doom building throughout the film which is satisfied by the film's explosive climax. The entire cast is first-rate and seem to compliment each other's performance. I could watch this one over and over.

5-0 out of 5 stars Jessica is truly amazing!
It's hard for anyone to believe that Jessica Lange could outshine Vivien Leigh in one of the latter's signature role, but she did. Alec Baldwin is no match for Marlon Brando. However, this new version is more faithful to the original. And it's worth seeing even only for Lange's magical performance. Her final scene is truly heartbreaking.

5-0 out of 5 stars Jessica' s best performance?
I always thought that Vivien Leigh's interpretation of Blanche will be the definitive performance for this role. I am not so sure after I watched Lange's heart-breaking performance in this version. She is truly amazing. ALthough this actress given tons of great performance in her career ('Frances', 'Country', 'Sweet Dream', 'Music Box', 'Blue Sky'), she very likely gives the performance of her career in a made for TV movie.

5-0 out of 5 stars Excellent Version of Williams' Masterpiece
While it will not replace the classic 1951 Kazan film version, this television production of Tennessee Williams' "Streetcar Named Desire" comes textually closer and remains more faithful to what Williams actually wrote (with the exception of a few minor deletions). The most noticeable restoration is the issue of homosexuality in regard to Blanche's dead husband, which in 1951 had to be sidestepped. The performances are all quite good. Diane Lane as Stella and John Goodman as Mitch are more human and less deliberate than their Kazan counterparts, Kim Hunter and Karl Malden. Alec Baldwin does quite well, especially considering the shadow of Brando which hangs over the role of Stanley Kowalski. Baldwin may lack the complete rawness and animal sexuality, but he improves over Brando in giving Stanley a sympathetic edge; another advantage is that Baldwin does not mumble.

Which brings us to Jessica Lange, whose portrayal of Blanche is both delicately shaded and strongly characterized; she is heart-breaking and luminous. Comparing her to Vivian Leigh, it is impossible to rank one over the other, as both performances seem "definitive" (now if we only had the performances of Jessica Tandy, Uta Hagen, and Tallulah Bankead preserved). The production design for once truly emphasizes the squalor in which Stella and Stanley live and which so shocks Blanche upon her arrival. Worth purchasing, especially for devotees of Williams. ... Read more

91. Almost Heroes
Director: Christopher Guest
list price: $9.94
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Asin: B00000EZRQ
Catlog: Video
Sales Rank: 1976
Average Customer Review: 4.26 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


Westward frontiersmen Hunt (Chris Farley) and Edwards (Matthew Perry) are out-of-doors and out of their minds as they try to overtake Lewis and Clark and be the first to blaze a trail across the American continent.Year: 1998 Director: Christopher Guest Starring: Chris Farley, Matthew Perry ... Read more

Reviews (34)

5-0 out of 5 stars NO Lewis and Clark!
It's all about Chris Farley and Matthew Perry, not Lewis and Clark. They slapped funny people, watched a woman bathe and Farley cooked eggs over easy. It was splendid! Watch Matthew Perry gag after taking some medicine. Walking over coals is the best! "Almost Heroes," is Chris Farley's last movie and he will always be remembered for making a genius laugh. This movie which was directed by Christopher Guest, needs to be released on DVD. Any Farley fan will appreciate it. Purity.

3-0 out of 5 stars If you are a Farly Fan You will Love this movie
What a great concept for a flick. Attempting to beat Lewis and Clark on their expedition to the Pacific Ocean. Being this is the 200th anniversary of that expedition made it a little interesting.

There are some very funny scenes indeed but Farly is Farly, yelling, getting angry, fighting and fussing. If you like that you will love this. My favorite scene is where he faces the Eagle at her nest. "Why didn't you tell me you only wanted the shell?" What a great one liner.

Perry is a little stiff as a character and is more of a straight man to Farly's funny man. My only problem with the movie is that there are too many places where it gets slow. Part of it is because you are in the wild and it was a slower time.

There are so many great one liners that seem to have too much time between them. The inuendos are a bit much especially at the beginning. The older Indians are just great. And the scenery, especially of the Tetons and the Snake River are outstanding.

If you want to have a fun night with mostly the guys this is okay for that. My wife did not like it. Anyone who knows and liked Farly for his antics and his in character concept, you will just think this is a hoot.

4-0 out of 5 stars Intentional Stupidity
This was Chris Farley's last film. He ended on a high note. The movie is intentionally stupid--a hilarious GOOF--and directed by Christopher Guest (known for having directed "This is Spinal Tap"). They surely weren't pushing for an Oscar with this one - merely encouraging laughter. This is the story of Bartholomew Hunt (Chris Farley) and Leslie Edwards (Matthew Perry) who, in 1804, follow explorers Lewis and Clark, in hope of being the first men to see the Pacific Ocean. Along their journey they're sure to bring laughter to true fans of Farley's ways, and perhaps to fans of Mel Brooks' as well, as some of the comedy is similar to Brooks' humour in "Robin Hood - Men in Tights".
It is a real shame that this movie isn't available on DVD (yet?), because the presentation of it on VHS is awful. I quote the fine print on the back of the tape's case: "This film has been modified as follows from its original version: It has been formatted to fit your screen". The picture is zoomed in WAY too far, and the result looks distorted. In many shots heads are cropped, we sometimes see only approximately 75% of the face of the person who speaks, and at one point, where a sign reads "Welcome to Snakes Bend", we only see "elcome to Snakes Ben". I was hugely disappointed by the film's presentation, but surprised by the quality of comedy since this is not a much talked about movie.
Zero points to he who decided to crop the movie, and full points to whoever releases is on DVD (with OPTIONAL formatting).

5-0 out of 5 stars "WHOS IDEA WAS THE CORN???"
that line gets me every time! farley, matt perry and eugene levy all give great comedic performances. this movie took about 2 or 3 viewings for me to really appreciate the style of humor, but the best comedies are usually like that. once you start listening to how ridiculous some of the dialogue is, you start to laugh from wondering how the actors kept a straight face for the scenes. one of the funniest movies of all time! maybe not as funny as tommy boy, but pretty close. i laugh to myself just thinking about some of the scenes as i type this. its a shame the world lost chris farley, but he went out with a great final movie.

