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  • Eadie, Nicholas
  • Earl, Elizabeth
  • Eason, Bo
  • East, Jeff
  • Easterbrook, Leslie
  • Eastin, Steve
  • Eastman, George
  • Easton, Sheena
  • Easton, Sidney
  • Eastwood, Alison
  • Eastwood, Clint
  • Eastwood, Jayne
  • Eaton, Jay
  • Eaton, Shirley
  • Eaves, John
  • Eberl, Luke
  • Ebersole, Christine
  • Ebsen, Buddy
  • Eburne, Maude
  • Eccleston, Christopher
  • Echanove, Juan
  • Eckhart, Aaron
  • Eckhouse, James
  • Eckstrom, Lauren
  • Eddington, Paul
  • Eddy, Helen Jerome
  • Eddy, Nelson
  • Edelman, Gregg
  • Edelman, Herb
  • Eden, Barbara
  • Edmond, J Trevor
  • Edmonds, Dartanyan
  • Edmonds, Mike
  • Edmondson, Adrian
  • Edmund, Justin Pierre
  • Edney, Beatie
  • Edson, Richard
  • Edwards, Anthony
  • Edwards, Barbara
  • Edwards, Bruce
  • Edwards, Cliff
  • Edwards, Daryl
  • Edwards, Edward
  • Edwards, Eric
  • Edwards, James
  • Edwards, Jason
  • Edwards, Jennifer
  • Edwards, Keith
  • Edwards, Lance
  • Edwards, Luke
  • Edwards, Meredith
  • Edwards, Paddi
  • Edwards, Penny
  • Edwards, Ray
  • Edwards, Snitz
  • Edwards, Stacy
  • Edwards, Tony
  • Edwards, Vince
  • Efron, Marshall
  • Egan, Richard
  • Ege, Julie
  • Eggar, Samantha
  • Eggert, Nicole
  • Eginton, Zack
  • Egoyan, Atom
  • Ehle, Jennifer
  • Ehlers, Jerome
  • Eichhorn, Lisa
  • Eidel, Carey
  • Eidsvold, Eindride
  • Eigeman, Chris
  • Eikenberry, Jill
  • Eilbacher, Lisa
  • Eilber, Janet
  • Eilers, Sally
  • Eisenberg, Aron
  • Eisley, Anthony
  • Eisner, David
  • Ejogo, Carmen
  • Ek, Anders
  • Ekberg, Anita
  • Ekland, Britt
  • Elam, Jack
  • Elcar, Dana
  • Eldard, Ron
  • Eldredge, George
  • Eldridge, Florence
  • Electra, Carmen
  • Elfman, Bodhi
  • Elfman, Jenna
  • Elg, Taina
  • Elise, Christine
  • Elise, Kimberly
  • Elizondo, Hector
  • Ellenstein, Robert
  • Elliman, Yvonne
  • Ellingsen, Maria
  • Ellington, Duke
  • Elliott, Alison
  • Elliott, Beverley
  • Elliott, Chris
  • Elliott, David James
  • Elliott, Denholm
  • Elliott, Dick
  • Elliott, Ross
  • Elliott, Sam
  • Elliott, Shawn
  • Elliott, Stephen
  • Ellis, Aunjanue
  • Ellis, Chris
  • Ellis, Edward
  • Ellis, James
  • Ellison, James
  • Elphick, Michael
  • Elsom, Isobel
  • Elwes, Cary
  • Ely, Ron
  • Elzy, Ruby
  • Embarek, Ouassini
  • Embry, Ethan
  • Emerson, Hope
  • Emerson, Jonathan
  • Emerton, Roy
  • Emery, Gilbert
  • Emery, John
  • Emge, David
  • Emhardt, Robert
  • Emil, Michael
  • Emmanuel, Alphonsia
  • Emmerich, Noah
  • Emmett, Fern
  • Emney, Fred
  • Emoto, Akira
  • Empson, Tameka
  • Enberg, Alexander
  • Enberg, Dick
  • Endoso, Kenny
  • Endre, Lena
  • Engel, Georgia
  • Engel, Tina
  • England, Audie
  • English, Bradford
  • English, Jessica
  • English, Zach
  • Englund, Morgan
  • Englund, Robert
  • Engvall, Bill
  • Eno, Brian
  • Ensign, Michael
  • Entwistle, Harold
  • Enya
  • Epperson, Van
  • Epps, Omar
  • Erb, Stephanie
  • Erbe, Kathryn
  • Erdman, Richard
  • Erickson, Leif
  • Ericson, Devon
  • Ericson, John
  • Ermey, R Lee
  • Eroen, Benjamin
  • Errickson, Krista
  • Errol, Leon
  • Ertmanis, Victor
  • Erwin, Bill
  • Erwin, Stuart
  • Esmond, Carl
  • Esmond, Jill
  • Esposito, Giancarlo
  • Esposito, Jennifer
  • Essex, David
  • Estefan, Gloria
  • Estes, Will
  • Estevez, Emilio
  • Estevez, Joe
  • Estevez, Ramon
  • Estrada, Erik
  • Ettlinger, Mark
  • Eubanks, Shannon
  • Evans, Art
  • Evans, Brandon
  • Evans, Candie
  • Evans, Clifford
  • Evans, Dale
  • Evans, Edith
  • Evans, Evans
  • Evans, Gene
  • Evans, Joan
  • Evans, Lee
  • Evans, Linda
  • Evans, Madge
  • Evans, Maurice
  • Evans, Mike
  • Evans, Muriel
  • Evans, Richard
  • Evans, Robert
  • Evans, Robin
  • Evans, Terrence
  • Evans, Troy
  • Evanson, Edith
  • Eve, Trevor
  • Evelyn, Judith
  • Everett, Chad
  • Everett, Rupert
  • Everhard, Nancy
  • Everhart, Angie
  • Evers, Ann
  • Evers, Brian
  • Evers, Jason
  • Evigan, Greg
  • Evison, Pat
  • Ewell, Tom
  • Ewing, Diana
  • Ewing, Maria
  • Eyer, Richard
  • Eyre, Peter
  • Eythe, William
  • Eziashi, Maynard
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    $12.77 list($22.99)
    1. Toy Story 2
    $9.98 $8.34
    2. Robin Hood - Men in Tights
    3. Howard the Duck
    $18.70 list($22.99)
    4. Toy Story
    $27.95 list($26.99)
    5. The Little Mermaid
    $11.99 $9.29 list($12.98)
    6. A Man Called Peter
    $20.38 $11.00 list($23.98)
    7. Ray
    $9.95 $4.67
    8. Raiders of the Lost Ark
    $33.50 list($19.98)
    9. Maytime
    $129.95 list($14.99)
    10. The Sacketts
    $20.99 $8.93 list($22.99)
    11. Toy Story (Special Edition)
    $9.95 $5.67
    12. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
    $4.99 list($22.99)
    13. Pinocchio
    $19.99 list($9.94)
    14. The Outsiders
    $13.99 $10.29 list($14.99)
    15. Chicago
    $9.94 $6.18
    16. The Princess Bride
    $20.97 list($29.99)
    17. Anne of Green Gables
    $149.94 list($14.95)
    18. A Summer Place
    $20.99 $15.95 list($24.99)
    19. Shrek 2
    20. Conagher

    1. Toy Story 2
    Director: Lee Unkrich, John Lasseter, Ash Brannon
    list price: $22.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00003CX7L
    Catlog: Video
    Sales Rank: 28
    Average Customer Review: 4.85 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    John Lasseter and his gang of high-tech creators at Pixar create another entertainment for the ages. Like the few great movie sequels, Toy Story 2 comments on why the first one was so wonderful while finding a fresh angle worthy of a new film. The craze of toy collecting becomes the focus here, as we find out Woody (voiced by Tom Hanks) is not only a beloved toy to Andy but also a rare doll from a popular '60s children's show. When a greedy collector takes Woody, Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen) launches a rescue mission with Andy's other toys. To say more would be a crime because this is one of the most creative and smile-inducing films since, well, the first Toy Story.

    Although the toys look the same as in the 1994 feature, Pixar shows how much technology has advanced: the human characters look more human, backgrounds are superior, and two action sequences that book-end the film are dazzling. And it's a hoot for kids and adults. The film is packed with spoofs, easily accessible in-jokes, and inspired voice casting (with newcomer Joan Cusack especially a delight as Cowgirl Jessie). But as the Pixar canon of films illustrates, the filmmakers are storytellers first. Woody's heart-tugging predicament can easily be translated into the eternal debate of living a good life versus livingforever. Toy Story 2 also achieved something in the U.S. two other outstanding 1999 animated features (The Iron Giant, Princess Mononoke) could not: it became a huge box-office hit. --Doug Thomas ... Read more

    Reviews (453)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Toy Story 2 Is Better Then the Original!
    I had expected a dull child's cartoon with a meaningless plot and dull was I ever wrong! Toy Story 2 is funny, exciting, dramatic, and very entertaining! This time around, Woody is stolen by a greedy toy collector...why? Because it turns out that Woody is a valuable doll from the 1950's when he had his own popular TV show! As Buzz and the rest of the toys frantically try to find a way to rescue Woody, our cow-boy hero meets other toys just like him---Jesse the cow-girl, the Prospector, and Woody's hillarious horse. And all this time Woody starts to wonder if maybe he's found his rightful home...or has he? The animation is tops, the plot is engrossing, and the movie is excellent! If you think an animated feauture is just a bunch of interesting graphics then you're wrong! This is a heart-warming and wonderful family film.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Toys
    Toy Story (1995, 80 minutes, Dolby Digital Surround; Audio Commentary, Interviews) As 6-year-old Andy's favorite toy, Woody (Tom Hanks), a take-charge, pull-string cowboy, is confident in his role as room leader. But after Andy's birthday party, newcomer Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen), a flashy space ranger with laser action and pop-out wings, crash-lands into Woody's world.

    Buzz instantly wins the admiration of Andy's other toys, igniting a rivalry that lands the duo inside the home of Sid - the toy-torturing boy next door. To escape Sid's evil plans, Woody and Buzz must work together and realize they've got the perfect each other!

    Toy Story 2 (1999, 94 minutes, Dolby Digital 5.l Surround EX; Audio Commentary, Sep. Film Score Audio Track, Outakes) Andy goes to summer camp and the toys face a new crisis: Woody turns out to be a valuable collectible, and is kidnapped by an evil toy collector. It's now up to Buzz and the gang to find a way to save him.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Five stars for the movies, one star for Disney
    Why must they stick to this archaic way of releasing their movies on video/DVD? I could understand discontinuing collector's or limited editions, but why discontinue entire movies? Well we all know the answer, I just hate to be jerked around like this. Disney is the largest movie company in the world but our enjoyment of their films is based around their idiotic release/discontinue schedule.
    Well, with that unpleasantness out of the way, I must say Toy Story 2 is my favorite animated movie of all time and the Toy Story series is my favorite animated series (if you think about it, though, that's not saying a lot). Let's just do this in the order they came out.
    Toy Story blew my mind, because the things they did in that movie (the first in particular) were so like me when I was a kid (at that age). Toy Story is sure enough my second favorite animated movie ever. It's funny, and colorful, and touching. I think all good kid's movies should have a sense of wonder, or delight, and it shouldn't be in either a cynical or naive way. They should show wonder in a way that can be found in the real world, which is a balance hard to find. The original Toy Story has all kinds of wonder and awe, both in positive and negative ways (some kids could be afraid of Sid but I bet they won't be able to stop looking at him). It's about finding your place in life, and what to do with what you've got. When Buzz happens upon a commercial for himself and then tries to fly through the window-well that is one of the most touching scenes in any movie I've seen. And the whole ending sequence is beautiful, from Buzz and Woody on the RC car going through traffic, or them being blasted from a rocket through the air. Not to mention it's filled with all kinds of toy-related jokes that any kid can relate to. I think it's safe to say it'll be looked back on like the very first full-length animated movie (it was Snow White, wasn't it?).
    Toy Story 2 is nearly flawless. It has one of the craziest openings for a movie ever, and I love the way it can find a way to have characters with all kinds of motives. Al is driven by his greed, the Prospector is jaded but just wants to be loved, Jessie hasn't given up hope yet so is overjoyed when she can find a way to confirm her hopefulness. The movie uses the toys as a metaphor for growing up and moving on: or not. You can aspire for your dreams or you can realize you're happy with what you've got. Toy Story 2 is/was the last movie Disney made with Pixar before they got too smug and self-indulgent. They realized they had the power to stir emotions and awe (they also realized they could make a ton of money), but instead of giving us a sweet movie like Toy Story, we got the self-congragulatory Monsters Inc, with its obvious conflicted main character, and instead of a great secondary character like the Prospector, we got Boo. Finding Nemo was a step in the right direction, but in my opinion doesn't have the heart of the Toy Story movies.
    I can actually think of one thing wrong with Toy Story 2, and that's that lame Sarah Mclachlan song. I'm not one of those people with a weird Randy Newman fascination, but his songs were so much better than that one Mclachlan song. I guess it's because the scene in which it's used is already so emotional, instead of Newman's weird but effective delivery we got Mclachlan hammering the point home with her yodeling. But I love that scene because it shows how the little girl grew up. Other than that, Toy Story 2 is great: funny and vibrant, even on my crusty old VHS tape.
    I wish I had these movies on DVD. They spark wonder in me at my age just like they did when I first saw them. They have plenty of in-jokes and such but also have a timeless quality (and a strong sense of innocence). Five stars for the both of them, the best animated series of all time.

    5-0 out of 5 stars It's Different.
    It's different from your average animated film. So was Toy Story part 1 but this one is better. The movie plotting is a lot better in this part. I give it five stars(I'd give it six if it was in my hands!)

    4-0 out of 5 stars The secret lives of toys
    Woody (Tom Hanks), who turns out to be a rare collectible, is stolen by an unscrupulous toy store owner and slated to be sold to a toy museum in Japan. Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen) and friends embark on a dangerous cross-town rescue mission. This is a very entertaining and perceptive film that remembers the guilt that a child can feel over outgrowing a favorite toy. Sammy the bear was my own constant companion when I was a young child. As I grew older, I sometimes felt a pang of shame when I would encounter him lying unloved and unplayed-with in the bottom of my old toy chest. I hope he's as philosophical and understanding about it as Woody is. As cheerful as this film is, it takes on an added dimension by honoring that first melancholy that a child feels upon outgrowing a formerly cherished plaything. The animation and voice talent are also top-notch. ... Read more

    2. Robin Hood - Men in Tights
    Director: Mel Brooks
    list price: $9.98
    our price: $9.98
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 6302946387
    Catlog: Video
    Sales Rank: 19
    Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan essential video

    It's not Blazing Saddles, but there are some chuckles to be found in Mel Brooks's 1993 spoof of the Robin Hood legend. Cary Elwes is Robin (with a lighthearted jab at Kevin Costner's bad English accent in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves), while Richard Lewis plays an angst-ridden King John, and Roger Rees a snotty Sheriff of Nottingham. Comic David Chappelle has some good moments as the only black member of Robins's noble thieves, and Brooks does his own spin on Friar Tuck: Rabbi Tuchman. The song-and-dance sequences featuring a chorus line of the Merry Men ("We're men / men in tights") is vintage Brooks, but otherwise the film can't get any traction. --Tom Keogh ... Read more

    Reviews (115)

    5-0 out of 5 stars A spoof for people who hate spoofs.
    If you're sick and tired of spoofs, especially the dumb ones of today, like "Mafia!" or "Scary Movie", this is the spoof for you. This movie has all kinds of crazy humor that doesn't offend anyone or go over the top, and has a mess of celebrities in it, like the main star, Cary Elwes, and a great supporting cast consisting of Amy Yasbeck, Dave Chappelle, Isaac Hayes, Megan Cavanaugh, and even Patrick Stewart, under the direction of comedy legend Mel Brooks, who also appears in the movie. This movie has all kinds of humor, from humor spoofing modern times, to "secret" humor, to metaphorical humor, and to simply wacky humor anyone can laugh at. Like the Monty Python movies and the Naked Gun trilogy, you'd have to be dead not to find this movie funny.

    So in short, see this movie! You'll laugh till your sides hurt!

    3-0 out of 5 stars It is not one of Mel Brook's best but there are some laughs
    I read that Mel Brook's made this movie because he is facinated with the Robin Hood legend (In particular the Errol Flynn version) Remember "When things were rotten" back in the seventies. He did this movie to poke fun at the Kevin Costner version "Prince of thieves". Apparently Kevin Costner refused to wear tights and as far as Mel Brooks was concern Robin Hood wore tights. I remember one line in which Rabbi Tuckman said to Robin Hood. Robin Hood you just won the heart of the princess YOU PRINCE OF THIEVES YOU!"

    Robin Hood is played the versitile actor Cary Elwese, who has done both comedy and drama. One of his most memorable lines in this movie was "Unlike other Robin Hoods, I have a British accent."

    My main complaint his that many of the Jokes are recycled from previous Mel Brook's movies. The scene with Dom De Louis as a Godfather like character was funny. It was a pretty good immitation of Marlon Brando.

    The actor who played hangman in this movie was also the Hangman in Blazing Saddles.

    Of course Mel Brook's always played a character in his movies. He played Rabbi Tuckman who made money by going to differevt villages performing circumcisions.