5-0 out of 5 stars A Guiltless Pleasure
Is this movie dumb? You bet! But I love it. The dumber "the better" I always say. Well sometimes. Farley and Perry play off each other quite well with their own styles of comedic humor in this interpretation of the Lewis and Clark exploration. But then so does the whole cast of zany characters in this whimsical historical tale. Some of the situations and lines of dialog are absolutely stupid, but they are just so funny in their own way. After I recently viewed this film again I just thought it was absolutely gut wrenching funny and worth the 5 stars. ... Read more

92. Return of the Jedi
Director: Richard Marquand
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Asin: B00008F22G
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Average Customer Review: 5 out of 5 stars
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Reviews (2)

5-0 out of 5 stars truly magnificent
in this awesome edition,the falcon crashes on endor.this is a planet full of tiny tree dwelling teddy bears with a point.this is definately the most family friendly of the star wars films.they are hanging out and discover the one weakness that could shut down the empire for a battle ensues over the building where it is lucas is the directer.did he ever do anything basides these?it is the final episode of them all.most anyone will like it.the makers of nontendo made a game that borrows heavily from this is called body harvest.the movie independance day uses it a lot borrowed i really meant ripped off.i dont use that term very often but it was pretty blatant.the only chick is still leia,but at least shes kissing the guy whose NOT her brother this time.the emporer is very very ugly.this movie is spectacular.dont belive anything else.the special effects are cool.the future is done for this batch.this is the last.but if yoiu were born in the 70s,theres still 3 more parts released after this one.prequels.they all are outstanding!

5-0 out of 5 stars "Jedi" Triumphant
"You, like your father, are now mine."
- The Emperor underestimates The Skywalker bloodline in "Return of the Jedi"

George Lucas' sci-fi saga comes to a satisfying close in Episode VI, "Return of the Jedi".

"Jedi" opens with Luke Skywalker returning to his home planet of Tatooine to rescue his friend Han Solo from the gangster, Jabba the Hutt and his creature co-horts. After bargaining negotiations fail, a spectacular battle commences as the young Jedi (with the help of Princess Leia, Lando Calrissian, Chewbacca, R2-D2 & C-3PO) fights a huge monster called The Rancor and then does a battle royale with Jabba and his horde of weird galactic denizens and servants. The film then jumps to Luke returning to the swamp planet Dagobah to complete his training as a Jedi, only to discover that his master, Yoda, has fallen deathly ill. In his final breaths Yoda reveals the truth about Luke's family ties and gets reassurance, & a final bit of guidance from the spirit of Obi-Wan Kenobi. In order to complete his training, Luke must face Darth Vader again, as well as, Vader's master, Emperor Palpatine. Meanwhile, The Rebel Alliance has prepared for an all out final assault on the Galactic Empire after recieving secret information of a new battle armored space station secretly being built by the Empire. If completed, this new Death Star will spell certain doom to the small band of freedom fighters, as well as, the fate of the galaxy.

First off, its hard to top "Star Wars" and "The Empire Strikes Back" (I'm a die-hard fan of the films (yeah, the prequels too, but don't get me started!). "Jedi" comes close to those first two films, but, not close enough (its still better than the prequels!). Directed by the late Richard Marquand, "Jedi" is packed with both special and creature effects alike. The problem is "Jedi" is much like the first two films, but, on a more massive scale. The film's main premise is to tie up all the loose ends of the saga, and it does a great job of doing just that. Highpoints in the film include John Williams' oscar nominted score, the speeder bike chase, the space battle, Jabba the Hutt, the battle on Endor & the redemption of Anakin Skywalker. Lowpoints - the death of Boba Fett (embarrasing to the point where the character is resurrected in the Marvel comic book and survives in the expanded universe), the Ewok Celebration at the films conclusion and the Lapti Nek number in Jabba's palace is an ominous shadow of Lucas' cutesy side that weighs heavily on the prequels (I remember a lot of fans seeing this & going "What the f**k!?!").

The biggest highlight of all is Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia dressed in the metal bikini as Jabba's slavegirl. What a hottie! During filming there actually was a stagehand who had to make sure that she felt comfy in that bikini, making sure that she wasn't getting hurt to vital parts of her bod (that had to be one of the best jobs on the planet at the time of filming).

Originally titled "Revenge of the Jedi", making the folks at Paramount Studios retitle "Star Trek II: The Revenge of Khan" to the "Wrath of Khan". Lucas changed the title, stating Jedi don't seek revenge. Nominated for 7 Oscars including original score, costume design, set design, and recieving a special Oscar for the film's SFX (presented to Dennis Muren by Cheech & Chong!). Released on 5/25/83 (for the Memorial Day weekend) "Return of the Jedi" has grossed 309 million at the U.S. box office.

"Return of the Jedi" is a satisfying capper to the classic "Star Wars Trilogy" and the conclusion to the most influential and best science fiction saga in film history. ... Read more

93. The Twelve Chairs
Director: Mel Brooks
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Mel Brooks's 1970 comedy (his second work as a film director) is based on an old Russian folktale, and was first filmed in Yugoslavia in 1927. The story concerns an old woman who reveals on her deathbed that she has hidden jewels inside one of 12 chairs that were formerly in her home but are now scattered. Ron Moody plays the poor Russian nobleman seeking them, and Dom DeLuise is his rival. After Brooks's wild and even controversial first film, The Producers, The Twelve Chairs seems relatively tame; but it is still a funny and slightly exotic work owing to its director's longtime interest in classic cinema. --Tom Keogh ... Read more

Reviews (25)

5-0 out of 5 stars What People Will Do In Pursuit of Wealth!
This movie is one of Mel Brooks' best works, but is seldom shown anywhere anymore. Its humorous depiction of what three men will do in order to retrieve the jewels in the twelve chairs is hilarious. The tall, good looking actor pairs well with Dom Deluise, and his faking of an epileptic seizure in order to make money is one of the best ways of "panhandling" (i.e., begging), ever done on-screen! This is well worth your viewing time. Makes the post-Russian Revolution look like a humorous time to live!

5-0 out of 5 stars Change of Pace
If you think Mel Brooks is only good for broad, obvious humor (Robin Hood- Men in Tights, or History of the World) or sharp parody, (Young Frankenstein) then you owe yourself a look at this movie. Made after The Producers, this is Brooks's first attempt at combining serious and comic elements. The film is NOT a laugh fest, nor is it meant to be. Brooks deals with character over comedy in the two main characters, creating an interesting (and often touching) relationship between the two, leading to a final shot in the film that is emotionally pure and effective. Dom Deluise provides wonderful comic relief as the priest who is also after the chairs, and Brooks himself makes a short cameo as the former servant to Ron Moody. Carl Reiner has said that to him, the funniest man on the planet is Mel Brooks. That's pretty high praise, but after seeing this movie, my bet is you'll come away with a deeper appreciation for Brooks's talent, and you might just wonder why he didn't make a few more films like this one.

5-0 out of 5 stars Hilarious, The Best Mel Brooks Movie EVER!!!
By far my favorite Mel Brooks movie. Highly reccommended! I found this in a friends parents movie cabinet, lonely and unwatched. I ended up keeping it.
The comedy is a bit more subtle than many of Mel's movies.

Ostap Bender, the main character is a sexy con man, best liar in the world. Mel Brooks plays a former slave who misses the good old days when he master "hardly ever beat us." There's really not much I can say, except-WATCH THIS MOVIE!!!!