    2-0 out of 5 stars Funny?
    I saw this when it was released in theaters. I had hopes for quite a few laughs. Instead there were just a few. Very few. Ever see a "comedy" where you keep waiting for the funny stuff to happen, but it never does? That's what happens with "Robin Hood-Men In Tights".

    4-0 out of 5 stars A Classic Brooks Adventure!
    "Robin Hood: Men in Tights" was the first of Mel's movies that I saw. It was also one of the movies that sealed me as a Brook's fan! Cary Elwes was the classic Robin, with fun pokes at all the various others who had been in the role. The merry men were the funniest group gathered on one screen and the raps that began and ended the movie were a different idea, but still really cool. This movie should be given more credit as a hilarious comedy. In fact, when my school did the musical "Brigadoon' (which takes place in Scotland), a bunch of the guy actors did a parody of "Robin Hood" as a school broadcast commerial. They changed the words of the famous song "We're men in tights!" to "We're men in Kilts". It was classic! If you are looking for a good film, this is it!

    5-0 out of 5 stars Where is the DVD?
    This is one of the funniest movies ever made. If Dracula: Dead and Loving It can make it to DVD, then why not this? Not only that, but it is available in Europe and Australia but not in the US. What are they waiting for? ... Read more

    3. Howard the Duck
    Director: Willard Huyck
    list price: $9.98
    our price: $9.98
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 6300185788
    Catlog: Video
    Sales Rank: 222
    Average Customer Review: 3.33 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    If you concentrate on the fact that Howard the Duck was a notorious box office dud (still brought up today) and considered one of the worst films of the '80s, it's entirely possible to enjoy this special effects piffle. Howard, played by a special effect puppet, lives on a planet where ducks evolved instead of apes, but one day he's sucked into a vortex and deposited on Earth. There he befriends Beverly Switzler (Lea Thompson), lead singer for the Cherry Bombs, becomes their manager, and, oh yeah, saves the Earth from the Dark Overlords. Jeffrey Jones is the villain and Tim Robbins (!) is there for comic relief. And who can resist the culmination of synthesizer pop, the Howard the Duck theme song, as realized by the Cherry Bombs? A midnight movie that your kids might watch more than you. --Keith Simanton ... Read more

    Reviews (96)

    5-0 out of 5 stars All Hail Howard the Duck!!!
    (...)Howard the Duck is all of this and more. I first saw this movie in theaters and loved it. Lea Thompson and the rest of her band The Cheery Bombs are sexy, and the theme song is real catchy!

    The special effects are up to par with the technology at the time, and the comedy is right on the nose. I mean c'mon those Dark Overlords were pretty cool looking. Anyone who claims to hate this movie is obviously an 80's hater. (...) This film defines great 80's cinema and I could never understand the backlash. Many great movies have bombed at the theaters only to become favorite classics (the original Blues Brothers and It's a Wonderful Life come to mind).

    (...)I will defend this movie until my dying day. Howard the Duck is a great movie from the greatest decade of the 20th Century. Hail Howard!!!

    2-0 out of 5 stars An ILM Late 80's Audition Reel!!
    Momma always said, "you learn more from your failures, than you do from your successes." I think Momma has a point. Sometimes failures can point the way to the future. The 80's were a good barometer for that, and no other movie has blazed the trail of failure quite like Willard Huyck colossal miscalculation HOWARD THE DUCK. A movie that is inept and pointless, and yet so full of innovative and yes even breathtaking special effects.

    HOWARD THE DUCK tells the story of a duck named Howard (voiced by Chip Zein, and played by a bunch of little people in a duck suit) who lives on a planet much like earth, except Duck's are the top of the food chain. He's a failed rock musician who's finally given up that dream and has settled into the mundane life of an advertising copywriter. On one particular day, he's just gets home from another day of the daily grind, when he's sucked into a giant laser beam and transported to Cleveland, Ohio on our earth. Let the comic hijinks begin...well okay let the less than stellar puns begin.

    Howard meets Beverly (Lean Thompson) a struggling rock musician and takes up "roost" in her apartment. After a day or so they fall in love. There's also a young Lab Assistant named Phil (Tim Robbins in a star-making performance) and Dr. Jennings (Jefferey Jones) whom want to help Howard get home, via the giant laser beam that brought him to earth in the first place.

    I stop there because the second half of the movie has to do with this wild alien and I'm not quite sure I can do that part of the story any real justice. Suffice to say there's an alien threat and Howard is here to stop it. Actually he kind of runs away from it as the alien menace and the cops try to stop him.

    HOWARD THE DUCK is based on a far more interesting and inventive comic book series created by Steve Gerber. This movie and that series have absolutely nothing in common but the name. In fact the movie ruined the comic book series that poor Steve Gerber sued Universal and George Lucas, and then killed off his Duck for a long time. How's that for fair.

    Wait a second you say, go back just a minute, did you just say George Lucas? Yes ladies and gentlemen. George Lucas was the executive producer of this film and it shows. His fingerprint is on everything and more importantly Industrial, Lights, and Magic have designed this film as their audition reel. They throw everything into the pot, creature effects, stop motion, animation effects, makeup effects, an elaborate chase sequence (that I'm convinced was shot for shot re-created for the freeway chase in the MATRIX RELOADED, well not really but It's nice to speculate.) involving a small personal aircraft, and all of it is breath taking.

    But why? Why did ILM and George Lucas waste all that time and energy? The only thing I can think is that they were doing tests for Lucas's next big project WILLOW.

    You're probably now asking why doesn't the film work? The biggest problem is there is absoulty no screenplay. The first 20 minutes of the film fly by, barely allowing the viewer to breathe. The characters have time to meet, time to fight, time to get back together, all before the story begins to take shape. By the time it does it shifts radically into a completely different movie involving giant space creatures.

    They started out with a promising idea; it's ET in the city. How does this duck adapt to his surroundings? That should have been the movie. But there's no room for special effects that way. So on comes Act 2, and so many effects shots you shake your head.

    I was also a little disgusted by the Human/Duck love scene of course you see nothing, but the implied relationship makes even less sense then the rest of the movie and is really there just to make a silly joke anyway.

    This is the key to why this film fails. It doesn't set its tone properly. Every other line is some comic zinger that falls flat because the movie doesn't know whether it's a comedy, or an action picture. There satire, and drama all thrown out there but it goes nowhere.

    This effects all the acting as well. The human characters are robbed of any humanity because the script is so disjointed. They overreact to everything and poor Tim Robbins is forced to mug for laughs when the audience already knows that there are none.

    The script by director Huyck and his writing partner Gloria Katz is so bad you forget that these are the people who hit just the right beats in their more successful film AMERICAN GRAFFITTI.

    The films biggest flaw is that it has no audience. It a tad bit vulgar for little kids, and if you reach the age of 8 you'll be far smarter than this movie is. As for adults there is nothing of substance in the movie for people to grab onto.

    But I guess in the end could HOWARD THE DUCK been a good picture? Maybe! There were definitely moments of light in the picture. Moments that seemed unforced. I especially loved the early scenes involving Howard and Beverly. An interesting story could have unfolded. But the films exciting visuals were more important to the bottom line. In fact the bulk of the film contains this huge chase scene involving airplanes, cars, 18-Wheelers and lots of destruction. Sure the scene is cool to look at but it's not worth the Journey.

    Stay away from Howard the Duck.

    ** Out of 5

    5-0 out of 5 stars Love this movie
    I am 25 years old. I loved this movie as a kid. I watched it over and over again. I just ordered it for my 7 year old son with the hopes that he will like it as much as I did. I is a funny and stupid movie, but well worth it for the kids to watch. I highly recommend this movie for anyone between the ages of 5-13 years old.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Cult Classic
    Lea Thompson, Tim Robbins, and the always entertaining Jeffrey Jones star in this tale of a duck from an alternate universe
    who finds himself transported to Earth and is now trying to get home. Lea Thompson plays the young woman who looks after him,
    Tim Robbins plays the janitor who pretends to be a scientist,
    and Jeffrey Jones plays a scientist who goes a little crazy.

    The funny thing about movies that are ambitious and
    flop, Is nobody copies that formula. Sure Die Hard has been copied over and over. Under Siege etc. But Movies that don't make the big money are often forgotten. And that is what makes them better now then when they were released. Buackaroo Banzai is another example of a box office flop that has gained alot of
    success through video and dvd.

    And I know alot of people will think I am crazy. But this is my
    favorite George Lucas film. There is something about Howard the
    Duck that I gravitated towards as a kid. Maybe it was him being small in a strange foreign world he is yet to understand. Isn't that what childhood is about. The best movies are the ones where
    the movie never changes but as you watch it at a different age
    and a different point in your life you notice so much more.
    I can't explain much further my fondness for Howard the Duck.
    But I really love this movie.

    I know there are alot of people who can't stand this movie,
    But for those who get it, There is nothing quite like it
    and probally never will be again.

    1-0 out of 5 stars An insult to a classic comic book
    Steve Gerber's original Howard the Duck comics were a classic mockery of the '70s, from jabs at religious cults to Howard's run for president in 1976 and even an issue almost entirely in text because of deadlines. However, Gerber left Howard and Marvel Comics at the end of the decade due to his struggle to gain control of his signature character.

    Coming in 1986, at a time when Gerber's dispute with Marvel had exploded into a full-blown legal battle (and the comic publisher had practically destroyed Howard with numerous changes in appearance and origin), the Howard the Duck movie was heavly hyped and awarded a huge budget-largely due to the involvement of one George Lucas. What emerged was the worst movie of 1986, and one of the 1980s many candidates for "worst movie ever". For those ignorant of the original comic book, the reputation is well-earned, with an unlikeable lead and an incredibly stupid plot. For those of us familiar with Steve Gerber's work, this film is nothing short of an abomination. However, years of repeated (and downright excessive) reruns on cable have created a number of apologists for this drivel. Do yourself a favor and avoid this wreck (and pray that George Lucas is able to keep it from appearing on DVD), while tracking down the Howard the Duck comics written by Steve Gerber, which are superior to this travesty in every way. ... Read more

    4. Toy Story
    Director: John Lasseter
    list price: $22.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 6304089767
    Catlog: Video
    Sales Rank: 160
    Average Customer Review: 4.89 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Reviews (81)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Toy Story
    1995's "Toy Story" was the first feature length film generated entirely by computers, and Pixar's first dive into theatrical films. The movie opens as young Andy turns 7. The undisputed leader of Andy's toys, a 50's cowboy doll named Woody (Tom Hanks), finds himself challenged by the new toy on the block, "space ranger" Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen). When Woody's plan to get rid of Buzz backfires, the two find themselves lost in the suburbs. Woody and Buzz relize they have to work together to get back to Andy's, and they eventually become the best of friends. The humor and animation is terrific, and a great start for Pixar. This lead to several other successes, such as A Bug's Life and Finding Nemo.

    Now on to "the vaults". Disney is trying to squeeze every last penny out of the cash cow, and have the two Toy Story films under lock and key, no doubt so they can sell millions of "Special Editions" in five years. Once again, Disney appalls me with their unmatched corperate greed. In conclusion, Toy Story is an excellent film and a true must-see.

    5-0 out of 5 stars The Secret Lives of Toys Revealed
    "Toy Story" is a modern fairy tale created with appropriately modern computer animation. Its snappy dialougue will appeal to adult viewers, the spectacle of fantastic toys coming to life will appeal to children, and adults may wax nostalgic about the toys they enjoyed as children, several of which are featured in this movie.
    The story revolves around a cowboy doll named Woody, and his imminent replacement as the favorite toy of his owner, Andy, by Andy's new Buzz Lightyear doll, a multigadgeted gift that Andy receives for his birthday.
    Tom Hanks'personality shines through in the persona of Woody, and Tim Allen's voice lends the right amount of charisma to Buzz.
    In the process of forming an eventual friendship, the characters go through a lot of antagonism and a lot of other real human emotions. As they prepare for life in a new home, they are imperiled by the sadistic kid next door named Sid, into whose clutches they fall by accident.
    It's entertaining to watch the toys interact with each other.
    Buzz gradually learns that he is simply a child's plaything and not the noble space crusader he fancied himself to be in the beginning, and Woody learns to share his special place in Andy's heart. A great supporting cast including Annie Potts as Woody's sweetheart, Bo Peep, Don Rickles as Mr. Potato Head, Jim Varney as Slinky, Wallace Shawn as Rex, John Ratzenburger as Ham, and Laurie Metcalfe as Andy's mother help fuel this tale.
    Seeing this innovative film made me want to buy dolls of Woody and Buzz as collector's items. But I am content with just a copy of this movie. The second installment of the "Toy Story" saga is an enhancement of the first one, and just like the first, nothing short of delightful.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Original and fun for the whole family!
    This movie took me by storm when I saw it back in the summer of 1995 at the theatres and let me tell you, this movie is still one of the best computer animated movies of all time. In fact this movie shattered new grounds back in 1995 by not using drawing cel animation and instead this movie is the first of an unbroken chain of computer generated animated movies that has continued to date with "Finding Nemo".

    The plot is absolutely joyful and stunningly original. The story revolves around the quiet family home of a quiet town where a boy owns numerous toys with his toddler sister. The toys however, are almost like beings of their own and are 'living' as well but stop 'moving' when the boy comes back into his room. However, a cowboy named Tim is the most popular 'toy' in the boys bedroom and is kept by the pillow almost every night until on his birthday, he gets a fancy astronaut toy named Buzz Lightyear who has many 'gizmos' and in time takes over the toy cowboys place as the most popular toy and Tim gets enormously jealous of this. However, after a botched attempt to remove Buzz, the cowboy himself along with Buzz end up in the hands of a punk teenager who takes joy in blowing up toys with firecrackers and or other means like burning, breaking, or smashing them and/or even taking them apart and re-assembling their parts to create 'mutant' toys and now the clock is ticking for Tim and Buzz to escape from the boys house before they end up being blown to molecules.

    This movie is absolutely fun and original even by 1995 standards. The computer generated special effects are innovative and unbelievable especially considereing the fact that this movie came out nearly a whole decade ago. The whole tone of the movie is just fun and charming and is for the entire family. Not only that but this was what put the then newcomers Pixas right into the front seat of movie animation and would be the start of an unbroken streak of excellent movies from this dynamite team.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Computer animation wow. 16th april 2004.
    The toys are great, the graphics and scenery is too. The collectables are boys mostly but the film is ace for anyone. The 3D toys look real, the colors are excellent[like finding nemo]. The talking toys are all friends, and they live with their owner andy.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Hit Me With Another One!
    Give me another Toy Story and while your at it lets go for a 5th. Wow lets see...Tom Hanks and Tim Alan...Pixar and Disney...Go get it or miss out! ... Read more

    5. The Little Mermaid
    Director: Ron Clements, John Musker
    list price: $26.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 0788812408
    Catlog: Video
    Sales Rank: 125
    Average Customer Review: 4.65 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan essential video

    From the moment that Prince Eric's ship emerged from the fog in the opening credits it was apparent that Disney had somehow, suddenly recaptured that "magic" that had been dormant for thirty years. In the tale of a headstrong young mermaid who yearns to "spend a day, warm on the sand," Ariel trades her voice to Ursula, the Sea Witch (classically voiced by Pat Carroll), for a pair of legs. Ariel can only succeed if she receives true love's kiss in a few day's time and she needs all the help she can from a singing crab named Sebastian, a loudmouth seagull, and a flounder. The lyrics and music by Howard Ashman and Alan Menken are top form: witty and relevant, and they advance the story (go on, hum a few bars of "Under the Sea"). Mermaid put animation back on the studio's "to do" list and was responsible for ushering Beauty and the Beast to theaters. A modern Disney classic. --Keith Simanton ... Read more

    Reviews (136)

    5-0 out of 5 stars One of Disney's best!
    This movie amazes me every time that I see it. Some of the Disney cartoon movies that are being churned out today are okay but not as good as movies like The Little Mermaid. It is such a beautiful movie and so tastefully done. I truly believe it's a movie for the young and the young at heart. It's all about falling in love and doing anything for the person that you love even risking your own life. The songs really touch my heart, the characters are so funny, sweet and lovable from Flounder the dumb and sweet fish to Sebastian the funny and witty crab to Scuttle the absentminded and crazy seagull. Ariel the mermaid kind of reminds me of what almost every young teenage girl is like, headstrong and just wanting to go out and follow her own dreams and having to grow up with a loving, but very overprotective and strict father and going against the schemes and plots of the evil Ursula but in the end after overcoming all the obstacles finally being with her true love forever. It is just a beautiful story and ever since I saw it when it first came out in the theatres with my mother it has grown on me and I have loved and cherished this movie ever since. The songs are everything from upbeat to romantic and the actors/actresses picked to do the voices for the characters are so talented and are just made for the parts. I fell in love with this movie and the characters in it in 1989 and am still in love with it today. The Little Mermaid: being transported from real life into the beautiful underworld of the ocean filled with mermaids/mermen, fish, and many more made me want to be "part of that world"

    5-0 out of 5 stars A true five star film.
    I enjoy reviewing movies here on I am pretty critical so I rarely give out five star reviews because I feel there are so few movies that really deserve a perfect score. However, Walt Disney's "The Little Mermaid" is such a film- a genuine, good hearted, crowdpleasing, five star artistic and entertainment masterpiece! I can't think of anything wrong with this movie. The animation was groundbreaking when it was first released, and it is still pretty stellar. The charactizations were perfect. Is there a more winning heroine in Disney's lexicon than Ariel? Who among Disney's villains can rival the dastardly and cunning Ursula the Sea Witch? The story, reworked from the Hans Christian Anderson classic, is heartwarming, romantic, and inspiring. And the music? Personally, I believe the music for "The Little Mermaid" to be quite simply the best ever written for a Disney movie, and the songs "Part of Your World," "Under the Sea," and "Kiss the Girl," rank among the best songs written for ANY movie.