5-0 out of 5 stars One of the greatest movies no one has ever heard of.
This is one of the very best movies ever made. It holds up over time and is fine for all audiences. Great dialogue, tremendous sight gags and just general genius brings this movie off of the screen and into your heart forever.

Mel Brooks has made many funny movies but this one is perhaps his least known but maybe, just maybe his funniest movie of all.

5-0 out of 5 stars One of Brooks's best
For my money, the best Mel Brooks movies are those in which he appears the least or not at all. It's not that I don't think that he isn't a brilliant comedic actor: he is. But my top three Mel Brooks movies are THE PRODUCERS, THE TWELVE CHAIRS, and YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN. Although he does have a few minutes on film in this movie, they're brief and effective. But he never comes close to stealing the scene from Ron Moody, Frank Langella or Dom DeLuise--and all three of these actors are perfect in their roles. DeLuise is at his best here, and Moody, with his Trotsky looks and high strung personality is hysterical.THE TWELVE CHAIRS is brilliant historical spoof of strong materialism in a place where no one is to have possessions: post-Revolutionary Russia. But humans will be humans, and the desire for comfort and money will always be with us, I'm afraid.

But this isn't a morality film. It's huge fun, great satire, and loaded with an understanding of humanity. ... Read more

94. Endless Love
Director: Franco Zeffirelli
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Asin: 6302035139
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Average Customer Review: 4.04 out of 5 stars
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Reviews (27)

5-0 out of 5 stars A SAD BUT GOOD ROMANCE FLICK!
I was recently flipping the channels when I first saw this and I came on the scene where Brooke Shields is walking up the stairs to meet up with Martin Hewitt at a party. I was so fascinated by the movie, that I continued to watch it many times after that. Even though it's not out for release right now, it's still good (if you have cable or satellite dish) to look for it on The Love Stories Channel, which frequently shows it. I love this movie and the song. I don't understand why some critics have said it was a bad movie, because it's the best love story I've ever seen. I'm reading the book right now, and they're quite different, but both give a lot of depth and show David's endless love for Jade.

4-0 out of 5 stars If your are late 20's or early 30's you remember!
I have read the newer reviews, & kids these days just do not appreciate the good "older movies". I can remember watching this
movie OVER & OVER & OVER again years ago. It is one of the best
"younger age" movies of it's time. Movies now have changed (for the worse in my opinion), & in it's day, this movie was extraordinary. Endless Love is & will always be part of my video collection...A classic in it's time...I can only hope I'll get it on DVD one of these days (please release it!!!!).It's worth every penny in my book!

5-0 out of 5 stars Sometimes you gotta dig a little deeper...
to understand a much misunderstood movie! Endless Love is one such movie. So what brought me to this conclusion? Viewing it three times in a row and finally "getting it." You see, when I read reviews depicting this movie as a world-class disaster I was surprised, seeing as how Franco Zeferelli directed it. It couldn't possibly be that bad, I thought to I rented it. To be honest, the first time I watched it I was a little disappointed. Although the cinematography was excellent, I noticed far too much "choppiness" and little editing errors here and there. I was also a bit uncomfortable with the way the storyline was headed, partly because I had my own preconceived notions and felt "set up" for something different than what I was seeing. As one reviewer put it, "Endless Obsession" would have been a more suitable title, or so I thought at the time. When the movie ended I felt a little uneasy, like I had just missed something big. So what did I do? I rewound the thing and began to watch again, this time trying to ignore the inconsistancies and kept an open mind. As I sat there immersed in Jade and David's world, I finally began to understand. Franco Zeferelli knew exactly what he was doing, he was telling us this story through the eyes of these kids, not as the more knowledgable interpreter. To suggest that this movie would have been better if Jade and David's love had been more "mature" is ridiculous. That would have killed the whole point. Were Jade and David truly in love? Yes, I believe they were...however, they weren't ready to handle the intense emotions they were experiencing maturity wise, and this is presicely why everything span out of control when Jade's parents allowed them to have adult relations, especially in their own house! For many people, sex can be a powerful force, and it's extremely difficult to break the emotional and physical bond it creates. Most teens are simply too naive and irresponsible to handle the baggage that comes with a sexual relationship. Like the saying goes "fire is beautiful in a fireplace, but it's destructive anywhere else." I believe Jade's mother permitted this to go on because of her own longing for her youth, when her kind wholeheartedly believed in "free love" and the paradoxal delusion of a "more innocent time" ran rampant. Her own twisted nostalgia prevented her from being the older and wiser mother she should have been. When push came to shove and David was banished (Of course he didn't see that one coming), it's no wonder he lost his mind. They had led him on into thinking that he had already became part of the family, then suddenly BOOM, see ya. So what if it was only a month-long banishment? A month feels like eternity to a teenager who is in love. As far as David was concerned, They may as well have told him never to come back again. By that time him and Jade had already spun their cocoon, and come hell or high water testosterone driven David was going to protect what they had created. Simply put, bad news and raging hormones don't mix. I don't believe that David had "metal issues." He was terribly misguided and in his own mind was almost grieving a death. His idea of being the hero who rescues his beloved Jade is extremely stupid in retrospect, however I couldn't help but feel deep pity for him. He needed someone to shake some sense into him and remind him that a month isn't forever, that he still would have seen Jade at school. When I saw David as being the kid he was portraying, my attitude toward his suffering changed. David is a classic example of Freud's theory of "Return of the Repressed," by denying yourself you create what you fear. David and Jade were the victims of a self-fulfilling prophecy, perpetuated by the ignorance and indifference of their parents. In it's own way, Endless Love is a masterpiece, because it doesn't automatically assume that what Jade and David are experiencing is "puppy love," but rather reluctantly allows the idea of them being in love and poses the question "what if?" What if they really are in love, how would it work given the circumstances they are in? Given their lack of maturity, wisdom, positive family influences, life experiences, etc., how exactly would their love flourish? The answer is sad but very realistic. A love at that stage in life has a nil chance of surviving, and even if it does work out, it won't be the likes of a storybook fairy tale. Chances are that the road will be full of impossible hurdles, road blocks and many tears. Problems are inevitable, however love is a precious thing and the movie does its best to emphasize it in the end. Was this movie perfect? NO, I wouldn't go that far. I think that for its time, it does stick out among all the other teen flicks that were made during that decade. Next to Risky Business, Endless Love is one of the better movies that actually have depth if you look for it. Just my humble opinion!

2-0 out of 5 stars Silly Soap Operaish Teen Exploitation Movie!!
I was about 16 years old when this movie was in the movie theaters and being a fan of Brooke Shields I watched Endless Love and though it started off as a pretty decent movie and had potential it soon dissolved into a silly soap opera. It's really nothing more then a silly teen exploitation movie!

1-0 out of 5 stars Endless torture
I have no idea why this film is practically out of print & why it's so expensive when it's so indescribably awful. I also have no idea why so many people love this film. I purchased a copy of it recently to see what the hype was all about (e.g. the rumor floating around that it had a lot of sex in it & my parents forbidding my older sisters to see it in the '80's. This was surprising since my parents were pretty lenient in letting us watch almost every movie we wanted to when my sisters & I were growing up). To my dismay, the sex scenes really didn't show that much. The only decent things I can say is that the cinematography is good (e.g. the orange lighting in the scenes where Jade (Brooke Shields) & David (Martin Hewitt) are making love. Martin Hewitt is great eye-candy for the female viewers in this film.

The film's not even so bad it's good. I did recently watch "I Love the '80's Strikes Back 1981" on VH-1 & was amused by how awful the stars on the show said it was & the jokes they made about it. The acting is awful by everybody & no one is really likable in the film. Jade's parents are morons. The father tries to be cool & smoke grass & drink alcohol with the kids. He usually ends up making a fool out of himself, dancing around idiotically. Basically, he's only nice when he's under the influence. Jade's mom struggles to sputter out easy sentences & sayings, souding like a child learning Hooked on Phonics & is so sex-starved that she tries to pull an a la Graduate & make it with David. Jade's older brother (James Spader) is not happy with David dating Jade even though he introduced the two!

Brooke Shields disturbs me in this film. I always got the feeling that she was exploited in this film (as she was in many others when she was young e.g. Pretty Baby as a 12-year-old prostitute, The Blue Lagoon in which she's way too young to be wearing barely nothing & having sex) as some unstable, young nymphomaniac who acts much younger than 15. This is especially evident in the rape scene that was so nauseating I had to fast forward past it. It's long after David has intentionally set fire to Jade & her family's house & they meet up again a couple of years later & he rapes her, making her demand over & over again to proclaim his love to her & she's crying. Afterwards, she's still on his bed, acting flirty & nonchalant as if nothing happened. What a f@#%*# up scene!

After the scene I just mentioned, I kept on fast forwarding through the film to stop the madness & because I really didn't care what would happen. I just wanted it to end. Does it have a point? Maybe it does - that arson will not win back the heart of the girl you love? Or maybe that obsessive love will, most likely & almost always, lead to tragic consequences? But who really cares any way? I suggest you save your money & rent better films about obsessive love like the uncensored version of 9 1/2 Weeks & the 1st version of Romeo & Juliet. ... Read more

95. Separate But Equal
Director: George Stevens Jr.
list price: $9.98
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Asin: 6302180899
Catlog: Video
Sales Rank: 1193
Average Customer Review: 5 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (13)

5-0 out of 5 stars A Powerful American Epic
Separate But Equal is a riveting portrayal of the struggle for desegration of the public schools. While some liberties are taken to enhance the story for television, it is still of reasonable historical accuracy. Sidney Poitier and Burt Lancaster turn in solid performances as opposing counsel. However, the real star of this video is the far lesser known Richard Kiley who turns in an excellent portrayal of Chief Justice Earl Warren. As a result, the stronger half of the story turns out to be the second part which provides a fascinating look at Warren's struggle to guide the court through the bitterly divisive issue of whether segregation in the public schools was unconstitutional. The intellectual battles among such strong willed men as Justices Douglas, Frankfurter, and Reed and the difficulties of the latter two to come to a resolution of the issue is masterfully portrayed. All in all, this is clearly one of the best historically based presentations I have seen in recent years.

5-0 out of 5 stars First rate docudrama on Brown v. Board of Education
"Separate But Equal" puts three names about the credits: Sidney Portier as Thurgood Marshall, Burt Lancaster as John W. Davis, and Richard Kiley as Earl Warren. This is significant because it helps to personify the three sides in the monumental Supreme Court decision of Brown v. Board of Education. Marshall headed the NAACP lawyers who challenged the legal doctrine that legitimized segregation in the South. Davis represented the interests of the states, not out of a sense of bigotry but out of legal principle; after all, it was the Supreme Court that had established the separate but equal doctrine. This becomes a key part of the dilemma that Chief Justice Warren faced because the law was obviously legal--it just also happened to be wrong.

This excellent 1991 docudrama was aired in two parts. The first part looks at the segregated school system in Claredon County, South Carolina, one of the four cases that comprised the ruling, and the harm of segregation is captured in a memorable sequence in which young black children always pick the white doll rather than the black doll to describe who is smarter, better, etc. The second part of the film deals with the lengthy process by which the high court deliberated the case, doing a better job of capturing the process than any drama I have ever seen.

Portier provides Marshall with all the dignity appropriate to the role, and it is a treat to see the actor play a lawyer arguing before the high court. Lancaster, in his final role, performs a key function: he is earnest and likeable, which means that in the context of this story our opposition has to be to his position and not to him personally. In other words, this is a legal matter that has to be determined on the point of law and not on our feelings about bigots and racism. However, writer/director George Stevens, Jr. has set us up, because for Kiley's Earl Warren it is a question of justice rather than the law, especially after the former Governor of California visits the battlefield at Gettysburg and discovers his driver had to sleep in the car because no local hotel would accept a black.

For me this is Kiley's film and the most fascinating part of "Separate But Equal" is watching him rally the Court to make its landmark ruling. This is a long, hard, effort for Kiley, who insists that a unanimous ruling is important to make it clear to the nation that there is no longer two sides to this issue. I appreciated that Stevens simply has Kiley read the actual ruling at the film's climax. Again, Stevens using a simple image to bring home the significance of the ruling as the preacher and father who were at the heart of the case we watched in the first part hear the news on the radio, pull over their car, get out and kneel by the side of the road to give thanks.

At 193 minutes this docudrama would consume a week of class, but it could be well worth the effort. Certainly screening it for students would produce some interesting questions and discussions. Final comment: Stevens uses irony throughout "Separate but Equal" (e.g., Marshall and the NAACP lawyers cannot get a cab to take them to the Supreme Court to hear the decision), but there is one delightful use of humor, when a young white lawyer who is helping with the appeal explains to the NAACP lawyers why he is there working with them.

5-0 out of 5 stars They play in the streets together, they separate for school.

"John, if this case goes before the Supreme Court. . . I'm gonna need you"

It's the early 1950's, in America. The governor of South Carolina James Francis Byrnes, in his 70's at the time, pays a visit to his friend, the famous lawyer John W. Davis. Davis had argued 138 cases in front of the Supreme Court. Byrnes was turning to him for help.

Byrnes was determined to show that discrimination and segregation in public schools were not the same thing. He wanted black school children to have equal schools. He was ashamed of the terrible condition the black schools were in, in his state of South Carolina. He even levied a three percent sales tax to fund the improvement of black schools. He was prepared to spend 75 million dollars to improve the public schools for black children in his state.