    I guess it's obvious that I really love this film. Therefore, it's ironic that when it was first released in 1989 I didn't even think of going to see it in the theaters. Afterall, I was 18 and Disney movies were for kids. It wasn't until my parents purchased the video for my younger siblings that I first saw this masterpiece and fell in love with it. It now ranks among my favorite movies. Over the years I've gotten some ribbing from friends over my attachment to this movie, but I don't care. A great movie is a great movie regardless if it is a animated feature or not, and "The Little Mermaid" is a great movie!

    3-0 out of 5 stars Disappointing DVD Transfer
    save your $ on ebay auctions and wait for the platinum series release. this version's sound is excellent (dolby 5.1), but the bland/dull colors is a big disappointment. poor visibility, below average clarity and very dark throughout the entire movie. i've seen better second generation VHS recordings. this being a classic Disney release, it deserves a new high definition transfer like Beauty and the Beast, and The Lion King (outstanding DVD's).

    5-0 out of 5 stars One of my all time favourites
    This is one of the only Disney movies almost everybody loves. The reason? The storyline! It's a perfect movie. Ariel is a mermaid who falls in love with a human and wants to be one, Ursula is the evil octopus that transforms her while King Triton worries madly about his daughter's where-abouts. Prince Eric is Ariel's love interest, this is a very romantic movie and it will have you almost crying because it's so sweet.
    Ariel's friends include flounder, a crab (Sebastian) and a seagul who make up interesting yet funny stories on the where-abouts of Ariel. In all, this is a beautiful tale and it's a definite MUST OWN.

    3-0 out of 5 stars Nostalgia
    There was once a time in Disney History when the term "That movie underwater" didn't bring to mind a forgetfull blue tang, but rather a Jamacian Crustacian bellowing "Unda' Da' Sea!".

    Now many people will argue that this is infact a Disney Classic, while others will argue it was just a mediocre effort. I however, am not sure where I stand on this film.

    The Little Mermaid, the film that ended Disneys 80's menu, and as also one of the last to be based on a classic tale, is about a little mermaid, (Obviously) who, against her father King Tritents warnings, frequently goes above water, collecting human things (forks, mirrors, pipes etc.) She soon "Meets" a Prince, and falls in love, also against her fathers wishes. Add in a villian, and some funny side characters and you've got "The Little Mermaid".

    This film dosen't do it for me, sadly. Because I've rarely watched it as a child, it has no nostalgia value, the back-bone for why I watch and love Disney Films. The animation is so-so, and the story isn't very strong. I sugest you rent this movie if you haven't already seen it, and then decide for yourself if you really want. ... Read more

    6. A Man Called Peter
    Director: Henry Koster
    list price: $12.98
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    Asin: 6301628624
    Catlog: Video
    Sales Rank: 558
    Average Customer Review: 4.75 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Reviews (12)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Peter Marshall - A Man for All Generations
    "A Man Called Peter" is an excellent depiction of the true life story of Peter Marshall, an immigrant Scotsman who rose to Chaplain of the U.S. Senate before his untimely death in 1949. Marshall was a real man who served our real God. The movie is very true, generally speakly, to Catherine Marshall's book by the same title.
    The part of the movie that shows Catherine Marshall's alma mater, Agnes Scott College in Decatur, Georgia, was filmed on location. As a native of Decatur, Georgia, this movie had a huge impact on me. Especially since my mother had actually heard Peter Marshall preach and was greatly affected by his sermons.
    Peter Marshall's message is ageless and inspiring. Young people who hear or read his sermons today feel as though Marshall is speaking to them just as he did to my mother's generation.

    5-0 out of 5 stars A Beautiful Movie
    This is the true story of the Reverand Peter Marshall. It begins in Scotland where he is called by God for a special mission. It goes to Georgia, where Peter meets & marries Agnes Scott College student Catherine Wood (This part of the movie was filmed on the ASC campus). Finally, the movie takes us to Washington DC, where Peter is the minister at the Church of the Presidents and becomes Chaplain of the US Senate. The movie showcases some of him most memorable sermons - like his sermon on marriage. This is a great film for everyone in the family.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Bravo!
    Bravo to Richard Todd and Jean Peters and the rest of the ensemble of this beatiful, inspiring and superbly made film based on the book by Catherine Marshall. Where was the Academy of Motion Pictures when this film came out? Both Peters and Todd deserved nominations. The film certainly did (it is far better fair than most others nominated in 1955 for Best Picture)
    See it and feel 100% better about life - and living

    5-0 out of 5 stars A Man of Character Committment and Conviction
    In our days of pluralism and completely relative morality embracing spirituality in any form, this movie sets a strong tone of inspiring faith and conficenc in God through Jesus Christ. Peter Marshall was an unusual minister of the gospel who made mistakes but loved his family and the Lord with no reservations. The movie is full of the traditional church persons who are more interested in maintaining their traditons than in establishing the traditions of the gospel. Peter's response to them is both loving and confrontive. I recommend this movie very much.

    5-0 out of 5 stars A Man Called Peter
    An outstanding movie with uplifting characteristics. This is the story of a truly remarkable man and those who doubt the sencerity of this man ( and the movie ) do not know people who were exposed to Peter Marshall. This is a true classic with elevating overtones that should raise anyone's spirits. ... Read more

    7. Ray
    Director: Taylor Hackford
    list price: $23.98
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    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B0006OD44E
    Catlog: Video
    Sales Rank: 76
    Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Jamie Foxx's uncannily accurate performance isn't the only good thing about Ray. Riding high on a wave of Oscar buzz, Foxx proved himself worthy of all the hype by portraying blind R&B legend Ray Charles in a warts-and-all performance that Charles approved shortly before his death in June 2004. Despite a few dramatic embellishments of actual incidents (such as the suggestion that the accidental drowning of Charles's younger brother caused all the inner demons that Charles would battle into adulthood), the film does a remarkable job of summarizing Charles's strengths as a musical innovator and his weaknesses as a philandering heroin addict who recorded some of his best songs while flying high as a kite. Foxx seems to be channeling Charles himself, and as he did with the life of Ritchie Valens in La Bamba, director Taylor Hackford gets most of the period details absolutely right as he chronicles Ray's rise from "chitlin circuit" performer in the early '50s to his much-deserved elevation to legendary status as one of the all-time great musicians. Foxx expertly lip-syncs to Ray Charles' classic recordings, but you could swear he's the real deal in a film that honors Ray Charles without sanitizing his once-messy life. --Jeff Shannon ... Read more

    Reviews (276)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Great Job by Jamie Foxx
    Jamie Foxx gives a five star, award-winning, performance of a lifetime in this movie filled with drama, romance, humor, drugs, triumph, and quality music. Showing the trials and tribulation of one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century it follows Ray Charles Robinson from the start of his career as he deals with such various obstacles as blindness, racism, his brother's death as a child, and heroin addiction. This film is well rounded with numerous familiar faces but one unknown face deserves just as much recognition as Foxx. This person is Sharon Warren who portrays Ray's strong willed mother who makes his learn to stand up for him self despite his handicap and not to let anyone keep him from what he wants in life. While not being the most glamorous portrayal of a legend it show how strong and utterly amazing the man really was. Laced with the actual music of and by Ray Charles you get the feeling you are really watching the man himself. Highly recommended.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Excellent of the best of 2004
    Genre: Bio-Pic Drama/Musical

    Genre Grade: A+

    Final Grade: A

    This was an excellent movie. It was much more serious-toned than I thought it would be, giving a strong glimpse into adultery and drug addiction and also gives a horrific glimpse into Ray's childhood. The movie is also uplifting with the story of Ray finding his own sound, and just all the music in general. Definitely worth seeing (and worth sitting nearly three hours for), and although the conclusion of the movie feels very rushed and unexpected, it has such a strong body and introduction that make it worth it. Jaime Foxx was amazing in it, and I've got my bets on him for taking home the Oscar next year. There were seriously a couple of moments in the movie where it almost seemed like they inserted some old footage with the real Ray Charles in it because he stepped into the role so well. Great movie, see it!

    3-0 out of 5 stars Sheesh...big deal!
    Oh please!Enough with all these accolade about Jamie Foxx's performance.All I saw was an IMPERSONATION.He wasnt multidimensional and I didnt see CHARACTER.Acting like Ray Charles is not enough,he should have lived it through the movie.Im not pretending to be an acting expert here (because im not) but Jamie Foxx doesnt deserve all these compliments,seriously.
    About the movie,its actually more fitting for HBO but what's good about this movie is that they didnt force the audience to think that Ray Charles was this noble being,unlike other biopics,which portrays the famous characters as if theyre saints.There are lots of holes in the movie and it focused on his music and his womanizing and we can get a glimpse of his childhood with a subplot of him being banned to play in his hometown,other than that,theres nothing else.You should buy this if youre a big fan.But if you just like the music,just rent it.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Superlative Performances Elevate Solid, Episodic Biopic
    At this point, it seems superfluous to say Jamie Foxx gives a brilliant, surprisingly nuanced performance as Ray Charles, as he not only mimics the singer's mannerisms flawlessly but also provides texture and depth to the pained man underneath. It's startling to see Foxx perform at the piano in that idiosyncratic spasmodic style that Charles had, as the actor very often becomes indistinguishable from the legend. In the private moments also depicted here, Foxx is amazingly perceptive about the troubled, hard-shelled, often nasty man Charles apparently was in real life. Hardly the image one remembers from the Pepsi commercials or his other frequent, sometimes ridiculous TV appearances...anyone remember he was in several episodes of "The Nanny"?

    But the movie is not about the deconstruction of Ray Charles. In fact, director/writer Taylor Hackford and co-writer James L. White have written a literate, often powerful screenplay that makes us understand the complexity behind Charles' genius and the reasons for his inner demons. The challenge is that in order to remain true to his life story, Hackford and White have overstuffed the movie with so many milestone moments that it becomes episodic and sometimes rather wearing, especially when it comes to the film's depiction of Charles' two-decade heroin addiction. The sight of Charles shooting up and denying his addiction becomes almost a repetitive plot device, as if to provide melodramatic filler between the triumphant moments when he conquers musical frontiers that initially meet with resistance. That's not to say there aren't strong, compelling moments, as there are many. Ironically, one of the most memorable has nothing to do with Foxx but depicts a moment in Charles' hardscrabble Georgia childhood when little Ray trips over a chair and screams for his mother. Wordlessly, he picks himself up and becomes attuned to the sounds around him, picking up a cricket and realizing his mother is right in front of him. It's a transcendent moment.

    Hackford is not the most subtle of filmmakers (he made the over-the-top "The Devil's Advocate" among others), and unfortunately his exaggerated sense of melodrama creeps in now and then, in particular, the last section when he decides to go for a 1960's movie-style approach to drug rehabilitation and inserts a fantasy scene back to Charles' childhood that provides pat closure to his long-standing issues.It's an oddly surreal Hollywood-style scene that I feel betrays the honesty of what was presented before. But sometimes Hackford's excessiveness works in his favor, as in the supposedly improvised way that classics like "What'd I Say?" and "Hit the Road, Jack" were composed. I also think he does an effective job in making racism an inherent part of the story, not just a pointed plot device, specifically in showing how much of the manipulation Charles experienced in his career was not at the hands of white promoters. The movie also highlights Charles' decision not to play an unsegregated venue in Georgia and revisits that decision in a coda that takes place years later.

    Beyond Foxx, there is a gallery of superlative performances, especially by a trio of fine actresses. Kerry Washington is superb as Charles' wife Della Bea providing strength and tolerance in the face of her husband's drug addiction and constant adultery.Regina King plays backup singer Margie Hendricks, Charles' on-the-road mistress, with her requisite sass but with a penetrating desperation. Best of all is Sharon Warren, who portrays Charles' proud mother Aretha in flashbacks that make you understand where Charles got his courage and unbridled fury. Also providing excellent support are C.J. Sanders as the young Ray, who witnesses his young brother's accidental drowning and faces his impending blindness, and Clifton Powell as Charles' right-hand man Jeff Brown. The more well-known figures are played gamely though less memorably by Larenz Tate as an ambitious, very young Quincy Jones; Curtis Armstrong as an overly measured Ahmet Ertegun; and Richard Schiff as an anxious Jerry Wexler. At 153 minutes, the movie is rather long, and because of its episodic nature, stops rather abruptly in 1966 when Charles' personal and private lives seem to gain equilibrium. Regardless, the wondrous Foxx elevates this film biopic into something quite extraordinary.

    The two-disc DVD package has several extras worth noting. On the first disc, the chief addition is fourteen scenes deleted in the theatrical version that have been spliced into the version here and notated accordingly. Some provide interesting context to the story, though they sometimes slow the pacing, a problem coupled by the addition of dead pauses that hurt the overall quality of the viewing experience. All told, the extended version clocks in at a staggering 178 minutes. Taylor Hackford's commentary on the alternate audio track is informative but on the perfunctory side (I only wish Foxx could have added his perspective and can only dream what Charles could have contributed had he lived long enough to "see" the film's release.) On the second disc, those fourteen deleted scenes show up individually, and there are also three featurettes. The first is the obligatory making-of short, "A Look Inside Ray", which includes comments by the filmmakers and actors on making the film.The next short, "Walking in His Shoes", is about the meeting between Foxx and Charles before his death and discusses how Foxx got under the skin of the character. The last, "Ray Remembered", is a quick tribute to the spirit of Charles by those who loved and admired him.

    5-0 out of 5 stars The Road Leads Back To You
    Most of us under sixty think of Ray Charles as a perpetually smiling, swaying, grayed old man wearing sunglasses, glued to the piano bench who mumbles out "Georgia."What most do not realize is that Ray Charles had been performing since the 1940's until his death in 2004.This film shows Ray as a vibrant young man and opens our eyes to a whole new world that many have never known, a world that includes segregation and the civil rights movement.The movie spans from Ray's childhood up until around 1963.Considering that Ray's career went on for forty years AFTER that is astounding.

    Ray Charles was born in Albany, Georgia, in 1930.Growing up in poverty in Florida during the Great Depression, he lost his little brother in a tragic accident that would haunt him the rest of his life.Around age seven, he went blind from glaucoma.Ray honed his knack for music at the state school for the blind and deaf.

    Although a true genius and pioneer of jazz, R&B, and even country western, Ray (Jamie Foxx) was not a perfect human being by any means.Ray had learned to be fiercely independent from his fiery and dedicated mother Aretha (Sharon Warren), who died when he was fifteen.Yet he was dependent on a couple of demons - women and heroin.These addictions had tragic consequences.The fact that Bea, his long-suffering wife (Regina King), stood by him all those years is an example of the kind of chemistry and love this man inspired.

    The movie reminds me so much of The Temptations (1998) as far as how the plot unfolds, that I would have given "Ray" four stars if it were not for Foxx's and Warren's performances.Foxx won Best Male Leading Actor for his sublime performance of a legend and an icon.Sharon Warren was so intense as Ray's mother.With her visible biceps on a fragile frame, she embodied the plight of all African Americans during Jim Crow.I want to see Warren again in a film.She is absolutely amazing.

    The movie has sexuality and drug use, but nothing too graphic.There is no bad language.All of the songs in the film are Ray's original recordings, lip-synched very well by Foxx and the backup girls.When I heard that the songs would be lip-synched, I did not think I would enjoy it, but it works very well and was very entertaining.

    The DVD has commentary by the director, and short readable bios of just about all the main and supporting actors in the film.It is a little annoying to have to read the white font and keep scrolling endlessly through each bio.

    ... Read more

    8. Raiders of the Lost Ark
    Director: Steven Spielberg
    list price: $9.95
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    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 6300214060
    Catlog: Video
    Sales Rank: 212
    Average Customer Review: 4.87 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan essential video

    Steven Spielberg and George Lucas's 1981 resurrection of the Saturday-matinee adventure genre was deservedly popular, and kicked off a successful trilogy.Set in 1936, this first feature introduces Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones, an archaeologist and adventurer whose quests for rare antiquities frequently find him running from one menace or another. Raiders finds Dr. Jones in the middle of a Nazi plot to use the mysterious powers of the Ark of the Covenant to win the war. Karen Allen plays the love interest with an old-fashioned "man's woman" appeal (she can drink anybody under the table and is free with her fists). The constant, cliffhanger appeal of the movie is great fun--one is always wondering how Indy will get out of one scrape after another--and Ford's career got a big boost with his self-effacing but masculine portrayal of the hero. --Tom Keogh ... Read more

    Reviews (134)

    5-0 out of 5 stars One Of Those Movie Classics, "Raiders of the Lost Ark"!
    What can I say except that "Raiders of the Lost Ark" is a classic movie gem? With George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, and Harrison Ford contributing to this film, it's one of those movie greats which will always remain as one of my favorites to watch forever.