But he knew, that the small case that a few courageous people (Harry Briggs, Reverand J.A. Delaine) had started in Clarendon county, SC, was too big of an issue for his efforts alone. The case was on it's way to the Supreme Court of the United States of America.

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (the NAACP), had become involved. Their head lawyer, Thurgood Marshall had combined this case and four other similar cases (from Delaware, Kansas, DC and Virginia) into one called 'Brown v. Board of Education', and made it his mission to strike down segregation in public schools in America.

The great thing about this movie is how it makes each side look respectable. The movie does not make this a 'bad evil white men against poor suffering black people' type of story. But rather, the film, portrays the white men as being highly respected, educated and willing to do the right thing. But at the same time, very concerned and perhaps even afraid of the consequences of their decisions.

I also loved the humor in this film. For example when Byrnes is conversing with Davis and says 'I admit to past sins, our colored schools are a disgrace'. Or when one of the lawyers at the NAACP legal defense fund says about the South Carolina case "If we win this one, we'll only have 11,172 school districts left."

The heart of this film is the uncommon courage of the people. Courage among so many involved. Of course, first from the blacks from those small towns, who risked their jobs and safety, and faced the hate of the Ku Klux Klan, by taking these complaints to their local lawyers. Then, to the NAACP, for climbing this long and expensive uphill battle. But also, to the judges on the Supreme Court, and in particular the Chief Judge Earl Warren.

Warren was quoted as saying 'Everything that I did in life that was worthwhile, I caught hell for.' What a difficult decision, but what a remarkable effort on his part to unite the nine members of the Supreme Court to conclude the case with a unanimous decision to end segregation in public schools in America.

It took a lot of brave people on both sides, to end separation of black and white school children in public schools. Perhaps Thurgood Marshall summed it up best, when he mocked the thinking of people in the south by saying 'you can have them attending the same State Universities and Graduate schools, but if they attend the same elementary and high schools together, the world would fall apart.'

A wonderful treasured movie. Must see for all.

5-0 out of 5 stars Great Film - Typical Rotten Artisan DVD
This is one of the best films made for TV. It tells the story of the groundbreaking Supreme Court case that put Thurgood Marshall in the minds of most educated Americans.

However, this is a terrible DVD. The colors are dark. There is no sharpness to the film at all. In effect, it is worse than what you saw when it originally came out. As usual, Artisan does not take advantage of the DVD technology. I tried to contact them, but their website has no email address. This DVD is cheaply made, which is a shame. This a film classic, much more deserving than the shabby treatment Artisan has given it. This ranks right up there with the horrible DVD that Artisan made of "The Quiet Man." Please Artisan, either give us good copies of these great films, or quit ruining them.


5-0 out of 5 stars Great historical/legal drama
I thoroughly enjoyed this historical dama about Briggs v. Elliott. It was a great drama, seemed very accurate, portrayed a little-known legal "Super Bowl" between my hero, John W Davis, and Thurgood Marshall. Everybody should watch it. ... Read more

96. The Muppet Movie
Director: James Frawley
list price: $9.95
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00000IQBO
Catlog: Video
Sales Rank: 2031
Average Customer Review: 4.68 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan essential video

This simply irresistible first feature from the Muppets has Kermit thefrog going from the swamps to Hollywood to be a star. As he travels and picks up his usual friends (Miss Piggy, Fozzie the Bear), Doc Hopper (Charles Durning) is in pursuit, looking for Kermit to be the spokesman for his frog-leg cuisine. A loose rendition of The Wizard of Oz, the film incorporates the same cagey humor as their breakout syndicated TV series The Muppet Show. This is one of the few times that a human cast (notably Steve Martin, Orson Welles, and Carol Kane) are integrated seamlessly with nonhumans. Worth noting is Paul Williams's score, which includes the Oscar-nominated "The Rainbow Connection." Williams's music, much like Howard Ashman's work on The Little Mermaid and other Disney films, provides more than atmosphere; there's a degree of magic here. Williams did not work on the future Muppet films until A Muppet Christmas Carol. His contributions made these films the best of the Muppet series. --Doug Thomas ... Read more

Reviews (92)

5-0 out of 5 stars "A bear in his natural habitat....a Studebaker!"
This is one of the first films that I ever remember seeing, and it is still one of my favorites today. This story about the Muppets' cross-country excursion to Hollywood is beautifully told through the wonderful vision of Jim Henson. It answers the question about how the Muppets first came together, and offers the audience a glimpse into the lives of the various eccentrics that made up 'The Muppet Show' before they became famous. My favorite is, of course, The Great Gonzo, the "prince of plungers." His out-of-this-world weirdness always adds more fun to the chaos of the situation, as Kermit and Co. try to outrun the evil Doc Hopper and make it to Hollywood on time to audition. I also love the big Studebaker that Kermit and Fozzie drive around in as they sing "Moving Right Along." All of the songs are memorable, from "Rainbow Connection" to Gonzo's "I'm Going to Go Back There Someday." I have seen this movie a million times and I will watch it a million more. It's just one of those films that you can never get tired of viewing.

5-0 out of 5 stars A classic for kids and adults
The Muppet Movie is a classic movie that shows how Jim Henson's Muppets made it big. The story begins with Kermit the Frog sitting on a log in a swamp when a Hollywood agent finds him and tells him to go to Hollywood for a casting call for frogs. Kermit hits the road and along the way picks up plenty of new friends while also running into some trouble. The evil Doc Hopper wants Kermit to be his spokesperson for his new frog legs restaurant, but Kermit refuses. Along the way to Hollywood, Kermit meets Fozzie the Bear, Miss Piggie, Gonzo the Great and many others. This is a great movie that has humor for both kids and adults. There are very funny parts that intermingle the talents of many real movie stars in small cameos.

All the Muppets are here from Kermit to Miss Piggie, Fozzie, Gonzo, Rolf the dog, Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem, Dr. Munson Honeydew and Beaker, and many others. There are plenty of cameos including Edgar Bergen, Milton Berle, Mel Brooks, James Coburn, Dom Deluise, Elliot Gould, Bob Hope, Madeline Kahn, Carol Kane, Cloris Leachman, Steve Martin, Richard Pryor, Telly Savalas, Orson Welles, and Paul Williams. Steve Martin and Mel Brooks are the funniest as a sarcastic waiter and a mad scientist. Charles Durning is also very good as Doc Hopper with his bumbling assistant, Max played by Austin Pendleton. Fans of the Muppets of all ages with love this classic about how the Muppets came to be!

5-0 out of 5 stars Never give up your dreams.
A simple story with simple themes: Don't give up on your dreams; sharing your dreams brings you more friends to help you find your dreams. As early as 5th grade I would rewatch this movie, and each time reminds me to keep going an not give up. Yes, its got great songs, great lines, great cameos; but to me its message to not give up is what makes it such a great movie.

5-0 out of 5 stars Creme de la Kermie.
Mini review of one of my alltime 10 favorite films.

Many people question why this is on my top 10. I think the question is why is it not on theirs? This is pure entertainment for the whole family. It is a movie that works on all levels. The story is enchanting. The music is charming and whimsical. The muppetry is fantastic. It is hard to imagine a better opening to a movie than the rainbow connection sequence.

The movie is a cornucopia of awesome quotes. I think my favorite still remains: If frog's couldn't hop, I'd be gone with the Schwinn.

The cameo roles are excellent as well. Steve Martin excels as a put upon waiter. Dom Delouise is impressive as a hollywood agent adrift in a swamp and Mel Brooks steals the show as a german mad scientist.

4-0 out of 5 stars Better than a Bucket of Doc Hooper Frog Legs!
I had the pleasure of introducing my two and half year old son to the magic of the muppets through DVDs of the original "The Muppet Show", the syndicated TV program, that I had watched and enjoyed, while growing up in the 1970s. He loved Kermit & company's surealistic, yet hilarious comedy and music, so the next logical step was to move on to the Muppet's various adventures on film. Luckily, the first DVD I bought was the original 1979 film, "The Muppet Movie". The plot is quite simple.In his hometown swamp, Kermit meets up with a lost and nervous agent (played by the ever hammy, Dom DeLuise) who informs him that a major Hollywood studio is looking for frogs with talent.Armed with a dream of making people happy through his dancing and singing, Kermit goes on a road trip to the West Coast to break into the movie biz. Along the way he picks up new found friends Fozzie Bear, Gonzo the Great, Miss Piggy (starting their long running, tumultuous romance), and the rock group, Dr.Teeth & the Electric Mayhem, who all share in dreams of Hollywood fame .Unfortunately, Kermit also gets the attention and ire of Doc Hopper (Charles Durning), a Col. Sanders knock-off, who wants to force our hero to be the spokesfrog for his fast food, frog legs chain, "alive or stuffed". What an adventure! This is a wonderfully entertaining film, which will appeal to both kids and adults alike. Its obvious, that Muppet creator, Jim Henson and his fellow performer, Frank Oz were at their creative peaks.The writing is sharp and never 'dumbed down' ("I think I've lost my way"..."Have you ever tried Hare Krishna?") and the musical numbers are well staged (including Kermit's now classic, "Rainbow Connection"). What's more the film is filled with entertaining cameos from 1970's Hollywood including Madeline Kahn, Richard Pryor, James Coburn, Mel Brooks, Elliot Gould, Steve Matin ETC. My son and I have now collected all the DVDs in the Muppet's cannon of films and we pretty much agree, that this movie is by far, the best of the lot! For great family entertainment get "The Muppet Movie"! ... Read more

97. Girl, Interrupted
Director: James Mangold
list price: $9.95
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Asin: 0767819586
Catlog: Video
Sales Rank: 5002
Average Customer Review: 4.11 out of 5 stars
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Reviews (231)

4-0 out of 5 stars So, what's your diag-nonsense?
The movie is based on the real life story of Susanna Kaysen (Winona Ryder), who was admitted to Claymoore, a mental institution, in the late 60's after drowning a bottle of aspirin with a bottle of vodka. She insists this wasn't a suicide attempt, but her parents and psychiatrist don't agree. While at Claymoore, Susanna meets the ohter inmates, Georgina (Clea Duvall), her roommate, who's a pathological liar, Polly (Elisabeth Moss), who everyone calls Torch and has been badly scarred by fire, Daisy (Britanny Murphy), who won't eat in front of anyone, Janet (Angela Bettis), who won't eat at all, and most importantly, Lisa (Angelina Jolie). Lisa is a sociopath. She constantly escapes Claymoore, only to return after having a crisis (or running out of money). She "runs" the place and is a major pain in the ass for Nurse Valerie (Whoopi Goldberg).

Soon after, Susanna starts to wonder if she's indeed crazy or if she's turning crazy by being there. The doctors at Claymoore, Melvin (Jeffrey Tambor) and Dr. Wick (Vanessa Grave) seem to think she's mentally ill, while her boyfriend Toby (Jared Leto) disagrees.

Susanna has to deal with the situation, trying not to spiral into insanity, but at the same time finding a substitute for a home amongst this group of rejects.

As for the acting, it is solid all across the board. Ryder does a convincing job as the lead character and all of the other actresses shine in their roles, especially Murphy, but this is Jolie's film. She steals almost every scene she's in, from the distressed crying on one of her downs, to frighteningly mad outbursts, to maniac lunacy. She earned a well deserve Oscar for her supporting role.

The director, James Mangold, has also helmed films like Cop Land (1997, with Sylvester Stallone, Robert DeNiro and Harvey Keitel), Kate & Leopold (2001, with Hugh Jackman and Meg Ryan) and Identity (2003, with John Cusack, Ray Liotta and Amanda Peet).

5-0 out of 5 stars "I didn't try to kill myself...I had a headache"
"Girl, Interrupted" is the true story of Susanna Kaysen (Winona Ryder), a young woman who was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder during the 1960s. My favorite parts of the film were the transitions between scenes; the movie flowed beautifully. Susanna signs herself into Claymoore, a mental institution, after a failed attempt at suicide. At Claymoore, she meets a wide variety of different girls, each with different problems. There is Lisa the sociopath, played by Angelina Jolie and Daisy, a loner, played by "Clueless's" Brittany Murphy. Whoopi Goldberg rounds out the cast as Valerie, the head nurse on Susanna's floor. A bit reminiscent of "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest," "Girl, Interrupted" is one of the finest films I have ever seen. Winona Ryder is brilliant, I have never seen her portray a character better.

4-0 out of 5 stars One Flew over the Girl
Of course any movie made about people in a psychiatric ward will resemble the classic 'One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest'. This we also do not know for sure if the leading character is sane or not.

Winona Ryder is great in this movie, though a little too pretty. The best perfomance comes from Angelina Jolie, who is just amazing. The movie is sometimes a little sad, frightening, scary but also moving. The ending is a little sweet but not too sweet. A happy ending with a twist.

The music is great since it plays in 1968, although the theme of the sixties is a little underplayed. It is still a great movie though.

5-0 out of 5 stars It gives you a new look on how normal some people are.
This is one of the most brilliant movies. The acting is superb, and the story grabs you. Angelina Jolie and Wynona Ryder do really good performances. The movies makes you think about how different people are and not to judge and be more aware of people's feelings. The movie is awesome. I highly reccomend it.

Girl Interrupted was on last tonight. You know when the shoplifter reads about BORDERLINE PERSONALITY DISORDER? What a revelation! That's me - well, except for the CASUAL SEX - but the DIRECTIONLESSNESS and the SELF-DESTRUCTIVE ACTS (I quit my job the other day).