    Harrison Ford is Dr. Henry 'Indiana' Jones, Jr., a college professor but also a renowned archaeologist. The story is set in 1936, with WWII going on. After coming back from a 'trip', Indiana and his friend Dr. Marcus Brody (Denholm Elliott) are visited by some government people who have some very serious news. The Nazi are very close to finding the lost Ark of the Covenant, hoping to use its holy powers to win the war for them. Indiana certainly jumps for the chance of recovering the Ark and agrees to try to find it before the Nazi. But he knows to find out it's whereabouts, he must find the medallion crystal piece which can pinpoint the Ark's exact location. With this knowledge, Indiana travels to look for Marion Ravenwood (Karene Allen), whom he knows has what he is looking for. But the Nazi, along with their French archaeologist Rene Belloq (Paul Freeman), are hot on his trail. It's up to Indiana, Marion, and good friend Sallah (John Rhys-Davies), to recover the Ark of the Covenant.

    With plenty of action and adventure, this movie is sure to please anyone. It's a wonder how Indiana Jones can stumble on from one danger into another without getting killed! There's also plenty of wry and witty humor to keep you laughing and smiling. I must also mention the acting which is done superbly. There's Sallah who is faithful and trustworthy and Marion who's hardheaded, strong-willed, and ready to face anything. But the one who really carries the film is of course Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones. He is just PERFECT for the part and I can never, ever imagine anyone else playing the part. He's the perfect hero and adventurer (even if he hates snakes, hee hee!)

    A must-see, I can recommend this movie for anyone, though I must agree that it would be pretty scary for younger kids, especially the end. Two other Indiana Jones films are "The Temple of Doom" and "The Last Crusade". In my opinion "The Last Crusade" can measure up to "Raiders of the Lost Ark", with talented actor Sean Connery playing Indiana Jones father. "The Temple of Doom" was so-so. Now when are the DVD's coming out for these three films?

    5-0 out of 5 stars The Action/Adventure Genre At Its Best
    Harrison Ford plays Indiana Jones, an archaeologist who travels the world searching for antiquities for museums and universities. In 1936, he goes looking for the Ark of the Covenant, which the Nazis are also seeking, as they believe it has supernatural powers that will help them in their growing war movement. The Nazis have enlisted Indiana Jones' biggest rival, a mercenary antiquity thief who finds relics for money, not for knowledge and public access. Chases ensue as both parties close in on their sacred target.

    For Han Solo fans, Indiana Jones will look quite familiar. Harrison Ford is perfect as the lovable, adventurous, intelligent, basically moral, semi-scoundrel. The action is non-stop, as is the tension. There is an abundance of escape-from-imminent death scenes, along with plenty of humor and good scenery (watch for the scene when Indy is confronted, shoot-out style, in the streets of Egypt). The musical score fits the film perfectly as well. The special effects aren't quite up to today's standards, although they're still none too shabby.

    Overall, action-adventure movies don't get any better than this.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Instant Hollywood Legend
    This was the most popular film in the summer of 1981, and played to packed audiences. It must have resonated with people's emotions as an action film unlike many others. It starts with an adventure - an explorer travels to a savage society in order to steal their wealth (for scientific knowledge of course). He fails when another adventurer expropriates his winnings, but survives to return to his teaching job at a university. The film shows him traveling in a flying Clipper from the 1930s, but not on a railroad.

    It is a good action film, as long as you don't question some of the scenes. Could Nazi Germany have military forces in 1936 Egypt? Could German Schmeisser sub-machine guns be found in 1936 Nepal? I don't believe so. I suspect these scenes were copied from the 1940 serials that entertained moviegoers. "Indian Jones" will entertain you as an action adventure story with a multitude of cliches from long-forgotten films. Sliding under the truck recalls Yakima Canute's famous stunt. Some scenes seem far-fetched to me (when you think about it). Could Indiana Jones on a horse overtake a convoy of trucks? The theme music came from the 1948 film "Don Juan" starring Errol Flynn (rarely seen on TV). The chase through the maze of streets reminds me of 1940 cartoons. Other scenes may be derived from other old movies (the truck knocking down scaffolding from "Abbot & Costello Meet the Keystone Kops"). A few sequels were made, but it failed to be translated into a television series. Just like "Jaws".

    5-0 out of 5 stars A wonderful and action-packed film!!!!!!!
    If you're a fan of 30's and 40's serials,adventure films,Spielberg's work,or Harrison Ford, this is the movie for you!!!!!! This film has so many amazing scenes your jaw literally drops.the film also has some great acting,especially John-Rhys Davies(Gimli of The Lord of the Rings) as Sallah and Harrison Ford as our hero,Indiana Jones.Overall,you will love this film.It's worth checking out!!!!!!!!!

    5-0 out of 5 stars The Return Of The Great Adventure...
    "Either of you guys ever go to Sunday School?" - Indiana Jones brings Eaton & Musgrove's church attendence records into question in "Raiders of the Lost Ark".

    From the director of "Jaws" and the creator of "Star Wars" comes the adventure film that all others in its genre are held up to, "Raiders of the Lost Ark". After twenty-three years and counting, I can honestly say that the film has yet to be outmatched (sure there have been good action/adventure films since "Raiders", including its own sequels, but I haven't seen a film that has had an indeliable, definitive impact that "Raiders" has left in a long time, possibly since the original "Star Wars")

    Hired by the U.S. Government, archeologist/adventurer, Indiana Jones is on a race against evil to retrieve the lost Ark of The Covenent, the chest that contains the original stone tablets of the Ten Commandments. The ones that Moses brought down from Mount Harab and smashed. When was the last time YOU went to Sunday School!? Along the way Indiana meets up with an ex-girlfriend of his, Marion Ravenwood, outraces and dukes it out with legions of Nazis, and has plenty of close calls including a truck chase, The Well of Souls and its snakes (& Indiana's deathly phobia of them), a slugfest with a mechanic and his flying wing, and the opening of the Ark itself (lets just say GOD isn't to happy when mortals decide to open the Ark & sift through its contents).

    An absolute modern-day classic. Why? "Raiders"' opening, from the Paramount logo to the natives chasing Dr. Jones, the bar fight, the basket chase, The Well of Souls, the truck chase (that alone gets 5 stars), the opening of The Ark in all its glory, John Williams' Oscar nominated score, I could go on all day long, but, you get the drift. What gives the film its drive (and where the sequels fail) is the urgency & danger of retrieving the Ark and the competitiveness between Indiana Jones and the Frenchman, Renee Belloq (the film imposes, early on, that these two have been competitors since there college days).

    I got this on cassette for Xmas 1984 and I burnt the tape out. Thank God for DVD.

    Nominated for 8 Oscars including Best Picture, Director (Steven Spielberg), Original Score and winning 4 of those awards including Best Sound & Visual Effects. The American Film Institute ranks "Raiders" as one of the top 100 films of all-time and Indiana Jones as one of the top cinematic heroes second only to Atticus Finch from "To Kill A Mockingbird".

    The truck chase wasn't directed by Spielberg (he did the close-ups afterwards), but was helned by second unit director, Norman Reynolds. Tom Selleck was originally cast to play Jones but had to back out due to contractual agreements with Universal and CBS for "Magnum P.I." (I think it would have been a different film. I saw a "Raiders" screen test with him and Sean Young and he came off very obnoxious). Danny DeVito was offered the role for Sallah but declined due to scheduling conflicts with "Taxi". The scene where the Nazi officer was supposed to shoot Sallah was filmed but couldn't be used, becuase of black smoke from burning tires in one take, and in another actor John-Rhyes Davies getting sick and filling his jallaba (and he didn't care one bit).

    "Raiders of the Lost Ark" is one truly great adventure worth taking over & over again. No matter what George Lucas calls it. ... Read more

    9. Maytime
    Director: Robert Z. Leonard
    list price: $19.98
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 6301973089
    Catlog: Video
    Sales Rank: 2417
    Average Customer Review: 4.74 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Reviews (19)

    5-0 out of 5 stars "SPRINGTIME, LOVETIME, MAY"
    So ends the haunting refrain of Sigmund Romberg's lovely "Will You Remember?"--the signature song of his wartime hit "Maytime." Otherwise known as the Sweetheart song ("Sweetheart, sweetheart, sweetheart..."), this song of songs is the recuring theme of this 1937 MGM musical masterpiece.

    The screens own singing sweethearts, Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy were at the peak of their vocal powers and this opulent film was their crowning victory. Miss MacDonald claimed this as her own personal favorite.

    Marcia (Jeanette), an American opera singer in Paris, and Paul (Nelson), an American voice student, fall hopelessly in love in a chance meeting followed by an enchanting outing at the Maytime festival. Unfortunately it is too late, for she has just accepted the proposal of her egocentric voice teacher, Nicolai, (marvelously played by John Barrymore). Separated for years, the sweethearts are finally reunited as Paul now has an international career of his own. They are paired for "Czaritza", an original MGM confection skillfully using Tchaikovsky's infectious Fifth Symphony", but Nicolai's jealousy ultimately leads to tragedy.

    As the film opened with the aging Marcia Mornay reflecting back on her illustrious career and upon her unfulfilled love for Paul, so does it end. Life slips peacefully from her frail body as her spirit is once again united with her lifelong love, who had gone before her, and the two of them stroll longingly down their celestial lane as apple blossoms fall blushingly to the ground. This is one of the most poignant scenes in cinematic history. The music is glorious--almost beyond description. The costumes and sets are lavish in style and detail. "Will you remember?" Indeed you will! This is a joyous reminder of the nostalgia and happiness we feel each year in "Springtime, Lovetime, May."

    5-0 out of 5 stars A MUST SEE FOR MAC & EDDY FANS!
    Maytime is the best movie this duo ever made. Unlike some other movies of theirs together this one isn't cheesy. The plot line is great, the romance is beautiful, the acting fantastic, and the music gorgeous! Plus it's a great tear-jerker. Watching the love bloom between Marcia (Mac) and Paul (Eddy) is as entertaining and romantic as ever. John Barrymore does a superb job as Marcias obsessed voice teacher. He definately makes you hate him. And no matter what anyone says the ending makes the whole movie! It wouldn't be Maytime without it. And even if you don't like the ending, the movie is worth watching just to see Nelson Eddy sing "Ham and Eggs" or the Prima Donna song. It's such a shame that Hollywood doesn't make good movies like this anymore.

    5-0 out of 5 stars My Favorite Movie
    For many years, I would watch this movie on TV every May 1st.I would wake up in the middle of the night to feel the emotion and joy of Marcia and Paul in love. Now that I have it on VHS, I can watch it as often as I wish.
    They do not make love stories, nor musicals like this any more.It is a classic. It moves me every time I watch it. And when they sing at the fair "Sweetheart" I get very tearful.
    Thank you Jeanette and Nelson, for making this beautiful film.

    4-0 out of 5 stars More than happy
    When I bought this vhs, I was not expecting such a quality in sounds and clearness. This film was made in the 30 after all. And what made me happier is that the story keep us awakened from the beginnig till the end. The lovely voice of Jeanette MacDonald is an enchantment in all the opera'a arias she sings. Nelson Eddy is also good, but not enough to be the opera singer they expected from him. But what a story! And, woudl it be only for Jeanette lyrics and her fascinating eyes, it is worted more than the price I paid for it. Three times BRAVO!

    Though usually I don't like to watch anything of this sort I enjoyed the thrilling plot. It was wonderfully acted and is one of the best videos I've seen from the 1930's. ... Read more

    10. The Sacketts
    Director: Robert Totten
    list price: $14.99
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    Asin: 6302256682
    Catlog: Video
    Sales Rank: 1249
    Average Customer Review: 4 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Louis L'Amour's easy voice with its gentle rhythm sets the tone and pace of the film in a spoken introduction to this loping, rambling three-hour-plus TV-movie adaptation of his novels The Daybreakers and Sackett. Sam Elliot stars as the elder Sackett, a nomad hunting and trapping in the mountains who happens upon an ancient treasure. Tom Selleck and Jeff Osterhage are his younger siblings, forced to leave home to avoid a Hatfield and McCoy situation. As the Sackett brothers wind their way across the Midwest prairies and mountains we join them on cattle drives and gold hunts, in gunfights and fistfights, and in a climactic showdown as they find their place in the world. This 1979 film rambles and meanders like a lazy river winding through a beautiful landscape of peaks and plains and forests, punctuated by the occasional gunfight and enlivened by a story that celebrates both the open range and the taming of the towns. Elliot looks almost young but flashes his savage eyes behind a thick black beard, while Selleck's easygoing manner is backed up with a stony-faced determination. The excellent cast includes a veritable who's who of Western character actors: Glenn Ford, Ben Johnson, Gilbert Roland, Gene Evans, Jack Elam, Slim Pickens, L.Q. Jones, Mercedes McCambridge, and Pat Buttram. Followed in 1982 by The Shadow Riders, which reunited the three stars and even a few members of the supporting cast in a tale of three different brothers. --Sean Axmaker ... Read more

    Reviews (8)

    5-0 out of 5 stars The late Louis L'Amour wrote this

    This is a three hour, two disk barn burner. The late Louis L'Amour (Lamoore) wrote half a library full of Westerns and a few contemporary novels. He churned them out like there was no tomorrow, but he knew of what he wrote. He had been a cowhand, miner, merchant seaman, circus roustabout and a few other things. I think that he said he'd been a U.S. Marine, too, bless his heart. He did the narration on this film.

    L'Amour did a bunch of books on the Sackett family of Tennessee, and this is a sort of compilation of some of them. Tell Sackett is the oldest brother (Sam Elliott), Orrin is the middle one (Tom Selleck), and Tyrell was the youngest (Jeff Osterhage). All played their parts very well. The bad guys included (but were not limited to) Jack Elam, Slim Pickens and L.Q.Jones. Mercedes McCambridge played Ma Sackett. Gilbert Roland played a Spanish (read Mexican) land-owner who the anglos were trying to push off his land in the new territory of New Mexico.

    I liked the way everyone played their parts, but particularly Sam Elliot, when he was strolling drunkenly down the main street of Pugatorie, singing quietly to himself in his deep bass, "That's the way she goes, first your money and then your clothes..." just before he caught the guy who was trying to roll him, and shaved him with an Arkansas toothpick with a foot-long blade. Shaved his mustache clean off!

    This is a wonderful L'Amour Western. I hope you like it as much as I did.

    Joseph (Joe) Pierre

    author of Handguns and Freedom...their care and maintenance
    and other books


    5-0 out of 5 stars Response to Disappointed
    I am watching a very fuzzy VHS recording from the early 90's and basically all I am getting is the audio, I decided I wanted it all and visited this site to purchase a copy of the video (hoped DVD) and encountered this review which I couldn't resist responding to. The movie follows what I remember of the L'Amour books (about to pull out of storage) which took their own sweet time in describing the characters & scenery. I admit, I didn't watch the whole recording, but from what I heard I thought it followed true to tradition, as well as a movie could.

    2-0 out of 5 stars Disappointing.......
    I've had this video for several years, and watched it again last night, after a break of about a year. I am a die hard fan of both Louis L'Amour books, and western movies, and thought a Louis written movie with this strong a cast would be totally first class.

    Wish I could say it was. It's too long by about a third, which gives it a plodding, almost boring feel in places. It's obvious why this excessive padding had to happen. This was a TV project, not a theatrical movie, and they had to make it long enough to cover two nights viewing. With a few exceptions the actors seem to be pretty much just going thru their paces, waiting for somebody else to seize the moment. The one exception to this was Glenn Ford - he did a superb job. Of the other actors, Sam Elliot was probably the most believable.

    The movie is very predictable for the most part. The obligatory love interests for all 3 Sacketts, for example. Then there is the final showdown: 3 good-guy brothers, with best buddy, take on the bad guy brothers, accompanied by numerous backup bad guys. In and around the livery stable, no less. Did the Sacketts change their first names to Wyatt, Morgan, and Virgil, with Doc thrown in for good measure? Then all four good guys stroll triumphantly down the street, side by side. Couldn't see Gary Cooper anywhere, tho.

    Also a good part of the script is devoted to building up the racist, rich Anglo as number one bad guy, and the suspense builds as he prepares for war against the Spanish speaking citizens of Santa Fe. Then a couple of his hired guns sing like canaries to Sheriff Sacket and racist rich Anglo bad guy is meekly led off in handcuffs by the Feds, and this entire plot switcheroo happens and is over within about a minute. Soaring plot line ends with a resounding thud. And his more beautiful than life blonde daughter? One of the Sackett love interests? What happens to her? Left standing on the sidewalk as daddy is led away........ Hollywood abandoning a damsel in distress? Heresy.......

    Most disappointing, tho, for me, was the lack of attention paid to historical accuracy, especially for a Louis project. Model 1873 and 1892 Winchesters in 1869? Don't think so.....

    It IS well filmed, with gorgeous settings. All in all, this is an ok movie, but could and should have been so much more.

    5-0 out of 5 stars The Sacketts
    I personally knew Louis L'Mamour and have ever book that he has ever written. The reason I'm trying to order this video now is because I have litteraly worn out the original I got when it first came out. I also have all the other videos that were based on his books but I feel like The Sacketts was on to the best based on his book. From the Four Corners where most of his books were written about an avid fan from Southwest Colorado. ... Read more

    11. Toy Story (Special Edition)
    Director: John Lasseter
    list price: $22.99
    our price: $20.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00003W8NO
    Catlog: Video
    Sales Rank: 41
    Average Customer Review: 4.89 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan essential video

    There is greatness in film that can be discussed, dissected, and talked about late into the night. Then there is genius that is right in front of our faces--we smile at the spell it puts us into and are refreshed, and nary a word needs to be spoken. This kind of entertainment is what they used to call "movie magic," and there is loads of it in this irresistible computer animation feature. Just a picture of these bright toys on the cover of Toy Story looks intriguing, reawakening the kid in us. Filmmaker John Lasseter's shorts (namely Knickknack and Tin Toy, which can be found on the Pixar video Tiny Toy Stories) illustrate not only a technical brilliance but also a great sense of humor--one in which the pun is always intended. Lasseter thinks of himself as a storyteller first and an animator second, much like another film innovator, Walt Disney.

    Lasseter's story is universal and magical: what do toys do when they're not played with? Cowboy Woody (voiced by Tom Hanks), Andy's favorite bedroom toy, tries to calm the other toys (some original, some classic) during a wrenching time of year--the birthday party, when newer toys may replace them. Sure enough, Space Ranger Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen) is the new toy that takes over the throne. Buzz has a crucial flaw, though--he believes he's the real Buzz Lightyear, not a toy. Bright and cheerful, Toy Story is much more than a 90-minute commercial for the inevitable bonanza of Woody and Buzz toys. Lasseter further scores with perfect voice casting, including Don Rickles as Mr. Potato Head and Wallace Shawn as a meek dinosaur. The director-animator won a special Oscar for "the development and inspired application of techniques that have made possible the first feature-length computer-animated film." In other words, the movie is great. --Doug Thomas

    ... Read more

    Reviews (81)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Toy Story
    1995's "Toy Story" was the first feature length film generated entirely by computers, and Pixar's first dive into theatrical films. The movie opens as young Andy turns 7. The undisputed leader of Andy's toys, a 50's cowboy doll named Woody (Tom Hanks), finds himself challenged by the new toy on the block, "space ranger" Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen). When Woody's plan to get rid of Buzz backfires, the two find themselves lost in the suburbs. Woody and Buzz relize they have to work together to get back to Andy's, and they eventually become the best of friends. The humor and animation is terrific, and a great start for Pixar. This lead to several other successes, such as A Bug's Life and Finding Nemo.

    Now on to "the vaults". Disney is trying to squeeze every last penny out of the cash cow, and have the two Toy Story films under lock and key, no doubt so they can sell millions of "Special Editions" in five years. Once again, Disney appalls me with their unmatched corperate greed. In conclusion, Toy Story is an excellent film and a true must-see.

    5-0 out of 5 stars The Secret Lives of Toys Revealed
    "Toy Story" is a modern fairy tale created with appropriately modern computer animation. Its snappy dialougue will appeal to adult viewers, the spectacle of fantastic toys coming to life will appeal to children, and adults may wax nostalgic about the toys they enjoyed as children, several of which are featured in this movie.
    The story revolves around a cowboy doll named Woody, and his imminent replacement as the favorite toy of his owner, Andy, by Andy's new Buzz Lightyear doll, a multigadgeted gift that Andy receives for his birthday.
    Tom Hanks'personality shines through in the persona of Woody, and Tim Allen's voice lends the right amount of charisma to Buzz.
    In the process of forming an eventual friendship, the characters go through a lot of antagonism and a lot of other real human emotions. As they prepare for life in a new home, they are imperiled by the sadistic kid next door named Sid, into whose clutches they fall by accident.
    It's entertaining to watch the toys interact with each other.
    Buzz gradually learns that he is simply a child's plaything and not the noble space crusader he fancied himself to be in the beginning, and Woody learns to share his special place in Andy's heart. A great supporting cast including Annie Potts as Woody's sweetheart, Bo Peep, Don Rickles as Mr. Potato Head, Jim Varney as Slinky, Wallace Shawn as Rex, John Ratzenburger as Ham, and Laurie Metcalfe as Andy's mother help fuel this tale.
    Seeing this innovative film made me want to buy dolls of Woody and Buzz as collector's items. But I am content with just a copy of this movie. The second installment of the "Toy Story" saga is an enhancement of the first one, and just like the first, nothing short of delightful.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Original and fun for the whole family!
    This movie took me by storm when I saw it back in the summer of 1995 at the theatres and let me tell you, this movie is still one of the best computer animated movies of all time. In fact this movie shattered new grounds back in 1995 by not using drawing cel animation and instead this movie is the first of an unbroken chain of computer generated animated movies that has continued to date with "Finding Nemo".

    The plot is absolutely joyful and stunningly original. The story revolves around the quiet family home of a quiet town where a boy owns numerous toys with his toddler sister. The toys however, are almost like beings of their own and are 'living' as well but stop 'moving' when the boy comes back into his room. However, a cowboy named Tim is the most popular 'toy' in the boys bedroom and is kept by the pillow almost every night until on his birthday, he gets a fancy astronaut toy named Buzz Lightyear who has many 'gizmos' and in time takes over the toy cowboys place as the most popular toy and Tim gets enormously jealous of this. However, after a botched attempt to remove Buzz, the cowboy himself along with Buzz end up in the hands of a punk teenager who takes joy in blowing up toys with firecrackers and or other means like burning, breaking, or smashing them and/or even taking them apart and re-assembling their parts to create 'mutant' toys and now the clock is ticking for Tim and Buzz to escape from the boys house before they end up being blown to molecules.

    This movie is absolutely fun and original even by 1995 standards. The computer generated special effects are innovative and unbelievable especially considereing the fact that this movie came out nearly a whole decade ago. The whole tone of the movie is just fun and charming and is for the entire family. Not only that but this was what put the then newcomers Pixas right into the front seat of movie animation and would be the start of an unbroken streak of excellent movies from this dynamite team.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Computer animation wow. 16th april 2004.
    The toys are great, the graphics and scenery is too. The collectables are boys mostly but the film is ace for anyone. The 3D toys look real, the colors are excellent[like finding nemo]. The talking toys are all friends, and they live with their owner andy.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Hit Me With Another One!
    Give me another Toy Story and while your at it lets go for a 5th. Wow lets see...Tom Hanks and Tim Alan...Pixar and Disney...Go get it or miss out! ... Read more

    12. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
    Director: Steven Spielberg
    list price: $9.95
    our price: $9.95
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 630157401X
    Catlog: Video
    Sales Rank: 506
    Average Customer Review: 4.7 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan essential video

    The third episode in Steven Spielberg's rousing Indiana Jones saga, this film recaptures the best elements of Raiders of the Lost Ark while exploring new territory with wonderfully satisfying results. Indy is back battling the Nazis, who have launched an expedition to uncover the whereabouts of the Holy Grail. And it's not just Indy this time--his father (played with great acerbic wit by Sean Connery, the perfect choice) is also involved in the hunt. Spielberg excels at the kind of extended action sequences that top themselves with virtually every frame; the best one here involves Indy trying to stop a Nazi tank from the outside while his father is being held within. For good measure, Spielberg reveals (among other things) how Indy got his hat, the scar on his chin, and his nickname (in a prologue that features River Phoenix as the young Indiana). --Marshall Fine ... Read more

    Reviews (109)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Indiana is back, and this time he's brought his dad along!
    "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" is what I think the best of the three Indiana Jones movie. And one of the most important reasons for this conclusion is not just that it has Harrison Ford doing absolutely great, it has legendary actor Sean Connery as Indy's dad.

    Harrison Ford is Dr. Henry 'Indiana' Jones, Jr. When he is asked by Walter Donovan (Julian Glover) to help go in search of the mystical Holy Grail since one of his main archaeologist has disappeared, he refuses. But when Indy is told that the missing man is his father, Professor Henry Jones, Sr., (whom he has rarely spoken to in 20 years), Indy, along with the help of friend Marcus Brody (Denholm Elliott) and Dr. Elsa Schneider (Alison Doody), try to rescue his father from... who? Can it be the mysterious men who are trying to stop him from finding the Holy Grail? Or is there more to just finding his father and the Holy Grail than meets the eye? Indiana discovers that you can't trust anybody when dealing with power seeking men who want to use the cup of Jesus for evil.

    The best Indiana Jones movie AND action/adventure movie!! And the script and plot is just perfect, with plenty of lines which are just so funny! The first part where they have 'young Indiana Jones' played by River Phoenix was lots of fun, too. I like it where the explained some things like how Indy got his famous hat. "Everyone's lost but me..."

    My favorite parts are when Indy 'rescues' his dad but instead has to escape from the bad guys when he is caught himself and whenever Indy and Dr. Jones are arguing. One thing though is that I didn't think much of Alison Doody as Elsa. Yeah, she was real greedy and everything but I still like Karen Allen as Marion Ravenwood in the first Indiana Jones movie, "Raiders of the Lost Ark". And of course John Williams score is just terrific. I can probably hum the whole Indiana Jones theme song!

    For those of you who haven't seen this movie, well, I'm telling you to put it on you 'must see' list!

    4-0 out of 5 stars "We Named The Dog Indiana!...."
    Steven Spielberg and George Lucas were back along with Harrison Ford for this 3rd and final entry in this incredibly successful and beloved trilogy of films. The film was released in the summer of 1989, which was a tough summer. Batman, Ghostbusters 2, Lethal Weapon 2, Licence To Kill, etc. Indy held his own for the last time. The film is set in 1938, Indy is battling nazis who want to find the holy grail. This time around, we are joined by two characters who were seen in "Raiders", but not in "Temple Of Doom". Those characters being Marcus Brody(played by Denholm Elliot), and Sallah(played by John Rhys-Davies). But, the most interesting character is Indiana's dad, who is played by the perfect and hilarious Sean Connery. Who better?. The dialogue between Indy and his dad are comic gems. Allison Doody(nice name)is along for the ride as the token babe. This film definitley got back more to the adventure of "Raiders". "Temple" was a little dark and violent, and this film has steered away from that. The action is expertly filmed, and Spielberg, as always, has a keen eye of direction and scenery. Once you hear the opening notes of Indy's trademark song, you instantly get shivers up your spine. River Phoenix appears in the opener as Indy as a teen. As for the rumored Indy 4, I kinda hope it happens and I kinda don't. It would be great to see another Indy film, but will it be the same without thinking that Harrison will be in his 60's by then?. I guess we'll see. Anyways, this is a wonderful entry in the series. Check it out.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Tjhe third film is also the best!!!!!!!!
    A huge improvement over The Temple of Doom,The last Crusade is not only better(FAR BETTER)than the second,it is also in my opinion a even better film than Raiders of the Lost Ark!!!!!!! The story is the best of the three,the action scenes are terrific,and the acting,especially from Harrison ford and Sean Connery,who steals every scene he's in as Indy's Dad,is amazing.Overall,if you liked the first film and hated the second,The Last Crusade will please you more than the second and maybe more than the first! Note:Despite the PG-13 Rating of this film(the first two were both PG),this film is not nearly as graphic as the second.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Keeping Up With The Joneses
    "The quest for the grail is not Archeology. It's a race against evil. If it is captured by the Nazis, the armies of darkness will march all over the face of the Earth."
    - Henry Jones Sr. reminds his whip wielding son how important the last crusade for the Cup of Christ is in "Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade".

    The third entry in the adventures of Indiana Jones, aptly titled "Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade", is a lot light hearted than "The Temple of Doom" and its dark heart, and is more in the spirit of "Raiders of the Lost Ark" but can't outmatch it.

    Three years after the events in "Raiders", Indiana Jones is on a quest to find his missing father after finding out he's been abducted by sinister forces. For most of his life, Indiana's father, has been researching and trying to locate The Holy Grail. If Indiana finds his dad he also may have found The Holy Grail.

    After Seventeen summers, since its 5/24/89 release, the film is still fun to watch. The cast is great, especially Sean Connery as Henry Jones Sr. I can't imagine anyone else for the role. The chemistry between Connery and Harrison Ford is what makes the "Last Crusade" a stand-out crowd pleaser. Denholm Elliot expands on his role from "Raiders" as Marcus Brody, adding some goofy comic relief as the bookish curator out of his element. Of course it isn't an "Indiana Jones" film without Harrison Ford as the title role. This a classic example of a film character that is so legendary, that it would be fruitlessly idiotic to have the character be recast with another actor. In other words I really can't see Tom Selleck as Dr. Jones, and if there isn't a fourth adventure with Indiana Jones it would suck big time, but I could live with it.

    "Last Crusade" does have some really great action sequences. From Indy's first adventure, to the motorcycle and tank chases the film seems to try to outdo itself. Thats where the film hits a small speed bump. The action is so great that I couldn't help but be reminded of "Raiders" thru some of the action sequences in "Last Crusade" (especially the tank chase. It reminded me of the truck sequence in "Raiders"). But, its all good!

    As for a fourth film, who knows? As of this writing, story creator George Lucas wasn't to happy with the latest draft and the whole production almost went back to square one. The film won't get made unless Harrison Ford, Lucas, & director Steven Speilberg are happy with all aspects of the script.

    4-0 out of 5 stars The Moose Hole - Triumphant 'Crusade'
    Third time's a charm? Three's a crowd? These must have been the question plaguing the filmmakers and studio executives behind one of the greatest adventure series in movie history. But the lure of the charm, excitement, and most notably the rather large box office coin, of the previous two features could hold anybody down from this project. In the time since Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom, the three main men of the series had had a mixed bag of results away from the adventurous archeologist. Steven Spielberg was coming into his own amongst the critical elite with highly acclaimed, and multi nominated, features The Color of Purple and Tears of the Sun. George Lucas, with his predominantly acclaimed Star Wars series behind him for the time being, spent his time executively producing such under-appreciated features as Labyrinth and Willow. And Indiana Jones himself, Harrison Ford, had success in Witness and Working Girl but nothing for his own work. So was there any doubt that a third was demanded amongst not only two out of the three main men but the studio executives at Paramount as well? Whether that was the case or not, Indiana Jones was on his way once again to the big screen, possibly for the last time.

    The story takes place nearly two years after the original feature film, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and three years after the Temple of Doom and places our hero, Indiana Jones, once again against the nefarious Nazi empire. Barely able to catch his breathe after another perilous mission for an ancient artifact; Indiana is whisked off, this time by multi-millionaire Walter Donovan to find an object not only important to the field of archeology but to the world itself. For over forty years, Indy's own father spent tireless hours researching and recording the many secrets that would lead to the discovery of the Holy Grail, the cup that Christians believed was used by Jesus Christ at the Last Supper and was also used to catch his blood at the time of his death. It is also believed that the Grail would bring immortal life to whoever drank from it, which has certainly gained the attention of Adolf Hitler, who dreams of a superior master race to rule the world, and he will do anything to achieve that dream. That is why it is important that Indiana get to the Grail first before the Nazis do but first he must find the man who was once in charge of the operation but has mysteriously disappeared, his own father. The story for Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade is probably one of the most noble adventure films in the genre and though this deals mainly with Christianity, Spielberg manages to keep the focus generally on universal beliefs and the concept of faith itself rather then the individual denominations. He guides the audience through several complex theories and beliefs but directs it out in such a way that even the most clueless of filmgoers will get a general idea of what is behind many of the main actions of the film.

    As was said about the Temple of Doom in that the Indiana Jones series isn't afraid to switch supporting characters up and that it usually works well depending on their interaction with Ford remains true for this film. Not all work though, but the mass majority pick up the slack of the less potent additions to the cast. Harrison Ford dons the famous hat and whip once again and gives possibly the best performance in the series, if not on par with Raiders of the Lost Ark. This is all thanks to his absolutely amazing chemistry with Sean Connery, who is best known for his role as James Bond. The two talented performers play off each other so well that you would believe they were actually related. Sean Connery still shows that he has what it takes to be a commanding actor despite his old age. Though the feature contains a decent amount of humor within the material itself, additional comic relief comes in the form of Denholm Elliott as Dr. Marcus Brody and John Rhys-Davies as Sallah, who reprise their fantastic roles from the original. The only cast member that just doesn't seem quite right for the series is Alison Doody as Dr. Elsa Schneider, whose lines seem so drulled out and the performance on the whole being quite tacky. Whether that was the intention of the filmmakers or not may not be known but in either case it felt over-the-top and not in the good way that it could have been. It could have been Doody's performance or the role itself but whatever it was it didn't work at all.