All this time I thought I was an existentialist. I was wasting my evenings on Camus and Kierkegaard (my back is like a tightrope dancer's, twisted in my childhood, and therefore it is easy for me. One, two, three - I can walk upside in existence). What comfort: the condition is medical not metaphysical.

All I needs do is clear up my skin. Then I aim to complete those symptoms ... and I'd like to begin with Anjelina Jolie ... and even if she got all serious on me, that would be okay: I'd explain to her: the disorder was what was casual (- it was part of my directionlessness). Not you. My aim is true - I'm an existentialist. ... Read more

98. Star Wars
Director: George Lucas
list price: $19.98
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Catlog: Video
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Average Customer Review: 5 out of 5 stars
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Reviews (4)

5-0 out of 5 stars the standard setter
there have been 4 movies that blew all other sci fi movies away and set the standard for new omes.this one was the second one to do so.the story here is that the rebel alliance had a message transmission going out.the empire picked up on it and overtook the ship it came from.before they could be found out,they jettisoned 2 droids out in hopes of survival.some desert people sold the droids to lukes uncle.luke accidentaly found the was a chick trying to find o.b.won ken o.b.[i know i know]he found him and ben took him along to adventure.luke ends up in the rebel alliance flying a starship.the kids will enjoy it as it is full of giant teddy bears,fantastic laser light demonstrations and lucas made this rules!did he ever do a non-star wars related movie?this is the 1st of a big set.the best set anywhere with 6 soon to be 7 awesome episodes.this movie is for everybody.theres one slimy part where theyre trapped in a garbage disposal.leia is the only chick about and she kisses her brother!thats some sick sh........stuff.of course she didnt know but still.oooohhh!the special effects were top of the line in 77.theyre still cool now.this movie is one the all time greatest contributions to film ever!

5-0 out of 5 stars Everything I need 2 know about life I learned from Star Wars
Title of the review says it all. Move on with life:)

5-0 out of 5 stars Great 1977 Original
Star Wars (1977)

This is the great original Star Wars, the 1977 movie in which the world first discovered the allure of The Force and the Jedi Knights. Young Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) teams up with Jedi veteran Ben Obi-Wan Kenobi (Alec Guinness) and the mercenary Han Solo (Harrison Ford) to rescue the gorgeous Princess Leia Organa (Carrie Fisher) from the sinister clutches of Darth Vader and the evil empire.
High space adventure, with creatures like Chewbacca (Peter Mayhew) and the delightful R2-D2 (Kenny Baker).
With the final Star Wars (but will it be the final?) set for release later this year , the original trilogy is a great buy to refresh your memory.

A momentous battle between good and evil. With the empire perhaps at the time representing the evil Soviet Empire, which the free world was then fighting against for freedom in 1977. It has that wonderful 1970's feel, and who would not want to rescue the sexy huggable Princess Leia, even if it means battling the goons of the empire and the horrific Darth Vader?
In my opinion this great original one is the best of the lot.

5-0 out of 5 stars Great 1977 Original
This is the great original Star Wars, the 1977 movie in which the world first discovered the allure of The Force and the Jedi Knights. Young Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) teams up with Jedi veteran Ben Obi-Wan Kenobi (Alec Guinness) and the mercenary Han Solo (Harrison Ford) to rescue the gorgeous Princess Leia Organa (Carrie Fisher) from the sinister clutches of Darth Vader and the evil empire.
High space adventure, with creatures like Chewbacca (Peter Mayhew) and the delightful R2-D2 (Kenny Baker).
With the final Star Wars (but will it be the final?) set for release later this year , the original trilogy is a great buy to refresh your memory.

A momentous battle between good and evil. With the empire perhaps at the time representing the evil Soviet Empire, which the free world was then fighting against for freedom in 1977. It has that wonderful 1970's feel, and who would not want to rescue the sexy huggable Princess Leia.
In my opinion this great original one is the best of the lot. ... Read more

99. Garfield - The Movie
Director: Peter Hewitt
list price: $19.98
our price: $16.99
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Asin: B0002PYST2
Catlog: Video
Sales Rank: 20
Average Customer Review: 3.67 out of 5 stars
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Reviews (70)

3-0 out of 5 stars Well animated but not true to the strip
Garfield: The Movie is a fairly straightforward story with no secondary tales or other touches that could take this film out of kidvid. The interaction between the animated Garfield and the real actors and sets is subtle, rather than the eye-popping wow! of Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Unlike better family films such as Shrek or Finding Nemo, this one is strictly for kids as there is little to keep an adult's interest.

The movie starts out with a few scene-setting vignettes, brief unconnected tales much like the Jim Davis comic strip the movie was lifted from. But right away something is amiss. Jon, Garfield's human, isn't presented as a complete loser. He lives in a very nice house in an unspecified part of the midwest that looks suspiciously like Oak Park or a similar John Hughes location. The furnishings are tasteful and reasonable quality. And Jon isn't completly incompetent in his day to day actions.

And what's worse, Jon's unrequited feelings for Garfield's veterinarian, Liz, are not thrown in his face (as per the strip) but returned within the first 20 minutes. The vet character is just as wrong as Jon; both are cute, thin, and dress well. Jon should be a zhlub, Liz should be strictly business. Here, Jon's a heartthrob and Liz dresses like she's on her way to a disco. Wrong, wrong, wrong!

The major plot point is okay (evil cable-TV animal show host kidnaps Odie after dog wins a blue ribbon, Garfield rescues him), the animated Garfield is done well, and the status quo is preserved. My kid liked it okay. But I would not advise anyone over 12 to watch this unless accompanied by an interested elementary schooler. 14 June 2004 by mad-haus

4-0 out of 5 stars Garfield the movie.
I saw this movie. I like it. It's funny, cute. Good movie.

5-0 out of 5 stars Why listen to the critics? This movie's great!
Entertainment Weekly said Garfield was a cloddish, unfunny dud.

For all I care, they can wear dunce caps on their heads (ha ha.)
I personally like Garfield, especially the part I like to call, "cat meets gravity, cat hits truck window." Garfield has tyke-friendly jokes, but, WHO CARES? Garfield is a fun movie that I would recommend to all fans. So, Garfield fans should just push the critics aside, and enjoy Garfield.

5-0 out of 5 stars Bill Murray+Garfield=THE BIGGEST LAUGH YOU'LL EVER HAVE!!
When I heard about the Garfield movie, I thought, (Hey, I love the Garfield comic, and I LOVE Bill Murray, I'd love to see it!) So I went to see it with my parents and my friends, Laura and Andrew. I laughed my head off! Bill was AWSOME and Garfield looked like a real cat! The funniest part was when Garfield accidently destroyed the owner's living room!! (I forgot the owner's name.) The people that didn't care for it were; my Mom and Andrew. Tho everyone thought Garfield looked like a real cat! I wanna see it again, tho my Mom said no. I'm buying the DVD when it comes out. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes, Bill Murray, Garfield the comic, and/or silly humor. Fortunely, I like all three! ME-ow 4 now!