    Overall, if this is Indiana Jones' last go-around then it is marvelous one at that, mixing everything that made the series so enduring all into one consolidating effort. Historical background, religious content, and memorable characters all come together in a triumphant achievement from the brilliant duo of Steven Spielberg and George Lucas. There is little to complain about with this film but if anything was out of place, beside Alison Doody's performance, it had to be focus taken too much away from the meaning behind the Grail itself. Granted, praise must be given to Spielberg for the film's intention on keeping the audience centered on universal beliefs, but considering you are dealing with serious Christian content, it would have been nice to keep the focus on that but no big foul called for not doing that. Outside of a small dispute, Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade is an absolute must see and the wonderful thing about it is that there is no need to watch the previous two features in order to appreciate the magnificence of Spielberg's vision. ... Read more

    13. Pinocchio
    Director: Hamilton Luske, Ben Sharpsteen
    list price: $22.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00001QGIQ
    Catlog: Video
    Sales Rank: 283
    Average Customer Review: 4.24 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan essential video

    This Disney masterpiece from 1940 will hold up forever precisely because it doesn't restrain or temper the most elemental emotions and themes germane to its story. Based on the Collodi tale about a wooden puppet who wants to become a real boy, Pinocchio is among the most magical, mythical, and frightening films to come from the studio in its long history. A number of scenes make permanent impressions on young minds (just ask Steven Spielberg, who quoted the film more than once in Close Encounters of the Third Kind), and the songs ("When You Wish upon a Star") can't be beat. --Tom Keogh ... Read more

    Reviews (107)

    Gepetto, a kindly old woodcarver, creates a little puppet boy of pine and names him Pinocchio. Because the old man, who has been generous and good all his life, loves children - but has none of his own - the Blue Fairy brings the marionette to life in order to be a son to him. She tells Pinocchio that in order to be a real boy, he must exhibit the virtues of truth, courage & selflessness...A timeless excursion into the world of classic childhood fantasy, this 194O Disney picture will no doubt be treasured in 2O4O: its theme is too timeless to date badly. The film cost the Disney studio 2.5 million dollars to produce & out of the total 2 million (!) drawings, a mere 3OO,OOO were ultimately used in the finished film. Dickie Jones, who was a child actor who infrequently appeared in OUR GANG comedies, lent his voice for the title character, while Evelyn Venable provided the Blue Fairy with vocal chords. Frankie Darro vocalised Lampwick & Cliff Edwards, as Jiminy Cricket, sang the AA winning song WHEN YOU WISH UPON A STAR. The original story was adapted from the 1882 novel by Carlo Collodi "La Avventure d'Pinocchio".

    5-0 out of 5 stars Magical
    The following is an excerpt from an essay I did about Walt Disney. The excerpt is property of Amazon, but the ESSAY is my property. Email me if you want it.

    Last night I watched Pinocchio, Disney's second feature-length film and in my opinion one of the studio's best features. Based on the 19th century book by Carlo Collodi, but not half as unpleasant, Pinocchio combines winning animation with great humor and excitement. There are songs, but they're never like the huge production numbers that last four minutes and feature the voice of some up-and-coming princess of pop (who'll be gone in a year) that the studio later adopted with the applicable exception of When you Wish Upon a Star.

    The movie takes a sadastic, cruel, heartless little wooden boy (Collodi's character) and turns him into an interesting, 3-dimensional kid with a good heart but who is weak-willed and doesn't always listen to reason. The animation makes brilliant use of the multiplane camera, featuring a sprawling opening sequence in which the viewer practically sees the entire village at night. The characters are colorful and fun (I especially love Honest John Foulfellow and his sidekick Gideon) and the story has never a dull moment. This film is a reminder of the sort of efforts Disney put into their films; the man himself had a great storytelling passion that was lost in later works (Alice in Wonderland, 101 Dalmations). Pinocchio was never as famous as some of the others, and this is unfortunate because it is his masterpiece.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Masterpiece Pinocchio by Luske Hamilton and Ben Sharpsteen
    "When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you

    are, anything you heart desires will come to you."

    You've heard this song on the Disneyland and Superbowl commercials, but do you remember where it came from?

    It came from this cartoon, Pinocchio, Walt Disney's second feature to "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" in 1940.

    I repeat 1940!! Wow and to this day ,Pinocchio still stands out as one of the greatest movies of all time.

    This opinion is about the 60th anniversay VHS of Pinocchio with THX sound and Remastered visual footage. It even has a bonus at the end about the making of Pinocchio!!! Wow.

    This was a Christmas gift for my best friend and she loved it, and I can see why.

    Pinocchio is filled with dazzling animation,music and filled with so much fun and happyness that at the end of the movie , you will feel like wishing upon a star youreself.

    Pinocchio is about a wooden puppet made by toymaker Geppeto (Christian Rub) who wants his own son.

    Geppeto makes one wish, to have his own son. Geppeto gets his wish when the Blue Fairy brings Pinocchio to life!!!

    It took nearly 700 animators and technicians to bring Pinocchio to life and the hard work definitely shows!!!

    People can say whatever they want about Disney current movies, true they lack a certain magic unlike their cherish cartoon like Pinocchio, but Disney is one of a few companies that has a SOLID record of making Cartoon Classics that are loved by everyone.

    The fairy brings Pinocchio to life and promises to Pinoccho (voice of Dickie Jones) that he will remain a real boy if he follows the basic principles that every boy should have.

    He has to be loyal, truthful and above fair. She assigns Jiminy Cricket (Cliff Edwards) to be Pinocchio's conscience.

    Well it sounds easy at first, but living up to these values is the real challenge here and Pinocchio tries his best to follow them,but since he has just being turned into a boy he doesnt yet know right from wrong.

    This is where we meet characters like ,J. Worthington Foulfellow, Stromboli and Barker who take advantage of the young boy.

    Jiminy Cricket and the fairy save Pinocchio from his judgement calls ,but yet Pinocchio doesnt learn to tell the truth and when he lies his nose starts to grow like a Christmas tree. :-)

    Meanwhile Geppeto is looking for Pinocchio and ends up being captured by a giant whale Monstro!!!

    Pinocchio saves Geppeto in a brillian animation sequence and Pinocchio by displaying bravery ends up being a real boy permanently.

    It's a classic, I can say more but I dont want to spoil it for anyone

    In an age, where moral, brilliant, wholesome cartoons are scarce you look back to the classics and Pinocchio will forever stand out as one of the greatest classics ever made by Walt Disney who has left his print in the world and in children's hearts.

    Go out and buy this for youre children

    5-0 out of 5 stars The Truth Will Set You Free
    Almost all Disney movies are based on dreams that became a reality in the end. Here in this movie Gepetto (Wood Carver) who wished for Pinocchio to become a real boy.You may say this is just a movie but it discusses one very important aspect of life. Its very important for young kids to say the TRUTH or you may end up like Pinocchio.When He kept telling lies his nose grew longer eventhough he's been warned by Jiminy Cricket (his conscience)to tell the truth.
    It also discusses true friendship and trust. Jiminy Cricket was upset when Pinocchio told him that he's with his best friend (other kid)on Treasure Island, Jiminy thought he is the bestfriend of Pinocchio.
    Above all,this is one very touching film.

    1-0 out of 5 stars The Puppet Show
    This certainly is not one of my favorite Disney movies. I just really didn't get in to the movie I guess but then I never really cared for this Fairy Tale either.
    The voice actors are good and the scenery, and colors are great. But for some reason this one really just didn't hit home for me. ... Read more

    14. The Outsiders
    Director: Francis Ford Coppola
    list price: $9.94
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 6300270033
    Catlog: Video
    Sales Rank: 1401
    Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan essential video

    Director Francis Coppola's adaptation of the popular S.E. Hinton novel about the price of rebellious youth is notable chiefly for the stunning cast of young actors who went on to rich and varied careers. In supporting roles, the film features the likes of Tom Cruise, Patrick Swayze, Diane Lane, Rob Lowe, Emilio Estevez, and Tom Waits, among others. The story centers on two rival gangs in the early 1960s Midwest, and the violent turf wars that escalate and tragically claim young lives. C. Thomas Howell plays the central character who yearns to prove himself and be accepted by his older brothers' gang, while at the same time finding his first love and dreaming of a life beyond his dead end existence. Geared toward the teenage crowd, the film nonetheless features some fine direction from Coppola in a story that evokes memories of the classic coming-of-age films of the 1950s. --Robert Lane ... Read more

    Reviews (190)

    5-0 out of 5 stars The Outsiders
    When I was in high school, I had the pleasure of reading a fantastic novel named, "The Outsiders." The author, Susan Eloise Hinton, only 15 years old, wrote her rendition of the conflicts between high society and the lower class citizen. Her novel was so well written that you couldn't stop reading it. Recently, I discovered the movie version of the novel and just had to view it. Francis Ford Coppola, who's known for directing the films, "Apocalypse Now" and the first two "Godfather's" directed the film version of, "The Outsiders." Although no awards were won for the movie, the cast was full of the top stars that we see today, which includes, C. Thomas Howell, Matt Dillon, Ralph Macchio, Patrick Swayze, Rob Lowe, Emilio Estves, Tom Cruise and Diane Lane. With a cast this good how could you go wrong?
    The story takes place in the early 1960's in Tulsa, Oklahoma where we see the classic rivalry between the rich, whom are call, "socs" (short for socials) and lower class citizen who were called "greasers" building tension toward each other until the final climax of the big rumble. The main themes of the story, are the struggles between two conflicting groups trying to bridge the gap between rich and poorer, honor among the lawless and treacherousness of male-female interaction through the narration of the main character "Ponyboy".
    Although I felt the movie was incredible I believe the music soundtrack needed a little help. This action pact drama is rated PG for violence but, I believe that any age group, accompanied by an adult, would love to see and understand how society sometime manipulates individual outcomes. When you get right down to it, the movie, with its great story line and cast, causes you to laugh, cry and get wrapped up in all the conflicting moments. Any movie that can take you from the couch and place you and the middle of the drama deserves a high rating. That's why I recommend this movie to anyone and give it *****5 stars.

    5-0 out of 5 stars The Outsiders
    The Outsiders is about some rival gangs, the greasers, and the Socs(short for social). Ponyboy wants to fit in, in his brothers gang. Ponyboy lives with his brothers after his parents are killed in a car wreck. The greasers never had much trouble fighting the Socs, until one night a Soc takes thing to far. Ponyboys friend is forced to killed him in self-defense. Their friend Dallas helps them hide out in the country in an old abandonded church. They are hiding from the town that doesn't want them around, until they are caught by the police. The actors who are in the movie are GREAT! most of them got their start in The Outsiders, like Matt Dillon, Emilio Estevez, Patrick Swayze, Rob Lowe, C. Thomas Howell, Ralph Macchio, and Tom Cruise. The movie teaches young people to not judge others before getting to know them. If you enjoy the movie, you will love the book by S.E. Hinton.

    5-0 out of 5 stars The Outsiders is the #1 Movie
    Hey I watched the movie and read the book this year in gr.8 and I have seen the movie like 5 times and read the book like 4 times it's the best movie ever!! all the cast are so0o0 great and talented and I will watch this movie over and over again
    From The BIGGEST Outsider Fan

    5-0 out of 5 stars Just as GREAT as the Book!!!
    One of the best adaptations of a book I have ever seen. This movie brings everyone to life from the book. For me, this movie is a classic!!! This movie takes place in Tulsa,OK in 1966. All of the characters fit the description in the book for me. They all look like the typical greasers. I bought this movie without even seeing it and I was tremendously blown away. This is a great movie for the whole family to enjoy.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Outstanding
    I had to read the book for a project in school this year as an 8th grader. It was outstanding. It was the last week of school and my class had finished our finals and we wanted to watch the movie, so my teacher went to our school library and got it for us. The movie follows the book pretty well but some parts were left out.

    This book shows how lucky some people are compaired to others and makes a great point. It is like a less dramatic version of the movie "Elephant" which shows what people are going through. I am going to head down to my towns public library to borrow it and watch it again becuase it is one of the movies that you can just watch over and over again and still love it becuase it makes a great point and was directed really well.

    I would recomend this movie to anyone who has not read it. I would read the book first becuase there are some parts that are left out in the movie that were pretty good.

    ~Doug Mellon
    Kennebunk, Maine USA ... Read more

    15. Chicago
    Director: Rob Marshall
    list price: $14.99
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    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00008X5J3
    Catlog: Video
    Sales Rank: 41
    Average Customer Review: 4.13 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


    Winner of six Academy Awards(R) (2002) including Best Picture, and starring Academy Award nominee (Best Actress, CHICAGO) and Golden Globe winner (Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy, CHICAGO) Renee Zellweger (BRIDGET JONES'S DIARY), Academy Award winner (Best Supporting Actress, CHICAGO) Catherine Zeta-Jones (TRAFFIC), Academy Award nominee (Best Supporting Actress, CHICAGO) Queen Latifah (BRINGING DOWN THE HOUSE), Golden Globe winner (Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy, CHICAGO) Richard Gere (UNFAITHFUL), and Academy Award nominee (Best Supporting Actor, CHICAGO) John C. Reilly (GANGS OF NEW YORK) -- CHICAGO is a dazzling spectacle cheered by audiences and critics alike!At a time when crimes of passion result in celebrity headlines, nightclub sensation Velma Kelly (Zeta-Jones) and spotlight-seeking Roxie Hart (Zellweger) both find themselves sharing space on Chicago's famed Murderess Row!They also share Billy Flynn (Gere), the town's slickest lawyer with a talent for turning notorious defendants into local legends.But in Chicago, there's only room for one legend! Also starring Lucy Liu (CHARLIE'S ANGELS). ... Read more

    Reviews (853)

    5-0 out of 5 stars One of the best movies EVER!
    As a musical theater purist, I was concerned that a movie musical with 3 of Hollywoods A list stars would be a hinderance rather than a help in the "revival" of the genre. I must say that I was blown away by the sheer genius and excellence of the film.
    Catherine Zeta-Jones' Velma was equal to, if not better than Bebe Neuwerth's ( Brodway revival). Her beautiful voice and masterful dance skill is worthy of the great white way. A Tony may have been a more appropriate award as opposed to her much deserved Oscar. Although Rene Zellwegers voice was a little shaky in the begining she brought out a tough side in Roxy that was not there in neither the original nor the revival stage versions. Then my biggest fear, Richard Gere as Billy Flinn, was in a word perfect. You can't ask for a better fit, and what a shocker to see that wonderful tapdance!
    With great costumes,Fosse-like choreography, expert lighting and singing (by many broadway veterans in the chours as extras) this dark comedy shines. Also with great cameos and supporting performances by the great Chita Rivera ( original broadway cast),John C. Reily (oscar nominated),Lucy Liu, and Christine Baranski this film shines as one of the greatest ever made, not just as a musical, but as a film. Rob Marshall's directorial debut deserves all of it's accolades...and all that jazz.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Sizzling and sexy musical entertainment.
    I have just seen one of the best movie musicals in years. "Chicago," directed by Rob Marshall and starring Catherine Zeta-Jones, Renee Zellweger and Richard Gere, will knock you out of your seats. This stylish adaptation is smart, sassy and gorgeously put together.

    Catherine Zeta-Jones is red hot as the murderous Velma Kelly. Velma washes the blood of her victims off her hands, and then sings and dances on stage as if killing people is all in a day's work. Zeta-Jones struts across the screen as if she owns it. She is sultry, sexy and a very talented singer and dancer. Renee Zellweger does fine work as the low class Roxie Hart, a selfish and conniving young woman who longs to be a musical star. Like Velma, Roxie lands in jail after committing murder. Richard Gere effectively plays their shyster lawyer, Billy Flynn, with roguish charm and a twinkle in his eye. Also outstanding are Queen Latifah, as an avaricious warden, and John C. Reilly, as Roxie's hapless husband.

    The movie takes place in the 1920's during the Jazz Age. It is the era of Prohibition, fast women, and an "anything goes" attitude. Rob Marshall has an assured touch, and he directs this material with panache. The swinging score by Kander and Ebb goes perfectly with the wonderful costumes, sets and choreography. I have not enjoyed a movie musical this much in years, and I recommend "Chicago" highly.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Manipulating the System
    The 2002 Oscar winner for Best Picture,"Chicago" is a musical which has the late Bob Fosse's choreography stamped all over it, although it's really anybody's guess as to whether or not he would have been pleased with this film version of his 1975 stage hit. Happily, the acting was great and the leads did their own singing and dancing.
    The story is based on the real-life cases of Beulah Annan and Belva Gaertner, renamed respectively as Roxie Hart and Velma Kelly (There was a real Roxie Hart as well, who committed murder in Indiana in the 1910s), who were exhonerated of murder charges by a flashy lawyer in the 1920s.
    The story begins on a snowy night at the Onyx Club in the Chicago of Al Capone, where the booze flows heavily despite Prohibition laws, and a brassy Velma (Catherine Zeta-Jones) arrives at work late, stopping to hide the gun she has just used to kill her husband and sister after catching them in bed together. She performs the rousing number, "All That Jazz" shortly thereafter as if nothing has happened.
    Watching her is ex-chorine Roxie, played by a slender, shiny-complexioned and pixie-faced Renee Zellweger, whose unquenchable desire for fame has led her to cheat on her mechanic husband with a slickster furniture salesman (Dominic West)who falsely claims he has connections that can revamp Roxie's career.
    Soon, Roxie and Fred Casley scurry over to the Hart's apartment to continue their affair. When Roxie asks Fred, as she has before, when he will introduce her to the club manager, and help her return to showbusiness, Fred admits that he lied. The following confrontation becomes violent and Roxie fatally shoots Fred as he tries to leave.
    Amos Hart, Roxie's dim-witted but devoted husband(John C. Reilly) tries to cover for her at first as Taye Diggs' Bandleader/Announcer leads us further into the action by introducing Roxie's first number, "That Funny Honey", which changes tones as the investigator mentions the victim's name and Amos becomes aware of his wife's infidelity.
    Roxie is arrested and taken to the Cook County Jail, where Chita Rivera, who originated the role of Velma Kelly on Broadway,has a cameo appearance as inmate Nickie.
    We are then introduced to Matron Mama Morton(a pretty, regal, and matronly Queen Latifah), and the vaudville numbers continue as she sings the racy and more-than-highly suggestive "When You're Good to Mama".
    As she begins her time in prison, we get to know Roxie's inmates during "The Cell Block Tango". Judging from the visuals, where most of the inmates' handkerchiefs came out red as they finished giving details of their crimes and the Hungarian immigrant's was white, we are to believe that Katalin Helinszki (Ekaterina Chtchelkanova), who was accused of the most heinous of the murders, is innocent.
    Soon after, Mama Morton pulls a few strings, Defense Attorney Billy Flynn (Richard Gere, whose early training in stage musicals, like that of Catherine Zeta-Jones' serves him well here) arrives to represent Roxie, who also has push-over journalist/sob-sister, Mary Sunshine(Christine Baranski)in her corner.
    The song "We Both Reached for the Gun" is based on headlines from the actual case, and has the feel of a hymn sung at a revival meeting. It is reflective of Roxie's false repentance for her misdeeds.
    As the publicity surrounding Roxie grows, and the opportunistic Flynn begins to devote more time to her than to his previous client, Velma, another potentially lucrative case appears for Billy when Lucy Liu's pineapple heiress, Kitty Baxter committs a triple homicide(Note that his discussion of this case with dinner guests would not have taken place today), forcing Roxie and Velma to use a few tricks to win back Billy's attention, including a fake pregnancy.
    Onstage, as the murder-as-entertainment scenario continues, we are treated to the long-suffering but loyal Amos' "Mr. Cellophane", and his devotion to his unfaithful and ungrateful wife is heart-rending. But at least he gets more attention than the offscreen family of Fred Casley, who might have given the story an interesting perspective if included.
    Roxie's falling-out with Billy over his selected courtroom attire for her ends abruptly upon her observation of the tragic results of a poor woman's inability to get proper representation. Noteworthy is the strong anti-immigrant sentiment of the time.
    Ultimately, Flynn, Velma, and Roxie, razzle-dazzle 'em in court. Lies win out over truth, and style, in the form of Flynn, Velma and Roxie, wins over substance in the form of Colm Feore's prosecutor, Martin Harrison, Katalin Helinszki, and Amos, and the Hart's neighbor, Mrs. Borusewiz (Jayne Eastwood), who also took the witness stand, as often happens in life.
    Although acquitted, things didn't end so happily for the real Beulah Annan, whose life ended in a sanitarium in 1928.Belva Gaertner lived to see her story told onstage the year before.
    But the man-manipulating Roxie Hart and Velma Kelly live to dazzle the world again, and our rollicking tale of cynical truth ends on a positive note for our main players.
    All one could do in the end is heave a sigh, enjoy the show, and "All That Jazz"!

    2-0 out of 5 stars Too Much Music
    I saw nothing on the cover to indicate this was mainly a musical. The minimal story line was squeezed in between 110 minutes of singing and dancing..... I would describe as "interpretive modern jazz". We finally used "fast forward" to speed through this dancing and at the end threw the VHS tape in the rubbish. What a disappointment.

    2-0 out of 5 stars The DVD release is shameful
    Don't get me wrong. I love this movie more than just about any other movie in existence. The problem is that whenever you get a big-budget, Oscar-winning movie, the initial release on DVD is always going to have at least 2 discs and 2-3 hours of special features. So naturally, I eagerly awaited the release, so I could bask in the sheer excessiveness of the entire product, but instead, I watched as the curtain rose to reveal a DVD that, from my perspective, can only boast of having a 3-minute-long musical number deleted from the theatrical cut of the film. I was crestfallen, and proceeded to wait until they unveiled the real prize, the multi-disc extravaganza that I had expected from the start. But still I wait, so I am forced to say that the DVD is only worth renting, but not worth the $20.00 that the distributors continue to ask for. The movie is incredible from start to finish, but it's just not worth spending $20.00 on this, only to see Miramax release a 4-disc set the moment you take the plastic off the case. I personally will wait until they release it in a DVD set that truly does this masterpiece justice. ... Read more

    16. The Princess Bride
    Director: Rob Reiner
    list price: $9.94
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    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 6304718551
    Catlog: Video
    Sales Rank: 86
    Average Customer Review: 4.69 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Reviews (664)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Rob Reiner Weaves His Best In Fanatsy!
    THE PRINCESS BRIDE is directors Rob Reiner (A Few Good Men, Stand By Me) third feature film ever. It was based on a book written by Academy Award Winner William Goldwin (Misery, Maverick, Chaplin) who wrote this book for his children in 1973. After almost 15 years, and several studios, MGM decided to back it up and make the finished film.

    It fun, it's funny and has adventure and romance, monsters and villains. It also has some of the best performances of an ensemble cast in a fairy tale ever. Robin Write-Penn (Then Robin Write at 19 years old) (Forrest Gump, Unbreakable) starring as Princess Buttercup who has fallen in love with a farm boy-turned Pirate, Cary Elwes (Twister, Robin Hood: Men In Tights, Quest For Camelot) and is seeking the kidnapped Princess from three renegades played by Wallace Shawn (Toy Story, Star Trek Deep Space Nine). The late Andre The Giant (Trading Mom) and an astounding performance by Mandy Patikin (Yentel, Alien Nation, Chicago Hope-TV ). Christopher Sarandon (Nightmare Before Christmas, Fright Night, Just Cause) and Christopher Guest (This Is Spinal Tap, Best In Show) head up the evil King and sidekick roles. The chemistry between Cary and Mandy is phenomenal. They are seriously funny in a sarcastic and monotoned way. The swordplay is the best I have seen since Errol Flynn.

    What makes this movie special and energetic is the magic of fantasy with a splash of you have to believe in True Love for all this to work and for your happiness to be real. Shot entirely on location and with a minimum of a budget the movie is wonderful to watch and look at. A GEM for all the family - literally.

    The DVD extras include three behind the scenes documentaries and lots of production photos. Very well put together and filled with interesting comments and antique dotes from all the cast and crew. There's even a behind the scenes home movie view of the production thanks to Carry Elwis himself. Of the trailers and production posters show you more of movie making and what it takes. The audio commentary by Rob Reiner is comical and very interesting. There is also a commentary by William Goldwin which gives you a lot of insighjt to the production. This is a great addition to the family film collection. (10-27-02)

    5-0 out of 5 stars "My name is Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die!"

    Director: Rob Reiner
    Format: Color
    Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
    Video Release Date: March 7, 2000


    Cary Elwes ... Westley
    Mandy Patinkin ... Inigo Montoya
    Chris Sarandon ... Prince Humperdinck
    Christopher Guest ... Count Tyrone Rugen
    Wallace Shawn ... Vizzini
    André the Giant ... Fezzik
    Fred Savage ... The Grandson
    Robin Wright Penn ... Buttercup/The Princess Bride
    Peter Falk ... The Grandfather
    Peter Cook ... The Impressive Clergyman
    Mel Smith ... The Albino

    Carol Kane ... Valerie
    Billy Crystal ... Miracle Max
    Anne Dyson ... The Queen
    Margery Mason ... The Ancient Booer
    Malcolm Storry ... Yellin
    Willoughby Gray ... The King
    Betsy Brantley ... The Mother
    Paul Badger ... The Assistant Brute
    Sallie McLaughlin

    A storybook stable boy turns pirate and rescues his beloved who is about to marry a dreadful prince.

    The story is told by the Grandfather (Peter Falk) to his cynical (at first) Grandson (Fred Savage).

    The story is a love story with all of the elements of a fantasy fairy tale. Westley (Cary Elwes), the good guy, is opposed by Inigo Montoya (Mandy Patinkin--"My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father. Be prepared to die!"), at first, and then wins Westley's admiration. Another opponent who becomes a co-conspirator, is Fezzick (Andre the Giant). Buttercup/The Princess Bride (Robin Wright Penn) is the princess who needs rescuing.

    There is a lot of good tongue-in-cheek humor involved, and even though it is understood that this is a story told to a young boy, there is nevertheless a good level of tension involved.

    This is a fun movie.

    Joseph (Joe) Pierre

    author of Handguns and freedom...their care and maintenance
    and other books

    5-0 out of 5 stars What a marvelous movie... I waited too....
    long to buy this movie -- my boys loved it the first time they watched it. It is timeless, a great comedy, wonderful lines.....
    A great addition to our movie selection!

    4-0 out of 5 stars A family comedy funnier than this? Inconceivable!
    For millions of television viewers who grew up during All in the Family's groundbreaking run (before it became stale in the post-1977 seasons), Rob Reiner will always be remembered as the Meathead, a.k.a. Archie Bunker's ultra-liberal, atheistic, and argumentative son-in-law, Mike Stivic. But Reiner, whose father Carl is one of America's best comedic writer-actor-directors (The Dick Van Dyke Show, Your Show of Shows, Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid), is far more than just a good actor with one famous role, for after he left Norman Lear's flagship comedy series after six seasons, Reiner the Younger followed in his father's footsteps to become a well-known and well-regarded actor, writer, producer, and director.

    One of Reiner's best films is 1987's The Princess Bride, a witty-yet-sweet comedy/fantasy written by two-time Academy Award-winning screenwriter William Goldman, who adapted his own novel about the beautiful maiden Buttercup (Robin Wright), whose true love, a young farmboy named Westley (Cary Elwes), goes off to sea to seek his fortune, telling Buttercup that he would come back for her.

    But when Buttercup learns that Westley's ship has been attacked by the Dread Pirate Roberts she swears she will never love anyone again, an oath she keeps even when she accepts a marriage proposal from Florin's Prince Humperdinck (Chris Sarandon), a handsome yet somewhat shady fellow who probably could give Machiavelli some lessons in, well, Machiavellian diplomacy. His plan is simple: take over as King of Florin as soon as his father passes away, get bethroded to a beautiful engaging commoner, then stage her kidnapping and demise to incriminate the neighboring rival kingdom Guilder and start a war.

    Aided by the equally heinous Count Rugen (Christopher Guest), Humperdinck hires a trio led by the too-clever-for-his-own-good schemer Vizzini (Wallace Shawn), the revenge-obsessed Inigo Montoya (Mandy Patinkin), and Fezzik (Andre the Giant), a brawny hulk with a heart of gold and a fondness for rhymes. The three manage to kidnap Princess Buttercup, but before they reach the Guilder-Florin border they run into an unforeseen obstacle: a dashing swordsman dressed in black.

    Goldman's clever way of grabbing the audience's heart and funny bone is to present this fairy tale with a framing story of a 1980s grandfather (Peter Falk) who visits his sick grandson (a pre-Wonder Years Fred Savage) and reads the tale of The Princess Bride to him, following a long family tradition.

    Reiner gets wonderful performances not only from the major cast members, but also from Billy Crystal and Carol Kane, who play Miracle Max and his wife Valerie in a short but hilarious scene. He approaches the fractured fairy tale as a comedy/romance/swashbuckling adventure, poking gentle fun at the conventions of all the fantasy/medieval adventure films of the 1930s and '40s without being obnoxious or too sardonic. The result: a film that overcame box-office failure (it had a brief and unprofitable theatrical run in the summer of 1987) by becoming a home video success. (This is not unique to The Princess Bride, either. 1939's The Wizard of Oz was no box office champ when it premiered; only when it became an annual TV staple in the mid-1950s did Oz become a family classic.)

    The 2001 MGM Special Edition DVD presents The Princess Bride in its original widescreen format, and features a director's commentary track by Reiner, a writer's commentary by Goldman, English and Spanish audio tracks, a new documentary on the making of the film ("As You Wish"), plus theatrical trailers and two original featurettes.

    As Vizzini might have added, to try and find a funnier family film is absolutely inconceivable.

    5-0 out of 5 stars An Awesome Movie (Review by Jennifer Baker)
    The Princess Bride is an excellent movie, and though at first viewing may seem pretty simple, it has much deeper meeting, but it may take more than one viewing to see this. First of all, it teaches the all-too-true, and sometimes overused lesson that good will prevail over evil. This is shown in Inigo's avenging of his father's death and Westley's rescuing of his true love, escaping his encounter with death, surviving "The Machine", making it through the fire swamp, battling the ROUS's, wrestling a giant, swordfighting with a Spaniard, and out-witting a Sicilian. (whew!) However, if you look closely, and watch this movie at least 100 times (which I have), then you will come to see that there is a lot of symbolism in The Princess Bride. Whether Buttercup is wearing blue (sadness) when she is getting married or red (danger) when she is kidnapped,the symbolism in this movie shows just how detailed this movie really is, which in turn makes it all the more fun to look for and watch. So in conclusion, The Princess Bride is a swashbuckling fun time for the whole family!!!!! ... Read more

    17. Anne of Green Gables
    Director: Kevin Sullivan
    list price: $29.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 6300277089
    Catlog: Video
    Sales Rank: 649
    Average Customer Review: 4.81 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    This gorgeous adaptation of Lucy Maud Montgomery's classic children's story is well worth watching with the whole family. Produced for Canadian television, it's one of those rare productions that actually sticks to the book and even enhances it through first-rate performances and an excellent script. Set on bucolic Prince Edward Island in the late 19th century, Anne of Green Gables is the story of Anne Shirley, an imaginative and headstrongorphan. When brother and sister Marilla and Mathew Cuthbert decide to adopt an orphan boy to help Matthew work the farm, they are astonished when Anne arrives at the train station by mistake. "What use is she to us?" grumbles the gruff Marilla."We might be of some use to her," answers Matthew, who has taken an instant liking to the talkative Anne.As Anne grows up, her adventures are both hilarious and moving. It's a delight to watch as she forms a friendship with the beautiful Diana and her admirer--the dashing Gilbert Blythe--then dyes her hair green, cracks a slate over Gilbert's head when he calls her "Carrots," and finds a sympathetic teacher who encourages her to attend college.

    Richard Farnsworth is perfect as the shy and gentle bachelor Matthew, who confides to Anne that he never went courting because "I would have had to say something." Colleen Dewhurst delivers a nuanced and powerful performance as Marilla, a seemingly cold-hearted spinster whose no-nonsense exterior conceals a warm heart. And as Anne, Megan Follows strikes the perfect note, maturing from freckle-faced orphan to elegant and poised young woman. --Elisabeth Keating ... Read more

    Reviews (231)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Excellent film!
    This is a terrific adaptation of the classic L.M. Montgomery coming of age story. It centers on young Anne Shirley, a strong willed, independent orphan who is adopted by siblings Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert. They originally wanted to adopt a boy to help out at their farm, but instead received a surprise when Anne arrived at the train station. Anne's adventures growing up are both funny and heart-warming. This is a fantastic movie that will please youngsters and adults alike, as there is something here for everyone! Megan Follows is excellent as Anne Shirley, Colleen Dewhurst is wonderful as the stern but loving Marilla and Richard Farnsworth is great as gentle Matthew. The supporting cast also give splendid performances. Highly recommended!

    5-0 out of 5 stars Timeless memories of a Canadian childhood
    I can still remember the excitement I felt when I first saw Anne of Green Gables almost fifteen years ago. It accurately and lovingly captures the thrills of childhood, of breathless anticipation, the joys of friendship, and the final moment when we must bid our childhood goodbye and take our place in the grownup world. The performances are flawless and capture the original flavour of each of the characters from the book. Megan Follows IS Anne Shirley, Shuyler Grant is a kindred Diana Barry, and Colleen Dewhurst is the stern Marilla Cuthbert who finds her heart unexpectedly embracing the joys of motherhood.

    Everything about Anne of Green Gables is done with the utmost love and respect in regard to the original novel by Lucy Maud Montgomery. Anne is every child, with her eyes open to the world, her thirst for knowledge, her immediate trust, her quest for adventure, and most of all her imagination. Megan Follows captures the timeless appeal of the orphaned Anne with spirit, grace, and wit. Her humorous mishaps, personal struggles, and her newfound love for the Cuthberts as well as her love for Avonlea make her an enduring heroine throughout the ages. Who knows? After seeing this film you may discover that you are a kindred spirit as well!

    5-0 out of 5 stars its a classic!!!
    What can i say, I LOVE this movie. I grew up watching this one and Anne of Avonlea(now the sequel) I also read the books when i was young. I still enjoy watching them as an adult. I just wish i had a daughter to watch it with and enjoy with me. (we have two wonderful boys and most likely wont have any more) The characters fit the roles perfectly and are excellent. You just fall in love with them all.

    5-0 out of 5 stars DVD QUALITY GREAT ! I can see the print of the wallpaper
    After watching this often on vhs I bought a DVD and I noticed the difference right away! You can see the print of fabrics, wallpaper, and details of everything much better. This is a wonderful story and the music is beautiful. All the actors are excellent. Great movie for little girls with red hair! Its not easy growing up with red hair. I love the way Anne is portrayed in this movie. There is a black and white version made in the 1930's and its okay. This movie also shows a girl taking her education seriously. The only thing I didn't like was that Gilbert is a little too much the lovesick fool. I think most guys would have given up on her, she was very mean to him.