1-0 out of 5 stars Out of character from start to finish
So, I just saw this recently ("That's your own darn fault", I can almost hear you say) and it is indeed everything the more reputable reviewers have called it, plus a side of fries. From the very first scene on, this Garfield is the polar opposite of his comic book equivalent, talking incessantly, recklessly jumping around, waking Jon so he can make it to work in time (and though he is never seen working, Jon must indubitably have a very cushy job, judging from his at least one million dollar home). Hmmm, I always thought Garfield conserved energy as much as possible.

If this film resembles anything, it's one of those bad Disney talking animal movies from the '60s. Plot modus operandi: Animal with extraordinary abilities is abducted and exploited by evil, greedy big city person, other animals and/or animal owners must come to the rescue. Yawn. I wouldn't even mind the uber-generic plot contrivances if they were spruced up with some decent gags, but you could count this film's laughs on one finger. What Garfield really needed was a punch-up by a bunch of Simpsons writers.

I wouldn't mind buying Chris Beck's (Buffy) fun but rather standard score if I came across it in a bargain bin somewhere, but barring that unlikely scenario I'm likely not going to go out of my way to track down a promo. Even his work here remains more of a "Meh" than a "Hmmm... neat." ... Read more

100. The Quiet Man
Director: John Ford
list price: $14.98
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: 6302320496
Catlog: Video
Sales Rank: 203
Average Customer Review: 3.9 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan essential video

Blarney and bliss, mixed in equal proportions. John Wayne plays an American boxer who returns to the Emerald Isle, his native land. What he finds there is a fiery prospective spouse (Maureen O'Hara) and a country greener than any Ireland seen before or since--it's no surprise The Quiet Man won an Oscar for cinematography. It also won an Oscar for John Ford's direction, his fourth such award. The film was a deeply personal project for Ford (whose birth name was Sean Aloysius O'Fearna), and he lavished all of his affection for the Irish landscape and Irish people on this film. He also stages perhaps the greatest donnybrook in the history of movies, an epic fistfight between Wayne and the truculent Victor McLaglen--that's Ford's brother, Francis, as the elderly man on his deathbed who miraculously revives when he hears word of the dustup. Barry Fitzgerald, the original Irish elf, gets the movie's biggest laugh when he walks into the newlyweds' bedroom the morning after their wedding, and spots a broken bed. The look on his face says everything. The Quiet Man isn't the real Ireland, but as a delicious never-never land of Ford's imagination, it will do very nicely. --Robert Horton ... Read more

Reviews (136)

5-0 out of 5 stars John Ford's gentle and loving salute to Ireland.......
From all reports "The Quiet Man" was a very personal and passionate undertaking from director John Ford, and his company of players (most of Irish ancestry)....and what sweet fruit their passion bore...

This is a film of such warmth, tenderness, humour and beauty that it just sparkles from beginning to end.

Irish-born, American boxer Sean Thornton (John Wayne) returns to his place of birth after accidently killing another man in the ring. Seeking to find peace and happiness in the lush green country side, Sean is enraptured with the fiery Mary Kate Danaher (Maureen O'Hara in a wonderful performance) but incurs the wrath of her bully of a brother Red Will Danaher (Victor McLaglen) because of Thornton's purchase of local land. Failing to abide by the customs of Irish courtship as advised by resident matchmaker Michaleen Flynn (Barry Fitzgerald) and Father Peter Lonergan (Ward Bond)'s not long before the whole county is in a spin about this big Yank in their midst !!

Amidst the lopsided courtship and Red Will's refusal to pay the dowry, Thornton & Danaher square off in what must be the most entertaining and longest on screen fights in cinema history...much to the amusement of the entire town that turned out to watch !!

"The Quiet Man" is such a wonderfully enchanting film, that it is as enjoyable for all ages today, as it was nearly 50 years ago. Truly, a film for those young at heart and those who can appreciate such a warm hearted and lovingly prepared ode to the magic of Ireland.

5-0 out of 5 stars A Movie You'll Watch Over And Over
A true masterpiece, this movie captures the heart and soul of Ireland. That said, not only the Irish will love it. It tells the story of an American, coming home to his mother's beloved Irland. There he meets and falls in love with a beautiful colleen, only to find that her brother is against the affair and basically, out to get him. Shot on location in Ireland, the view is gorgeous, and the plot has everything from exciting fights to tender love scenes. ( My favourite scene is their famous first kiss, when he kisses her in the storm and then she slaps him. Btw, Maureen O'Hara fractured her wrist doing that!)

"The Quiet Man" was John Ford's favourite film, and also his most personal one. He cast his favourite actors in it, and it shows. John wayne is just great -whoever thinks he only played himself in every role should see his performance here. For his love interest we have Ford's kind of a woman, the breathtakingly beautiful Maureen O'Hara.She gives a magnificent performance as Mary Kate, and in my opinion should have won the Oscar for it. (She Wasn't even nominated!) Sparks flew when this couple met on screen, and the result is out there for you to witness.

Don't wait till the next St. Patrick's Day -see this film now. I promise you won't regret it.

4-0 out of 5 stars A romance almost out of time and place - wonderful cast
Anyway, the story is an idyll that is really out of time and place. Apparently it takes place in the early 20th century in Ireland. It seems to be after the Irish Revolution, but before the First World War. I say before the war because the movie never references the awful loss of life that traumatized every European nation that experienced it. Any later than that and you would wonder where the planes and cars would be.

It is a good love story, but the whole concept of dowry and the stubborn character shown by the whole Danaher clan would be mysterious to the younger American generation, as would the purpose of a matchmaker and the formal courting rituals that the movie sends up.

John Wayne is quite fine in this role as is the whole cast. It is a very enjoyable film with a lot to recommend it for the family. It will certainly spark some discussion with the kids that might be helpful and broaden their cultural horizons.

5-0 out of 5 stars One of the great classics of world cinema
Everything about this film is first rate. The storyline, cast, the directing, the cinematography. You can't go wrong with this one.

1-0 out of 5 stars Restored ? Huh !
I'm going to keep this short. The Quiet Man is a classic, so why treat it like crap. I have VHS copies of old Disney Afternoon cartoons that are a million times better than this. The transfer is so bad I finally just messed with the color on my set and decided it would be better in black and white.
Theatrical Trailers? That's what the box says, but there are only three "trailers" on the disc, and none are theatrical. they are all commercials for other Artisan discs, which makes no sense as anyone who sees what a terrible job they did to this classic will be very wary before they ever pick up another Artisan disc. Can you imagine the outcry if they did this to Wizard of Oz or any ohter film classics. ... Read more

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