    5-0 out of 5 stars A Favorite For Any Generation
    This series has always been in my heart and always will be. I can always see myself in Anne Shirley, just as I'm sure every other young girl will. Kevin Sullivan did a beautiful job of bringing to life the works of Lucy M. Montgomery's series of Anne of Green Gables. I loved this movie the first time I saw it on television on PBS and I was thrilled to finally find it on DVD. Anne Shirley is a young orphan girl with a huge imagination, daydreams, and a huge talker. She's transferred from home to home and then back to the orphanage until she is finally picked to live in a town called Avonlea. She lives with a family Marilla & Mathew Cuthbert (played by: Colleen Dewhurst & Richard Farnsworth). After worrying she wouldn't be adopted because she's not a boy she warms their hearts and starts a new life with them. And she then soon meets her bosom friend Diana Barry (Schuyler Grant) and of course Gilbert Blythe (Jonathan Crombie). We follow the lives of these characters that Anne meets along the way. This series is for any young girl or for any girl at any age to enjoy and the entire family. The fun part is you can also see parts of the cast that end up being in Kevin Sullivan's production of Road to Avonlea. But this series is wonderful, charming, and full of adventures. The supporting cast is quite amazing as well they include: Rachel Lynde (Patricia Hamilton), Miss Stacy (Marilyn Lightstone), & Aunt Josephine (Charmion King) just to name a few of my favorites. This movie is also about life and the human heart that we see through Anne's eye's. The DVD is full of tons of great stuff such as Megan Follow's audition, a small behind the scene's moments, missing scene's, & tons more. So I do highly recommend this film for everyone. ... Read more

    18. A Summer Place
    Director: Delmer Daves
    list price: $14.95
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 6301706587
    Catlog: Video
    Sales Rank: 4307
    Average Customer Review: 4.45 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Think A Summer Place, and you'll probably be humming Max Steiner's wonderfully romantic instrumental theme song, a hand-holding hit in 1959. The movie itself is similarly irresistible, a colorful soap opera about the passions of a pair of dewy-eyed teens and their straying parents. At an island resort in Maine, Sandra Dee and Troy Donahue (the reigning teen idols of the day) fall hard for each other. What they don't know is that her father (Richard Egan) and his mother (Dorothy McGuire), lovers 20 years earlier, have rekindled their affair. Both, inconveniently, have spouses, which is what makes this a soap opera. Lovers of camp will find much to savor in the incredible '50s attitudes, and in the innocence of supervirgin Dee ("Johnny, have you been bad with girls?"). Yet the sincerity of writer-director Delmer Daves, cowriter of An Affair to Remember, comes shining through the corn; and the grown-up affair anticipates The Bridges of Madison County by 30 years. --Robert Horton ... Read more

    Reviews (29)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Just remember the's the part everyone remembers.
    This super teen movie from 1959 is still a great date movie today. Sandra Dee and Troy Donahue play innocent teens whose parents are having an affair. The kids fall in love, spend some time at the beach, and everything is great...until Sandra gets some bad news from the doctor....

    Dee and Donahue were the perfect teenage couple then, and they are still adorable. This film was considered quite racy when it was released; it's more PG today, but still dramatic, intense, and thought-provoking. The stars are such a pleasure to watch; they were so young and beautiful. And could anyone ever forget that gorgeous theme music? It IS the music of young love. This is still a great movie to watch with someone you love...or a bowl of popcorn!

    5-0 out of 5 stars The original 'teen date' movie.
    Two teenagers in love(Sandra Dee and Troy Donahue) strive to be "good" and do the "right thing" by not going "all the way". This slick, colorful Hollywood soap opera about love and heartache among teens and their elders may have dated too much to have significant meaning to some tastes. Still arresting, however, as a look at 1950's lifestyles and values. This was, in its day, a box-office smash, and indeed, the premier teen date movie. The magnificent score by Max Steiner is still hauntingly beautiful, and was also big hit when the film was initially released. Yes, the realistic subject matter of the film itself has been glamorized and Hollywoodized, but it's so well-handled by the cast that it hardly matters. Sandra Dee and Troy Donahue light up the screen as the young lovers. And Dorothy McGuire and Richard Egan are sensational as the older set trying to rekindle the flame. The strong performances by this amazing quartet, and, of course, Max Steiner's enchanting title tune, make this rise far above the ordinary Hollywood fluff.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Where is the DVD
    This is definitely one of the best teen movies ever made. Every time I hear the beautiful theme song it takes me back to my own innocent youth. I sincerely hope that Amazon will be offering the movie again, in the DVD format.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Great theme music
    I have yet to watch the movie, but here is my encounter with its theme music more than **20** years ago, in China!

    I first heard the music from my university radio station in the early 1980's. I was attracted to it immediately --- the music (no words) was so beautiful and so touching to the young minds. And the good thing is that the station broadcasted it once every day for a long period of time, as the signing off music. That was very appropriate because the ending of the music is vey gentle, fading gradually, like a wind drifting, drifting, until it disappears in the horizon.

    At that time, I didn't know who wrote the music, or which country it came from, I even didn't know its title! And the strange thing is that, after I graduated, never once had I ever heard the music again!

    Recently I found I have to try hard to recall the melody. So I took my rescue effort: I sang pieces of the music to a librarian in my local public library, who kindly helped me find the music. Only then did I know that the song is calld "A Summer Place"! and it's a love song!

    5-0 out of 5 stars WHERE IS THE DVD!!???
    This needs to be on DVD. I have worn out my VHS copy!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE release this on DVD!!! ... Read more

    19. Shrek 2
    Director: Conrad Vernon, Andrew Adamson, Kelly Asbury
    list price: $24.99
    our price: $20.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B00005JMQY
    Catlog: Video
    Sales Rank: 2
    Average Customer Review: 4.23 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Reviews (158)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Even Better Than The 1st--Great Antonio Banderas Performance
    With a cast that includes John Cleese and Julie Andrews as Princess Fiona's royal parents, Rupert Everett as Prince Charming, both Antonio Banderas AND Jennifer Saunders stealing the show as Puss-In-Boots and the Fairy Godmother, respectively, SHREK 2 actually manages to do the seemingly impossible: build on---and even improve upon---the original! Usually, the first in any film series is the best, being fresh & original; sequels almost never live up to the original story. However, SHREK 2 plays not like a sequel; it's really more of an extension of the wacky SHREK. It actually throws more at you this time around, and resultingly turns out to be a laugh-a-minute animated comedy that blows you away. It is startingly original, inventive, edgy, satirical, rude, crude, romantic, cute---all at the same time! Mike Myers still does an incredible job as the voice of Shrek, as does Eddie Murphy as the motormouth Donkey and, of course, Cameron Diaz as the feisty Princess Fiona. I couldn't count all the great lines there are in the film! Also, as visually stunning as the 3-D CGI animation was in the original, it is even more amazing this time around: for example, Prince Charming looks so real that you have to remind yourself that he's not CGI. SHREK 2 is a feast for the eyes, yet you don't even realize how much it is because you're too busy laughing at the hundreds of gags, of which I will not dare to reveal!

    As with the original, this film is not appropriate for kids under the age of 8. As with the original, more than 20 million kids under the age of 8 will have seen this film by this time next year. That's just a fact of life, I guess! Already SHREK 2 is breaking box office records, most notably the coveted five-day-opening-weekend record, earning over $125 million. It will undoubtably end up with an over-half-billion-dollar take at the U.S. box office alone, easily surpassing that of the original. But really, it isn't all hype: SHREK 2 definitely earns its standing as the most anticipated movie sequel of the year. Add to that the best comedy of the year!


    5-0 out of 5 stars Can't remember feeling this good leaving a theater ...
    First, you start off with a dream cast: Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz, Eddie Murphy, Antonio Banderas, John Cleese, Julie Andrews, Jennifer Saunders, and Rupert Everett. Then, you put them in a movie sequel that - while maybe with not quite the same level of heart the first film had - is funny, well-written, action-packed, and with a good story to tell.

    And that's how "Shrek 2" comes to be, on a different level, a sequel to equal its predecessor. I literally can't remember when I've left a movie feeling this good, it's a film that deserved to break records, and hopefully will continue to do so.

    The film opens right where the first one left off; Fiona and Shrek (Diaz and Myers) enjoy a blissful honeymoon ... after which they head home to the swamp, where they are reunited with Donkey (Murphy) -- it seems the romance between him and Dragon didn't work out. Soon after they're arrival, the newlyweds are visited by messengers from the Kingdom of Far Far Away, who inform them that Princess Fiona and her husband, Prince Shrek, have been invited to Far Far Away for a celebration of their marriage, with a gala ball where the king and queen (Fiona's parents) will bestow their blessings on the marriage union.

    Shrek, figuring correctly that Fiona's parent may not be thrilled with their daughter marrying an ogre -- much less that Fiona is now an ogre permanently herself -- allows himself to be talked into going to the kingdom by Fiona, who is absolutely sure her parents will not only accept her in her current form ... but will also accept her ogre husband, whom she dearly loves.

    The trip back -- in a carriage shaped like a garlic bulb -- takes Shrek and Fiona and Donkey to a kingdom where the streets resemble a strip mall (Burger Prince, Tower of London Records, etc. -- it looks like Sunset Blvd. in West Hollywood, Disney-style). When they get to the castle, they see that practically every loyal subject in the kingdom has gathered to celebrate the return of the long-lost princess. But when the happy couple steps from the coach, a hush of shock falls over the crowd ... and sure enough, the reception on all levels is much closer to Shrek's vision than what Fiona had in mind.

    Add a conniving Fairy Godmother (Saunders), who has her own plans for Shrek and Fiona, and is blackmailing the King (Cleese) into helping her ... a catsassin name Puss-in-Boots (Banderas) who is hired to "take care of" Shrek so the evil plan can unfold ... and a magic "Happy Every After" potion that must end in a kiss before midnight for it to take hold ... and you have a great sequel that is funny, adventurous, and will appeal to the young and old alike.

    The animation is tops; classic as "Shrek" was, there have been still new advances in animation that make this film look even more amazing on the big screen. The characters are all warm and human -- especially Shrek and Fiona of course -- but you'll get your best laughs from Donkey ... and especially from Puss, who has a secret weapon (when fighting off the guards in one scene) that may just have you falling off your seat with laughter.

    While "Shrek" may be a more "fully-rounded" film, as some have said, there is not a single frame - or moment - wasted in this terrific sequel. In some ways, I liked it even better than the first, and for Murphy and Banderas alone the L.Q. (Laugh Quotient) will make it worth even a second or third viewing in the theater (and a no-brainer to own on DVD). Highly recommended, and I can't imagine anyone not liking this film -- unless you got a good bit of ogre in you, too.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Fantastic Movie! Better than the first!!!
    This is a great film. It has a good moral and is a good family film. Most of the the innuendoes and other innapropriate jokes will go over the heads of most children.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Taking films into the next century!
    Shrek 2 is one of the most funniest films of 2004 with its great graphical charaters to the funny jokes and phrases put into the film this is a definate 5 star!!

    5-0 out of 5 stars comically hillarious, action-packed and new characters
    I was actually unsure about Shrek 2 because I was worried they'd ruin the first movie by throwing in irrelevant and painful gags with no real plot, but I was shushed into silence as I watched this hillarious and feel-good film. It's again a mickey-take of all the original fairytales like Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Pinochio, and Cinderella, but it's still so funny. Whilst this is for kids, it has some quite, let's say, controversial scenes which could upset young children. The parts where Shrek and Fiona need a little privarcy to make love is quite a scare for three-year-olds. And many people love Puss N Boots fairytale, yet in this they put him on drugs! But still, this is an excellent follow-up to the blockbuster hit Shrek. I would definitely give this one a see, it's just as good as the first one! ... Read more

    20. Conagher
    Director: Reynaldo Villalobos
    list price: $9.94
    our price: $9.94
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: 6302182840
    Catlog: Video
    Sales Rank: 1261
    Average Customer Review: 4.61 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


    The Old West comes to life in this taut, searing bloody tale of crime and vengeance starring Sam Elliot (Mask, Sibling rivalry) as Conagher and Katharine Ross (Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, The Graduate) as Edie. Year: 1991 Director: Reynaldo Villalobos Starring:Sam Elliot, Katharine Ross, Barry Corbin ... Read more

    Reviews (18)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Saddle Bum
    When Louis L'amour suggested to Sam Elliot that he should read Conagher, a novel he wrote, I doubt he ever envisioned it would result in becoming an instant classic western. Sam Elliot befriended Louis L'amour while filming The Sacketts, a movie based on another L'amour novel series. Unfortunately, L'amour died before Conagher was filmed; I'm sure he'd have been pleased with the results.

    After reading this novel as well as viewing the movie several times I would surmise that they are both equally extraordinary, but I like the movie better. It is a very rare occasion when a movie can hold up to the book it's based on; much less surpass it in quality and interest.

    Conagher (Sam Elliot) is a drifter, working wherever enough money or a warm bed and a meal can be had. His job with the stagecoach and fate brought him to Mrs. Teal (Katherine Ross), but it was something else that kept bringing him back. Through his drifting, he made a few enemies of folks who swayed to the other side of the line between good and bad. He was always true to the brand he rode for though, and sometimes his honesty caused him to be outnumbered, but never outfought.

    When something, like this movie, has so many good parts that make up the whole, a resulting masterpiece can often not be avoided. Elliot, the greatest living western actor, was able to co-script this movie, based on his friend Louis L'amour's novel, and star opposite his wife Katherine Ross (whom he finds love with in the story). The movie is a perfect balance of drama, action, and love blended beautifully into an accurately portrayed frontier western.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Excelent Western, Sensitive character study,
    Sam Elliot has been in a lot of junk movies, but he himself is a GREAT actor, as intense as DiNero and as subtle as meryl Streep, when the writing is solid and the role actually gives him Something to do.This is a story about 2 sensitive people coming to terms with each other on the frontier. The chemestry between Katherine Ross and Sam is amazingly nuanced, no doubt a tribute to a very happy marriage.Her stoic lonliness and his sensitive reticence is heart breaking. The writing is solid, with no flaws. It's films like this that allow both of them to exercize their substantial talents, its a shame Sam is not in more Sam Elliott vehicle films that maintain the nuanced finesse and literary merit of this film. Too often he's dropped into a pop cult machine made mediocre action film as a macho icon: he has great moments in almost every film he's in, but he needs to be in more handcrafted, literary vehicles, and work with directors like Altman & Scorsese. Connagher is Sam's best film to date. the supporting cast is quite fine, Sam & Kathryn are brilliant.

    5-0 out of 5 stars "You couldn't hurt Conagher with an axe."

    Format: Color
    Studio: Warner Home Video
    Video Release Date: May 11, 1994


    Sam Elliott
    Katherine Ross
    Gavin O'Herlihy
    Daniel Quinn
    Barry Corbin
    Ken Curtis
    Cody Braun
    Anndi McAfee

    Conagher was written by Louis L'Amour (Lamoore) about life in the West around the end of the 19th century, with trouble with the Indians, rustlers, and a widow woman (Katherine Ross) tryimg to raise her children on a hard scrabble farm. Conagher comes to their aid.

    L'Amour was a student of Western history. He understood the common man, having worked as a cowboy, circus roustabout, merchant seaman, boxer and served in the U.S.Navy. He was also a prolific writer of Western fiction, among other things.

    This is not the first L'Amour story that Elliott has played in. He also performed as Tell Sackett in The Sacketts, which was an amalgamation of several of Louis's stories in that series on that family.

    This story of Conagher was one of his good stories, which you will find typical of L'Amour's writing...good entertainment.

    Joseph (Joe) Pierre

    author of Handguns and Freedom...their care and maintenance
    and other books

    5-0 out of 5 stars A lover of Western American history
    Only a few westerns have become true favorites of mine over the last 40 years. Conagher ranks with the best of them. Why? The movie was not filmed in a movie lot specially made for movies, like Universal Studios or Old Tucson. But rather, you could say it was filmed 'on location' in a rugged, true-to-life environment that honestly represents what it was really like in the Old West. The Teal cabin and the surrounding country, the ranch of Seaborn Tay, the town - all have that authentic realism that lend excellence to the movie. Often in the film the lighting in certain scenes appears lacking as compared to other films in the genre. But actually, this is what gives the film a special feel, a special ring of realism. It's because you feel as though you are really there as a bystander, watching this drama play out right in front of you in the same way it would appear in real life. The direction of the film by Rebaldo Villalobos is superb and the performances by the actors are absolutely memorable. The musical score couldn't have been better because the selections chosen for the soundtrack apply perfectly and leave an indelible impression on the viewer. I don't know what Sam Elliot would think about this, but I believe this film is his best, most memorable performance of his career, bar-none. His rendition of Conn Conagher imprints Sam Elliot on my mind for all time - he IS Conagher. I don't think he has played characters in any of his other films that have struck me the way that Conn Conagher has in this one. But this is not to detract from the other performers in the film: Catherine Ross, Gavin O'Herlihy, Daniel Quinn, Barry Corbin, Ken Curtis, Cody Braun, Anndi McAfee, and the rest - they've all portrayed believable characters that make for a very enjoyable, memorable film that you will want to watch again and again over the years because it brings something special to the heart. Don't pass up the opportunity to see Conagher if you haven't seen it yet - you'll never regret it.

    5-0 out of 5 stars TALL IN THE SADDLE


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